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Skippable DFederal Intro

“Okay, Leo, you can’t just tell me we’re not real and leave me hanging,” Carol says, “It feels like it’s been months.”

“I was simply considering how to make this simple without just revealing everything,” Leo says, “Well, to put it one way... has Joker explained Mementos to you?” he asks, and Carol nods, “Good. Well, rather than the collective unconscious, the city is a manifestation of a collective unconscious.”

“Let me guess, the Users are the origin?”

“Precisely. So while we are real to us, we are simultaneously not real. And, since I’m one of the six who created this space in the first place, I have a little bit more knowledge.”

“I wanted to ask about that, actually. Some of the details behind our founding.”

“Ah, right. Well, we may be a collective unconscious, but we are within the collective unconscious. The six of us here needed to negotiate a place with one of the Entities so that we didn’t simply get reabsorbed. We got this, in exchange for... a price from each of us.”

“I... see...”

“Well, this is a lot to take in. I think we should stop here?”

“Yes, I think so,” Carol mutters, “I’ll go home for the day.”

Gokiburi (Arachnid)

Ahh... it's so great being hated.
— Gokiburi
The designated jobber

Gokiburi was abandoned by her parents as a baby, left to die in their apartment. She developed the ability to sense the air around her at this time, and after her rescue was sent first to a normal orphanage before being recruited by The Organization. Afterwards, she was sent to Pomario, a training school for assassins run by Kabutomushi. She completed her course successfully, graduating after accompanying Kabutomuchi on the Caterpillar Hunt despite failing to kill Imomushi.

Some time later, she took the name Oki Megumi and entered the same high school as Alice Fuji. After Kamadouma asked her to kill Alice, she decided that she'd rather turn the girl into a sex slave. She fights Alice and loses, getting spared by the girl. She then declares herself Alice's slave, endeavoring to stay as close to her target of affection as she can. During the Arachnid Hunt, Gokiburi is initially separated from Alice, but they reunite alongside Kabutomushi. They later get separated again, but manage to save Alice from being killed.

Gokiburi takes Alice to her underground bunker to wait out the rape zombie apocalypse, though Alice soon leaves out of concern for her mental stability. Gokiburi then rejoins Kabutomushi, aiming to find Alice and finally seduce her.

People like to say that they can 'read the atmosphere,' but I can actually see it.
— Gokiburi
Sounds impressive, sure, but she's only won one fight
Gokiburi's main ability is Air Detection, the ability to see air currents. She uses this, along with her natural agility, to use a sort of psuedo super speed. She can accurately detect the attack of an enemy and dodge as soon as they start to move. Nerve toxins that deaden senses will also interfere with this ability.

It's there before you know it. Such is the nature of a cockroach.
— Gokiburi
Because "oiliperation" is a silly word that doesn't exist
Gokiburi can excrete a large amount of oil at will. She can use this to slip out of holds and physical traps. Kabutomushi has also trained her to utilize this skill when unconscious or in danger, leaving a small trail of oil droplets that requires superhuman senses to follow.

After I find that girl, the first thing I'll need to do is protect her from your grasp.
Not that these see much use
During the events of Caterpillar, Gokiburi utilized a pair of knives. These, which she named her "Cockroach Fangs," are coated in lethal bacteria, causing rapid sepsis with even a graze.

Ultimate partiality. I'll kill people I don't like, and I won't kill those I've taken a liking to
— Gokiburi
Arachnid's most notable panel, for better or worse
Gokiburi has a fondness for enclosed spaces, where she can utilize her Air Detection to its fullest.
Unconscious Combat
As one of Kabutomushi's pupils, Gokiburi can fight at full strength with full capabilities even when unconscious.

Rin Tohsaka (Fate\Stay Night)

Yes, I'm fighting to win. That's all.
— Rin Tohsaka
Best girl. Eat shit, Saber

Rin Tohsaka is the heir to the Tohsaka family of magi and the magus in charge of Fuyuki City. She was the eldest child of the Tohsaka family unitl just prior to the fourth Holy Grail War, where her younger sister Sakura was adopted by the Matou family. Her father, Tokiomi, was killed during the war, and her mother was critically injured. She would continue to train her magic under the guidance of her father's books and Kirei Kotomine until reaching the age of 16. She then summoned and formed a contract with Archer, seeking to enter the fifth Holy Grail War and win the prize herself.

She saves the life of Shirou Emiya, and later takes him to meet Kirei when he summons Saber. After they meet the fake priest, they are attacked by Berserker and his master, Illyasveil von Einzbern. Barely surviving the encounter, Rin brings Shirou back to his home and treats him, leaving him with a warning to keep his head down if he wants to live. He ignores it, heading to school and coming into conflict with Rin once more.

