This battle is itself a fight between two simultaneously very similar and very different people. In terms of their overall function in battle both are very similar, with both being spell and sword types. Both have access to magical powers but still have skill in the usage of martial arts, often using both quite frequently in combat. But where both differ is in their personality and personal status, with both being the inverse of the other. Where Zuko is fiery, Fjord is stoic. Where Zuko was born rich and lost status and reputation, Fjord was born poor and gained renowned through hard work.


To make the section talking about Fjord less packed, I will only be using abilities which will play into this fight specifically (so mask of many faces won’t be covered since it won’t really do much). I’m not doing this to weaken Fjord, but simply to make his ability description easy to deal with.

I will also be using both at a fairly early point in the careers, with Fjord only be lv4 and Zuko being as of his second fight with Azula in the first half of season 2. This is to try and make the battle more balanced. Using both at a higher point makes the fight substantially less fair for Zuko, as even a slightly more powerful Fjord begins to start using truly powerful spells which even season 3 Zuko would be wrecked by. So accordingly, this battle will use relatively weak versions of Fjord and Zuko.

I will also specifically being use blue spirit Zuko, primarily so I can have an excuse for him to use his swords and because it makes the actual scenario more interesting.



I will fucking leave both of you here. We are either a team or you're working for yourselves. Decide!
— Fjord

Raised as an orphan in Port Damali, Fjord lived most of his younger years being bullied for his Half-orc heritage. After reaching adulthood he would become a sailor, falling under the command of a sailing captain known as Vandran. Fjord would follow Vandran for many years before a strange incident happened upon his vessel, with a section of Vandran's ship exploding and Fjord being flung into the water. As he sank, he would be met by an aspect of the ancient entity Uk'otoa, who pretty much forced Fjord in a Warlock pact. Fjord would awake on a beach the next morning, a strange Falchion hand. After beginning to realize he had magical abilities, Fjord would travel north, where he would eventually run into the other members of the Mighty Nein in Trostenwald.


Spell casting: Being a Warlock, Fjord had the ability to cast a type of arcane magic known as pact magic. Pact magic was very different than most usual arcane spellcasting in D&D (and really most types of Fantasy). Fjord is only given a few spell slots per battle, 2 as of level 4, but gets them back much quicker while resting. Beyond this, the spells he casts get more and more power as he develops, with all of his being cast with 2nd level slots as of lv3 (which means they all gain extra effects, effecting more people and do even more damage). As of level 4, Fjord had 4 spells on his list.

  • Armor of Agathys: A simple abjuration spell, which forms a layer of frost around Fjords skin. This layer of Frost gives Fjord an extra layer of defense against strikes, and has a nasty surprise for anyone attacking him, with the attacker taking a level of damage similar to the damage done to the ice. We've see this ability kill creatures like Gnolls in one blast, who are themselves substantially more physically powerful than a normal human.
  • Hex: The Warlocks Hex was and unavoidable spell, with it functionally forming and aura around an enemy which causes necrotic damage to an enemies wounds (which I’m pretty sure causes the wound to just start rotting away). The damage from this rot was insidious, with its pure brunt being more than strong enough to straight up kill a normal person from its effects. Beyond this, the Hex also weakens an aspect of the victim, either weakening an aspect of their mind or of their physical body (for example, making it harder to speak clearly, recall knowledge, stay light on your feet, lift large weights, etc...).
  • Wrathful smite: The smite applies a level of magical energy to Fjord Falchion. This energy damages an enemies psyche, with a hit causes a painful surge of energy to strike an enemies mind which could easily be fatal for most normal people. Even if the enemy survives, the effects can cause most enemies to feel nothing but terror of their attacker and will instinctually try and flee from them.
  • Crown of Madness: A powerful mental domination spell. It allows Fjord to take control of an enemies mind, taking control of them and puppeting around their bodies. This power over them lasts for 1 minute or until the enemy in question is wounded. While every hard to resist, it is possible to either kick the spell effects mid affect or stop it from taking control all together (Most average people have less than a 30% chance of doing so).

