My mood altered and pain turned to rage
— Ariel Sharon

Two of the angriest warriors in modern fantasy.



Being born from the bowels of his hanged mother, Guts was a professional warrior and later monster hunter who played an important role in the ending of the 100 years war between Midland and Tudor. Guts spent his mouth as a merc, fighting in his adoptive father Gambinos merc before joining the band of the hawk. As the captain of the raiders, would followed the Hawks and their leader Griffith into battle, becoming a heroic figure within midland before leaving to find his own goal in life. Guts would later return after hearing that the Hawks had become criminals, aiding them in Griffiths rescue. Guts would also one of the two hawks to survive the eclipse, an event which ascended Griffith to demi-godhood where most of the Hawks would be scarified.


Golden sword: A mighty two handed sword. Guts’ sword was itself very long and wide, only slightly shorter than his own height (Gut’s was at this point around 6’3”). It lacked much of a crossguard and was very blade heavy, with weight estimations being between 10 to even 30 pounds, which Guts could swing around like a toy.

Dagger: A short blade which Guts used as a backup arm. The blade was double edged and had a very blade blade, making it both useful for cutting and still powerful on the thrust.


Combat proficiency: Guts was a very skilled and experienced career soldier. Being primarily a swordsmans, Guts was incredibly skilled in the usage of the greatswords, being able to cut down hordes of soldiers single handedly. While preferring the greatsword, he showed skill with a regular sized sword during the eclipse, and was generally a decent hand with a dagger. He could also use improvised weapons, using an Apostles tusks as a spear during the eclipse. During his time, Guts was able to win a fight with 100 men, was able to match the warrior Boscogn in 1 to 1 combat, and was considered the first human to wound the apostle Nosforatu Zodd in battle in over 300 years.

Goblin Slayer


Being born in a normal human village, the man who'd later be known as Goblin Slayer lived a relatively normal young life. However on one fateful day, his village would be slaughtered by a band of Goblins, only surviving by hiding in his basement. Not long after, the Slayer would be found by the traveling master known as Burgler, who'd take this young man under his wing and trained him as his student for the next 5 Years. After this training ended, the Goblin Slayer officially took up his name, dedicating his life to destroying every single Goblin still left alive, recently beginning to travel alongside several other heroes in recent days


Short sword and targe: A simple but effective weapon pairing. While not carrying any one specific short sword, often breaking his sword in battle, they generally followed a specific model. The swords he used were short and wide blades with a minimal hand guard and a meaty blade designed for delivering crippling blows. His shield targe was itself rather indistinct as well, generally being depicted as a small shield made of metal and leather and apparently sporting a sharped rim as he is able to slice into Goblins with it. It was itself quite durable and was at times just as much of a weapon as a defensive tool.

Throwing knives: His most consistent ranged weapon. Goblin slayer often carried a few little throwing knives on his person as a quick to use ranged weapon. While used by Goblin slayer, the daggers were punchy enough to effectively kill Goblins with only a single hit and were highly accurate at an appropriate range.


Combat proficiency: Goblin Slayer, being a career monster hunter, was a highly skilled warrior. Unlike many people in his world, Goblin slayer didn’t have an entirely consistent equipment set, being proficient with a large number of different weapons, both proper and improvised. His most consistent weapon set was a short sword and shield, being able to cut through large groups of Goblins with the blade, and using the shield just as much as an improvised offensive tool as a defensive implement. He was skilled in the usage of ranged weapons, using both a shepherds sling and throwing knives to great effect. Beyond this, he’s been seen using torches, different types of bombs and at one point some locks of hair as weapons in combat.



Guts: Being a physical beast, Gut’s was himself superhuman. Gut’s was strong enough to swing his sword with enough force to cleave through knights dressed in suits of plate armor cleanly and cleave many hundred pound logs in-half with single swings. His reflexes were attuned enough to where keep up with the agility of both Griffith and Casca (both of whom used very fast and agile styles). He was an incredibly hardy man and durable man continuing to fight after getting shot and stabbed multiple times and powered through cutting his own arm off with a broken sword hilt during the eclipse.

