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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 18 days ago

Demon Knights: Berserker vs. Etrigan

"We're aware that Mr. Collbrande's past history would lead to some being skeptical," Magneto calmly says, hands folded in politeness and his helmet in his lap. "Very few in this city have a clear ledger. What we at the Reformed Abbey hope to accomplish is as much a chance at reconciliation for those like Artorios and myself, in addition to our homeless outreach."

"Rawr grr rawr grra gragh, mragh grrr gragh."

"Thank you for having me on the show. I'm proud to standby what we do."

As the Lancelot begins to wrap up the interview, Bayonetta sits up and looks into the camera. She looks at the camera operator, who counts her down before the light on the camera goes green. "That was our political correspondent's interview with the Reformed Abbey's s…

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 14 August

Just Guys Being Dudes 2021: Guys of Thrones vs. Dudes Age

"Get your ass up, Stark! We got work to do!"

A chorus of groans elicit from DFederal's newest Reserved Shelter as Robert Baratheon kicks down the door to the sleeping quarters.

"Now this is what I'm bloody talking about, Ned!" Robert Baratheon booms, paying no mind to the complaints. His companion, Ned Stark, chuckled and let out a hasty apology to his new housemates.

"Better than the streets, aye."

Robert cackles, his breath heavy with the smell of alcohol, as he pats Ned on the back. "You know me, Ned; any bed's fine, as long as there's a woman or two to keep it warm!" Robert's eye briefly wanders to one of the other shelter inhabitants, an auburn woman in a loose black blouse, who sneered at him as she left for work.

"How's your son, Robert?…

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 25 June

The Fast & The Furious: Robbie Reyes vs. Makoto Niijima

The creation of the automobile changed every aspect of human life, but more importantly, it gave humanity a new avenue of looking really cool. There's just something about a muscle car or a motorcycle that pushes a character's cool factor through the roof, and none know this better than Robbie Reyes, the possessed Los Angeles teen cursed to be Spirit of Vengeance, and Makoto Niijima, the biking Queen of the Phantom Thieves! Without further ado, let's put the pedal to the metal and obey the gospel of the throttle for this high-octane collab between Cfp3157 and Laquearius as these two teens with exaggerated swagger take to the streets in a no-holds-barred race to the top! Who is DEADLIEST?

In a crime-ridden neighborhood of LA, Roberto "Robbie" Re…

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 2 June

DHRI: Courier's Team vs. Pandora

"Cause everyone knows, just who you are-are!" Ava Sharpe drunkenly sings, passing the microphone to an equally inebriated Bobby Drake as the mutant belts out the pop song's chorus. "So live your life! HEY, AY AY!"

For her part, Sara Lance puts her palm to her face, shaking her head in mock shame. "Don't try to act tough, Lance. I saw that smile," Jason Todd taunts, putting on his jacket as he prepares to close. Sara smiles in spite of herself, raising her near-empty glass of whiskey to Jason, who responds by clinking it with his own.

"I'll give you this Jason - you can throw one hell of a bachelorette party." She responds, throwing her own white longcoat on as well. "I'm sure everyone enjoyed it - even if they're not willing to show it." She…

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MovieStuff65 MovieStuff65 1 May

World War Royale 2: Electric Bugaloo

Cfp quietly fumed in his seat as the other users brought their hands down. Prime Minister Laquearius, leaning into his microphone, states "And the nays have it. Cfp's proposed amendment to the End of Wrestlers Ban Act has been denied." and quickly raps a gavel against his podium. "This adjourns this month's user meeting."

As the others stood to leave the room or speak with their companions, Cfp walked over to a man in a green hoodie and another in grey polo and khakis. "What the hell was that? You said you agreed with me Beast."

"Don't put me on the spot like that," Beast said, reluctantly shoving his hands in his pockets. "I do, it's's a solution without a problem, you know? Why bother burning bridges?"

"Don't blame Beast for makin…

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