She decides to ally with him, seeing through his honest nature. Archer's animosity, however, forces her to use another command spell to prevent him from trying to kill Shirou. She then forces him on a date, dissatisfied by his acquired anhedonia and seeking to break him out of it. They are interrupted by Caster, who uses a hostage to steal command of Saber. She immediately attacks Caster's hideout, seeking to regain Saber as quickly as possible. Archer, however, betrays her during the assault, shielding Kuzuki, Caster's Master, from her attacks and submitting to Caster's magic to nullify Mater/Servant contracts.

She then enters a more permanent alliance with Shirou, and the pair seek to ally with Illyasveil to stop Caster. While this alliance is foiled by Gilgamesh, they find a more live ally in Lancer. They agree to have Lancer fight Archer while Rin and Shirou fight Caster, with Shirou giving the Servant a condition of not flirting with Rin during their alliance.

Their plan goes well, though Shirou is unable to hold Kuzuki off long enough for Rin to kill Caster. Archer betrays Caster, killing both her and her Master before revealing his intention to kill Shirou. Rin quickly contracts Saber, determined to save him, though she gets captured by Archer and turned into bait to lure Shirou.

After he defeats Archer, she enters into a contract with Shirou so that he can summon his reality marble at will. Rin uses Saber to destroy the corrupted Grail, ending the war permanently. She then heads off to the Clock Tower after graduating, dragging Shirou there and beyond as her personal apprentice/manservant/boyfriend.

Ah, there it is. The uncharacteristic lack of verbal abuse was troubling me.
The world's most expensive hand grenade

The principle magic of the Tohsaka family is Jewel Magic. As the name says, Rin infuses his mana into jewels. She can release her jewels as a single-use burst of magic, effectively functioning as a grenade. One jewel can penetrate Berserker's Noble Phantasm and still have enough power to kill him.

Most Magi have only a single elemental affinity, specializing them out of necessity; Tokiomi Tohsaka, Rin's Father, had a fire affinity, and so used his abilities more prominently with the fire element. Rin, on the other hand, has an affinity for each of the five major elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether. She can thus use a wide variety of spells at high power.

Rin will have 12 fully-stocked jewels on her.

Gandr? Isn't that a simple Norse curse?
"Simple." Sure, Shirou.

A Gandr is a Scandinavian curse fired from the finger, which makes the target of the spell physically ill. Rin can utilize a variation of a Gandr known as a Finn Shot, which has enough mana within to affect physical objects like a bullet. Rin's normal Gandr can take out chunks of concrete wall, and she has no need for any verbal invocation. She can increase the power of her shots by pointing more fingers at her opponent, with a minimum of one and a maximum of five.

Rin can additionally create a barrier in a room to rain down Gandr shots on those trapped inside. A single-finger Gandr can only knock an opponent out, but a five-fingered Gandr can kill.

Wow! The Archer class really is made up of archers!
— Rin Tohsaka
Not even Rin is immune to derp lines
Rin is a competent magus in other areas, notably with reinforcement magic. She typically reinforces her limbs, increasing her running speed and striking strength. She can do this with no or minimal chanting, and allows her to leap over a large fence. She uses this ability in conjunction with her Baji Quan training, using the perception that mages stay at range to catch enemies off-guard.

D-don't get the wrong idea! I wasn't concerned about you!
— Rin Tohsaka
She has way too many trollfaces
Almost Perfect
Rin has a tendency to do everything correctly except for the final step, resulting in mishaps like summoning EMIYA instead of a Saber-class Servant or nearly fusing all timelines by accident.
Rin has shown incredible deductive skills, especially concerning magic phenomena. She was able to suss out EMIYA's true identity fairly quickly, and managed to figure out the nature and workings of the Fate/hollow ataraxia time loop in a few short hours.

Master (Akudama Drive)

This is the end. Die for your sins!
— Master
Voiced by Iskandar

Master is a member of the Executioners, a group of government agents assigned to combat and execute the dangerous criminals known as Akudama. He works in a pair with Pupil, his pupil, and is initially assigned to combat the team of Akudama that Black Cat assembled to assault the Shinkansen. He and Pupil attack the full seven-person Akudama team while they stay at the hotel, severely injuring all of their combat-capable members and only being stymied when Courier used his bike's railgun to destroy the entire room.

He and Pupil then assault the Akudama when they infiltrate the Shinkansen, again fighting them in the narrow confines of the bullet train. The pair once again proves dominant, requiring the full efforts of Brawler, Doctor, Courier, and Cutthroat to hold them off. They are again stymied by Courier, who uses his bike to cut the train apart and strand the Executioners within the Absolute Quarantine Zone, a hellscape of weird physics caused by a WMD.

