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'Ello Wikians, here is your news for August 2012.


For the Month of August in the Year of 2012


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  • Awards have been brought back!
  • There isn't much news....yeah....

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​In Other News...

  • The Dark Knight Rises came out and it was awesome. Sadly though, as many of you know, a Psychopathic man rigged his house to explode so the cops would be at his house rather than the Movie theater, where he would be killing everyone. Luckily Officers stopped him, but he injured 50 people, and killed 12.

Birthday Shoutouts

  • Have a birthday this month? Tell us and you'll be listed here!

Battle of the Month

A exciting part of every month is the BATTLE OF THE MONTH! Last Month, J80Kar's Project Freelancer vs. COG Team won, Who wins this month? Well, that's for you to decide! This month, we are spicing it up and upping the ante sine it's been a good battle month. User can now Nominate THREE battles instead of two. There will also be FOUR nominations instead of five this month, so, start nominating! The Poll/Voting process will be up when we have our nominees.

  1. El Alamein's Landsknecht vs. Samurai Two Votes
  2. CBA222's 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment vs. 1st Parachute Rifle Regiment WINNER!!
  3. My The Joker vs. Green Goblin Two Votes
  4. RSV 123's Maharana Pratap vs. Genghis Khan Two Votes

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