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In fiction, we've seen plenty of fictional characters who've lived in strange and otherworldly places. From the far reaches of science fiction to brutal and gory dark ages. But in my times I've seen a lack stone aged characters. Today, I would like to look at two of the very few stone aged warriors within fiction. So without further adieu, here is Spear vs Takkar, men of the stone age.


While both of these warriors have animal companions, I will not be allowing them to have them. While some may get annoyed with this, I am doing it for the reasons of fairness. While Takkar could tame saber-tooth tigers and large birds of pray, Spear has fang, a massive killer T-Rex. While the tiger could dismember a man and the birds could gouge out throats, Fang is a T-Rex who has shown to an Alpha even among other T-Rex's.



A Wild-man born in the primordial jungles of the prehistoric earth, the Neanderthal known as Spear originally lived a common Paleolithic life. He lived as a hunter, doing his best to keep his family alive. But one day he returned to his home only to find that his family had been butchered by T-Rex's. Not long after he would run into the mother T-Rex known as Fang, who's own family had been butchered by the same pack who killed his family. The two would join forces to kill this pack, continuing to travel the wilds of the prehistoric world.


Spear: Spear most iconic weapon and the tool he is named after. While spear's spear has been broken and remade many times over, I'm going to base its description off of the spear he carried in Coven of the damned. The spear in question seemed to be a bit longer then Spear is tall, putting it in the ball park of 5-6 feet long. The head appeared to be be made out of a very hard stone. The spear packed a serious punch, being able to punch in sections of bone and go clean thought dinosaur hides. Spear could also use this spear as a very effective long range weapon, being incredibly accurate at long range.

Improvised weapons: While Spear preferred to use his spear, he has shown an ability use pretty much anything around him to some level of deadly effect. In his time, he's used stones, bones, sticks, logs, animal tusks and teeth, mud, insect shells and even spider webs. He used all of these to either keep himself alive, to makes travel easier, and most often to kill other creatures. He's used stones as bone smashing bludgeoning tools, branches as clubs, bones and teeth as improvised daggers and blades and sharp bug shells as improvised bladed knuckle dusters. He's stabbed through thick dino hide and bones with teeth, shattered bones with stone strikes and shredded dozens of hyenas with insect shells.



Takkar is a member of the Wenja tribe, who lived in the year 10,000 BCE, being the last surviving member of his hunting group, he was forced to survive in an area that he knew little about, being forced to go up against opposing tribes. However, Takkar has the very special title of Beast Master, because of his ability to take most of the wildlife in this newfound, hostile environment. Along his journey, the Wenja would be forced to fight both hostile tribes and creatures alike, before eventually killing the leaders of the tribes who opposed him.


Simple club: A simple bludgeoning club. The club was functionally a primitive mace in design, having a large stone fixed to the end of a thick wooden shaft. While exact length and weight are unknown, it was likely around 1-2 feet long and weighted around 2 pounds. It was powerful enough to kill fully grown man with a few good swings, with it packing a serious punch at close range and functioning as an effective improvised throwing weapon at times.

Longbow: A simple but effecting hunting bow. Being bigger and having a greater draw weight then the short bow, the longbow had both a fairly long range and it packed quite a punch. While the exact statistics of these bows range and draw weight are unknown, it is shown as having a decently long range and not being all that hard for Takkar to draw back. The weapon shot arrows with either stone or bone points, which seemed to fatal against normal humans, but took a few shots to kill some of the mega Fauna living in the area.

Stone Shard: A simple throwing blade and closest thing Takkar has to a form of dagger. Being used most at closer range, the Shard was designed for thrown, and generally packed a serious punch on impact. At the same time, it could double as a short range melee weapon in a tight spot.

Bee Bomb: A small bulb of grass and wood filled up with angry bees and wasps. While seeming weak at first glance, the bee bomb showed the ability to overcome and take down weaker foes, and work as a very useful distraction against tough enemies.



Being a Neanderthal, Spear has shown superhuman levels of physical power and durability. He was strong enough to trade blows with large beasts like T-Rex's and was able to smash bones with powerful melee strikes. His most impressive feat however was when he dragged the almost 5 ton fang over many miles on a bamboo stretcher, only stopping when his hands became too blistered and not when he ran out of stamina. He was also agile and fast, keeping pace with creatures like Fang. He was also highly acrobatic, being able to climb trees and scale cliffs with ease. But his most impressive ability was his durability. He has walked off getting thrown at high speeds against walls, falling hundreds of feet onto rocks, getting slashed and deeply cut by hyenas and raptors, and even being rag-dolled in Fangs mouth after getting into a fight with her.