Beyond all odds, both Master and Pupil survive the Absolute Quarantine Zone. They are both temporarily suspended from duty, as the Akudama team also made it out, and all the other Executioners are commanded to make killing the seven their top priority. Master disobeys orders and sneaks out, leaving Pupil behind, to confront the Akudama team. He fights off the entire team alone, still not fully recovered from his injuries. Brawler distracts him, allowing Courier to take most of the rest of the team to safety. He and Brawler then fight, eventually culminating in a mutual kill.

Pupil finds Master in his dying moments, and he entrusts her Jutte to her along with some final words.

You thought you got away from me?
— Master
Even makes lightsaber noises
The Executioner's weapon of choice is a special, lightsaber-like jutte. It can slice through organic objects with ease, even able to bisect a human at the waist without much effort. Non-organic objects such as knives, bullets, or Courier's prosthetic arm are not cut, but are instead halted or deflected as if the jutte was metal.

Sorry, but I'm going all-out from the start!
— Master
Rest in power, king
Enjoys Combat
Master really enjoys a good fight. He often states that he's holding back, likely (though not confirmed) so that he can fight for longer. His abilities are usually enough that this isn't a problem, but when faced with the Akudama team it ends up getting him injured.
Master has a strong attachment to Pupil; his student gives him something to live for, which can give him extra strength in critical moments.

Thancred Waters (Final Fantasy XIV)

Bearing the brunt is my specialty these days.
— Thancred Waters
Goes from GLD -> ROG -> GNB

Thancred was originally a street urchin in the pirate city of Limsa Lominsa, where he learned how to hold his breath and swim for ten minutes straight. He made the mistake of targeting Louisoix Leveilleur, a prominent Sharyalan Archon, for one of his robberies. After catching him, Louisoix recruited him rather than turning him in. Thancred studied survival and intelligence gathering techniques, becoming first an Archon and then a member of the Circle of Knowing. He eventually ended up in Ul'Dah, where he failed to save a man named Warburton Warde. The killer, Niellefresne, was killed, and Thancred renamed Warburton's child, dubbing her Minfilia.

After the Calamity, Thancred remained part of the Circle of Knowing as it was reformed into the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. He eventually encounters the Warrior of Light in Ul'dah, who he invites to join the Scions. He pushes himself, feeling that he needs to make up for Louisoix's death and still feeling guilty for failing to prevent the death of Warburton, which opens him to possession by Lahabrea. The Warrior of Light, alongside some Adventurer friends, beat the evil out of him. Thancred rejoins the Scions, with admonitions to not push himself so hard again.

After Alphinaud gets sloppy and decides to trust Ilberd, he and the rest of the Scions are framed for the apparent assassination of Nanamo Ul Namo, the Sultana of Ul'Dah. Thancred and Y'shtola hold off their pursuers, with Y'shtola using the ancient spell Flow to save them. The spell sends them both into the Lifestream, which takes away Thancred's ability to manipulate Aether before spitting him out. He winds up in the Dravanian Forelands, with nothing but his wits. He fashions knives out of rock and hunts, wearing animal skins before trading his spoils with the Gnath for proper equipment.

He is eventually reunited with the Warrior of Light and the remaining Scions while they search for him near Loth ast Gnath. They later learn of Minfilia's fate as the Word of the Mother, an emissary for the goddess Hydaelyn, and the group promises to defeat the Ascians. This has a lasting effect, visibly depressing him. He rescues Alisaie Leveilleur after her run in with the Warriors of Darkness, bringing her to the other Scions. They fight against the Warriors of Darkness at the Bowl of Embers, and he watches over Minfillia's departure to The First.

After Illberd sloppily summons Shinryu, the Eorzean Alliance is forced to face Garlean forces in the battle of Ala Mhigo. Thancred uses his espionage skills by spreading misinformation, lowering Garlean morale. After successfully liberating the worst city-state in Eorzea, he operates behind Garlean lines as an intelligence operative. While there, he meets a Hrothgar named Rostik who teaches him how to be a Gunbreaker. Just as he is starting to recover from his depression, he is subjected to G'raha Tia's Calling and his soul is separated from his body.

Thancred ends up trapped on the First, years before the Warrior of Light follows. He hunts Sin Eaters, monsters of light that plague the First. He learns of Minfilia's sacrifice and semi-body-hopping, being revered as the Oracle of Light. Her current incarnation was held captive in Eulmore, until Thancred rescued the her. He trains her as his apprentice, using her magic to complement his abilities as a Gunbreaker.

