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Good friends don't let you do stupid things... alone
— Anonymous

Today the battle will be between 2 characters who are actually very similar to each other. Both fill the dumb but loyal friend lancer role in their respective shows, alongside the superpowered dufus role. They both start out as enemies to the protagonist who eventually join forces with them and become as thick as thieves (with Okuyasu and Josuke having a very close, highly touchy feely relationship and Kuwabara and Yusuke considering each other like brothers). But thats enough comparisons, and lets dig into this.

Okuyasu Nijimura

I'll put it in my savings account!
— Okuyasu

Born into and abusive family, Okuyasu would grow up rough. He would mostly be raised by his big brother Keicho, as his mother passed away young and his father was far from being the worlds best father . Following the death of Dio, Okuyasu's father would be turned into a horrifying monster and Okuyasu would be entirely brought up by Keicho. Over a decade later, Okuyasu would meet and eventually befriend Josuke Higashikata, with the two becoming extremely close after the death of Keicho and deciding to work together to hep protect Morioh from waves of evil stand-users.



The Hand: A powerful close range Stand with the ability to erase reality with a swipe of its right hand.

  • Erasing: As mentioned above, The Hand’s main ability is to erase anything it hits in a swiping or scraping motion with its right hand. Nothing, not even the space between objects being able to resist it. This makes him insanely deadly in close melee, as it can functionally kill any opponent in a single hit. However, since the ability is regulated only to Okuyasu’s hand, an enemy who catches him by the wrist could block the strike, with this happening during his fight with Crazy Diamond.
  • Pseudo-Teleportation: While using The Hand, Okuyasu can choose to erase the space between himself and a different point. Instead of just leaving a big opening in reality, reality sort of stitches itself back together, pulling anything down range of Okuyasu closer to him or pulling Okuyasu close to them, working like a form of Teleportation in combat.
  • Physical power: Being a melee stand, The Hand is still very physically powerful. Having a B in Strength, the Hand was superhumanly strong when compared to most humans. He could deliver blows strong enough to beat down powerful stands like Crazy Diamond and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and even punch through steel (Which is actually in line with other B strength stands).

Fitness: Okuyasu is a relatively fit young man, sporting an athletic physique.He was on the leaner side of things while being able to hit pretty hard with punches and kicks. More impressively, Okuyasu was very hardy, being able to keep on chugging along after taking severe injuries like getting his chest blasted open like Kira and getting his face mangled by an attack salvo from Bad Company, though he required healing to survive both of these events.

Kazuma Kuwabara

You didn't have too many friends growing up, did you?
— Kazuma Kuwabara

Born into a relatively put together family in Japan, Kuwabara would take to a life as the "tough kid" early on. At first being a staunch rival to the areas other "tough kid" Yusuke Urimeshi, Kuwabara would eventually grow to become close friend with Yusuke after getting brought into the world of the supernatural and spirits. Eventually Kuwabara's own magical potential would be revealed, with him often acompanying Yusuke on deadly missions, with the two becoming like brothers over their time fighting side-by-side.


Spirit sword.gif

Spirit energy: Kuwabara was born with high levels of spiritual power, being able to project it into powerful abilities.

  • Spirit sword: Kuwabara can manifest his spiritual energy into a blade of energy, which he refers to as a spirit sword. The sword was about as long as a longsword, with its energy blade forming a physical form while still being able to damage spiritual energies. Beyond having powerful striking power, the sword deflect spiritual projectiles and alter its size and durability, effectively making it into a vaulting pole during his fight with Byakko.
  • Spirit transference: A form of healing, where Kuwabara transfers part of his own spirit into another, strengthening their spirits and healing helping to patch their wounds. However, if Kuwabara is hurt or he expends too much energy, he could fall unconscious.
  • High spirit awareness: Due to his natural spiritual awareness, Kuwabara had the ability to control spiritual energy (which is how he uses many of his abilities) and observe spiritual entities like ghosts.
  • Superhuman fitness: Despite only being Human, Kuwabara was incredibly physically durable, strong, and fast. He could perform superhuman parkour with little effort and would later go on to dodge gun fire at close range. He could match blows with massive demons like Byakko and survive taking blows from Rinku, who’s kicks could shatter bones and power through getting stomped on Byakko (a 12 foot tall giant tiger man).