Due to his rough living and hearty nature, Takkar was highly physically fit man.  He was a skilled archer and was able to keep pace with large game like saber-tooth tiger and leopards. In terms of physical brawn and strength, he was far above the human average, being able to bludgeon damn large beasts like Mammoths and bears with tools like clubs and stones. He was able to wrestle creatures similar to crocodiles with his bare hands and keep alive. But one of his most noticeable abilities was his durability. He was able to survive falling from a stone cliff, recovering from broken bones within a few days.


Being a Paleolithic hunter, Spear spent his entire life living in the prehistoric jungle wasteland. While his exact upbringing and life before the show is unknown, it can be assumed that he'd been a hunter and warrior for pretty much his whole life before that point. He spent most of this time fighting and evading super predators. After meeting Fang, the two would go on a journey throughout of the world, with the two traveling across several different biomes over the course of several months. In this time, he battled with large numbers of creatures, with Titanaboas, T-Rex's, ape-men, A zombie sauropod, angry mammoths and countless other mega fauna over the course of his journey.

Being an early hunter living on the very edge of the Neolithic, Takkar would have lived a gruff existence. Having been brought up as part of the Wenja, Takkar would have been instructed in hunting techniques and trap building. As an youth, he would have joined several hunting parties. He was the sole survivor of the hunting party at the stories start. But the bulk of his fighting experience was high one man war against the Udam people, devising brutal traps and weapons to take each outpost and village one by one. This would end when he finally killed Ull, the bone armored leader of the Udam.


This fight will take place in neutral terrain. They will be near a river, on/near a small open grass flat. Both will come across the other and begin combat, likely seeing the other as a serious threat that needs to be killed. Both will start at around 15 yards away from the other.


Spear wadded his way across the river, keeping and eye to his left and right. Around his neck was a vine lined with fish he'd caught up stream. He was in the process of making his way back towards Fang, who was resting in a cave nearby, trying to recover from a wounded leg. Spear soon made it too the other side of the river, climbing up onto the opposing bank. He made his way around the rocky near the bank, getting back onto solid ground. Moving quickly, he began trekking his way up the light hill towards the grassy flat. He soon came to the edge of the clearing, standing near a large swaying palm tree. But in the middle of the clearing, he could see a being crouched. He was a tall, lean bearded man, looking at a set of tracks leading to his cave.

Takkar sat crouched near the middle of the large grassy clearing. He'd been trekking for days by himself, with his last saber-tooth having been killed by a hunting party of Udam. He'd decided to travel towards the river to replenish to water supply, but was stopped after finding two sets of tracks. He first spotted the more human set, with those being from a large male. But he was soon enticed by the second set. These were very large, bigger then a mammoths, and reptilians. This set appeared to have been made by a limping creature, and they were leading to a cave. "Had the Wenja found some sort of great war beast?" he thought. But then he heard a light crackling of sticks to his left. He looked over and grabbed at his bow. Standing about 15 yard away was a short and stocky man carrying a spear.

Both Spear and Takker looked at each other. And for a moment, the two remained still. And then they began. Takkar quickly knocked and arrow and aimed the bow, and Spear leaned onto his back foot and held his spear in a an overhand stance primed for throwing.


Takkar brought up the bow, but was forced to contort at the waist to dodge the spear hurtling towards him. This saved his life, leaving him with little more then a graze, but threw of his shot. The arrow lodged itself in the palm tree, prompting Spear to take cover from potential incoming attacks. He'd never seen a weapon like this, and he'd need to careful. He crouched down and dropped the vine of fish, swapping it out for a fist sized rock lodged in the earth near the Trees base. Takkar had by this point knocked a new arrow and was beginning to slowly move forwards towards the palm. But before he loose the arrow, he saw a blurred flash leap from behind the palm, diving towards the patch of shrubbery. He then loosed the arrow into the bushes, but before this arrow could land, the blurred caveman had already bounded from the shrub towards another large palm tree.