Their relationship was initially awkward, as Thancred still loved the Minfilia that was his surrogate sister. He was emotionally distant, as he knows the girl's awakening would mean the Minfilia he knew would cease to exist. Thancred drives off a Eulmoran general, Ran'jit, nearly dying in the process. He and the new Minfilia are reunited, the original Minfilia having passed on. He names her "Ryne," and starts treating her as his daughter.

He, Ryne, Urianger, and the Warrior of Light venture into The Empty, a swathe of aetherically dead land that covered most of the First. They successfully reintroduce other elemental aether, helping the land heal. He then leaves the First, parting with his surrogate daughter and returning to the Source.

... You might try to look a little disappointed! Or do you mean to give me another one of your stoic nods? You do, don't you?
— Thancred Waters
Notably a FFVIII-style gunblade

Thancred's gunblade is Lionheart, a sturdy weapon with no real standout features other than being a Hrothgar-style gunblade. The Hrothgar-style gunblades fire charges of aether to enhance standard attacks, in contrast to Garlean-style gunblades which are more akin to a sword with a gun running down the spine.

As Thancred cannot utilize aether himself, he relies on his allies to infuse the aetheric cartridges for him. He will start with 42 cartridges, and Lionheart can hold six at a time.

He also has access to a supply of 20 potions, which will heal his injuries.

He further has shown the use of special cartridges, with the following effects:

  • Perfect Deception: Effectively conceals Thancred from detection by slowing the aether sustaining his life to a crawl. Utilizing it excessively can cause him to be immobilized while in combat, and he will die if he does not dispel it with another cartridge within a minute.
  • Eviscerate: Strikes with a blast of pure Aether, stronger than normal. Requires time to fire.
  • Souldeep Invisibility: Completely conceals Thancred from detection by temporarily severing the aether sustaining his life. Utilizing it will cause him to stagger and fall every few seconds until he rests and recovers, and he will die if he does not dispel it with another cartridge within 40 seconds.
  • Leap of Faith: A special cartridge which empowers his gunblade to deal extremely heavy damage. Requires time to fire.
In addition to his 42 normal cartridges, Thancred will have 2 for Perfect Deception, 2 for Eviscerate, 1 for Souldeep Invisibility, and 1 for Leap of Faith

First you invite me to your party then you ask me to leave? I do so detest receiving mixed signals!
— Thancred Waters
Somehow mixes Squall and Auron for their combat stance

Gunbreakers utilize gunblades to attack and draw attention away from their allies. They utilize large sweeping motions, and can transform their aether into special cartridges to increase the power of their attacks. This discipline was originally utilized by the Hrothgar, though after the Garlean conquest of their homeland they have started to spread their teachings to other races.

The Gunbreaker utilitzes their gunblade and the aetheric cartridges within. They can spend those cartridges either on a single, powerful attack or another, even more powerful combo. The Gunbreaker has the least defensive ability out of the four tanks, but has the highest offensive potential.

As Thancred cannot use aether himself, he relies on his physical abilities and specially-made shells rather than the usual aether-focused abilities.

I have fought tooth and nail for the people I hold dear—done everything in my power to save them... and I have failed. Learn to live with it. I have.
— Thancred Waters
Can speak several languages, for spying purposes.
Thancred is an incredibly charming man, having the affections of several women. Usually at the same time, which rarely turns out well for him. His natural charisma is one of his biggest assets as an intelligence operative, as it helps him gain trust and information.
Despite his charisma, Thancred generally tends to work alone, as much a result of his traumas as it is the result of his fieldwork not lending itself well to teams.

Zasalamel (SoulCalibur)

Dare you peer... into the abyss!
— Zasalamel
That gold eye contains his soul

Zasalamel was originally a member of the Guardians of the Spirit Sword, a clan which monitored and cared for Soul Calibur. The tribe had a rule to never utilize the sword themselves, which Zasalamel took exception to. He was cast out of the tribe when he broke said rule, though he did not lose his drive. He studied magic extensively after being cast out, becoming one of the foremost magicians of his age in the search of the secret to resurrection. He achieved his aim, and every time he dies he is reborn anew across different cultures and genders. The only physical connection between reincarnations is the gold left eye, and once each reincarnation remembers its past life he takes up his manipulative mantle once again.

He quickly tired of immortality, however, as he has no way of ending it. He took many actions to break his curse, including taking up Soul Edge as one of its hosts, but all led to failure. He theorized that the energies of both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur working in tandem would allow him to die, and manipulates the flow of history over the course of millennia to see his ambitions realized. All this changes, however, when he receives a vision from his future self, showing the wonders of civilization in eras far beyond his.

