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What is a man? A miserable pile of secrets! But enough talk! Have at you!
— Dracula

Both men hunt vampires, are generally seen as beacons of morality and justice, and use strange and foreign fighting styles too kill the hordes of undead they encounter. Lets dig in.

Jonathan Joestar


Being born into English nobility in 1868, Jonathan Joestar was the son of George Joestar and the adoptive brother of Dio Brando. While growing up Jonathan would often conflict with his adoptive brother, with Dio’s ambitious attitude and general vile nature making life difficult for Jonathan. This would come to a head when both were in college, with Dio finally rejecting his humanity and becoming a vampire, leading Jonathan to have to train to defeat him. In the end, while Jonathan would defeat Dio, he would fail to finish him, with Dio finally killing Jonathan but not before damning himself to a century of torment at the bottom of the ocean.


Martial arts: While he was never stated to have trained under any fighting masters, Jonathan showed to be an adept hand at both unarmed and armed martial arts. He showed a decent hand at boxing in his youth, though his general style in actual scraps was more of a free form brawling style, being able to rough up both zombies and several of Speedwagon’s goons. He also sees Jonathan use melee weapons to an extent, wielding a short spear against Dio in the Joestar mansion and later a longsword against him in his final duel with him.

The Ripple: An ancient Tibetan breathing technique and martial art, the ripple was a form of power which was well suited to destroying undead due to its similarity to solar energy. While only lightly trained in the art by Zeppeli, Jonathan was a natural hand with the Ripple, being able to use it effectively in combat. Ripple was best suited for killing undead, but other functions such as increasing attack impact, hitting enemies through other materials, and healing wounds all aided a user in combat.

  • Zoom punch: A strange attack based around extending the reach of the attackers punches by dislocating their shoulder and presumably healing it back into its socket with the ripples healing abilities. Jonathan has been seen using this attack to keep at a safer range while smashing the head of zombies.
  • Overdrive: A simple ripple attack based around channeling waves of ripple into a melee attack, either unarmed or with a weapon. While decently powerful in its regular form, Jonathan has amplified this attack into the more powerful Sendo Ripple Overdrive, alongside several more niche variants of it (one suited for water, metal and one which creates flames). In part 1 overdrives increase the impact of a strike, with an overdrive being able to launch grown men through the air and sunder stone blocks.
  • Overdrive Barrage: Similar to the regular overdrive, the barrage was basically a flurry of overdrive attacks, having a greater output of attacks though presumably at the expense of having ripple channeled through each strike. Jonathan was able to take this ability a step further with the usage of sunlight yellow overdrive, a form of overdrive presumably based around channeling the more solar energy based sides of ripple than the impact increasing ones.
  • Healing: While not nearly as in control of this ability as someone like Zeppeli, Jonathan had the ability to heal wounds with ripple. On a small scale he could repair his shoulder after performing a zoom punch. On a larger scale, Jonathan was able to heal his broken neck and eject poison from his own body after being infused with Zeppeli’s deep pass overdrive.


Luck and Pluck: A longsword which originally belonged to Bruford which he passed on to Jonathan after he defeated him. The sword was a simple, if not rather ornate looking, longsword with a two handed grip, a double edged blade and a crossguard. While a decent weapon of its own with a sharp edge, Jonathan mainly used it as an extension to his reach with his overdrives.

Abraham Lincoln


Born in 1809 in Illinois poverty, future president Abraham Lincoln would begin interacting with vampires at a young age. After a land dispute, his mother would be killed by the vampire Jack Barts, leading Abe on a lifelong conquest to root out the devil of vampires in America. Eventually falling under the training of Henry Sturges, a rogue vampire and vampire hunter, Abe would spend years fighting and killing vampires along the Mississippi river while also improving his own political reputation, eventually becoming the US president.


Martial artist: While originally being a rather mediocre fighter, Lincoln became a very powerful warrior after his training with Henry Sturges. Despite his towering build, Lincoln’s style involved a solid amount of acrobatics and hand based dexterity. His overall was well suited to fighting fast and deceptive enemies like vampires, with his highly developed agility allowing him to match their own superhuman fitness. Lincoln’s style while unarmed was similar, involving large amounts of acrobatics, though he seemed much more comfortable while armed.

Improvised combat: Outside of more practical forms of combat, Lincoln had some talent with using improvised weaponry. Beyond just using his axe, he’s effectively taken advantage of things like sand to help counter the invisibility of vampires, once decapitated a vampire with a shelf, and once used a smiths forge against a vampire to burn him to death.

