as you may have heard the Mortal Kombat vs. King of Fighters tournament has been canceled due to the retirement of my expert on this wiki,but an all new tourney will take its place.

Arc System Works and Capcom presents....

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The Battles

Round 1: Sex, Death, and Rock n' Roll!

I-No (Guilty Gear XX) vs. Lord Raptor (Darkstalkers)

Winner: Lord Raptor

Round 2: The Bloody Path

Baiken (Guilty Gear) vs. Bishamon (Darkstalkers)

Round 3: The Good, The Bad, and The Unnatural

Potemkin (Guilty Gear) vs. Victor (Darkstalkers)

Round 4: The Hunters

Bridget (Guilty Gear XX) vs. Baby Bonnie Hood (Darkstalkers 3)

Round 5: The Fast and The Furious

Jam Kuradoberi(Guilty Gear X) vs. Felicia(Darkstalkers)

Round 6: Lords of The Night

Slayer(Guilty Gear XX) vs. Demetri Maximoff(Darkstalkers)

Round 7: Weapons of Mass Destruction

Robo-Ky(Guilty Gear XX) vs. Hutzil( Darkstalkers)

Round 8: The Mysterious Strangers

Testament(Guilty Gear) vs. Donovan(Night Warriors:Darkstalkers' Revenge)

Round 9: Mysteries of The Far East

Dr.Faust aka Dr.Baldhead(Guilty Gear) vs. Hsien-Ko(Night Warriors:Darkstlakers' Revenge)

Round 10: Way of The Warrior

Anji Mito(Guilty Gear X) vs. Jon Taliban(Darkstalkers)

Round 11: Crazy You Think?

Venom(Guilty Gear X) vs. Q-Bee(Darkstalkers 3)

Round 12: Hey There Little Sister!

May(Guilty Gear) vs. Lilith(Darkstalkers)

Round 13: Crazy You Think? Part 2

Millia Rage(Guilty Gear) vs. Riuko(Darkstalkers)

Round 15: Good Lovin Gone Bad!

Sol Badguy(Guilty Gear) vs. Morrigan Aensland(Darkstalkers)

Round 16: Golden Years

Kliff Undersen(Guilty Gear X Plus) vs. Anakaris(Darkstalkers)

Round 17:Heaven & Hell(Final Round)

Justice(Guilty Gear) vs. Pyron(Darkstalkers)

Note:Rounds may change over the course of the month

The Fighters

Guilty Gear



After the demise of The High Noble Jedah and his ungodly "creation" plan, The Makai World has entered a time of peace that will last decades to come; the Darkstalkers and their hunter adversaries soon dispersed and resume their daily lives. In the year 2010 the humans will discover a new, limitless energy source with incredible power solving the world energy crisis. Dubbed as "Magic", humankind used their new found energy source and combined it with humans and creatures to create a new breed: Gears. Humankind used the Gears to wage war against the Makai World, leading to a decade long blood war against the Darkstalkers. The Darkstalkers were quickly overwhelemed and the great Makai World soon fell; A handful of Darkstalkers survived the great war, escaped to Earth, and hid in reclusion.

Although the humans have won the war, they did not forsee the events soon to come. The Gear race soon revolted against there master and waged a war that will last through the centuries.

The year is now 2186, and the warriors from the near future will soon come in contact with the relics of the past in this new, chaotic world. All battles are copyrighted, any person seen stealing these ideas will get their battles deleted immediately.

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