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I’m not even close to finishing Vox Machina vs. The Mighty Nein, but I don’t intend on not making some D&D related deadliest fiction based battles. So here will be the first of 2 or 3 battles relating to D&D and more specially D&D related streams. So without further adieu, here is Slim vs Yasha, the eloquent brutes (I will be using both at level 7, since the chain as of now is only at level 7).


D'jelek the Impious.jpg

D’Jeleck the Impious, later nicknamed Slim, was a Githyanki warrior and former pirate crew member aboard the ship the Somnium tenebrous. At an undisclosed time before the ships conflict with the Chain, Slim entered conflict with his own captains after the crew decided to throw in the towel with Ajax the invincible. Failing in his attempted coup, Slim was thrown in the brig. He would later join the Mercenary band known as the Chain of Acheron after they’d taken the ship, helping take up a spot on the seniors officers before the death of Sweet and Nails. Becoming the company's pilot, joining the chain of dangerous missions across planes as one of the crew's senior officers.


Greatsword: Being a physically large warrior, Slim preferred the usage of a greatsword in battle. Carrying a personalized greatsword which he often refers to as a Vorpal sword, Slims sword was itself little more than a lightly enchanted sword. It was roughly 5 feet long and was fairly blade heavy, with it packing a serious punch on the swing. The enchantment gave it a +1 to damage, with it translating to it being magically sharp and natively packing a greater punch then a regular sword.

Plate armor: Beyond just weapons, Slim was also a warrior dressed for battle, often wearing a set of plate armor as his main defensive implement (despite the fact that his official fan art doesn't show him wearing plate. Based on character sheet info). This armor was a bit more spartan and sparse than historical sets, with him appearing to not wear a helmet (Idk either). But the armor still covers most of the rest of his body in thick layers of steel plates.

Combat abilities.

While lacking very many magical or divine powers, Slim gained most of his combat exclusive abilities from his elaborate and advanced fighting techniques (he is a battlemaster after all). In combat, he often used his superior combat training to use several advanced maneuvers in combat. His techniques often involve using dirty fighting tactics to help distract enemies, feints to compromise an enemies defenses, ripostes to help land blows against powerful attackers and aimed attacks to do damage cut into specifically weak spots in an enemies armor of defenses.

Supernatural abilities.

Being a Githyanki, Slim natively had several psionic techniques under his belt. He could create an invisible mage hand in combat to help return his weapon to hand after being disarmed. He could amplify his jump distance and speed with a psionic version of the jump spell and teleport short distances with a psionic version of misty step. These abilities only have minimal numbers of usages however, with both jump and misty step only have 1 or 2 usages. Despite this, these abilities were resistant to anti-magical powers, since these powers weren't magical themselves and were more so bootlegs or mock-ups of proper magics spells.


Yasha Nydoorin.

Yasha Nydoorin was an Aasimar Barbarian and former member of the Dolorav tribe of Xhorhasian Barbarians. Through her youth, she was raised incredibly brutally, being one of the few of her generation to properly initiate into the tribe, being given the moniker of Orphan maker. After reaching adulthood, Yasha would soon fall for a few tribeswoman named Zuala, with the two eventually deciding to marry. This matrimony wouldn’t gee-haw with the tribe, who would kill Zuala and force Yasha into fleeing west. She would in her escape be aided by Kord (pretty much Thor) becoming one of his followers in exchange. She would eventually end up in the Dwendalian empire, where she would eventually join the Mighty Nein, aiding the band as the main muscle among the group.


Magicians Judge: Being a barbarian and swordswoman, Yasha primarily carried a greatsword in combat. While originally carrying a more conventional sword, Yasha would later get her hands on the sword known as magicians judge, an enchanted weapon with several magical properties. It was nearly 6 feet in length (roughly as big as Yasha herself) and was double edged, and it had a stand +1 enchantment on it, gaining a stand bonus to damage and cutting power. It could also natively allow Yasha to cast the spell dispel magic with the weapon as a focus, with her own using this in conjunction with her attacks (which she did to destroy a link to Tiamat in the labenda swamps).

Combat abilities.

Being a follower of the Kord, Yasha naturally had the ability to focus his powers into her attacks. While fighting, she could enter into a battle range, naturally channeling elements of her power in herself and increasing her own power. This improved her attack force and gave her a near supernatural level of hardiness. This was often directed into powerful blows with her sword, often directing this power into an attack similar to a form of Paladin’s smite. She directed this into the maneuvers of her style, which while simple were still brutally effective and powerful. Despite this, these rage stats are limited in both time and usages, wearing off overtime.

Supernatural abilities.

Being an Aasimar (specifically a fallen Aasimar), Yasha natively had a number of supernatural powers. She could natively summon light into her hands, illuminating the area around her like a flashlight. Beyond this, she could natively channel small amounts of heal power into herself or allies, being able to patch herself up while in dire straights. But her most powerful native ability was her Necrotic shroud, being able to summon up her fallen celestial powers, sprouting skeletal wings and having her eyes black out, making the wounds she lands begin to go necrotic and increasing her striking power. Despite the power of these abilities, they have there limits, with both the necrotic shrouds and healing hands having only a single usage.



Slim: While his exact level of combat exposure before first meeting the chain is unknown, Slim was raised as part of the harsh and warlike Githyanki culture, meaning he was more then likely that he'd been to war before meeting the group. While serving alongside the Chain, he would follow them into different planes of existence, fighting creatures varying from memory eater and Drow wights in the Underdark to fighting the changeling aboard the Dark dream.

Yasha: While her exact warring experience before the stream is unknown, Yasha was raised in a warring barbarian tribe, meaning she would have likely battled for some time before joining the Nein. After joining the Nein, she followed them into several battles, helping fight creatures like trolls and merrow in the Labenda and the tinkertop sentry machine( giant murder robot), along with several groups of Goblins and pirates while traveling.


Slim: Being a Githyanki, Slim boasted a far greater then human physicality. He stood nearly 7 feet tall, and despite his boney build was still able to produce swings powerful enough to split through armored torsos and sent fully grown adults hurtling through the air. But he wasn't just strong, but agile and hardy, being incredibly light on his feet when considering how heavily armored he is, and surviving near fatal wounds without losing much physical effectiveness.

Yasha: Despite her celestial build, Yasha was still little closer to a normal human then a true born angel. Despite this, she was still incredibly physically power. While in a normal state, she could pick up and objects weighting well over 100 pounds will little issue. While focusing the powers of Kord however, she was able to cleave through full armored bodies. She was natively very agile as well. Her most powerful abilities come in the form of her durability. While channeling the powers of Kord, her flesh was strong enough to turn blades and resist fatal wounds and make them minimal.


Both will fight each other on the island of Darktow, in some alternate timeline. The Somnium Tenebrous and the Squall-eater will be both at port at the same time, with both of these two coming to blows in the streets after getting into an scuffle in a bar.