As the title said, this will be my final tournamnet before I retire from the wiki completly.


This tournament will work a little different than most "traditional" tournaments. Unlike most tournaments- which are a set of rounds between two warriors- Midnight Carnival is a collection of "short stories" divided into different sections. Some of them are continuing story arc establish by certain battles in my past tournaments while others are a series of one-shots, but one fact still remains. Each story contain's two certain warriors whose worlds suddenly collide for one certain event, but the "fate" of the warriors and its self-contain story are all decided by the audience who vote to see which warrior will win in their destine fight. Some of the outcomes could leave to positive events to come , but others could cause a catastrophic event that will shake the very foundation of both worlds so be wary of who you choose. Because it could bring the end of both worlds.

There is no certain order that the stories follow, the stories chosen will vary from time to time.

The Collection

The Marvel Vs. series(possible collabs?)

Fate 1: Classic X-Men vs. The Yokai Newspaper Academy- Completed, but sim to be written.

Fate 2: Punisher vs. Golgo 13 (Rematch) Forthcoming

Fate 3: Moon Knight vs. Crying Freeman - Forthcoming

Fate 4: Howard The Duck vs. Dandy - Forthcoming

Fate 5: Captain America vs. Cutie Honey- Upcoming*+

Fate 6: Spider-Man vs. The Panther Claw- Forthcoming*+

Fate 7: All-New, All-Different X-Men (The Bronze Age) vs. Dr.Hell's Mechanical Beasts+

The Fighters:

DC vs. series(possible collaborations?)

Fate 1: Black Mask vs. Mr.Chang- Competed, but no battle written.

Fate 2: Etrigan The Demon vs. Edward Elric- Completed, but no battle written.

Fate 3: Jonah Hex vs. Himura Kenshin- Completed.

Fate 4: The Joker vs. Team Baskerville- Completed, but battle in the works.

Fate 7: Batman vs. Arsene Lupin III (Collab with Thund)- Completed, battle to be finished.*

Fate 8: Superman vs. Goku (Rematch)- Completed, battle to be finished.

Fate 7: The Flash (Prime-Earth) vs. Monkey D. Luffy (Rematch, sort of)-Upcoming.

Fate 8: Catwoman vs. Fujiko Mine- Forthcoming.*

Fate 9: Goemon Ishikawa XIII vs. Deadshot.*

Fate 10: Jigen Daisuke vs. Bronze Tiger.*

The Fighters:

Ultimate Vs.

Fate 1: Ryu Hayabusa(Guest Star!) vs. Ra's Al Ghul & The Leauge of Assassins

Fate 2: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles vs. Samurai Pizza Cats

Fate 4:ShadowHawk vs. Skull Man

Fate 7: Space Ghost vs. Tekkaman

Fate 11: Spawn (Jim Downing) vs. Spawn (Ken Kurosawa)

The Fighters:


Fate 1: Spawn (Al Simmons) vs. Devilman

Note: The * indicates that these battles are connected or planned as a "sequel" to another story. + indicates the stories will be placed in the 1960's and 70's (mostly 70's)

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