Simon Belmont vs. Solomon Kane

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There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.Shakespeare

Pretty simple concept. A video game vampire hunter and a literary vampire hunter. Both have some interesting abilities under their belt and are fairly similar to each other, so lets dig in.

Simon Belmont

A member of the long lived vampire hunting Belmont family, Simon Belmont is the most recent member of the family to slay the era's incarnation of Dracula. While only a youngman, Simon decided to take it upon himself to fight the armies of the night and raid Dracula's castle, where he would face down hordes of violent undead and other unnatural abominations before finally confronting Dracula, winning a close battle with the Vampire before leaving to castle to crumble.


  • Vampire killer: A traditional vampire hunting tool, prefered by Simon due to it's great range. The whip was itself a consecrated weapon, making it incredibly deadly to any undead or demonic creatures. Despite this, the whip still was highly effective against normal people, being able to break stone bricks. The whips range was long, easily reaching up to 8-10 feet when used at its full length.
  • Dagger: A knife often used as simple ranged weapon. While not having an incredible range, Simon shows to be very accurate with them while within this range, seemingly never accidentally messing up the spiral and hitting an enemy pommal side forwards. As you'd expect, this is certainly a deadly weapon on a hit. For this match, Simon will have 5 of these blades.
  • Boomerang: A thrown spiked cross which could return to a user's hand in a similar way to a boomerang. While primarily working against unholy beasts like vampires or zombies best due to it being a holy symbol, the fact that it is spiked on each end makes a seriously deadly projectile when thrown, being able to damage plated exterior of the animated armor sets found within Dracula's castles.
  • Light armor: Simon tends to enter battle wearing relatively light armor. He often a sports a leather breastplate, often also having an pauldron cover his left shoulder, alongside tall padded boots, and occasionally a bandana (not really armor, but could be used as a bandage in a pinch).

Solomon Kane

Solomon Kane.jpg
A puritan traveler and monster hunter, Solomon Kane is a strange man noted for his unending goal to slaughter all that is evil within the world. While much of his past is unknown, Solomon started his hunting career at a relatively late point in his life, and despite his strong puritan faith, seems to want to redeem himself, hinting at a darker past than one might expect. Kane currently travels the world, aiming to root out all destructive evil and ending it with both bullets and sword.


  • Spanish blade: A type of Spanish rapier which Solomon used in almost all of his adventures. The sword was primarily a thrusting weapon, though Kane could still use it effectively on the slash. It was long, being roughly 3 and a half feet long. It had a swept hilt, granting excellent hand protection. The sword was incredibly powerful on the thrust, being able to cut through the flesh of both man and vampire while used by Kane.
  • Pistols: A set of pistols, often used by Kane as ranged tools. Based on the era when the game takes place, the guns were likely either of a matchlock of wheellock design, both only being single shot and having a long reload time. Despite this, Kane was quite good at making his shots count, having great skill with marksmanship. Being guns, a shot from either could be incredibly deadly.


  • Rage: When thoroughly enraged, Kane can seemly enter a state most often compared to a berserker rage. While in a state of rage, Kane's combative skill and physical power greatly increase, and he stops to feel any amount of pain, not reacting to anything short or a mortal wound. Most noticably, Kane seeingly lets go of most of his puritan ideals, acting like a full on savage.



While his exact experience level in hunting the undead and evil is unknown before entering Dracula's Castle, considering his age, Simon's age, it's likely that he had only a few fights with powerful undead monsters before raiding Dracula's castle. During the raid on Dracula's castle, Simon fought throught easily a small army of undead by himself, going against powerful low level commanders before eventually facing Dracula himself and winning.

Despite most of his life being unknown, Kane has spent most of the last few years of his life in semi-constant battle. Unlikely many who tried to keep out of danger, Kane went out of his way to find supernatural threats and end them, with his life being little more than traveling the world in order to fight monsters. And these threats varied from relatively normal threats, those being violent humans to zombies, to vampires, to cultusts, werewolves and much more.


