I decided to do this battle solely because of how these two characters stacked up. Both warriors are themselves often assicoated with Barbarism (even though film Conan isn't a barbarian) and are seen as the bench mark for barbaric characters. Both also very strangely foil the other's abilities, with one being very strong in some areas but be weak in other areas were the other is strong. So without further adieu, here is Fafhrd vs. Conan, the Barbarian the the Brute.


For this battle, I will be using Fafhrd from the Swords and Deviltry story collection and Conan from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film. I decided to use these versions of these two as it would make the closest and most fair battle possible. If I used Conan from the film against Fafhrd at his story's end, then he would be absolutely flattened. If I used Conan from the books however, he would himself absolutely destroy Fafhrd, no matter how old or young Fafhrd is. So I decided to take Fafhrd in his comparative youth and the weaker film depiction of Conan.


Born far to the North in the land of Cimmeria, Conan was the son of his villages black smith. When Conan was still in his youth, his village was attacked by a group of roving warriors led by a sorcerer named Thulsa Doom. After killing his parents and sacking the village, Conan was taken as a captive and sold into Slavery, were he would spend the next 15 years as a physical laborer. After seeing his physical potential, Conan would be used as a Gladiator, eventually becoming educated and trained as a warrior. He would later be freed, where he would take up the missions of gaining wealth and getting revenge on Thulsa Doom. He would on this journey gain several allies, get his hands on truly good equipment and eventually get his revenge on Thulsa Doom.

Weapons. Throughout the film, Conans primary melee weapon was the Atlantean sword. This sword was itself looted from an atlantean tomb, and was made from a strange alloy which seemed to be stronger than steel. The sword was very beefy, being comparatively short and wide. The weapon had a very small but still useful crossguard and a blunted ricasso to increase handling ability. The weapon was around 3 feet in length and weighed around 3 pounds (while the prop weighed 7 pounds, the official stated weight for it in canon was closer to 3). The stopping power of the sword was impressive, being able to hack into body armor and cleave through the body of the large snake monster in the tower of Set and hack through whole bodies.


Fafhrd was the son of Tribal leaders of the far northern snow tribes. He was raised by an expert mountaineer and hunter named Nalgron and the snow Women Matriarch Mor. Fafhrd was raised as one of the men of the tribe, developing quick wits and physical power. He would become a highly physically powerful young man, cutting his teeth with mountain climbing, hunting, fighting, and pirating. Fafhrd would leave his northern tribe at age 18 after meeting the Carnival dancer Vlanna, fleeing south with her after entering conflict with the peoples of his tribe. He would eventually wind up in the city of lankhmar where he would take up a living as a thief. In this profession, he would meet up with and form a strong bond with fellow Thief the Gray Mouser. The two would enter into a partnership and would continue to work together for years afterward, the two going on long many long adventures together.

Weapons. In the collection, Fadhrd primarily carried 2 blades. His main weapon was a sword which originally belonged to his father, a longsword which was named Greywand. Being a weapon designed for a warrior of massive height and size, Greywand was a very large weapon. The weapon was roughly 4 feet long and was very blade heavy, being about to hack through enemies. His Poignard (thrusting dagger) Heartseeker was a similarly beefy dagger. Being roughly a foot in length, the blade was designed to land hyper deadly thrusting blows, it having a narrow point and wide blade. The blade dagger was also a very good throwing weapon, with Fafhrd using it with very good ability.


Martial skill: In the film. Conan was depicted as a talented fighter, being skilled in the usage of many modes of fighting. During his time as a Gladiator, Conan proved himself to be skilled in the usage of simple and improvised weapons like axes and spiked gaunlets, even without any proper training. After gaining proper training with blades and other traditional martial weapons, his abilities as a Gladiator increased, gaining him a reputation as a truely dangerous warrior. After being freed, Conan showed his true metal as a warrior, being able to hack down hordes of Thulsa Dooms men and even defeat the far more experienced Rexor in combat. Fafhrd also proved himself to be a very skilled fighter as well. While not being trained professionally, he cut his teeth in combat through recreational sparing and raw combat experience. Fafhrd displayed a large amount of raw talent with many weapons, being skilled in the usage of battle axes, longswords, longbows, daggers and dual wielding. He showed his own metal when fighting against the elder snow tribesmen, hacking down several much more experienced and seasoned warriors.

Physical fitness: Being a heavily muscled beast, Conan was himself incredibly physicaly fit and very physically strong. Having spent his youth doing back breaking physical labor, Conan developed massive amounts of physical strength, which he used to great effect while in combat. While in the glaldiator pits, Conan was able to prove himself as a physical beast, being able to beat fully grown men to death. Later on, he was even able to produce sword swings powerful enough to cut and shatter steel shackles and sword blades. While not noted for his agility, he was still impressive enough to effective dodge incoming strikes and effective sneak around patrolled temples. Fafhrd, in keeping with his tribes, was also an absolute physical animal. While not being noted in the stories for his physical strength, he was still strong enough to deliver sword swings which could hack through bronze scaled armor and disarm enemies purely out of pure grit. But his most prominante ability to his incredibly agility. In the short story "The snow Women" Fafhrd was destribed as being able to glide over thick layers of icy snow without breaking the surface, was able ot parkour him was through the village common while evading thrown axes and arrows, dodge incoming punches and kicks without trying,  and held up a sword fight while skiing down a mountain. He was even able to keep step with and sneak on par with the much smaller and faster grey Mouser, being able to hide to the point were Grey didn't notice him sneaking up on him in their first meeting (Grey mouser is potentially one of the sneakiest men in all of fiction with superhuman levels of perception).