Cantrips: Beyond level spells, Fjord could cast Cantrips, a type of spell which doesn't burn spell slots/mana. As of level 4: Fjord could cast 3.

  • Eldritch blast/Agonizing blast: A powerful blast of crackling kinetic energy. This blast had a range of 120 feet and was very accurate when used by Fjord. Fjord would later beef the blast after being given the agonizing blast ability by Uk’otoa, increasing the overall damage even further. The blast deals 1d10+4 damage, with its impact being able to gore holes, break bones and explode heads.
  • Minor illusions: A simple illusion spell. Within 30 feet of Fjord a simple illusory image or sound projects from a single point. These Illusions are highly convincing to most viewers, though perceptive people can get discern if these are illusions. These illusion can appear to be anything which could fit into a 5 foot by 5 foot cube.
  • Booming blade: A strange but at times useful spell. This spell allows Fjord to infuse a strange form of magic into his swords blade, which than jumps from the blade and into a enemy on impact with them. This energy forms a tight barrier around them, which violently throttles them if they leave its confines.

Hexblade: Fjord was specifically a Hexblade Warlock, a Warlock who's main pact feature is a magically bonded weapon. Because of this, Fjord gained several abilities relating to both Hex's and blades.

  • Hex Warrior: This ability makes up for Fjord's lack of physical strength, with it allowing him to channel his magical powers through his body and bring his striking power with his pact weapon up to a superhuman level, being able to hack through the chainmail armored body of a Gnoll pack lord and the scale armored Husk guards, along with matching the output of massive beasts like Nergaliid's and Manticores (both of which are similar in size to something like a Rhino or Hippo).
  • Hexblades curse: This curse increases Fjord's ability to land hits on his foe and increases the damage done by the hits that land on his enemies. Once Fjord uses this, he can’t use it again until taking a rest.

Swordsmanship: Being a Hexblade, Fjord was himself just as much of a swordsman as a spellcaster. While we are given little information about his potential history with martial arts, he has shown himself as being quite competent with the Falchion. His technique is based simple hack and slash sword play. More impressively he was shown highly skilled at integrating the usage of spells into his fighting, commonly mixing in smites, curses, hex's and eldritch blasts into his attacks sequences. While his style was simple, his application of it was still highly impressive, being able to defend against the unbridled insanity of a Gnollish offensive.

War caster: At level 4, Fjord took the war caster feat. Mechanically, the feat allowed Fjord to more casually cast spells while fighting. It allowed him the channel spells through pieces of his equipment or through any part of his body, functionally making everything he has on hand a type of arcane focus. Beyond this, the feat counters out Fjord's weakness at casting spells within melee range, no longer having to use the somatic elements of the spells and just using the verbal components (means he doesn't have to do arcane hand symbols to cast spells, only needing to say the arcane words).

Half orc traits: Being born with Orcish blood in his veins, Fjord was gifted with several unnatural physical abilities. His most apparent ability was his massive pain tolerance and level of physical hardiness. Half-orcs have a passive bonus to physical hardiness and are born with the ability to bounce back from fallen unconscious pretty much instantaneously with the relentless endurance trait. He was also born with incredibly attuned low light vision, being able to see in a black and white spectrum at a distance of 60 feet as if it was light while in pitch darkness. Beyond this, Fjord can thank his substantial height on this heritage, being roughly 6 foot 4 inches.


Waste hunter Falchion: A magical blade given to Fjord by Uk'otoa. The weapon is roughly 3 and 1/4 feet long, sporting a singled edge curved blade which was suited for slashing, and having bastard sword hilt. Fjord made this sword his pact weapon, meaning he could summon his sword to his hand at will. After taking the Waste hunter longsword from Thuron, Fjord absorbed it into the Falchion. This absorption gave the Falchion a more defined curve to its blade and gave Fjord a magical bonus to damage (pretty much, it overcomes types of damage resistance to slashing damage, makes the sword supernaturally sharp and increases Fjord chances of hitting you by roughly 5%) .


