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For the Month of July in the Year of 2012


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  • Badges are currently in the talks of being brought back. Admins are currently discussing it, this section will be updated very soon once all Admins have given their thoughts on the matter.

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In Other News...

  • There are many bad things in the world and sadly there is a civil war going on in Syria.
  • In much more positive news for Comic Fans and Movie Fans such as myself, The Amazing Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises come out this month, and here's a little question poll thingy:

Battle of the Month

A exciting part of every month is the BATTLE OF THE MONTH! Last Month, JWarrior's Urdno Wrex vs. HK-47 won, will another one of his fights win this month? Or will competition beat him? Well, that's for you to decide! This month, we are spicing it up and upping the ante sine it's been a good battle month. User can now Nominate THREE battles instead of two. There will also be SIX nominations instead of five this month, so, start nominating! The Poll/Voting process will be up when we have our nominees.

1. J80Kar's Project Freelancer vs. COG Team FIRST PLACE WINNER1 5 VOTES!

2. JWarrior's The Arbiter vs. Marcus Fenix Sorry...Zero Votes.

3. Drayco's Hawkeye vs. Green Arrow SECOND PLACE WINNER! 3 VOTES!

4. El Alamein's Battlefield: 1942 vs. Battlefield: Vietnam SECOND PLACE WINNER! 3 VOTES!

5. Greenberet69's Witch-King vs. Durza Sorry...Zero Votes.

6. Codgod13's Dragon Emperor vs. Arceus Sorry...One Vote.

Voting is now closed.

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