I’m hosting another tourney starting in September, and this one has sixteen entrants:

Round One: Vin (Mistborn) vs Jon Snow (A Song of Ice and Fire). Edge: Vin. Winner: Vin.

Round Two: Ishamael (Wheel of Time) vs Kopaka Nuva (BIONICLE) Edge: Ishamael. Winner: Kopaka.

Round Three: Illua (FFTA2) vs Isaac (Golden Sun) Edge: Illua. Winner: Illua

Round Four: Vasher (Warbreaker) vs Majora (Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask) Edge: Vasher. Winner: Vasher

Round Five: Alex Mercer (Prototype) vs Achilles (The Iliad) Edge: Alex Mercer. Winner: Achilles

Round Six: Hurlock (DA:O) vs the Ninja (I-Ninja) Edge: Hurlock. Winner: Hurlock

Round Seven: Nightmare (Soul Calibur IV version) vs Kratos (God of War III version) Edge: Nightmare. Winner: Nightmare.

Round Eight: Ganondorf (Legend of Zelda series) vs Gerald Tarrant (Coldfire Trilogy)Edge: Gerald Tarrant. Winner: Gerald Tarrant.

Quarterfinal 1: Vin (Mistborn) vs Kopaka Nuva (BIONICLE) Edge: Vin. Winner: Vin.

Quarterfinal 2: Illua (FFTA2) vs Vasher (Warbreaker) Edge: Illua. Winner: Illua.

Quarterfinal 3: Achilles (The Iliad) vs Hurlock (DA:O) Edge: Achilles. Winner: Achilles

Quarterfinal 4:Nightmare (Soul Calibur IV version) vs Gerald Tarrant (Coldfire Trilogy) Edge: Gerald Tarrant. Winner: Gerald Tarrant

Semifinal 1: Vin (Mistborn) vs Illua(FFTA2). Edge: Vin. Winner: Illua

Semifinal 2: Achilles (The Iliad) vs Gerald Tarrant(Coldfire Trilogy). Edge: Gerald Tarrant. Winner: Gerald Tarrant

Third Place Round: Vin(Mistborn) vs Achilles (The Illiad). Edge: Vin. Winner:

Final Battle: Illua(FFTA2) vs Gerald Tarrant (Coldfire Trilogy). Edge: Even (battle takes place in Luthadel). Winner:

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