Zuko Agni Kai.jpg

You've always thrown everything you could at me! Well, I can take it, and now I can give it back! Come on! STRIKE ME!
— Zuko

Zuko was born into the royal family of the Fire Nation as the crown prince. Even though he would be crown prince, his father and grandfather preferred his much more skilled and cunning sister to him. When he attended the war council for the first time Zuko spoke out of turn against a general who wanted to use a group of soldiers as bait. Since he spoke out of turn in the room of his father it was taken as an insult and demanded that Zuko partook in a fire bending duel. Unaware that his opponent was going to be his own father he accepted. When he realized that he was to fight his own father during the duel, Zuko refused to fight his father, who in turn scarred his face and banished him from the Fire Nation, only allowing him to return if he was able to capture or kill the Avatar.


Fire-bending: Zuko was born a fire-bender, meaning he was able to channel his Chi and emotions through himself, creating fire. During his youth, Zuko was trained in the basic techniques of fire-bending. During this time with Iroh, he appears to have gained skill with more advanced techniques as well. This fire, impossibly for fire, didn't just burn but someone had impact. While not able to bludgeon exactly, these blasts could throw people around on impact. At this point in his life, Zuko primarily used his feelings of rage and anger as his base for bending, with his bending getting more powerful the more angry he was.

  • Common techniques: The basics of fire-bending were based around creating short blasts and balls of fire. These basic techniques were mainly used in two different ways, either by preforming fire blasts/jabs which were mainly used as ranged attack, or by channeling fire through into his unarmed strikes. A more rare and raw for of basic ability is the creation of a repulsive wave of flames, where the user expels a wave of fire outwards, with Zuko using it to destroy orbs of ice he was trapped while fighting Katara at the north pole. We see Zuko use both in most of the fights he partakes in during season 1, along most the fight he has in the early parts of season 2.
  • Advanced techniques: More advanced fire-bending techniques went beyond just projecting blasts of fire. The advanced abilities Zuko used were he usage of weapon channeling, fire breathing, fire daggers and sustained blasts of fire. Weapon channeling was pretty much just the channeling of fire along and through his weapon, being able to project fire with his swords. While unlike Iroh's full on Dragon breathing later on, Zuko could produces quick bursts of flames in close range, primarily used to keep himself warm while swimming in arctic waters. Fire daggers were sustained jets of flames which Zuko formed in his hands and used in a similar manor to daggers. Sustained blasts of flame are just that, a sustained blast of flames. These abilities were much more complex and generally more powerful than regular fire bending, though most required him to be much more angry to sustain.

Martial arts: Being a trained fire bender, Zuko was by extension a highly proficient unarmed martial artist. Zuko would've been trained throughout his youth in the basics of fire bending, along with gaining more advanced training from his Uncle Iroh during his banishment. Finding a real world analogue for Zuko's technique was easy, as the inspiration for fire-bending techniques was northern Shaolin Kung Fu. This style is based around direct, powerful and incredibly strong physical strikes.

Stealth: As the blue spirit, Zuko showed a massive level of skill in terms of sneaking and acrobatics. He was able so scale walls and move at quick speeds with minima difficulties. He was able to sneak through corridors and slip around passages without being detected by anyone, being able to sneak into a heavily guarded, multi-walled fire-nation prison compound without being noticed up until his meeting with the Avatar.


Broadswords: During his time as the blue spirit, Zuko carried a set of paired Chinese Dao. These Dao were relatively short swords, both being less the 3 feet long. They sported half disc hand guard, hand grips designed to fit only on hand comfortably, and a had very wide curved blades with a single edge.



Fjord: Being mostly piecemeal, Fjord's body armor quite effectively covered most of his body without weighing him down too much. He wore a reinforced leather cuirass, asymmetrical pauldrons, steel vambrace, knee high reinforced greaves, a padded undercoat and chausses. As of recent, he has also started to use a shield and a cloak of protection, both if which give him a solid bump to defencive, with the cloak forming a passive protective barrier of arcane magic, and the shield being a normal shield. This armor protected him fairly well, stopping a solid amount of mundane attacks and keeping him alive through the more absurd things that have hit him.

