Magic vampire battle.


For this, I will be using Dio as of part 1 and Strahd as of his appearance in the D&D 5th edition campaign "Curse of Strahd". I will also only be showing the combat applicable spells that Strahd uses, as it would only be a waste of space to add in the non combat ones.


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Being originally born into poverty, Dio Brando would be adopted into the affluent Joestar Household as a teenager. He would spend much of this time trying to find ways to gain the families massive wealth, making a power grab by trying to poison his adoptive father George Joestar. This would be a failure, being foiled by this adoptive brother Jonathan, with Dio opting to put on a strange central American mask which turned him into a vampire. Dio would face off against Jonathan several more times, with the two being assumed dead after going down on a sinking ship, tough Dio would manage to survive and continue to plague the Joestar.


Space ripper Stingy eyes: As a vampire, Dio can shoot a set of powerful beams from his eyes, which are apparently called Space ripper stingy eyes. These beams are able to land a reasonably solid impact, effectively cutting in Jonathan's hand and through a column of stop. Not much else to really say about them.

Vaporization freezing technique: Functioning as Dio’s main technique in combat, the Vaporization freezing technique allows Dio to encase an enemy's limbs and body parts in ice. These ice can apparently get so thick and hard that even beef cakes like Jonathan can’t break their way out of it in a timely fashion. This freezing can also lead into Dio effectively shattering the object, with his freezing and then dismantling of Dire being a fine example of this.

Regeneration: Dio could effectively piece himself back together from some very serious injuries at times, and always coming back to full health everytime. He’s been hacked into pieces by swords, burned alive after being impaled through his midsection, getting his eye impaled by a shard of Dire’s frozen body, and even the full on disintegration of his entire body (Granted, we also see Dire do a similar feat and survive for a couple minutes was just a head, but it's still fairly impressive). This regeneration seems to be increased by the drinking of blood, as he required a fresh stream of victims to return to full power after being burned alive.

Zombification: Dio can make corpses of the peoples he’s sucked dry or of already dead bodies. These zombies are decently powerful, having increased amounts of physical strength and pretty much no pain sensations, though they can be given some dope powers if they were a powerful person in life (like Jack the ripper). For this battle, Dio will have 2 zombie companions at the start, with both being now dead inhabitants of Vallaki.



Being born into nobility in what is most likely the forgotten realm, Strahd Von Zarovich would spend his early years in life as a military commander. At some point in his adult life he led a campaign into the valley of Barovia, taking it and using the land as if personal holdings. While in Barovia Strahd would learn of an ancient amber temple in the mountains, which he traveled too and made a pack with the ancient devils within it for powers of vampirism, inadvertently turning the valley into a mist bound shadow dimensions, allowing for anyone to enter but nobody to leave, and leading to Strahd face down plenty of enemies who came to slaughter him.


Spell casting. Being a Necromancy Wizard, Strahd can cast magical spells. These spells divide into 2 different groupings, those being Cantrips and leveled spells. Cantrips are generally weaker spells which pale in comparison to leveled spells in power, but down burn mana/spell-slots. Leveled spells are generally more power, but burn up Mana/spell slots and often come in leveled tears. Being a level 9 Wizard, Strahd can cast up to level 5 spells (number of spell slots listed below).

Cantrip: Ray of frost.

Lv1 (4): Fog cloud.

Lv2 (3): Gust of wind, Mirror image.

Lv3 (3): Animate dead, Fireball.

Lv4 (3): Greater invisibility, Polymorph.

Lv5 (1): Animate object.

Spell descriptions.

Ray of frost: A narrow beam of bright blue light which is itself incredibly cold, freezing patches of flesh solid. Beyond simply damaging an enemy, it limits its victims movement abilities, locking up their joints and constricting their muscles. The beam has a range of 60 feet.

Fog cloud: The name says it all. A 20 foot cloud of thick fog emits from a point within the spells range (120 feet). This fog is thick enough to obscure most people's vision and pretty much blind anyone within. This could effectively aid in a retreat or help set an enemy up for a deadly sneak attack.