Slayer: Being a highly physically conditioned and trained man, Goblin slayer sported a highly advanced and powerful physique. In terms of pure strength, the Slayer was able to cleave through hordes of Goblins and at one point strangled a gargantuan Goblin Champion with a braid of hair. He was quite agile and dexterous, being able to keep up an active defence against numbers incoming Goblins and being a very skilled and deadly hand with throwing daggers. His most inhuman trait was by far his hardiness, being able to keep on fighting after sustaining multiple broken bones and kept on strangling the Goblin Champion after he was spitting up mouthfuls of blood. He also had incredibly attuned senses, being completely aware of his surroundings at almost all times.


Guts: To put it bluntly, Guts wasn't much of a tactician at this point. When a plan isn't already being made for him, his main mode of combat it beat the ever loving hell out of everything that moves. Hell, even with a plan, Guts has broken said plan so that he may cut loss and go wild, as we see during his fight against the Black Ram iron lance heavy cavalry. And while he showed some examples of tact in some situations, like his assassination of Julius, these instance's are few and far between at this point in his life.

Slayer: While his exact training level is left undefined, Goblin Slayer was himself a master of combat strategy and tactics. During the course of the series, we see him perform low level tactics to help kill vastly overwhelming number of Goblins through a mixture of terrain and smart usage of basic equipment in an effective way. Beyond this, he showed skill in large scale tactics, leading a platoon of adventurers like a militant faction and defeating a small army of Goblins.


Guts: Being born into war and conflict, Guts has been fighting for more than half of his life. He started his training under his adoptive father Gambino at age 6 and would kill his first man on the battlefield at age 9. After killing Gambino and going off on his own at around the age of 11, he would fight on his own for years up until joining the Band of the Hawk at age 15. From here on out, Guts would fight alongside the Hawks as the commander of the Raiders up until age 18. when he would go off to find his own life goal. A year later, Guts would return to help save Griffith and would weeks afterwards be crippled during the eclipse. Within these years, Guts fought mostly regular humans, but often killed massive numbers of foes, with his best example being his 100 man fight. He also fought one supernatural foe, that being the Apostle Nosferatu Zodd, being the first man to wound him in 300 years.

Slayer: The Slayer was himself the most infamous killer of Goblins of his time. While his younger life is left mostly unknown (beyond the inciting incident and training). After this, he dedicated himself to being the best killer of Goblins that had ever lived, with the goal of doing nothing but killing every single Goblin. By the time of the series start, Goblin Slayer already had a reputation and a brutal psycho who does nothing but kill Goblins by other adventurers. Over the course of the story, he is seen killing mobs of Goblins with a variety of different weapons. But beyond just normal Goblins, the Slayer has killed many monsters. He has fought and killed an evil wizard, a dark elf, an ogre, a troll, a sea serpent and a large eyeball (weirdly) though a mix of his own raw strength and his own tactical brilliance.


Guts: During the Golden age’s arc, Guts wore an incomplete set of plate armor. He wore a full breastplate, along with a set of pseudo cuisse. His Pauldrons were asymmetrical, with the right Pauldron only covering the shoulder and the left covering his entire upper arm and connecting to a vambrace, forming a sort of manica. By this time he’d apparently lost his half helm. Beyond that, he wore regular clothing and a cloak.

Slayer: The Slayer wore decently protective but lightweight armor. The base to his armor was a full leather bodysuit which covered from toe to neck. Over that is a sleeveless mail shirt. And over that armor sections of plate. He wears a half breastplate, a set of Pauldrons and vambrace, a set of pseudo cuisses, knee guards and greaves. Most noticeably, he wore heavy duty full helmet, which he rarely ever removes.


The two men will run into each other while in the process of cleaning out a small den of Goblins. The Slayer is killing them since its his job to do so, and Guts is doing so after finding a few of them trying to eat some of the band of the Hawks remaining rations. They will enter into a wide and open area within the Goblins den, that being a massive cave with a small underwater lake in it (imagine Gollem's den from the Hobbit). Guts will see the slayer as some sort of enemy associated with the Goblins, and the Slayer will see Guts as a wild-man who supports the Goblins.

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