Zuko: Since I will be using Zuko as the blue spirit, he will be wearing the attire commonly associated with it. The blue spirit wore a full body black fabric jumpsuit, along with a set of light leather vambrace. His mask, while only being a theater mask, was highly durable, protecting his face from an arrow strike from a war bow. On the whole, the blue spirit costume was very lightweight but was more armored then most give it credit.

Phyiscal fitness

Fjord: While Fjord was on the surface level a physically average an in terms of brawn, this was entirely overcome due to his Hex warrior abilities. This ability beefed his strength substantially, allowing him to hack through the chainmail armored body of a Gnoll pack lord and the scale armored Husk guards, along with matching the output of massive beasts like Nergaliid's and Manticores. In terms of physical hardiness Fjord is peak specimen, surviving being poisoned by Imp stingers, thrashed my both a Manticore and Husks, stabbed shot multiple times by arrows and spears, and chewed on my Gnolls.

Zuko: Being both a trained martial artist and dedicated warrior, Zuko was himself an incredibly physically fit warrior. He was highly physically strong, being able to split chains with a sword swing and throw a fully grown man off his feet. He was also highly agile, being able to perform incredible gymnastics and acrobatics feats while in combat. He was also a fairly tough young man, surviving getting half of his face severely burned, getting tossed around by Aang's airbending and remaining alive while submerged in arctic waters for extended periods of time.


Fjord: Fjord lived a short but action packed character by level 3. During the roughly 1 month he spent with the Nein on the road to Zadash, he had got into conflict with a giant snake, a Nergaliid and a handful of powerful undead husks, an insane priest, a small army of Gnolls and a Manticore. And in all these battles he acquitted himself, staying alive despite the incredibly dangerous beasts he was going up against. After arriving in Zadash, he fought more monster, those being giant rats and a massive spider the size of large bear. After this he entered into a pit match alongside the rest of the Nein, helping his group to win. Most impressive was his helping in the defeat of Thuron, and elite Drow warrior sent to retrieve the Beacon (granted, he it was Mollymauk who dropped him, but Fjord did play big part in the fight).

Zuko: Zuko had a longer career in live combat. He spent several months sailing around the world in an attempt to find the Avatar, running into several conflicts along the way. Over these months, he entered several battles with the Avatar and his allies, battled with a crew of pirates, outmatched his rival Admiral Zhao twice and effectively raided a fire nation holding while dressed as the blue spirit. After becoming an outlaw in the fire nation, Zuko would have several battles with his sister Azula. And while he did get completely wrecked in both engagements while on his own, the fact he survived at all against such a deadly enemy is still highly impressive.


This battle will be a little different than the usual death brawl.

The battle will be set in Dfederal. The Mighty Nein have recently made a temporary residence here, and have brought the Beacon (a Drow Elf artifact which gives a person a bump of energy). Zuko has gained knowledge on the Beacon and wishes to steal it for himself, as it's inspiration would be quite helpful to the Planetary quite a lot in their crusade to understanding the cities mysteries. Dressed as the blue spirit, Zuko will attempt to sneak into the town that the Nein have been staying in and try and steal Beacon. WHe'll have arrived at a good time, with most of the Nein having left. But when he tries to take the Beacon, he will find that Fjord actually has returned and he is soon spotted. A fight will take place soon after.

Win conditions.

Fjord: Stop Zuko from stealing the Beacon.

Zuko: Steals the Beacon.

Lose conditions.

Fjord: Fails to stop Zuko from stealing the Beacon.

Zuko: Fails to steal the Beacon.


Zuko crouched low upon the sagging roof of old town house. The night was cold, with a thin layer of mist covering the city streets. He'd been perched on the roofs flat top for the better part of an hour, waiting for the houses inhabitants to leave. After another moment, he heard the creaking of the buildings old door and sharp chatter of the member of the Mighty Nein. He leaned over the edge lightly, seeing a the group of some 7 people, their appearances ranging from filthy and disheveled to gaudy and colorful. He waited a moment to until the group was out of sight, before getting to work.