Gust of wind: Pretty much like a Jedi’s force pushed mixed with a giant fan. A powerful Gust of wind erupts from the caster, slamming into anything in a 60 foot line of it and throwing it back. The caster can also concentrate on maintaining the gust, slowing down anything which gets into the Gust.

Mirror Image: It creates 4 perfect illusory replicas of the caster, all of which mimic anything the caster says or does. If these replicas are struck, they disappear.

Animate dead: Strahd’s most iconic ability as a Necromancer. It allows him to animate either a corpse or pile of bones, turning them into either a skeleton and zombie minion. These undead are loyal to Strahd and will march willingly into death at his command.

Fireball: Pretty much a magical rocket launcher. The caster can launch a small marble of compacted flames, which can fly upwards of 150 feet. When reaching its destination, the marble combusts and explodes outwards in a 20 foot sphere of fire dealing a fuck tone (8d6) fire damage.

Greater invisibility: A utility spell which effectively turns to the user and everything they are wearing/holding entirely invisible. But unlike the normal invisibility spell which deactivates if the concentration is broken, greater invisibility allows the caster to attack or cast another spell and remain invisible, though taking the hit does drop its effects. The spell lasts 1 minute.

Polymorph: A shape shifting spell which can effectively change the physical build of an enemy from their natural form in something else, be it weaker or stronger. This spell is effective, but has limits. If the target in question takes a hit, they revert to their true form. Beyond this, the spell is concentration, meaning the caster can't cast another spell, attacks with a weapon or take a hit, or else the spell's effects will also revert.

Animate object: Strahd is able to grab any nearby object and imbued it with a form of false life, animating and allowing it to move. This object is loyal to Strahd and does his mental bidding.


  • Regeneration: When not in direct sunlight, Strahd is able to heal wounds which originated from non radiant (pretty much Hamon) sources. He can also bite into an enemy and drink their blood to increase this process. This regeneration is limited however, with severe injuries like lost of limb taking hours to regenerate.
  • Shape shifting: Strahd can transform his physical form into either a wolf, a bat, or cloud of mist. If this form is badly wounded and disrupted, Strahd returns to his true form.
  • Wall climbing: Strahd can pretty much defy the laws of gravity and crawl along vertical surfaces and upside down with no difficulties.



Strahd: Being an immortal vampire, Strahd has been living and fighting for centuries, with his age being estimated in the 400’s. In his time, he fought to take Barovia before becoming a Vampire, and went on to kill dozens of military threats who came to depose him, including Silver Dragon Argynvost and his order of Paladins, all of which were slaughtered by Strahd singhandedly.

Dio: Dio was a human turned vampire of around 21 years old as of his loss of body. Beyond a handful of fights and squabbles with Jonathans in his youth, Dio lacked any experience in fighting. After becoming a Vampire, Dio had several with Jonathan, Zeppeli and Speedwagon, along with the killing of several police officers.

Physical power.

Strahd: Being a vampire, Strahd's level of physical fitness was well beyond that of the average human, though not explicitly superhuman. All of his physical stats are maxed to the rolled limit, which while far beyond the average human, are closer to those of an olympian than a superhuman, with his physical attributes all potentially being matched by even low level player characters. In terms of strength, Strahd can bench press around 500 pounds and has the acrobatic ability of an olympian gymnast.

Dio: Being a Vampire, Dio’s levels of strength and pain resistance easily push into the realms of superhuman. While not incredibly agile, he was still well beyond the human norm. His levels of superhuman strength were very high, being able to casually grab and throw fully grown humans with just hand. He also had a massive pain tolerance, remaining functional after being bisected lengthwise from skull to waist.


The fight will take place in the town of Vallaki, in some strange timeline where Dio has found his way into Barovia. Soon finding that he was safe in the day, Dio would have dedicating himself to taking control of this land and making it him dominion. He would learn of Strahd and would try and cause a disturbance in the biggest settlement in Barovia in an attempt to draw out Strahd. Strahd, while in his alter ego of Vasili von Holtz, will come out from the wood work and attack Dio in the towns streets. Dio has zombie allies.

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