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The Joker Gang

Category Weapon
Melee Extractor 1600 OTF Knife and Shoe Knife. Men will use Combat Knives.
Pistol Glock 17 (Full-Auto)
Shotgun Remington 870 Sawed-off
SMG Smith & Wesson M76
Rifle M1 Garand
Explosive Mk 2, M26, and M67 Grenades
Special Norinco Type 69

Bane's Mercs

Category Weapon
Melee His Bare Fists w/ Gloves. Men will use
Pistol CZ-75
Shotgun Short barreled Side by Side Shotgun (Sawed Off)
SMG IMI Mini-Uzi
Rifle Norinco Type 56-1
Explosive Mk 2 Grenades and C4
Special RPG-7 (It's not in the film but he uses it in the Comics)




Both of these men have dangerous minds that have killed plenty, and tactics that rival that of Batman's himself.


The Joker can easily be over-powered by a Gotham City Officer, but can take down a few other thugs with knives, traps, and plans in close range. Bane on the other hand as trained himself to peak physical condition and can overpower Batman himself.


Although for an unknown time, both these men have been comitting crimes such as robbing bank vaults, hijacking planes, and what both of in common, terrorizing and killing Gotham and it's citizens.


The Joker has pulled off creative plans and killing multiple times. He makes Vault Robbing creative! His creative stories before killing off victims and even killing a thug with a pencil! His plans and schemes throughout The Dark Knight has shown off his attacks. Bane has aslo pulled off creative crimes such as his Plane Jacking and Blowing a football stadium. But his schemes have nothing on Joker's.


Both Joker and Bane have dodged and hit the Batman multiple times, Joker has moved rather speedy before, as has Bane, but he moves rather sluggish sometimes.


Both of these men show no remorse to their victims. At all. Period.


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