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All that is gold does not glitter
— J.R.R Tolkien

Very little similar between the two beyond both being vaguely medieval and both being decendents of a long dead people (Conan of the Atlanteans and Aragon of the Numanoreans). But in terms combative capabilities both men are very similar, with both being highly physically superhuman and highly skilled warriors. So lets get into this.


For feats, I will be using Aragorn as of the end of the Lotr trilogy, but will be giving him the kit he used during the battle of Helms deep, as we are given the most extensive look at his there than anywhere else. Conan on the otherhand will be used during his physical prime closer to the age of 30, before he became king of Aquilonia. In terms of kit I will be giving him the items he used in Beyond the black river, as it wad the closest to what Aragorn will be bringing without completely out striping it.

I will also be using a strange equipment section. Instead of there being weapon sections, I would advise taking the entire equipment lists as a whole and comparing how they worked together instead of taking each one on their own.



I live, I burn with life, I love, I slay, & am content.
— Conan

Born far to the north to the Barbarian tribes of Cimmerian, Conan was a mercenary, tribal warrior, thief, chieftain and later king noted for his general impact on the history of Aquilonia. Throughout much of his youth, Conan would fight as child soldier, gaining great renown by the age of 15. Conan would spend the bulk of his life travel the entire world, using his general skill as a warrior, woodsman and thief to great effect in his many adventures across the world. Conan would fight in numerous battles against numerous enemies, with many of his fights varying the mundane to the Lovecraftian levels of unnatural. Eventually Conan would become king of Aquilonia in his later years after killing and usurping the pervious king.


As of Beyond the Black River, Conan carried both a short sword and hand axe and wore a set of medium armor.

  • Conan’s sword was described as short and heavy, having a hack and slash blade and almost exclusively being used one handed in combat. While its exact design is unknown, most of his swords are shown as double edged, maintaining a minimal hand guard and a one handed grip.
  • Conan’s axe was a short little chopping tool which appeared to be more of a working implement than a battle axe. Still, Conan used it in combat. It was a short tool which could easily be handled in one hand, with Conan appearing to prefer it as an improved ranged tool than a backup weapon in melee (he only ever throws it).
  • Conan’s armor was itself composed of a sleeveless shirt of black iron mail and a iron or steel helmet with a set of bulls horns affixed to its front. The mail was noted as being relatively light weight, not seeming to impede Conan’s movement while being strong enough to partially protect him from the superhuman claws of Jhebbal sag. The same could be said for the helm (protected him against Sag as well), though the horns could pose a logistical issue.


Aragorn-fotr (1).png

But I am the real Strider, fortunately. I am Aragorn son of Arathorn; and if by life or death I can save you, I will.
— Aragorn

Born of the Dunedain and being the rightful king of Gondor, Aragorn was a Ranger and warrior who played a large part in the war of the ring. He would spend years in conflicts before the star of the ring, forming strong bonds with many peoples over Middle earth, most importantly the Wizard Gandalf. Aragorn would later join the Fellowship of the ring, an expedition party dedicated to destroying the one ring of Sauron. Aragorn would play a big part in the months to come during the war of the ring, fighting at the battles of Helm's deep, Pelennor fields and even the wars apotheosis at the gates of Mordor. He would survive the war and later claim his rightful place as King of Gondor.


During the war of the ring Aragorn wore a set of armor given to him by the men of Rohan and carrying the Elven sword Andruil.

  • Andruil, originally forged from the shards of the sword Narsil, was a reforged sword given to Aragorn before he left Rivendell. While Andruil’s actual design isn’t noted, the fact that Aragorn used it alongside a shield at Hornburg/Helm’s deep makes me believe that the sword is a type of arming sword (so defined cross guard, one handed handle, more defined distal taper).
  • Aragorn was noted to have been given a shield by the men of Rohan, and was later seen using it during the battle of Hornburg/Helm’s deep. This shield was stated to be round with an ornately decorated boss, making it very clear that this shield was a type of classical Germanic round shield.
  • Aragorn’s armor was composed of a set of shining mail armor and a helm. While the exact type of body armor is unknown, the men of Rohan are specifically stated to have skirted mail, so presumably they out fitted him with full length Hauberks. The helm is also unknown, but one can assume that it was likely made of iron or steel (maybe a nasal, but I’ll leave that to your interpretation).


Physical fitness

Being the descendant of the Atleanteans and a member of the hyperborean peoples of Cimmeria, Conan was a prodigious physical specimen in pretty much all conceivable ways. He was impressively tall for the time, standing at 6 feet in height. In his time, Conan was noted to have the reflexes of a cat, being able to instinctually dodge and evade the attacks of both mundane humans and supernatural beasts alike as if by sheer instinct, and had footwork fleet enough to sneak up on a hidden Pictish warrior in the man’s own homeland. He was strong enough to contend with the flesh shredding primate Thak and was once able to shatter a mans helmet, his skull and Conans own sword with a single swing. Conan was used to powering through serious injury, to the point where he casually received nasty wounds such getting patches of flesh burned by caustic poison, having his ear partially ripped off, and getting stabbed and sliced more times than any normal human could count.

Being a Dunedain of Numanorean descent and an experienced ranger, Aragorn was himself noted for his incredibly high levels of athleticism and physical power. He was stated as being exceptionally tall, with Tolkien citing him as standing near 6’6”. Aragorn was notably fleet of foot and agile, spending years as a ranger stalking the wilds of Middle Earth and regularly defeating Orcs throughout that time while unarmored and armed with nothing but a broken sword without receiving any noticeable wounds. He had incredible endurance as well, as his many day sleepless chase after the Uruk-Hai band which had taken Merry and Pippin shows. In terms of physical strength, Aragorn is seen regularly tossing it up with Uruk-Hai in melee combat (Uruk-Hai already being massively built and superhumanly athletic). Beyond this, we see him power through massive snow drifts the size of a fully grown man on the pass of Caradhras and most impressively sundered an Orc warriors head and helmet together with a single sword swing.