But instead of just landing behind it, Spear flung himself form cover, lobbing the rock at full force towards Takkar. Just barely dodging the stone, Takker just barely noticed Spear hurtling past him, grabbing the spear and pulling it from the ground. But Takkar quickly recomposed himself and took aim with his bow at the now open caveman. He loosed an arrow, this one strikine Spear in the shoulder. Howling in pain, Spear bounded back towards the trees, just barely missing a new missile. He soon made it took the tree line, with more arrows whizzing past him as he skittered down the slope. Ahead of him was a large rock, which he leapt onto and crouched behind. Now at the top of the slope, Takkar saw that his enemy was now entrenched. Arrows would be useless and rushing and engaging in melee would only get him impaled. But he had another option.

Reaching into his pack, Takker pulled out a fist sized bulb of wood and bee hive. He then reeled back and lobbed the ball, with it smashing on the flat of the boulder. And from this a cloud of stinging bees and wasps erupted. They buzzed angrily around for a moment before swarming Spear, stinging and biting him. Crying out in pain, Spear bolted forwards towards the river. Leaping from the raised banks, he landed in the water, but not before loosing his grip on his Spear. As he popped his head up near 10 feet down stream to look for his weapon, an arrow flew past his face. He automatically dunked back down again, disappearing into the murky dark waters. Takkar cursed under his breath before knocking and preparing a new arrow.

Spear swam at high speeds up river, trying to keep away from the man hunting him. He then popped up his head again, crawling up onto the bank and slipping behind a large rock on the banks. Takkar was now on the bank himself, slowly moving towards a large boulder. Spear, hearing his foe coming up along the rocky bank, grabbed the two closest weapons near him. He scooped up a large fist full of mud, and a wet driftwood branch. He listened and waited for Takkar to get close before acted. Takkar moved slowly towards the boulder, arrow still knocked and ready to be shot. Then, like a bolt of lightning, Spear lunged from behind the rocks at close range, lobbing a stick glob of mud towards Takkars face. It struck him head on, covering his eyes and partially blind him.

Roaring like a lion, Spear threw a powerful swing his club. Barely seeing this, Takkar put forwards his bow as a shield from the strike as he clean his face. The branch smashed into the bow, snapping in half and flinging it from his fists. Now less blind, he pulled his own club from his belt as he took a step back. Spear swung at him again, and again, with Takkar blocking these strikes. Mostly now defending himself from these attacks, the more stocky build of his club slowly whittled down Spears simple branch. And as Spear made his last swing, the two clubs connected with a responding crack. The Branch snapped in two near the handle, leaving Spear with more of a stick then a club. Takkar then brought up his club and prepared to swing. But as his strike came down, Spear leapt back and lobbed the stick at Takkars face.

The stick struck hard, stunning Takkar for just a moment. Spear lunged forwards, tackling him two the ground, the stone headed club falling two the ground as the two men splashed into the thick mud of the river shallows. Spear, crouching over Takkar, began pummeling him across the face. He punched hard into Takkars face, leaving severe bruises and tearing his skin. The strikes began pushing Takkars head deep into the muck, cutting off his ability to breath. In one last act of desperation, Takkar pulled a flint blade from his belt and thrust in hard into Spears thigh. Sinking in deep, Spear howled in pain, giving Takkar the chance to grab and throw him off. Pulling the blade from his leg, Spear began getting to his feet. But before he could settle, Takkar was already coming towards him, club in hand.

Spear began running back down river toward his Spear, which was itself lodged into the deep mud along the banks. Moving as fast as he could, Spear could hear the slower but less wounded foe on his tail. He grabbed the Spear the haft, spinning around and blocking the club swing from Takkar. The haft blocked the club, with Spear following the block with a pushed, knocking Takkar back. And with one last thrust forwards, Spear ran his foe through the middle. The spear sank deep into Takkars chest, running clean through and ripping out his back. He fell to the ground with a thud, gagging for air. And as he took in his last gasp, he saw Spear standing over him, grabbing the weapon around the middle and ripping it out of him.

Returning back up the hill, Spear retrieved his vine of fish, and began making his way back too the cave.

Winner: Spear


While Takkar was a more experienced human fighter and was better armed, the pure over powering brutality and physicality of Spear eventually stole him the win.