He finds a renewed sense of purpose, now seeking the swords to ensure mankind evolves into the utopian future he saw. He starts to chronicle his own life, and starts to accelerate his plans. His manipulations change the course of history, creating an entirely new timeline. He continues working in the shadows, manipulating - or eliminating - events and people to ensure his plans come to fruition.

You are out of your league.
— Zasalamel

Zasalamel is a master of magic, having studied the art extensively during his millennia of life. He can replicate spells after only seeing them once, but his preferred style of combat involves using telekinetics to enhance his grappling as well as placing curses on his foe. The latter is a cornerstone of his abilities, and he can place up to three curses on each enemy, which fade if he is defeated. He can either make the cursed energy explode or use them to temporarily halt time for those affected.

He can also utilize similar magic to strike, deflecting an opponent's attack and halting time if it hits. The parry component can be pierced through, and the effort needed to do so is proportional to the amount of curses the foe has. When no curses are on a foe, an attack aimed over the torso can bypass it, if the foe has one or two curses then a sufficiently strong attack can break through, and if the foe has three curses they cannot break through the parry, and must avoid the immediate burst of magic afterwards. He has additionally shown the ability to draw an opponent in using a radial telekinetic pull.

Let the power of my words sink into your soul!
— Zasalamel
Yes, this is Zas as he was in 3. It's got a better view of his scythe.
Kafziel is Zasalamel's scythe. It's got no special properties on its own, other than the sheer durability needed to survive the millennia that comprised Zas' lifespan. He hides and retrieves it every time he reincarnates.

Hmph, I knew you would say that.
— Zasalamel
I actually used this as a basis for Menardi's combat in her rematch
Zasalamel has an entirely unique style, shaped by his millennia of combat experience and his proficiency in magic. He utilizes his scythe and kicks to control his opponent's positioning, placing them in range for a kill or magic. Or just another kick to the face, depending.

Your purpose has ended. You may die now.
— Zasalamel
Can land an aircraft on those shoulder pads
Zasalamel tends to observe his opponent's abilities during combat, using his abilities to try and back them into a corner while doing so.
Zasalamel can be a little too patient at times, only ever seeing death as a temporary setback for his plans. While this helps him play with the course of history, it also tends to bode poorly for scenarios like this one.

Eizen (Tales of Berseria)

There's nothing I hate more than someone else trying to control the direction of my life. My wheel is mine to hold. If I'm not the one steering the ship, then I'm not truly alive.
— Eizen
Will not shut up about his creed

Eizen, whose true name is Ufemew Wexub, was "born" on a mountain, materializing from the Earthpulse as most Malaks do. He lived there, and eventually encountered another Malak materialized from the same place. He named her Edna, and the pair decided to become siblings. After some time, he realized his Domain was attracting misfortune, and left his sister behind to protect her. He joined up with the legendary pirate Van Aifread, and went on many a misadventure with the him and the crew of the Van Eltia, who took his curse in stride.

Years later, Aifread was captured by The Abbey. In a bid to free him from their clutches, Eizen takes command of the pirate crew, planning to demolish the fortress of Vortigern to regain sea passage to Midgand. There, he comes across Velvet Crowe and her group, and enlists their assistance. Velvet and her band take Eizen in as well, not only taking his curse in stride but using it to grow stronger. Eizen uses them to gain information on Aifread, eventually coming to trust and care for the rest of Magilou's Menagerie in full.

After Velvet kills her target, Eizen returns to the Van Eltia, continuing to travel with Aifread's crew despite Aifread's death and the crew losing the ability to see him. 800 years later, he ends up in conflict with a Lord of Calamity, with disastrous results. One of the only members of the fight left standing, Eizen allows himself to be corrupted by malevolence, turning into a dragon. He immediately eats the Lord of Calamity, saving the world from disaster at the cost of his sanity.

Two hundred years later, the idiot Sorey would slay Eizen's dragon form, with the help of Edna and Eizen's old friend, Zavied, who had promised to kill him if he became a dragon.

I bring ill fortune to all those around me. The 'Reaper's Curse'. If you join up with me, I can't guarantee your safety.
— Eizen
Even a two-headed coin won't land heads
Eizen's Domain as a Malak is known as the "Reaper's Curse," giving him and anyone around him a continuous streak of bad luck. This bad luck can take myriad forms, from an outbreak of Daemonblight while infiltrating a fortress, weapons breaking when he uses them, or the coin that is his vessel never landing on heads. This can be nullified by being in the presence of another Malak or Daemon who has a stronger Domain.

