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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
— Mahatma Gandhi



A Gladiator, freedom fighter, Dragon-slayer and military commander, Rikus' career was a professional warrior had a strangely humble start. Born as a slave and brought being trained as a Gladiator, Rikus new very little in life beyond the constant grind of training and fighting. Dedicated to becoming free at all costs, he was noted for pushing himself excessively hard while in fights, in a attempt to shown his metal and win his freedom. Eventually given the chance to steal his freedom, Rikus would take part in the rebellion against the sorcerer king Kalak, being the man to finally strike Kalak down.


Scourge of Rkard: One of the 3 great swords of Athas. Being created by Rajaat before his banishment, the sword was itself naturally imbued with incredible magic power. The sword had a 2 handed grip and a long double edged blade. The sword naturally improves the warrior senses and gives them an immunity to poison. While difficult to break, if the weapon breaks, each pieces produces an acidic ichor which is strong enough to completely comsume the body of the gargantuan body of the god dragon Borys.


Piecemeal body armor: Like most warriors on Athas, Rikus wore limited amounts of armor which is composed of different pieces and bits. His forearms were covered by thick leather bracers. His legs were often wrapped heavily in leather and linen, and he wore a heavily reinforced belt which which protected his guts. He wore a singular pauldron, which seemed to have a base of either leather of thick insect carapace. Beyond this, he wears a half helm, half mast which appears to be made of insect carapace and crested with spikes.


Mul biology: Due to his Half-Dwarf biology, Rikus has an incredibly large amount of physical power. His most notable feature is his natural superhuman strength and stamina, with source info on Muls stating that Rikus could stay fresh for days without rest. Beyond tough, Mul's both incredibly physically built, with most averaging around 260 pounds, having uncannily wide shoulders, and standing well over 6 feet tall.

Infrared-vision: Being part Dwarf, Rikus can see selectively see in the Infrared spectrum while in darkness.

Swordsmanship: Rikus was a highly skilled warrior with the sword after being gifted the blade. Having been trained in swordsmanship presumably from youth as a Gladiator, Rikus was an absolute animal while using swords, with his years of fight in the arena followed by his many years guarding the borders of Tyr marking (almost excusively using Scourge) him as a highly skilled master. He primarily used his sword two handed, but was capable of using the weapon one handed in a pinch either by itself or in conjunction with a shield.

Exotic weapons training: Due to training as a both a preformer and a fighter, Rikus does have a lot a solid amount of skill in the usage of more strange weapons. He is depicted using. Beyond simple blades, clubs and spears, Rickus would've been trained in the usage of double headed axes, doubled ended pole arms, tortoise shell shield swords, and more relavantly a set of paired Cahhulaks, pretty much a set of weaponized grapple hooks connected by a set of chains at the hilts.

Throwing weapons: While more of melee fighter, Rikus has shown skill with javelins and throwing spears, as his killing of Kalak with the Heartwood spear shows.



A legendary ranger and drow of the Underdark, the notably moral and good hearted Drizzt woulf start out as part of the highly evil and selfish Drow society in Menzoberranzan. Being used to replace his dead brother Nalfein, Drizzt would be trained by his biological Father Zaknafein, the greatest weapon master in Menzoberranzan, in the arts of blade to blade combat, before being sent for professional training at the academy. While originally a proper servant of his people, Drizzt would eventually grow apart from the much more overtly evil Drow society, eventually becoming exiled to the surface world.


Icingdeath and Twinkle: Drizzt's dual scimitars. Both swords are magical in nature, with Icingdeath being the more magical of the two. Twinkle was Drizzt's offhand sword, increasing Drizzt's defensive capabilities when parrying with the sword. Icingdeath was more suited for offensive abilities, having a passive bonus to offense (presumably having supernatural sharpness) and being able to cause frost to form within and along wounds after landing a hit.


Leather armor: After Drizzt left the underdark, he was often seen adorned in a full body suit of leather. While only being composed of leather, the armor could help turn light blows and lessen nasty blows while not limiting Drizzt's natural mobility. This suit effectively covered all of his body other than his head and neck.


