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Fire, I'll take you to burn! Fire, I'll take you to learn!
— Arthur Brown

Both Characters are primarily users of types of magical fire, but with both being highly different characters in personality. Makes for an interesting fight with an interesting character dichotomy.

Muhammad Avdol


My fourth wish, that is... to not listen to your wishes. Magician's Red won't forgive you. Not happening.
— Muhammad Avdol

Born in Egypt around the late 1950's, Muhammad Avdol was a life long stand user, tarot card reader and member of the Stardust Crusaders. Little is known about his past, though he was seen as one of the most experienced and powerful stand users during the time of Dio's return to power. He would later accompany Joseph Joestar to Japan, where he would meet Jotaro Kujo, discovering and testing the youths abilities with his newly manifested stand. He, alongside Joseph, Jotaro and 2 (later 3) others would travel the world in an attempt to find and kill Dio, the ancient enemy of the Joestar family. Along the Journey, the group was have some tough battles against Dio's minions, but would survive through it all. Avdol would be slain in battle against Dio's vampiric servant Vanilla Ice during the raid on Dio's mansion, though would later be avenged by his friend Jean Pierre Polnareff.


Magician's Red: Being named after the Magician tarot card, Magician’s Red was a powerful stand whose main ability was to summon and control supernatural fire. The fire created by Magician’s Red was powerful and unlike normal fire in many ways, being able to form dedicated shapes which could interact with objects and even create types of fire based explosive abilities. Avdol's flames, unlike real fire, are almost exclusively controlled by him, with the only thing which can reliably extinguish them being his command or a shit load of water.

  • Simple Pyromancy: A simple but effective attack which Avdol uses to make simple ranged attacks. Often projected from either his own or the hands of Magician’s Red, the blasts can vary in terms of damage, with simple attacks being able to scorch a man and powerful ones being able to explode the evil clone version of Avdol (oh I’m pretty sure it made of either clay or some sort of rock) into powder.
  • Red Bind: A type of fire whip produced by Red, used to both burn, lash or wrap up an enemy stand user. These binds were highly powerful, being able to ragdoll around Jotaro Kujo (who weights some 200 pounds) like he was feather, being able to suspend his weight without much effort and was able to fling him across a room. Beyond this, Avdol can apparently alter the temperature, with the binds changing from being cool enough to not even burn up Jotaros clothes to apparently even melt steel bars (though this is from word of mouth).
  • Crossfire Hurricane: A projected Ankh shaped piece of fire which creates a massive explosion on impact with an object. These explosions are highly powerful, with singular Crossfires being able to tunnel through thick slabs of stone. This ability can be manifested in a more specialized version of the normal crossfire which creates multiple hurricanes instead of just one. While this attack creates a much more deadly attack, having multiple faces instead of just one, it seems to be more taxing of Avdol to produce due to creating more.
  • Superhuman physicality: While primarily a ranged attacker, Magician's Red was incredibly strong physically, being able to deliver a powerful enough kick to shatter the exterior plating of Judgement, something that Silver Chariot failed to do.

Princess Azula


I'm about to celebrate becoming an only child!
— Azula

The daughter of the Firelord Ozai and brother to Zuko, Azula was a cold, vile and psychopathic young women and warrior of the Fire Nation. Being much like her father, Azula would make a habit of harassing and bullying her much more kind hearted younger brother Zuko, along with showinh a natural talent for fire bending. She would take up a place hunting the Avatar after her brother's outlawing and attempted arrest, taking part in the internal workings of the fire nation war effort. By the conflicts end, Azula would be crowned Firelord for a brief time, though she would soon be undone after a fight with both Zuko and the Water Bender Katara. Azula would be taken into prison alongside her father after the wars conclusion.


Firebending: Azula was born with the ability to produce powerful flames generated from her chi and projected through martial arts movements. The flames produced from firebenders were far different from real fire, with their flames blasts not just burning but appearing to have an impact, with Azula being able to punch holes in rock with it.When using firebending, most firebenders project their flames through physical strike, with the actual firebending art being inspired by Northern Shaolin Kung Fu.