Martial arts (Intermediate): Due to his history as a street tough and brawler, Kuwabara has shown a solid amount of skill with martial arts. His style was simple, being a sort of free form karate/boxing hybrid which he likely pieced together himself. His swordsmanship was also relatively impressive, though he was noted as being clumsy and unrefined when compared to other group members like Hiei.


Tacticals skills

Okuyasu was not the sharpest tool in the shed. According to him, he rarely put much forethought into his decisions, often acting on instinct while in battle. And while he has been shown using his stand’s main abilities in ways beyond just attacking, he isn’t always intelligent in how he uses these abilities, with his fight with Chili Peppers showing that he is prone to rushing in alone and his proneness to emotional manipulation. However, after his brush with death and epiphany, he does seemingly begin to improve tactically, taking advantage of the swipe to both counter air bullets and neutralize Stray Cat.

Kuwabara was on the surface a dumb and clumsy man, but has shown feats of intelligence before in battle on several occasions. While in battle, Kuwabara generally tries fighting by rushing in and using his raw strength to bludgeon his enemy in melee. If this fails, Kuwabara will switch tact and come up with a plan while continuing to put up his bluntness, giving the illusion of dullness. A fine example of this is his fight with Byakko, where he continued to attack him and made it look like he was simply attacking him, though he was intentionally taking advantage of Byakko’s energy eating by gorging him until the big cat exploded from overeating. However, he has fallen for people using his own trick before, often not seeing his enemies plotting until nearly too late (which is usually when he springs his own trap).


As one of peacekeeping stand users in Morioh during the events of part 4, Okuyasu got into several fights, several of which being deadly to him and his allies. He first fought Josuke outside of the Nijimura house, and went on to later fight the killer of his brother Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also helped in the fights of both Harvest and Super Fly, being a solid part in the final defeat of Yoshikage Kira.

Being a street tough and brawler for much of his teenage life leading up to the events of the show, Kuwabara was built up on a decent amount of experience during the events of the show. After being brought into the world of spirits and demons, he would take part in multiple fights with monstrous creatures like Byakko, Musashi, Rinko and numerous other enemies leading up to the dark tournament.


Okuyasu isn’t much of a killer, rarely ever entering a fight with the intent of murder. Generally, he didn’t try to use The Hands to erase anyone at the start of a fight, only resorting to it when things went downhill or if he had a grudge against this opponent. This isn’t to say that he wasn’t willing to hurt others, as he’s quite willing to genuinely hurt people at the drop of a hat, but he usually won’t start a fight with the intent to kill.

While being a street tough and a brawler, Kuawbara isn’t a stranger to handing out an ass kicking when the time needs it. But when compared to others in his group, he is much less comfortable with killing humans. While fully fine with killing monsters and other malevolent spirits, Kuwabara’s sense of honor and general morality makes him not really like the idea of killing people. Beyond this, his general sense of honor will stop him from fighting most women or hurting civilians/innocent peoples, even to his own detriment.

Scenio/voters information

For this feats, I will be using Okuyasu as of the end of Diamond is Unbreakable, and Kuwabara as of Dark Tournament Arc.

Fight will be a random encounter in a lightly populated park in small town in Japan. Both will be taking an evening walk (Okuyasu is looking for Josuke, and Kuwabara wanting to clear his head). Both will walk by each other and bump into each other. Both being rather aggressive teenage boys with supernatural powers, things go south pretty quick.

No prep. Battle will be until either retreat, KO, or surrender. Neither of these dues are killers and will only do so if pressured.

Voting ends in a while from now.