Superhuman perception: Due to Henry training Lincoln to be able to fight vampires while blinded, Abe was able to develop his hearing and smell to where could effectively battle enemies he couldn’t see.

Vampire lore: As part of his training with Henry, Abe was knowledgeable in all the weaknesses and abilities of Vampires and knew all the proper ways to exploit them while in combat (for example, being able to stand to make an invisible vampire more visible or using mirrors as a good test to see if an enemy was a vampire or not).


Lincoln’s axe: A two handed wood splitting axe given to Lincoln during his training with Henry Sturges. The Axe was simple on the surface, but had several secrets hidden within it. Its blade was silvered, making it fatal to vampires and had a single shot gun built into its haft, though Lincoln only ever used this in dire straits.



While already an impressive specimen to start with, Jonathan's physical power increased sharply after Baron Zeppeli transferred over his Hamon power to him during the fight with Tarkus. Jonathan was stupendously strong, being seen pulling apart steel bars with his bare. He also had incredibly refined levels of dexterity, being able to leap around on the handle of a spear and do multi-meter high jumps. His toughness was incredible as well, being able to power through getting scorched by flames and casually shrugging off multiple slicing and piercing wounds.

While already a well built man physically, Lincoln's physical abilities dramatically increased after training with Henry Sturges. Abe was a glutton for punishment, power through getting the absolute shit kicked from him by both Barts and Henry, along with once getting a fully grown horse thrown into him and getting up second later. He had highly refined reflexes and dexterity, being able to keep up with the superhuman speed of vampires and at one point hopping around on the backs of horses. Strength wise Abe could contend with vampires and most impressively once chopped a foot thick tree in half with a single swing of his axe.


Despite fighting a lot of crazy stuff, Jonathan had a very brief career as a slayer of the undead. Beyond his few youthful squabbles with Dio, Jonathan’s first real fight was against Speedwagon’s goons, followed soon after by his first match with Dio. And then in between this and his own death he would battle a fair number of Zombies and have a few run-ins with Dio, including a final bout with him in the castle in Windknight.

By the time of his first retirement from vampire hunting in roughly 1842, Abe had forged a decently long career fighting different vampires along the Mississippi river. While his exact tally in the film is unknown, it was more than likely that he’d killed over a dozen vampires by the time he killed Barts, and would go to double that number during his fight in the big house alone.


The fight will take place in a worn down section of DFederal, with both vampire hunters being on the hunt for a strange vampire (who for this fight will be Count Orlok from Nosferatu). Both men will infiltrate a dingy looking mansion, killing the undead guards and eventually meeting in the room of the vampire, only to find that they’re not there. The two will likely believe the other to either be some sort of vampire or undead minion. A fight will ensue soon after, with it either ending with one retreating, with one being wounded, one dying, or one surrendering.

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I will be using Abe just before his first retirement around 1842, as it seemed to be his overall prime as a vampire hunter.

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Jonathan pushed upon the large wooden door to the lunar observator, the are most barren but for a few tables and chairs. He sported a thin slice across his forehead, mostly closed due to Ripple healing. He’d gotten into an altercation on his way up the stairs, a crazed young man had rushed him with a knife. He stopped the blade, but both had fallen down the stairs. Jonathan wounded his head, and the other had shattered his crown. And now he was here, ready to defeat the vampire lord living here. But as he looked around, his dim lantern lighting the room, no figures showed themselves.

But he wasn’t alone, far from it. While the Vampire was missing, another hunter stood hunched in the corner. Abraham Lincoln, small scale politician and part time vampire hunter, had learned of the vampire living in this mansion the day before, having tracked him down and snuck in after butchering a vampiric thrawl out on the balcony. But when he came to confront the big bad himself, he found the room empty, so he decided to wait. And after a few minutes, a tall, muscular figure carrying a sword had entered the room.

“Was this the vampire?” he wondered. “Didn’t seem like one. But yet again, this vampire did have human minions” He brandished his axe and got to his feet. As silent as a panther, Lincoln ran forwards. Jonathan didn’t notice Lincoln move up until he entered the lantern light, and by then he was within attack range. Lincoln hard, the blade aimed at Jonathan’s neck, but it was intercepted by the lantern. With a crash, the hot embers scattered across the floor, smoldering on the old carpeted floors.