Family, friends... everything I have ever tried to hold onto... all of it trickled away, fell from my grasp. But a certain idiot once told me, 'If you can't hold something in your hand, then make a fist and take it by force!'
— Eizen
He's also the biggest nerd in the cast

Eizen fights with his fists, using a self-taught brawling style. He infuses his fists with mana rather than using any normal weapon, due to his Reaper's Curse. He additionally utilizes Malak Artes, basically magic spells, to attack at longer range, and his Break Souls allow him to float for a brief period of time. His Malak Artes primarily utilize Wind and Earth elements. His mana is channeled through a bracelet on his wrists.

His Break Souls hit his enemies while they're down, the initial strike only usable on enemies who have been stunned or knocked down. His Break Souls are used as combo extenders, and cost one Soul each to do. He starts with three Souls, and can have a maximum of five. He can regain Souls by stunning or inflicting status ailments on his foes, or utilizing Plundering Ghost and hoping it works.

See here for a full list of his Artes, including his Mystic Artes which have their own tab

Ready to die?
— Eizen
A pretty legit Dempsey Roll
Eizen, like all members of Magilou's Menagerie, has three Mystic Artes. The first, Perfect Mayhem, is a simple combo of haymakers and an uppercut, hitting one enemy. The second, Howling Dragon, has him sprout black wings, rise into the air, and dive on his enemy, dragging them across the floor before letting out waves of mana to damage the enemy. The third, Venom Strike, is a simply uppercut launch followed by a charged punch.

If it means getting my tunnels, I'll build an island, too.
— Eizen
Has too few trollfaces
Free Spirit
Eizen's core creed is to follow his own will, letting no others control him. While he has no issue teaming up with others, especially like-minded others, he acts as he sees fit.
Eizen doesn't do anything by halves. If it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. He'll even commission the greatest swordsmith in the world to make a spatula if he wishes to cook.

Carver Hawke (Dragon Age II)

Spoiled, annoying, thick-headed, brattish little nitwit of a... oh, have we stopped?
— Hawke
The younger brother no one wishes they had

Carver Hawke is the arrogant and insecure younger brother of Hawke. Unlike his siblings Hawke and Bethany, Carver was not born with the gift of magic. To make up for it, he trained to be a skilled swordsman with the intention to join the army. However, when the Blight struck their village of Lothering, Carver nearly dies at the hands of an ogre and his twin sister Bethany is killed. When the Hawke family travels to Kirkwall, Carver finds a kindred spirit in his uncle Gamlen.

After their first year in Kirkwall, Carver ends up becoming a patron for the Tethras brothers' Deep Roads expedition. Once the Hawke family raises enough funds for the expedition, Carver can either join Hawke personally on the expedition or remain in Kirkwall. Carver may die in the Deep Roads, or become a Grey Warden, where the duties of the order temper his ego. If he remains in Kirkwall, he joins the Templars. Either way, Carver largely disappears from his sibling's life except for small, brief periods as their paths align. Once the Mage-Templar War breaks out, Carver flees whichever order he belongs to and goes into hiding.

In a first for the wiki, this will be Templar Carver (AKA shitty carver).

I don't hate you because you're a mage. I hate you because you won't shut up about it.
— Carver Hawke
Take note, Appel
Carver's sword is Grace-Maker. Its construction allows him to attack faster with it, as well as giving him a minor boost to his magic resistance.

Right, my great betrayal. All to spite you, is that how you remember it?
— Carver Hawke
Can't even score with Merrill in DFederal
Carver will be wearing the Knight-Corporal Plate, a set of armor standard to the Knights Templar. It gives him additional strength, additional health, and slowly heals him over time.

It seems I am again in your debt... and shadow.
— Carver Hawke
His most notable talent, petty low blows

Two-Handed Talents: All

Templar Talents: All

Warmonger Talents: All

Defender Talents: Turn the Blade, Elemental Aegis, Elemental Shroud

Father believed in a Templar. Why can't I?
— Carver Hawke
Effectively held hostage by Meridith to hold over Hawke's head
Middle Child Syndrome
Carver constantly feels the need to prove himself worthy to be out of his sibling's shadow. This can lead to both acts of heroism and acts of recklessness.
Highly Trained
Carver was trained both by Malcom Hawke, a notably skilled mercenary, as well as with the Ferelden army. He has recieved even further training from the Chantry.

