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What is Courage? Courage is knowing fear and making that fear your own!
— William A. Zeppeli

No introduction required. These two are the alternate versions of each other from the original and new JoJo universes.

Caesar Zeppeli


Born in 1918 in Genoa, Caesar Zeppeli was born into the Zeppeli line as the son of Mario Zeppeli. Likely due his familiar Line, Caesar was born with a natural aptitude with the art known as Ripple, a strange Tibetan healing technique used by his grandfather Will Zeppeli. While naturally talented, Caesar never truly became skilled with it until he was taken under the wing of Lisa Lisa, becoming rigorously trained in the usage of the Ripple and becoming a powerful combatant. In 1939 Caesar would meet a young Joseph Joestar, with the two originally butting heads but soon finding a deep respect for each other. Caesar would eventually train alongside Joseph for the battle with the recently awaken Pillar men (pretty much a trio of queer Mesoamerican vampire lords), playing a bit part in the killing of the Pillar man Esidisi, but eventually being killed Wamuu, but not before transferring on the last of his Ripple to Joseph.


The Ripple: An ancient Tibetan breathing technique based around creating a form of spiritual energy noted for its life bolstering properties and its similar effect to sunlight.

  • Bubble launcher: Caesar’s most common type of Ripple attack, where he imbues soap bubbles with a large amount of generated Ripple energy, increasing their levels of durability and increasing their levels of impact dramatically. While in their basic form, these bubbles have the ability to bludgeon and knock around a fully grown Joseph Jeostar. Most of these bubbles attack come in large bursts of multiple bubbles at once.
  • Bubble cutter: By infusing his bubbles and increasing their hardness, Caesar can effectively make his bubbles take on a sharp edge, being able to zip around at high speeds and slice through flesh like a razor blade. Is very similar to Baron Zeppeli’s Ripple cutter, though it is often used in large bursts of multiple bubbles, making it more deadly.
  • Bubble barrier: Instead of making several smaller bubbles to bludgeon his foes, Caesar can form a singular large bubble around a single figure, forming a thin but deceptively durable barrier around an enemy.
  • Hypnosis: Caesar can hypnotize people and animals by using the Ripple on them. The process can involve a kiss or simply touching one's head with their hands. The hypnotized person will act according to his demands and be stronger than an ordinary being, being imbued with the Ripple. Caesar uses it on a woman so she could fight Joseph.
  • Sticking and repelling: Caesar is able to use the Ripple as a repellent and to adhere either himself or objects to other objects and liquids. Joseph and Caesar manage to climb a pillar covered in oil with adhesion. Later, Caesar and Joseph force Esidisi out of Suzi Q's body.

Martial arts skill: Being a user of the Ripple and skilled warrior, Caesar showed to be a very competent melee fighter. While primarily a ranged combatant, Caesar was still a decent melee fighter, showing a solid amount of talent.


Gloves: While on the surface just seeming like a type of stylish gloves, Caesars gloves hold a large amount of a bubble soap like material which Caesar uses for his Ripple bubble attacks.

Gyro Zeppeli


Born in roughly 1866 in Naples, Gyro Zeppeli was born into the Zeppeli family of executioners. Through most of his Youth, Gyro would be trained in an art known as the Spin, an Zeppeli family art used for combat, surgery and execution. However, Gyro didn’t always like the job he was assigned, with his morality coming to a point after being assigned to execute a young boy. Instead of killing him, Gyro would join the Steel Ball run, a horse race from San Diego to NYC, in order to collect enough money to pay an amnesty for the boy. While running in the race, Gyro would find and befriend a cripple jockey named Johnny Joestar, with Johnny tagging along with Gyro learning the spin to heal his paralysis. The two would become fast friends as the race went on, working with each other up until the end, with Gyro being killed by President Funny Valentine near the races, though he would be avenged by Johnny.


The Spin: A strange technique originating from the kingdom of Naples based around spinning an object by using a supernatural technique, in the process creating a form of supernatural phenomena.