Experience: In his time, Conan had a comparatively short but highly stocked up career as a warrior. Starting his fighting career as a gladiator, Conan would effectively hack his way through pretty much all his competation, winning a large number of fights. After being freed, Conan would fight in several large scale fights, defeating hordes of Thulsa Dooms men at the battle of the mound and the raid of Thulsa's castle. While Fafhrd was a skilled warrior, he had a surprisingly small number of fights to his name. He was credited as having gone on several pirate trades as a teenager. During the skirmish on the slopes, he was able to kill of several much more experienced warriors. During his first meeting with Grey mouser he was able to defeat two thieves guild members and 3 armored guards alongside grey mouse. He also effectively killed a large number of other thieves guild members in his following raid of their head quarters alongside Grey mouser. While Fafhrd has done well in all the fights he's been in, you could still count all the fights he's been in on 1 hand.


This fight will be set in a wrecked temple, similar in design to the real world precinct of Amun-Re. Both Fafhrd and Conan will try and make camp in the building, both with minor bounties in their head due to their thief work. Both will find the other getting water from a nearby well within the complex and think the other a bounty hunter.



Fafhrd walked slowly across the flat hard stone and rolling dunes of the great desert. He had been walking for the last 2 days within the hellish heat. He came across issues on while working in the last town he was in. While he and Mouse had been doing well and fine, he was spotted during their last job and was forced to flee. Were Mouse was, he had no idea. He knew that roughly a few hours behind him were a pair of bounty hunters out to turn him in. They used to be a trio, and soon would be less based on what he had done to the smaller one in their skirmish. They had killed his horse in the scuffle, so Fafhrd took the archers life and wounded their tracker with a stab to the mid section. He had been walking on foot since then.

As he ambled on, he soon peaked over one of the many dunes. On the other-side, he saw something truly great. Fafhrd saw a crumbling stone structure made from white sand stone. Fafhrd moved his way across the sands, soon arriving at the temple. The building was old and fallen to pieces, but it worked as a fine place to keep from the shade. Not only that, but it was a perfect place for him to lure the remaining hunters. And to top off his luck, there was a well filled with fresh water. He entered into the ruins, finding a tight area to hide away his pack and bedroll. He refilled his water-skin, and rested against the wall. He soon dozed off.


Conan rode his horse across the dune sea. He had been riding for hour, and darkness was soon on his back. He had been in this desert for the last 2 days. In the last town he was in, the local authorities had become convinced that he has some form of robber and accused him of crimes he hadn't commited. When the guards came to find him, he decided to take the moment to fight his way out, leaving Subotai to try and find him in the next town. On the way, a pair of men tried to waylay him. But when he stopped, they drew knives and tried cutting him down. They were foolish to try, and now they lay dead, baking for the vultures in the sun. He took their horse, and he had made good time.

As Conan rode over the ridge, he came to see a strange sight. An ancient temple stood before him, but to which good he didn't know. "By Crom" he muttered too himself, riding down to slope towards the place. The place was long abandoned, and its religous symbols were gone. Near the enterence was a well, making a suitable location for a camp. Conan moved his horse to a simple pile of stones, and left his there. roughly 20 feet away, closer to the well, he laid out a simple blanket. He then filled his skin and began to drink. He rested against a stone, taking to moment to consume some rations. The sun was going down.


Within his hiding spot, Fafhrd awoke. He got to his feet, yawning. He grabbed at his water skin, taking a long swig and draining it. "Damn" he grunted too himself. He then grabbed up his extra skin, sword and poignard. He walked on from his hiding spot. While he didn't like it, he still needed more water, and he had to check to see if the hunters were close or if they had passed. He walked through the plots of stones, soon making out front near were the well was.


Conan awoke from his short rest, thirsting for water. Not wanting to waste his supply, he took up a simple gorde cup and moved too the well. He dipped it down, and took up some water. He took a long draft, before dipping down again and taking another long drink. He felt more refreshed after this, feeling less dry in the mouth and throat. But as he stood, he heard the fumbling of a stone behind him. He looked back towards the temple.


The two men saw the other. Fafhrd saw a man, Barbaric in appearance. He had long hair, but a clear face. He wore loose breeches, wool and wolf skin boots and a simple rough spun half tunic. He was large, being much bulkier then he was, and being only slightly shorter then himself, with a sword of an almost alien build hung from his belt. Conan saw a very tall and leanly muscled man, with a long and curly red beard and head of hair. He wore a simple tunic, a set of simple trousers and straw sandles. The man wore a belt, with a primitive longsword and incredibly wide bladed dagger tucked into sheaths of supple leather. Both men stood the other, stairing. Neither knew the other, but they knew the other was dangerous. There was a short pause, the winds blowing being the only thing they could hear. And when the gust stopped, the darted forth like bolts of colorless lightning.


To be determined.

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