He quickly slid on the mask of the blue spirit and laced his sword-belt tightly across the back. Grabbing the edge of the roof, he slipped over the edge, holding on with a tight hand grip. Beside him was a window into the main living space of these people, which had been left ajar. He slowly pulled it open before sliding through in a single fluid motion. His soft sandaled feet lightly impacted the floor as he landed. As he looked around, he found the living space to be relatively sparse, with the single table decorated in used glasses and plates. Beyond this room was hall and a staircase leading down.

Slowly Zuko stepped towards the narrow hall, making sure too not make make too much noise. While nobody was here, he knew that among the group's number was a Wizard. He had no idea what kind of arcane wards may have been present, so he made sure to stay as quiet and careful as possible. Along the hall was 4 doors. Slowly opening the first door, Zuko found it to be the houses bathroom. Moving onwards, he popped his head into a bedroom, finding it to be very spartan in its furnishing's. Laying on the ground beside the single master bed was a pair of tattered backpacks, with being much smaller than the other. Zuko moved to walk in, but quickly noticed something a few feet from the door. A thing circle of metallic wire was rest on the ground around the bed and bags.

He didn't know what this was, and he wasn't confident enough to test it. It may have been nothing, but he doubted it. He moved from the doorway and closed the door. "I'll recheck that room later, if nothing else turns up" he though as he moved to the next room. This next room was much smaller and houses two twinned beds. The pair of bags sat in the corner, along with several sets of gaudy clothing sprawled across the floor. He took no strife in casing the room, looking through the bags. But he found nothing.

He quickly moved on to the next room. Here was a much more put together place, being well decorated in multiple colorful art pieces and unicorn plushies. On the beside table was a folded set of monks vestments and a trio of thrown darts. Zuko quickly moved too the closet, finding a pair of bags. The first was very common and was itself near empty. Same went for the second. But within the third, a bright pink leather satchel, Zuko would find something. Beyond finding that the bag held more that is plausibly should, he found what he was looking for. Inside it was a roughly melon sized dodecahedron, formed from a strange black material.

He sighed in relief before beginning to stand up. But as he did, he heard the floorboards creaking behind him.


As the Mighty Nein walked and talked along the streets of Dfederal, Fjord was beginning to lag behind. While he originally was gung ho about carousing that night, he felt like something strange in the pit of his stomach. "Hey" he said to Molly, who was himself the next farthest back. "I'm not feeling it tonight. Imma head back to the house". "Alright" he said in response, "I'll get you something nice." Molly then continued onward to catch up with the rest of the Nein. Fjord turned back around and walked the three blocks back to the town house. As he walked, he still couldn't shake this feeling in his gut. And as he approached the house, he noticed something wrong.

The upstairs window, which he'd most closed before leaving was now wide open. Instantly, this gut feeling intensified. He quickly and as quietly as possible opening the house door. As he got to the foot of the stairs, he grabbed both his shield and cloak, putting both on. He slowly walked up the stairs, eventually getting to the second floor. He looking into the living room, but found nothing wrong. But as he looked into the hall leading to all the rooms, he felt this gut feeling amplify. The doors to all the rooms where open, and he could hear a faint rustling from the last room down. He moved quickly toward it and stepped into the doorway, a plank creaking under his weight. With his dark vision he could see a black clade figure standing up from Jesters satchel, something large in his hands.


Fjord acted quickly, quickly summoning the Falchion and using it as a focus for his spells. With a flash of black light and a responding boom, the bolt only missed by a hair's breadth. Zuko lunged to the side, tucking and rolling behind the far side of the bed as another blast struck the wall beside him, a cloud of plaster dust filling the air. Acting quickly, Zuko slid the Beacon in his satchel before preparing to attack.

“Who the fuck are you!” Fjord shouted before muttering a number of arcane words, causing the frozen crystals of the armor of Agathys to form around him. A moment later Zuko leapt out from his hiding spot, throwing a flurry of punches all of which produced a blast of flames. Fjord braced for impact behind his shield, with each blast charring the shield front and causing him to slide backwards across the plank floor.

