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I got the idea from this after getting into a bit of a Star Wars binge. I have always been interested in Savage, and have wanted to use him in a battle, but couldn't find a solid opponent for him. But after I uncovered my Tales of the Jedi collection, and found that the Sith Acolyte Warb Null made for an interesting opponent. The two play a similar roll in their respective stories, and have a large number of strong commonalities and start differences. So without further Adieu here is Warb Null vs Savage Opress, the Blunt weapons.

Warb Null

Warb Null.jpg

Shas Dovos was an Onderonian Metallurgist born several decades before 4000 BBY. Using the content of a Sith tome he had obtained, he began the process of creating a powerful suit of Sith style dark armor. Once he had finished the armour's creation, the Sith spirits looking over the tome came to him and convinced him to join King Omens ranks of dark Acolytes and given the name Warb Null. Null would not long after participate in the Freedon Nadd uprising, acting as one of Ommins frontline warriors. He would be killed early on in the conflict in a fight with the up and coming Jedi knight Ulic Qel Droma. Nulls death wasn’t considered a huge loss, with his masters seeing his death as more of a test of Ulics abilities.

Martial arts.
Being a physically monstrous power duelist, Warb Null was himself an incredibly strong but surprisingly complex warrior. In combat, Null used a highly conservative and well thought out style, based around taking advantage of his strength and greater attack range. His style was based using powerful horizontal and angular sweeping blows, designed to disrupt an enemies incoming attacks, smashing apart their defences and keeping them at a longer range. He would then begin to close in, using powerful chops, thrusts and overheads to overwhelm an enemies defenses.
His defensive abilities were solid, with him having been able to defend against the incoming attacks of multiple enemies, though this does partially have to do with his armor. Granted, Null was also fairly physically slow due to his armour's weight, with this being a large factor in his death during his fight with Ulic.

Force powers.
Warb Null was a strange yet powerful force user, even when considering the time he lived in. Unlike most Jedi or Sith who primarily rely on force based telekinetic attacks and defences, Null has shown no ability with this. He has never used telekinesis to attack an enemy, has never been shown creating a force barrier to protect against telekinetic attacks, and has never been hit by any Telekinetic attacks. While several sources talking about his abilities say he is capable of telekinetic defences, his level of effectiveness with the power is unknown, though based on his level of power with his other abilities, it is likely at least around average.
Outside of telekinesis, he has several highly powerful defensive/utility powers based around keeping him alive. He is attributed with both Resist stun and force absorption, taking energy attacks and force stun of the menu. His sole offensive ability is the aura of uneasiness. This Aura is a passive power which weakens an enemies confidence and subtly undermines their abilities in combat. This ability is highly effective, playing a big role in Nulls powers in combat, though it's not insurmountable, with angered or raging warriors being able to overcome its effects.

Equipment. Lightsaber: Unlike most lightsabers used during the time, Warb Null’s weapon weapon was uncommonly massive. Being just shy of being 6 feet long, the weapon saber had a simple but very long handle, the weapon had improved leverage and roughly an extra 2 feet in range when compared to a normal lightsaber (fitting Null fighting style).

Dark armor: Being most closely similar to a suit of knights plate armor, Null’s dark armor was incredibly powerful. The armor was both composed of highly durable plates which were treated with sith alchemy, making it highly resistant to the blow of lightsabers. But at the same time, it also had areas that were less durable which are prone to strikes. The armor also appeared to slow Null down a great deal, with Null moving fairly slowly while wearing it.

Savage Opress

Savage Op.jpg

Savage Oppress was a Dathomiri Zabrak and brother of the failed sith lord Darth Maul. During the earlier days of the clone wars, Savage would get caught up in the workings of the night sister Talzin, being tested and chosen as a form of slave to Count Dooku. Being empowered with force magics, Savage became a form of pseudo apprentice to Count Dooku. Though this trade was eventually confirmed to be a ruse, with the night sister Asajj Ventress attempting to use Savage as an attack dog to kill Dooku. This ended up failing, with Savage going on the run and soon after taking up a quest to find his brother Maul. He eventually found his brother, helping him return to strength and working as his apprentice during his attempted power grab. While he and Maul did well, they eventually became too much of a thorn in the side of Darth Sidious, with the Dark lord tracking the two down, taking Maul captive and killing Savage.