  • Ball launching: The most common type of Spin attack, where Gyro launches one of his Steel balls and an incredible level. While being affected by the spin, these balls were strong enough to smash rock, and are somehow able to return to Gyro’s hand after being thrown. Interestingly, the spin also affects the range and accuracy of the steel ball when thrown, allowing it to hit more accurately and fly farther then Gyro could normally do by just chucking it.
  • Muscle control: When hit by a ball, Gyro could give up a higher level of damage in exchange for gaining a level of control over the body of an enemy. For example, Gyro was effectively able to alter the actions of a thief, having the guy to reflexively shoot himself in the face when the guy brought up his pistol to try and kill him. He could also use the Spin to partially paralyze an enemy.
  • Body Alteration: Gyro could apply the spin steel ball to himself, altering his physical form. This spin being put into his body allowed him to resist damage, being able to harden his skin to be bullet proof. He can also make himself as flat as a sheet to hide in tight places or expel all the water from his body.
  • Minor illusions: Gyro has the ability to put both his spinning steel balls close together, allowing him to alter the density of the air to reflect light and create mirages, fooling enemies into wasting attacks.
  • Vibrational manipulation: The vibrations of the Steel Balls can be used to remotely visualize and affect objects, for instance detecting hidden obstacles or more pettily make bottle corks pop.

Anatomical knowledge: Being a trained surgeon, Gyro has a very defined knowledge of certain parts of the human body. This mainly plays into his muscle manipulation abilities, giving him knowledge of what specific body systems play into certain bodily functions (for example, knowing which muscle groups affect wrist and finger movements).


Steel balls: The main material Gyro uses to focus his Spin, which he preferred due to their design having them revolve around an axis (which helps make the best Spins).



A very fit young man in his prime, Gyro maintained a powerful and lean build throughout his time racing in the Steel Ball Run. He was physically well built and tall, though he wasn’t notably strong. His hand dexterity was itself highly impressive, having an incredibly high level of throwing weapon accuracy and was able to bullseye enemies while on horseback riding at high speeds. He was also very tough, taking several bullet wounds to the chest while fighting President Valentine, only succumbing after getting shot multiple times in the torso.

Being a Ripple user in his early 20’s, Caesar maintained a nearly superhuman level of physicality during his time fighting the Pillarmen. He was physically strong, sporting an incredibly powerful physical build with heavily defined muscles. He was dexterous as a cat, being able to seated jumps in a similar way to his grandfather and catching thrown projects out of the air with a piece of pasta. Most impressive, Caesar had a truly superhuman level of physical hardiness, powering through getting hit directly by Wamuu’s holy sandstorm and losing a massive amount of blood, still being able to produce Ripples and only dying after being crushed by falling debris.


Before Gyro took part in the Steel Ball Run race, it is unknown how many fights he took part in, though it is unlikely that he took part in very many. During the events leading up to the race, Gyro killed a man who picked his pocket. During the race, Gyro fought in several smaller scale fights against multiple different enemies, some of which had power of stands, most notably against Diego Brando while affected by Scary Monsters.

Before his first appearance in Battle Tendency, it’s not known if Caesar took part in any serious fight, though it is unlikely that he took part in many. Caesar’s first “fight” was with Wamuu, where he would be flattened and needed to be saved by Joseph. After improved levels of training, Caesar was able to help Joseph defeat Esidisi after he’d inhabited Suzi Q, and would put up an impressive fight with Wamuu, ultimately losing but being considered one of Wamuu’s greatest opponents.


Gyro was a very skilled tactician, actively taking advantage of his terrain and his own abilities to defeat his opponents. He often used his Vibe Manipulation to scope out areas for specific items that he might not be able to see and using it against an enemy, with a fine example of this being his defeat of Urmd Avdol by searching the terrain ahead of him and leading Avdol’s camel into a growth of Cactus, disabling both mount and rider.

Caesar was a good tactician, often using his own abilities in creative ways to try and surprise and take down an enemy by getting the drop on them. A good example of this would be his fight with Wamuu, where he used his still floating bubble cutters as a type of reflective prism to reflect sunlight coming in from the windows into Wamuu, nearly killing him outright.

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I will be using Gyro as he appeared in Steel Ball Run, before getting either Ball Breaker or Scan, as both abilities greatly increase his power and make the fight much more unfair for Caesar.

I will be using Caesar as of his final battle with Wham in Battle Tendency, as this was more than likely his peak in terms of using his Ripple abilities.

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The battle will be in a small fight in a small little village in the north of Mexico, near an ancient and unknown Mesoamerican ruin.