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Lasifer Lasifer 5 May 2014

1001 Days: Merle Dixon vs. Trevor Philips

It's 1001 Days of complete fury in today's issue of Hellfury! This time, the Devil's Favorite Demon has summoned two crazed and brutal drug kingpins to duke it out in the undead apocalypse! Stabbing his way through is Merle Dixon! Leader, veteran, survivor, drug dealer, crazie, he's most anything you can name, and same goes for Trevor Philips! The violent Canadian drug dealer who tears apart anything and everything in his path. The violent drug dealers will do battle, but in the end, only one will come out on top as... THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

  • 1 Merle Dixon
  • 2 Trevor Phillips
  • 3 X-Factors
  • 4 Notes

Merle Dixon is the brother of Daryl Dixon, and a former U.S. soldier and drug dealer, turned skilled survivor in the zombie apocalypse. Met by Rick Grimes as t…

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Lasifer Lasifer 30 March 2014

A Hole in the Ace - Organized Assassin Battle Royale!

The world of organized crime has been busy as of late. A war for the control of New York drove out a band of crazy killer clowns of town, and back into the slammer where they belong.

However, the leader of this "Circus", has managed to escape prison after his buddies bombed the joint, and is now on the loose, planning his next terrorist revenge plot, be it carpet bombing the bloody Sydney Opera House, or using a weaponized form of Steroids to create a mutant army.

We don't need an Ace in the Hole -- We need a hole in the Ace.

We've hired the eight of you to locate the Ace of Spades, take him out, and bring his bloodied head to me as proof. In exchange, you'll be payed nicely, in cash, with $5 Million U.S. Dollars.

I am in Tokyo, my location is…

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Lasifer Lasifer 28 January 2014

Welcome to Rapture: Booker DeWitt vs. Jack Ryan

Hellfury brings you a fierce firefight of bullets, electricity, fire, and much much more in this franchise fight! Booker DeWitt! The disgraced Pinkerton agent turned private investigator, exploring Columbia and rescuing Elizabeth to earn some cash! VERSUS! Jack Ryan! The unlucky plane crash survivor turned man fighting for his life in a living hell! The BioShock protagonists will do battle, but in the end, only one will come out on top as... THE DEADLIEST WARRIOR!

  • 1 Booker DeWitt
    • 1.1 Weaponry
    • 1.2 The Big Daddy
  • 2 Notes

Booker DeWitt is a former Pinkerton agent, disgarced do to the use of his extreme methods on the job. As a member of the Pinkerton Agency, DeWitt had been tasked with breaking up union strike efforts. At one point he was also an Indian fig…

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Lasifer Lasifer 28 December 2013

No Hope for Mother Earth: The Reapers vs. Giygas (Collab w/ Beast)


Two ancient alien evils have returned, and all of life as we know it is doomed no matter who prevails in the fight for the universe. If the Embodiment of Evil wants this world, he will have to destroy The Reapers! A race of sentient ships devoted to wiping out all life as part of a larger cycle! But in order to take Earth, the Old Machines must take out Giygas! The Universal Cosmic Destroyer hellbent on sentencing all of reality to the horror of infinite darkness!!?!?

  • 1 The Reapers
    • 1.1 Leader Unit: Sovereign
    • 1.2 General Unit: Saren Arterius
    • 1.3 Army Unit: Geth
    • 1.4 Expendable Unit: Husks
  • 2 Gigyas' Army
    • 2.1 Leader Unit: Giygas
    • 2.2 General Unit: Porky Minch

The Reapers are an ancient race of alien synthetics that exist beyond recordable t…

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Lasifer Lasifer 1 July 2013

Short, possibly Long-Term Break on Wikia

Yep, You read the title, and unfortunately this is not my choice. Laptop is crap now, probably won't be on Wikia for a long time unless I get a new one soon, if anyone asks.

I've been using a plugged-in keyboard, that's ran it's course, so it's hard to kind of type because my e key is broken, I'm only typing now because copy and paste is a thing.

My mouse isn't working either, and I hate using touchpad things.

At the very least, I'll be on chat now and then, I just can't edit.

Hate to drop this, but It's not my fault. I'll be back eventually. When? Only time will tell of course.

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