Jonathan lept back with one leg, his right hand grabbing at the handle of Luck and Pluck. He drew the blade and brandished it high. “Another minion” he thought. “But this ones much stronger.” But Lincoln wasn’t letting up, continuing forwards. He closed the distance with a single stride, blade at the ready. But Jonathan met his strength, intercepting the axe with a counter parry. But Lincoln slipped the press, whipping around to Jonathan’s flank and taking a swing at the back of his head.

But the blow flew high, the blade swiping just past where Jonathan’s head was. Pushing off his right leg, Jonathan slammed into Lincoln, the blow pushing him backwards. Jonathan recovered quickly, Lincoln didn’t. He stammered backwards several feet before catching himself. Jonathan, brandishing his sword, pointed it towards Lincoln. The embers smoldered too there right, smoke beginning to emit from the old carpeting. Lincoln held his axe high. “This man is much stronger than most thralls. Hell, he’s stronger than most vampires. I need to be more careful.”

He pounced again, axe cycling through the air like a mill. Jonathan was taken aback by the strange style, but didn’t give ground. He lunged forwards with a powerful thrust, but the point was hooked by Lincoln’s axe and redirected away. A second later the blade was flying up towards Jonathan’s face, forcing him to throw his head backwards to dodge the strike. The edge left a cut across his forehead, but failed to slay him. He stepped backwards several steps, swinging wildly with his sword. But Lincoln dodged the strike, the point of the sword only just tearing his jacket.

But Jonathan soon reconstituted himself, blade still pointed towards Lincoln. “This man is fast, and his style of fighting is extreme. I need to be more assertive in my offense if I wish to beat him.”

The smoke from the rug began to rise in long grey tongues, beginning to fill the room. Lincoln was already preparing for another pounce, but Jonathan was already running forwards. Channeling his ripple through his sword, he brought it up over his head. “Overdrive!” he shouted as he brought it down, sword crackling with Ripple energy. Lincoln attempted to dodge the strike, just barely slipping the strike as the sword smashed into a table behind him, the impact of it nearly exploding it into smithereens. Shocked by the attack's strength, he instinctively swung at Jonathan's hands, the blade missing the flesh but catching Luck and Pluck a few inches above the hilt.

With a tug, the sword fell from Jonathan’s hands and rattled on the floor, blade snapped off near the hilt. But before Lincoln attacked again, one of Jonathan’s elbows connected his face, a soft crunching sound coming from Lincoln’s nose. He stumbled backwards, Jonathan taking advantage of the momentary lull in his offense to charge up an attack. Ripple crackled in his hand and he reeled backwards for a powerful punch. “Sendo Ripple Overdrive!” he cried as he threw the punch, Lincoln only having a moment to bring up his axe and defend himself.

The handle shattered from the impact, leaving Lincoln with more of a hand axe in one hand and a few inches of wood in the other. He fumbled backwards several feet, just barely keeping upright. But Jonathan was already on him, tearing towards him like a bull. Lincoln threw the broken hilt, missed to the right. He took up a stance with the remaining piece of axe, meeting Jonathan head on.

A small flame formed on the carpet. Jonathan and LIncoln collided. Lincoln swung wildly with the axe, but each strike missed. Jonathan threw punch after punch, each one pummeling Lincoln across the midsection, each punch coming with supernatural strength. Lincoln was pushed backwards into the opposing wall, ribs tender to the touch and blood spilling from his mouth. Jonathan’s fist was glowing gold and he closed in, and Lincoln was desperate. Grabbing the axe by the blade, the quiet click sounded as the trigger to Lincoln’s gun sprung out.

But got to his feet and began to take aim as Jonathan began to throw another punch. “Sendo Ripple Overdrive!” he shouted and Lincoln extended his hand, pulling the trigger. Both men fell to the ground. Lincoln was struck soundly in the head and thrown through the air, sprawling out across the floor in a heap. Jonathan fell to his knee, gripping at his shoulder. Lincoln's ball had lodged in his shoulder, blood spilling from the wound. He got to his feet after a moment, seeing his wounded foe in an unmoving heap.

He checked the man's pulse, finding him still alive but badly wounded. And he noticed something behind him, that being a growing light. He looked back at the quickly spreading flames on the floor, moving towards the two of them. Without thinking, Jonathan slung Lincoln over his shoulder and with a running start threw himself through the glass window. “This man’s going to have to answer a lot of questions when he comes to” he thought, continuing to move down the street away from the burning mansion.

Winner: Jonathan Joestar.