Martial arts.
Being an incredibly physically strong man, Savage was a simple but also incredibly efficient warrior in combat. In combat, Savage used an incredibly simple but brutally effective style, being based around taking advantage of his greater strength and improved leverage. His style was based around making powerful sweeping blows, using his own massive strength and the leverage from his sabers extended hilt to keep up the non stop pressure, keeping up his forward push. While his technique often came across a rudimentary, he has effectively taken advantage of his weapons increased leverage and second blade.
While generally being seen as a simple brute, Savage has at times shown a solid amount of creativity and ingenuity. While his defences were far from flawed, they still left a bit to be desired. While he generally could put up a solid defense, his defenses have failed him in the past, with people like Adi gallia and Obi Wan Kenobi having been able to land blows against him due to his increased speed.

Force powers.
Similarly to his martial arts abilities, Savage is himself a very simple, but incredibly brutal force user. Like many Dark Jedi of his time, Savage mainly uses Telekinesis as his main form of force power, using it in a simple but incredibly impacting way. In combat, Savage can produce powerful force push on a general basis, with his powers being dramatically increased while enraged. His force pushes are able to throw squads of fully grown men flying, and he’s easily able to ragdoll fully grown men with his force grips. He’s also used some skill with the weapon manipulation, using his lightsaber in a lightsaber throw and catching throw blades in telekinetic grips. But all of these powers are greatly enhanced while raging. His force pushes and repulses allow him to crack boulders and destroy squads of battle droids, and his grips are powerful enough to break through the defensive barriers of master level enemies like Count Dooku and Anakin Skywalker. While his offensive powers are themselves something to marvel at, his defenses had some issues. In nearly all of his fights, he has been pushed back by or force shoved by his foe, not being able to surmount much of a defence. While it should be noted that all of these people attacking him were of a council level or a reigning sith lord, it's still not a great sign on his part.

Equipment. Saber Staff: Unlike most sabers used by the Jedi and Sith, Savage carried a lightsaber staff. The weapon was essentially 2 lightsabers conjoined at the pommels, giving the weapon a longer hilt and 2 blades. This extra blade increased the weapons damage output and an increased level of leverage (suiting Savages fighting style).

Body armor: Having been made by night sister force magics, Savage’s body armor increased his durability while also allowing him to retain his physical mobility. The armor was able to resist incoming blaster bolts and helped protect him from incoming projectiles, but had no special resistance to lightsabers. At the same time, the armor didn’t impede Savage's mobility, keeping him light on his feet.


Experience: While his track records was short, Warb showed himself to be highly impressive. In his one known battle, Null was able to go head to head with squads of beast riders, was able to not just hold off but over power Oss Willem and Cay Qel Droma at the same time, and was a serious threat to Ulic Qel Droma (considered as tied for being the greatest swordmen of the time). While he was eventually killed by Ulic, he was still considered a truly powerful warrior by Ulic. Savage simple also had a shorter career as a sith, though it was packed too the brim with conflict. He fought large amounts of clones, handfuls of Jedi masters and Knight, and survived several fights with Jedi Council level Masters. He survived a fight Count Dooku and Asajj Ventress, has went head to head with Both Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker at the same time, and straight defeated both Plo Koon and Adi Gallia in single combat. Though he failed to survive his fight with Sidious, this isn't much of a black mark against him when you consider Sidious's own massive power.

Fitness: Due to his upbringing as a black smith, Null naturally had large amounts of physical strength. After becoming a Dark Acolyte, this strength increased to near superhuman levels. In his fight with the three Jedi Knights, he showed an incredible level of power, being able to send Oss Willem reeling backward with a single sword swing, easily overwhelm Cay Qel Droma (who has a metallic cybernetic arm with superhuman strength) and put the near superhumanly strong Ulic onto his back foot. While strong, he lacked agility, being slow on foot and lacking dexterity (though his armor generally made up for this). Savage was himself an incredibly physically powerful warrior. His strength was immence, being able to crack stones, break necks with a sqeeze, knock fully grown out with single punches, and break apart heavy duty medical droids with his bare hands. While in combat, he was able to take advantage of this, being able to overwhelm the physical defenses of Jedi knights and masters with in unending assault. And this strength didn't come at the expense of his speed, with Savage being able to preform impressive acrobatics and dodge incoming lightsaber attacks from incoming Jedi.


The battle will take place in a form of Gladiatorial arena, with both warriors being forced into fighting each other. Both will go head to head, with the fights winner eventually being the one who survives. Voting ends of the 12 of this month.



Winner: Savage Opress.


Savage ended up winning in the end, mainly due to a mix his greater mobility and greater force power. While Null was more complex and his armor could keep him better protected, this could only get him so far in a duel. And once Savage began bringing out the force powers, then it wouldn't take very long for him to take down Null.