Dantalion (Tokyo Babel)

Our one and sole eternal duty is to look after the books of the universe. Hence we have a duty to expunge parasites that mean them harm from their vicinity. Like yourself.
— Dantalion
Hard to find good quotes for because they spend so much time snarking

Dantalion is a demon, and one of the dwindling survivors of the Divine Calamity. It takes the form of a hundred separate bodies of varying genders, and it takes its role as a distributor of knowledge by managing the library in Pandora. They does this by cataloguing every single known piece of literature across the countably finite parallel universes in one single miles-long and miles-high library, accessible only by flight.

They are fiercely protective of their library, fighting off any who would seek to force entry. Depending on the route chosen by the player, the Dantalions either perish alongside the rest of Pandora upon the mad angels attacking it, successfully defend the library against Lucifuge and seal it off permanently, or have a small contingent endure the library's safety while the rest assist Sorami with creating a new future. In all routes, they provide an endless stream of snark and play the straight man to the entire cast's comic. Not even they are safe from their own wit.

The written word may bring light, illuminating the minds of all who crave its wisdom. The written word may bring darkness, leading astray all who succumb to its temptation. Seeking light, we embrace darkness. Seeking knowledge, we plunge into delusion. We are the inhabitants of parchment, slaves to the written word. We are the kings of parchment, rulers of the written word.
— Dantalion
The quote goes on further, because holy shit does Tokyo Babel turn full edgelord at times

Dantalion's raison d'etre is the thirst for knowledge, and is centered around books and the written word. They can manifest a variety of weapons out of paper, which have the additional ability to clear away any darkness, magically created or otherwise. They require the presence of books to utilize this, and as such are the most dangerous in a library.

The Dantalions are also capable of using magic, most often to fly. They can additionally fling spheres of light, capable of demolishing walls on contact, and appear to be able to manipulate light into other, solid forms.

It seems we, as a legion, share not only personality but alcohol intake as well. ... We should be all right, I'm sure alcohol is widely called the "best medicine" for a reason.
— Dantalion
This is fine
If given the chance, Dantalion would much rather read than fight.
Shared Consciousness
Every Dantalion shares the experiences and personality (and drunkenness) of each constituent body. Though they still converse amongst themselves for the odd joke.

Mirai Kuriyama (Kyoukai no Kanata)

How unpleasant.
— Mirai Kuriyama
Try to rank your waifu fairly, Killer

Mirai Kuriyama is a Spirit World Warrior, a person who fights Yomu and sells their cores for monwy. She is part of a lineage whose ability is centered on manipulating their own blood. Her clan was hunted and killed for fear of their power, leaving Mirai the sole survivor. She was then adopted by the Inami family, and despite her isolation managed to befriend Yui Inami, the family's middle daughter. This would end in tragedy, as Yui was possessed by a particularly powerful Yomu known as the Hollow Shadow, forcing Mirai to kill her.

She was then protected by the Nase family, the head of which planned to use her powers to permanently kill Akihito Kanbara, a half-Yomu harboring the powerful entity Beyond the Boundary. When they meet, she attacks him with little warning. She continues attacking him, exploiting his immortality to try and gain combat experience. They eventually come to an understanding and form a truce, with Akihito assisting her in her Spirit World Warrior job. They partner to take down the Hollow Shadow, and she starts to fall in love with him when she realizes that he genuinely understands and cares about her.

She continues bonding with him and the members of the literature club, getting along well until the arrival of The Calm, a period of time where Yomu grow weak. She is forced to fight Akihito, now fully awakened as Beyond the Boundary, a Yomu strong enough to end the world. She seals the Yomu, sealing herself inside it to do so, fighting waves of Yomu as it tries to devour her. Akihito refuses to accept this, and forces Beyond the Boundary to release Mirai and submit to him.

Mirai, however, loses her memories entirely. She tries to live a normal life, though she is troubled by Akihito's blatant avoidance of her. She eventually starts to regain her memories, but is then possessed by a parasitic Yomu that feeds on her fears. She fights Akihito while possessed, and is eventually broken out of it by the boy confessing his love for her. They begin to officially date, and are reunited with their friends.

Misfortune always befalls any who get involved with those who carry the cursed blood
— Mitsuki Nase
Find someone who looks at you the way Akihito looks at glasses

Mirai's main weapon is her Cursed Blood, a hereditary ability passed down through her family. She can manipulate her blood, and appears to have a constantly-open wound on her right palm. She normally uses this to create a sword, which she uses with a high level of skill. She can additionally utilize her blood to create shields, and can liquify and reform any constructs she has made at will. She can also return any blood she has shed to her body via the wound on her palm.

She additionally has a ring on her pinky which suppresses part of this ability. Removing it turns her blood into a powerfully corrosive substance, able to melt nearly anything it touches. A particularly large burst (a notable outlier in terms of volume) killed a forest with its powers.

