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GameLit... a relatively new genre that has taken the world by storm, from the new Jumanji films to Ryan Reynold's Free Guy movie. Now I'm pitting two of the best characters from the GameLit genre to the death.

Dark Lord Bert: the sweet one-hit goblin who became an all-powerful lord of darkness.


Charlie Anderson: the fun-loving geek who became a real mighty superhero.


Dark Lord Bert

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Bert is the titular character of The Dark Lord Bert series; the story of a one-hit goblin who accidentally gained the powers of a dark lord. Bert lived in a magical world that was designed and inspired by Dungeons & Dragons. In this world, he was nothing more than a insignificant NPC, considered to be a critter in the eyes of the gamers who visited said world. However, Bert aspired to be someone respected, which he could accomplish by earning money, buying a warg, and levelling up. He tailed a group of adventurers in the hopes of looting/stealing valuables after their every fight.

One day, the gamers fought and defeated a very powerful lord guarding a certain area. The group, however, failed to notice a treasure inside the area - the trope of a dark lord which would give tremendous powers to whoever got a hold of it. Bert took the trope and became a dark lord. Although now possessing very powerful dark magic, Bert was reluctant to use it for evil, using his powers instead for himself and his community. Unbeknownst to him, the group eventually discovered their mistake, and their leader, a powerful wizard named Master White, ordered to hunt Bert down. The wizard then laid waste to Bert's hometown in his search for the goblin. One of the members of the group, a lesser mage named Kit, decided to help and protect Bert.

Eventually, Bert would learn more about his powers, before staging an attack on White with his own army with Kit. Bert eventually defeated Master White but must now face the fact that he had to accept his status as a dark lord. After White's defeat, Bert seek out other Dark Lords to train under them, learning new skills and getting entangled in more adventures.

Weapons, Powers, and Abilities

  • Dark Lord Trope: A powerful magical item that gives Bert access to dark magic and spells. The trope takes the form of a cold shiny black gem, with a symbol of a skeleton with a crown on it. He uses it basically for mundane stuff like using it to clean himself and Boberton (ala "Munde" spell). But he's also used it for combat. Through this trope, Bert can:
    • Summoning: Bert can summon and create one monster at a time with his mind. These monsters can take any form or size but still need materials to be constructed. Bert once created a colossal garbage elemental using stacks of trash, which he used to bash the living hell out of Sir Patrick, the undead knight.
    • Killing Curse: Bert has a magical attack that kills a person the moment it hits. Bert only needs to look at his opponent, yell "Die!", and a black energy would come out and seek his target. Anything it hits will die but there's a downside - Bert cannot spam it. There's a long pause before Bert can use it again.
    • Mind Control: Bert can also take control of his enemies but only those who are "dark" like his trope. This means that he can take control of people or animals who have an evil alignment.
    • Stat Control: A very unique ability to Bert. Using the trope, Bert can open up the "stat sheet" of anyone. He can peek into stats that are hidden to other gamers, and even delete or revise certain characteristics (or maybe even powers). He once took away Bumbledork's back problems by literally erasing it from his stat sheet.
  • Invisibility: Not entirely invisible, but because he's an NPC critter, most AIs and gamers ignore him. This is because critters are considered part of the scenery. Through this ability, Bert can sneak and remain undetected. This is not always the case though. Some people, like Kit, have been able to see him (but only after she turned herself into a critter). He will also be spotted if he uses magic.
  • Mount: Bert is accompanied in his adventures by his two-headed dog Boberton. The dog is a size of a pony and has the natural weapons of any canine. Bert uses him to ride and to attack/distract enemies.

Charlie Anderson


Charles "Charlie" Anderson is a young American geek, comic book illustrator, and protagonist of the novels Escapist Dream and Otaku Girl. Charlie's story started after witnessing the suicide of his best friend during a live video chat. Feeling depressed and isolated after the incident, Charlie decided to move on by buying a machine that would send his mind into a virtual reality world. Said world was the Escapist Dream, a digital simulation that allowed anyone to role-play as real comic book, anime, video game, and movie characters.

Although his life initially improved, being able to meet other geeks he could relate with, this all changed when he found out that the Escapist Dream was currently infected with viruses. These bugs were in the hands of other geeks who used them to take control of the virtual reality world. Charlie would then join a small group of other geeks to find these people and destroy the bugs. Throughout their mission, Charlie would lose a lot of his new friends while also almost losing his life numerous times. They would eventually destroy the viruses but at the cost of the Escapist Dream.