Having trained most of his young life with the goal of becoming the next great vampire hunter, Simon maintained a level of fitness which pushed the limit of superhuman. He was strong enough to contend with superhuman undead beasts like zombies and vampires, could preform parkour leaps while being attacked, and keep on going after taking serious wounds like falling tens upon tens of feet onto stone without flinching.

Despite having no supernatural powers of his own, Kane displayed a level of fitness which went far beyond the normal human level. He could run and jump at highly fast rates without burning out, take supernaturally powerful blows from animals like werewolves and vampires, and could even match these beasts blow for blow. While raging, all of these abilities increase to a supernatural level, with Kane actively pushing himself past any human limit and maintaining an immunity to both pain and fear.


Due to his extensive training in the usage of weapons, Simon was a talented fighter and monster hunter. He was trained in the usage of using a whip, learning how to take advantage of its reach to keep and enemy at range. But beyond the whip, he was also a skilled hand with blades and axes, alongside the usage of strange weapons like vials of holy water and cross boomerangs.

While his source of training isn't know, Kane is by all means a highly talented warrior. Kane is both a skilled swordsman man and marksman, showing talent with both to where he could easily dispatch both sueprnatural monsters and normal men with the same ease. He was also a competant hand to hand and knife fighting, alongwith showing skill with using ther catheaded staff as a quarter staff in a pinch.


This fight will take place near a graveyard located outside of a Romanian village which has been getting attacked by a vampire. Wishing to gain extra levels of power, Simon hired a man to steal Kane's cathead staff. This attempt was only partially successful, as Kane was able to tail the man after the robbery. Kane believes that this thief snagged it to bring it to a cult who wanted to limit his powers against the undead, and he plans to both get the staff back and deal with the cult in the best way he knows how before going after the vampire.

Neither man will be equipped with his usual vampire hunting tools for this, with Kane having gotten his cathead staff taken in the prologue to the fight and Simon not having much of his traditionally prepared vampire hunting gear like Holy water (This is to simply make the fight more streamlined so that I don't have to list relatively useless items. The staff scares away undead, and holy water only hurts the unholy abominations seen in Castlevania).


Solomon Kane angrily pushed through the shrubbery into the clearing near the graveyard. He'd caught the trail of the men who'd robbed him and followed through the thick forest. They taken his staff, and for that they'd pay. He stepped into the clearing, his sword and one pistol in each hand. The area was baren aside from a section of ruined castle, the rest of which had been eaten up by the forest long ago. He could see a distant light and could hear distant voices, likely this thief and his master. He skulked quietly towards them, trying to maintain the element of surprise. He could feel his anger beating in his chest and burning in his brain as he walked.

Simon held the smooth wooden staff in his hands, his might whip on his belt and leather armor finely buffed. The thief he'd hired was standing before him, greedily waiting or his pay. Without a word, Simon threw his pay, with many quickly turning around moving quickly away. "Now, with this item, defeating that vampire should be easy" he thought. But he was soon pulled away from his thoughts. He could hear a nearby voice, specifically the voice belonging to the thief. He listened closely, only to be taken aback by a pained shriek. he grabbed his whip and left the staff behind at his encampment.

Solomon stood over the wounded thief, a great bleeding hole in his chest. The thief cried out, but Kane gave him no mercy. "The lord has come to punishes ye for your sins, and thou shall suffer your evils in the pits of hell." With a quick thrust, the point lashed the mans neck, ending his suffering in a quick movement. But as Solomon looked up, he only just had a moment to react in time. A whips end cracked hard near his face, Kane only just throwing himself back in time to avoid a sundered skull, but not enough to avoid adding a long lash to his already gaunt and beaten face.

Standing a few yard of Kane stood a man, presumably this vile mans master, dressed in fine armor and wielding a long whip. Before Simon stood a dark clad man, an english Puritan in appearance, gaunt and grim to the bone. Both starred daggers into the other.

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