Alongside this, firebending was created by using aggressive and powerful emotions (passion, anger etc…), with most firebenders drawing off their anger and hatred as fuel. And for both of these cases, Azula was no exception, with her near mastery of hand to hand combat and constant cold hatred and borderline insanity making her incredible power.

In terms of raw power Azula was one of the strongest firebenders of her time, being only a few notches below both Ozai and Iroh in terms of both skill and destructive power. Over the course of the series, Azula’s flames have shown strong enough to break through stone walls and slice apart buildings, along with being able to do substantial amounts of burning damage.

But beyond just traditional firebending, Azula was taught by her father Ozai to produce bolts of lightning. While much harder to produce and manipulate then her regular fire, lightning seemed to be incredibly deadly, with both of her seen usages of it being instantly crippling wounds which would have very quickly killed it’s victims without help.

Martial arts: Despite being so young, Azula was a highly proficient master hand to hand combat. She uses the firebending arts, which are themselves very similar in usage to Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, being based around powerful and dynamic strikes. Even when not using her bending, Azula could easily beat down members of Kioshi warriors and effortlessly defeated a younger Zuko.



While not much is known about any type of potential fighting career before his appearence in Stardust Crusaders, its not likely that Avdol is much of a fighter due to his non-combative career. Beyond a minor run in with Dio, Avdol only fought in a few small, primarily against people like Polnareff, Jotaro and Cameo.

Azula, while very young, was a fairly well experienced warrior. She took part in a large amount of fighting against her Uncle Iroh, Brother Zuko, team Avatar and all its members, the Kioshi warriors and several others small scale fights.


Avdol was a human man in his late 20's. He was physical well built and muscular, having very defined muscles and standing well over 6 feet tall. He was himself not much of fight, though he did have a lot ot stamina and was decently fast of his feet. His toughness was his most noteable feature, being able ot survive a severe backstab into his midsection and a bullt ripping open his forehead, though he required medical treatment.

Azula was a very fit young lady in his teends. She was icnredibly physical powerful, sporting a lean build but was highly physical strong, displaying a skill with unarmed martial arts. She was highly agile and acrobatic, being able to overwhelm Kioshi warriors and preforming feats of speed and agility which would put olympic athletes to shame. She was as tough as a highly fit athlete of her caliber, so incredibly high.


Being a JoJo character, Avdol had a highly well developed combative tactician, being able to come up with combative plans against enemies while on the fly. As we see in his fights with both Jotaro Kujo and Jean Pierre Polnareff, Avdol was able to sus out both of there personal flaws to complete the objectives. In his fight with Jotaro, he was tasked with getting Jotaro out of his prison cell, and did so by needling as Jotaros temper to have him stop simply reacting to his attacks and start bringing the offense to him, luring Jotaro out of his cell in the process. In his fight with Polnareff, he used a mix of faking weakness to play up on Polnareff's feelings of superiority in thie situtations alongside the usage of the enviornment by hiding away several Crossfire Hurricanes in a melted hole in the group, pretty much making a sort of landmine effect after he coaxed Polnareff closing in.

Azula, while far from being incompetant, wasn't noted for her incredibly adept tactical skills when compared to other characters in the series. She was adaptable to situations, being able to react quickly and produce effective counters on the fly to changes in the fight, with her highly advanced reaction time certainly helping her out. Beyond this, she has on occasion dipped her toes into psychological warfare, using her knowledge to fuck with Sokka during the eclipse and pretty much constantly chipping away at Zuko's mind all throughout her childhood and through the bulk of the series.

Voters info

Fight will take place in a market place in a port town market in Morocco. Both Azula and Avdol will be searching around, with Azula getting a bit violent with a merchant and Avdol intervening. A fight ensues.

Avdol will be used around the time of his death.

Azula will be used as of just before Sozin's comet.