As Mirai uses her own blood for her abilities, she does suffer from anemia if she uses them too much.

Making a gif is surprisingly hard with modern webplayers. Guess I'll need an actual file next time.
Skilled Swordswoman
Mirai is notably skilled with a blade despite her youth and relative inexperience. She is capable of highly technical combat and can react to fast movements even at point-blank range.
Superhuman Agility
Mirai is capable of vaulting high fences in a single leap, as well as leaping down several stories unharmed.

And then you told me you were immortal. That means I can stab you all I want and you won't die.
— Mirai Kuriyama
Love at first stab
Bad Liar
Mirai is a terrible liar, having the very noticable tell of frantically cleaning her glasses.
Mirai is notably quick-witted when it comes to using her powers, from using it to pick locks to exploiting the fact that blood can be liquid in battle.



The Tohno Family Con Game is an elaborate game of tag, starting in the living room of a mansion. Master starts out as the Demon, while everyone else is considered a Human. The Humans get five minutes to disperse around the 120 acre mansion grounds and/or the 87,458 square foot mansion it surrounds. The mansion will contain a number of libraries. After those five minutes, Master must proceed to hunt down the Humans, turning them into Demons when tagged. In order for a Human to be tagged, they must have had damage inflicted that would be fatal damage on a normal human being; Demons may be tagged using the same means, though they will not be turned back Human. Anyone tagged, Human or Demon, is sent back to the starting room.

The game lasts for a total of eight hours, and the door to the starting room will re-open every 45 minutes, releasing those within. When a Human is tagged by a Demon, all humans will be notified via an announcement. Any warrior with a limited resource can fully refill that resource in the starting room.

In order for poisoning to count as fatal, it must progress to the point of death. Poisonings by a Human counts as being tagged if the Human turns into a Demon after the poisoning happens.

For Dantalion to be turned from Human to Demon, at least half of its hundred constituent bodies must have been tagged. Any bodies tagged while Dantalion remains human will not be allowed to leave the starting room until the release period after Dantalion is fully turned into a Demon. Bodies of Dantalion still alive at that time will not be returned to the starting room.

Those tagged will be compelled to help Master instead of simply lazing around. Why and how, you ask? I'll let Mami explain:

Yeah, not getting more than this.

  • Someone is considered "tagged" if they take what would be fatal damage on a normal human.
  • A tagged warrior is forcibly teleported to the starting room
  • If:
    • A Demon tags a Human, the tagged Human turns into a Demon
    • A Human tags a Demon, the tagged Demon remains a Demon
    • A Human tags a Human, the tagged Human remains Human
    • A Demon tags a Demon, the tagged Demon remains a Demon
  • Indirect tagging (eg poison, traps) is possible
  • If a Human sets up a trap, but it triggers after that human becomes a Demon, it counts as if a Demon set the trap

Surviving Humans tie for first
OG Demon places under surviving humans
Tagged Humans place under OG Demon in the order they got tagged in

  • Should time run out with Rin and Zasalamel still Human:
1) Rin Tohsaka & Zasalamel
3) Master
4-9) everyone else in the order they died (first tagged is 9th, etc.)

  • Should all Humans be turned into Demons:
1) Master
3-9) everyone else in the order they died (first dead is 9th, etc.)

Gokiburi: End of the Arachnid manga, before the events of Blattodea
Rin Tohsaka: After her True Ending in the Fate/Stay Night anime
Master: Just prior to the Shinkansen fight
Thancred Waters: As of Patch 5.55
Zasalamel: SoulCalibur VI
Eizen: Just after the events of Tales of Berseria
Carver Hawke: Just after Act 3 of Dragon Age 2
Dantalion: During the Common Route of Tokyo Babel
Mirai Kuriyama: After the events of the Mirai-hen movie

Floor plans made on, grounds made on Inkarnate


  • Please list each contestant in the placements you think is most likely, following the placement examples above. Ties are allowed.
    • I will be counting votes by giving each warrior a score based on their placement. Their total score will determine their final rankings.
    • Please give at least two sentences on why you think the warrior will rank where they do.
  • Constructing scenarios to favor one warrior will invalidate a vote
    • Changing or making placements specifically to harm a specific warrior is constructing scenarios
    • Evaluating the warriors used based on a different canon or different point in their timeline as given is constructing scenarios
  • Rebuttals can reduce a vote by half.
    • Counter-arguments can restore the half point
  • I have the final say on whether or not a vote counts
    • Contact me via Discord if you think I made a mistake with vote counts
  • Only votes on this blog will count.
  • Voting ends on 07/01/2021 at 00:01 Eastern Time
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