Taking advantage of the moment, Zuko drew his pair Dao from his back and rushed forwards. Closing the distance, Zuko unleashed a powerful and dynamic offense of blades. Fjord was taken aback by the blinding speed of his opponent, quickly being forced to give ground and taking a few steps back. He could feel Zuko’s blades digging into the front of his shield, along with whipping by his face and skidding off his greaves.

Making a bold move, Fjord held his ground and braced before swinging clumsily with the Falchion. Zuko saw the strike coming from a mile away. It was a clumsily blow from a less skilled opponent. Zuko batted the blade aside and took advantage in the defensive opening. Shifting his weight to his left foot, Zuko swung down hard at an exposed patch near the flesh near Fjord's right arm.

But instead of hacking deep into the flesh of Fjord’s arm, the blade met resistance on impact. With a strange crackling sound, the armor of Agathys shattered, with Zuko feeling an agonizing flash of cold on his arm. He flinched at the unexpected pain, faltering his continued assault for just a moment. Fjord then cried out an infernal cry, before an eldritch blast exploded from the front of his shield.

The blast struck Zuko squarely in the chest, throwing him backwards across the room. Zuko flew back from the doorway nearly 10 feet before landing on all 4’s. He could feel blood beginning to soak into his body suit around the area. The wound was bad. A large gouge in his chest and more than likely some broken ribs. He staggered to his feet, blades at the ready and breathing heavily.

Fjord began to move forwards, blade and shield lowered. “No more funny business! This doesn’t have to end in death. You can just give me back the Dodecahedron there, and you can go get that wound patched up”. In response Zuko straightened up and let his rage explode out of him. Like a fire bomb, Zuko unleashed a spherical wave of orange fire. Fjord only barely got his shield half up before the wave struck him. He was thrown backwards across the room, his armor and the front of his body covered in a thick layer of black ash. His skin was highly irritated, with his cloak being the only thing stopping the blaze from burning off his face.

He tried to get up before seeing several discs of flame hurtling towards him, each being delivered through Zuko’s sword. Fjord crunched up with his shield, each wave smashing into its front. Each wave fried the shields front and forcefully made Fjord slide across the plants. Zuko then generated everything he had, building all his power and releasing it in a singular powerful wave of flames. Seeing this blast coming, Fjord actively sprang back off his feels into the hall. Letting his shield take most of the brunt as the blast threw him against the back wall.

Zuko, feeling his anger subside, cut off the blast. He could see that he’d wrecked the room, the place being filled with thick white smoke, wood ash, and pulverized plaster. He craned his neck and through the dust saw into the hall. On the through was the charred and slagged husk of Fjord's shield. But Fjord himself was gone. A moment later, Zuko heard the thudding of labored foot steps from within the hallway, heading towards the living space. Zuko didn’t hold up, running out and into the hallway. Down the hall, he could see a wounded Fjord slowly fumbling away from him.

He quickly threw a jab of fire at him, but saw it fly through his Fjords chest. Surprised, Zuko saw as the illusion of Fjord vanished from view. Behind him, the sound of a creaking board and muttered arcane word sounded. Suddenly, Zuko felt as his muscles were hit by a wave of fatigue as the effects of Hex set it. He spun around only to find Fjord standing, sword poised for a strike. Zuko could see that his enemy wasn’t doing much better than he was. His body was smothered in ash, several red burns marked his arms and chest and a long trail of green blood oozing down his chin.

Fjord swung down hard with all of his strength. Zuko blocked the blow, but his weakened strength from the hex failed the match Fjords. His blade dipped and was wrenched from his weakened grasp, rattling to the ground. He counter attacked with the offhand blade, the sword sinking into Fjord Pauldron and drawing blood from the flesh beneath. Powering through the pin, Fjord Swung the Falchion up and caught the blade with the spin. The blade flung from Zuko’s weakened hand and popped from Fjord's shoulder with a fleshy sucking sound.

Zuko pushed back off his toes, trying to regain an element of range, but Fjord was hot on his tail. When Zuko touched down, Fjord's body slammed into him. Both men stumbled from the hallway and into the living room. Zuko, being more agile, fell into an over the shoulder roll before sprawling cat-like onto the floor. Fjord wasn’t as lucky, falling forwards onto his front. Both men sprang too their feat as fast as they could.