Dark-elf magic: Like most Drow, Drizzt has a limited amount of natural magic within him, being able to control orb of both light and darkness. He can cast the dancing lights cantrip at will, creating 4 small glowings orbs of light which he can subconiously move. He can also cast the spells Darkness and Faerie fire one each, with the form creating a 20 foot orb of magical darkness that not even dark vision can see through and the latter creating a form of sticky light which attaches to enemies and makes them easier to see in darkness and makes stealthing more difficult for them.

Sunlight sensitivity: Due to his people developing undergroup, Drizzt is naturally weaker and less physically powerful while in direct sunlight, with his vision being less sharp and his fitness level being much less impressive. And while Drizzt isn't nearly as effected by this as other drow like Dinin and Zak due to his long term exposure to light, Drizzt generally feels much more healthy and comfortable when traveling a night or within shade.

Superior darkvision: Due to his people existing in the pitch black pits of the underdark, Drizzt has incredibly acute lowlight vision, being able to see more than 100 feet within the darkness in shades of black and white.

Swordsmanship: Being trained through his youth by Zaknafein, a true master of Drow swordsmanship, Drizzt was a highly skilled warrior in the usage of swords, specifically in the areas of duel blades. Despite his youth, Drizzt could hold out against much more experienced and much older warriors, being a solid match for the grizzled Zak by the end of his training with him. After leaving the Underdark, Drizzt was seen fighting some seriously powerful enemies, even being able to help slay a white dragon in Icewind dale (he did have aid for this battle). While he prefered using two weapons, he was fully capable of using just one.

Stealth: Due to his small size and natural quietness, Drizzt's is noted for being a very stealthy warrior, being able to quickly vanish into shadows and hide away from the sight of most peoples.

Tracking: Drizzts is a highly competant ranger and tracker of both animals and people. He has a large amount of monster lore, being able to identify certain monster by certain tracks, scales or residing odars left behind by them. While he originally cut his teeth tracking in the underdark, he has also shown great skill tracking in other areas, be they the snowy mountains around Icewind dale, the thick forests around Neverwinter or the Urban spread or Waterdeep.



Due to a long career of pit fighting, hard training, monster slaying, and battlefield engagements, Rikus has shown to be one of the most skilled warriors surviving in the Tyr lands. He's battled creatures of dozens of species, ranging from half giants to Thri-Kreen. He's survived open battles against overwhelming odds, even being able to best the Dragon Borys in single combat, though this partially down to his own luck and his incredible cunning rather than his raw power.

Drizzt, due to Dark-Elf biology, has been able to live on for decades outside of the underdark, having racked up years of experience in combat over a life which has been estimated as being between 80 to 190 years. In this times he's battle monsters, giants, white dragons, orcs, drow and numerous other enemies in his time, likely being more than most people could reasonably count.


As a Mul, Rikus was by most considerations superhuman. He stood well over 6 feet tall and weight in the ballpark of 200 to 300 pounds. His strength was stupendous, being able to hack through entire human bodies, mangal armored enemies and cleave through the hides of siege monsters. His stamina was also incredible, allowing him to keep awake for days on end without rest and allowing him to fight for hours without getting exhuasted. His agility was well developed, with it playing a large part in his defense due to his lack of body armor.

As a Drow, Drizzt was in many ways physical highly impressive. While he wasn't noted for his strength, his agility was incredible. He could move as fast as panther (literally), and had superhumanly refined reflexs and agility. This is what he based on technique upon, using his absolutely insane agility to preform well executed attack blitz's. While not often remarked his his stamina, Drizzt has shown to be to survive under quiet severe conditions for extended periods of time, holding out in the wastes of the underdark alone for a decade, and adjusting to the frozen wastelands around Icewind Dale incredibly fast.


This fight will take place in an area neither are familiar with, that being the temperate moors of Blackmoor, located near several ruins around the outside of the Egg of Coot. Drizzt will not have his Panther. Rikus won't have all of his equipment. The area around them will be the remains of an old stone building, several pieces of which have caved in. Half the map is in shadows, the other has been bleached with sunlight.