Charlie would return to the Escapist Dream three years later after some geeks resurrected it and got trapped inside. He would try to uncover the reason as to why it had malfunctioned, all the while fighting new more powerful AIs who had taken over the virtual reality world. There he would meet with a female Japanese otaku named GI who would later be instrumental in taking back the Escapist Dream. Their relationship blossomed throughout the story, ending with them getting married and starting a family.

Weapons, Powers, and Abilities

  • Escapist Dream Powers: The world of the Escapist Dream allows Charlie to use the powers of any fictional characters. And as a comic book geek, many of his powers are derived from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars. His costume is literally a mix of superhero and sci-fi garbs - blue superman t-shirt and blue jeans under a Jedi robe (at one point, he even wore an Asgardian helmet). The powers he unlocked and commonly used are:
    • Kryptonian Powers: Superman is Charlie's favorite superhero, and as such, he carries the Kryptonian's insignia and powers. Although Charlie does not have all of Superman's powers, he can nonetheless, shoot heat vision from his eyes and fly at high speeds.
    • Jedi Powers: Jedis are another one of Charlie's favorite characters. In combat, he fights with a blue lightsaber and can use telekinesis in the form of the Force. Charlie's lightsaber is very versatile, capable of blocking, striking, and even hurling it as a projectile weapon.
    • Asgardian Powers: Charlie also possessed the powers of Thor's Mjolnir, allowing him to shoot powerful bolts or webs of lightning at his opponent.
    • Immense Durability: As a wannabe superhero, Charlie is very hard to kill. Not only can he tank a lot of damage simply by bracing them, his mind is also protected from psychic attacks and his body is strong enough to resist reality-bending powers. During his battle with the Rebooter, Charlie got knocked over buildings but survived. He even got his body, memories, and whole existence, changed or "rebooted". But with willpower, he managed to revert any changes or damages done to him.
    • Regeneration: Charlie has a 100% health bar that decreases every time he takes damage. He dies the moment it reaches zero. However, his wounds will automatically heal quickly as long as he prevents taking further damage.


X-Factors Dark Lord Bert Charlie Anderson Reasons
Training 80 70 Both these two characters lack any standard military training but they're not all entirely defenseless. Although Bert started off as a meek goblin, he did studied from other powerful wizards to increase his knowledge in magic. The extent of his training is not fleshed out so we don't know how much combat training Bert gained (probably a lot magically, less physically).

Charlie on the other hand, learned how to use his powers from his fellow geeks. He also learned martial arts and military drills from Jim Broughton, a former royal marine and programmer. However, his training with them was very brief, and he pretty much learned combat through his adventures in the field.

Physicality 40 90 Charlie takes this x-factor easily. Bert is a small one-hit goblin almost the size of a rodent. One hit can literally kill him outright. His small size also doesn't give him any strength and speed advantage (hence why he needs a mount to get around).

Charlie may be a geek but he's got the physicality of a classic superhero such as super strength, speed, and durability. Unlike Bert who relies on magic, Charlie is capable of fighting his enemies mano-a-mano.

Experience 75 90 Bert and Charlie has faced a lot of tough adversaries. But the problem with Bert is that his combat experience is limited and far in-between. He did fought against powerful NPCs like Sir Patrick and devious gamers like Master White, but he managed to accomplish these with the help of his party. This is unsurprising since Bert is a pacifist and doesn't like to fight unless emotionally forced to do so.

Charlie meanwhile, is a thrill-seeker. He happily went up against enemies way more powerful than him and won. Some of his notable victories include defeating a literary geek who has the powers of Harry Potter, a programmer who has the powers of Miracle Man (a Superman expy), an AI named the Harem King who has the powers of a harem character, and an AI called the Rebooter who has powerful reality powers allowing him to "reboot" people and environment. And let's not forget the many times he fought against armies of criminals, orcs, and other superpowered geeks single-handedly.

Intelligence 90 70 Since Bert is a one-hit goblin, he has to rely more on his brains than brawns. Even before he gained the dark lord trope, Bert has shown to be smart, even defeating Ramen Brotep with a torch and some distraction. The dark lord trope magnified his intellect even more, giving him wins over powerful wizards and mages.