Conan was born into the brutal hyperborean culture of the Cimmerians, a warlike people known for their constant conflict. Within this culture, Conan was noted for being an exceptional warrior, being renowned as one of the biggest badasses among the Cimmerians by the age of 15. After this, Conan would take too traveling the world, and would do so for several decades. In his journeys, Conan would fight as a mercenary in multiple military campaigns, battle with multiple cults and wizards, and fight handfuls of supernatural beasts which varied from unnaturally large animals to actual demon spirits. Beyond just fighting, Conan was an accomplished tracker and thief, with his experience in stealth being noted multiple times as being incredible.

While originally born of the Dunedain, Aragorn was taken in and raised in the Elven lands of Rivendell. Here Aragorn would be trained by the Elves in combat before venturing out on his own as an adult. During his time, he would serve under both King Thengal or Rohan and Ecthelion of Gondor as a soldier, along with ranging throughout the wilds of Middle earth for the better part of 6 decades, being in his 80’s during the war of the ring. In his time, Aragorn mostly fought against Orcs and Goblins, though he did battle with the far advanced Uruk-hai during the war of the ring and battled a cave troll in Moria. Beyond just battle, Aragorn's skills as a ranger were just about unmatched, with his tracking and ranging skills being at a near superhuman level.

Scenario/Battle Info

The fight will be a one on one, with both opponents knowing of the others existence in this shared universe but not having prior knowledge that a fight would happen between with the other. This battle won't take place in either Earths prehistory or Middle earth, but instead in the Underdark of Faerun, specifically during the canon timeline of out of the Abyss (A tumultuous time in the Underdark where interpersonal conflict was becing regular). Both Conan and Aragorn have taken up different sides in a gang conflict within the Duergar city of Gracklstugh, with both allying themselves different factions of Duergar who will be battling it out in the outsides of main body of the city.

The exact terrain is going to be rough. Being the Underdark on the outskirts, the area is rocky and uneven, with the area being covered in light housing. The battle will take place close to a body of water known as the Dark lake. There will be roughly 40 other Duergar, Orcs and Derro here, though they will likely not play a big part in the fight between these two.

Main conditions for the battle are fairly normal. Both with square off during the fight after cutting through several Duergar each. The fight isn't necessarily to the death, though retreat or non lethal incapacitation will count as a KO. No set end to the voting period.


The sounds of gurgling water fill the large cavern which engulfed Gracklestugh, the sounds of distant metal work and commerce echoing off into the distance. But near the cities limits, within the confines of what was once a guard post, stood a group of 20 Duergar. While irregular, each man and women was armed with weapons, both of the simple and martial variety. These men were the followers of Bothric Skikudis-Chath, a liberal dignitary with a foot in gang world. And his men were here for one reason, to help rectify a feud with blood.

Aragorn stood near the back of the column, hand of hilt and eyes closed in thought. He'd originally discovered this strange land on accident, but was drawn to the severity of the state of this place. Beyond just civil conflicts, Elven slavers and wild beasts, the place was being consumed by an elder evil. And from what he knew, after this land was consumed, so would the overworld. He than opened his pale gray eyes, catching a sound and smell in the distance. Orcs, Goblins, and more of these gray Dwarves. They were coming for them. "And soo it begins" he though as he tightened the straps of his helm and drew up Andruil from its sheath.


A band of 20 mixed warriors lumbered along the narrows resource passage from the interior Gracklestugh. The group was of mixed species. Among them were a base of Duergar, alongside a handful of Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Gnolls and one human. The group was composed of hired mercencies, many being escaped slave from Menzoberranzan. Being sent at the behest of their boss, a mad Derro named Mathuguleck the bald, the group was ordered to clean up a group of loyalists under the control of a fool politician.

Conan walked near the front of the section, weapons already drawn and helmet planted firmly on his head. He hadn't come down here intentionally, and still questioned why he was here. One night he'd fallen asleep, and the next morning he awoke in chains. He scratched at the brand mark on his shoulder, the area still healing from the burn. He'd cut his way out and made his way here, though the trek was brutal. He knew little of this land, beyond the fact that it was evil and dangerous, and he wanted out. And he was willing to anything and everything to do that. He soon a small group of dark Dwarves ahead of him, causing him to sign to his men. The fight was imminent.


Aragorn could now see his enemies, and was surprised at the groups diversity. He'd not expected to see Goblinoid here, but this didn't lower his determination. However, he quickly noticed a man who'd caught his eye. There was a single human among them, and he had a good idea of who this man was. When he first enter the Underdark, he heard tale from the Duergar of a human warrior in the city who'd taken up work as a gang enforcer. And now here he was, serving a new master. The man was shorter than Aragorn, but was none the less more impressive in appearance. Aragorn knew that he had to keep an eye in this man.


Conan sized up his enemies. All but one were gray dwarves, and most were relatively lightly armored. But his eyes soon were drawn to the mail clad warrior near the back. He was human, and impressively tall, towering over his allies. He was dressed in mail armor and carried a sword of master craftsmanship, its blade reflecting the dull light of the local bioluminescent fungi. Conan had heard of this man while still in Blingdon stone, with the local Gnomes telling him another human warrior crusading against the evil if this place. And now he was here, ready to fight. Conan bared his weapons in firm fists, knowing that this man was his most pressing opponent.

Both groups got into position, standing near 30 feet from the other. There was pause as both sides prepared. And was the moment ended, a mad ratting it metal sounded and war screams echoed throughout the chamber. And the battle was on.