“Give it up pal” he said as he began to generate arcane magic as his blade for another blast. Zuko brought up his free hand and wreathed it in fire. Both stood there for a moment, attacks ready, staring each other down. Within a second, both snapped their attack forwards. The Eldritch blast struck Zuko squarely in the face, the mask exploding and head whipping backwards. The flames struck Fjord in the chest, burning through his breastplate and throwing him against the opposing wall. Zuko fumbled back, clutching at his face, Fjord fell to his knees and leaned up on his sword.

Fjord looked up at him, chest burning. He tried to get back up, but fell forwards and sprawled across the floor, sword rattling noisily across the boards. Zuko stood there, breathing heavily. But after a few seconds, he was jerked back into reality by voices on the street. “Hurry up Caleb!” a thickly accented female voice called. Zuko looked out the window and saw three figures coming around the corner.

Zuko grabbed up the broken mask, and secured the Beacon in his pack before climbing onto the window sill. He climbed up the wall face and up onto the roof, exiting from sight as he heard a number of people clamoring up the stairs.



Fjord awoke slowly, body aching horribly. He was sitting in his bed, body partially healed by magic and partially bandaged. Sitting on the bed across from him was Mollymauk, wearing nothing but his breeks and thigh highs, sewing a tear in his colorful coat. “Ah, good to see yer awake” he said. “Was afraid you’d not make it”.

Fjord rubbed his face, finding it to still be highly irritated. “What happened to you last night? Jester found you burned to hell, with the house ripped to pieces and the Dodecahedron missing”. Fjord Groaned as he leaned against the backboard of the bed. “Some crazy bastard broke in wearing some sort of blue mask. He had some sort of flame control. He came looking for the Dodecahedron. I gave it my all, but he had me beat”.

Molly nodded along as he spoke before hopping up. “You’re lucky alive” he said as he got up and put his coat on. “Near the end of the fight, I got a look at his face” he said before starting to stand up. “He had a big scar over one of his eyes, real pale looking”. Molly looked back at him. “You stay here for now. Or at least until Jester has gotten all here magic back. She burned through a lot of what she had keeping you alive last night”.

Molly then opened the door and began stepping out. “I’ve got things to do and business to conclude. Was looking into hiring one someone new”. He then stepped out and gently closed the door behind him. Fjord sat there, thinking about what happened. “I let the group down,” he thought. “I let everyone down”. He then sat there for a moment before calling his Falchion to his hand. “I swear I’ll make it up to them. One way or another”. He then banished the sword and slid back down in bed, waiting to be healed.


3 figures sat quietly in a room, two male and one female. Both males wore sunglasses, sitting in the darkest sections that the room could offer. One was dressed in white, the other in a batter trench coat. The young woman sat attentively, dressed in deep blue robes which contrasted with her bright red hair. They were all waiting patiently for the arrival of a certain someone who wanted to meet that morning.

Suddenly, the sole door to the room creaked open, the light from the outside causing both hungover men to flinch. Gingerly walking in was the battered and bruised Zuko, carrying a torn, dusty and blood stained cloth satchel. He moved slowly, trying to keep the pain from his chest wound at a relatively minimum. He then laid the satchel on the table the other 3 sat around, it landing with a responding clunk.

BlackSalander Dodecahedron Beacon.jpg

“What hell happened to you?” John asked, slumping forwards in his seat to get a better look. Zuko didn’t respond, only gripping the pack and turning it over, letting its contents roll out onto the table. Before them lay the Luxon Beacon. All three looked upon the Drow artifact with deep interest. Zuko then sat down, letting out a muffled groan of pain as he did so. “Who’s first then?”.


Zuko wins a land slide victory, primarily due to a mix of his more advanced martial arts skills and his more consistent pool of magic. Fjord was strong, with several of his items and spells effects being quite hard for Zuko to contend with. But in the end, Zuko was simply too strong for these abilities to overcome, giving him the win in the end. Winner: Zuko.

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