Charlie is also smart. The kid managed to outwit powerful geeks, players, and AIs. He once manipulated a tsundere AI to kill the Harem King. However, he's sometimes impulsive and once or twice, got himself pinned or trapped. Some of his ill-calculated plans have endangered his friends as well, including GI during their attack on the Otaku Academy. He is also vulnerable, and constantly falls for, sneak attacks, dealing more damages to his body.


  • I'm using Bert and Charlie during their second books. This will be Bert during his training with Bumbledork and Charlie after his fight against Rebooter. As such, both characters will not have any access to their godlike forms.
  • Battle takes place inside a castle filled with all sorts of monsters (mainly a few vampires and werewolves). They will not have any preps or outside help from friends.
  • Voting ends on July 25.


There was a stone castle sitting atop of a hill, made up of pure limestone, the toughest material there is. It had four towers pointed towards heaven, besieged by a moat with only a bridge connecting it to the rest of the world. Luxurious it may be, the castle was nonetheless abandoned. No light or life could be spotted, besides the faint illumination from moonlight. There were no one in this stone abode besides the wailing ghosts and other creatures of the dark.

Still, that was what Charlie Anderson was hoping for. He wore his mighty Superman t-shirt and legendary Jedi robes. He had his blonde hair hastily tucked and a bit messy. Nothing like a creepy castle for his next adventure. "Oh boy!" he proclaimed. "This is going to be fucking awesome!" The young men then trudged into the caste, excited yet probably dumb.

Inside however, was someone whom Charlie would not be expecting. There was dog -- well a hellhound with two heads -- running along holding a stick to its mouth. "Come now, Boberton! Give stick to Bert!"

The young dog responded to the voice with glee and saliva. It waddled towards a tiny chicken-size green goblin, carrying his stick. The goblin was none other than the dark lord himself, Bert, the all-powerful. He patted his dog on his head, but the dog suddenly looked behind and gave a loud bark.

"What is it, Boberton?" Bert asked anxiously. But the dog said nothing. It just stared at the hallways, growling and mad.

"So it must be an intruder," Bert said. "Bert deal with intruder."

Charlie navigated through the dark corridor, listening carefully to any sound of hints of dangers. He had played his fair share of roguelikes and dungeons of dragons, but never knew it to be this tedious and creepy. As he reached an empty oval floor, he was greeted by a colossal monster made up of rocks and trash.

“Oh crap,” Charlie remarked as the monster roared mightily at him. He managed to dodge a punch from the monster, followed by a stomp. Before he could attack, his back was then slashed by claws from the dark. The ones who attacked him where two purple vampires, with sharp tongues, yellow eyes, and wearing a Dracula get-up.

“What is this place?!” Charlie said. He then flipped back before using his telekinesis to life the vampires and sue them as projectiles at the monster. But the latter just swatted them away like flies, creating a bloody burst of entrails. As the monster rushed at him, Charlie unleashed his heat vision, cutting away the monsters legs. He then flew towards it at high speed, punching it into a million pieces.

More vampires, together with hairy white and black werewolves, came rushing at him. Having had enough, Charlie summoned mjolnir and smashed it to the ground, creating a shockwave that roasted the monsters.

But suddenly, Charlie’s hand was bitten by a large two-headed dog that came out of nowhere. He screamed in pain as he flew towards the air with the dog still holding onto his arm, yelping in fear. At a closer glance, Charlie could see a tiny little goblin on the dog’s back. The goblin was looking at him… strangely.

“Hmmm…” Charlie responded.

Bert knew he was compromised, and he had to do something lest his days as a dark lord would be over. He then tried to open the kid’s stat sheets to see if he could affect his powers. Charlie felt a hot surge running all over him as someone, probably the goblin, try to warp his being. With a scream, he threw the dog away and it crashed painfully on the ground. Bert miraculously survived the fall, landing on Boberton’s soft flesh. But his mutt was no so lucky.

“Boberton no…” Bert mourned his now dying dog. He then decided to avenge his companion’s death the only way he knew how. Bert had begun to chant his killing curse.

But Charlie saw what he was doing. With quick-thinking, Charlie unleashed his heat vision, incinerating Bert before he could finish his curse. The geeky boy then landed back to the ground, tired but victorious.

Expert’s Opinion

Expert’s believe that while Bert was formidable enough with his killing curse and stat control, his other attacks fall flat. Charlie’s own powers were all perfect counters to Bert, not to mention the speed and range advantage that he has. Bert was also a glass canon so Charlie only needed on attack to finish him off.