Blackheart (Earth-616) vs The Demi-fiend (Shin Megami Tensei)

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The demons, devils, and fiends of fiction are many and vary wildly in appearance, power, disposition, and intention. They can be simple and mischievous spirits, honorable yet vile archfiends, or hellish gods fighting in cosmological battles for dominance. However, there is one thing that almost all demons have in common: an endless lust for power. Today, in another chapter of the DFederal Homelessness Relief Initiative, we'll be looking at two incredibly powerful demons who are utter slaves to that desire. They are Blackheart, the son of Mephisto who will stop at nothing to corrupt pure souls and overthrow his father, and the Demi-fiend, the teenager who attained the power of a true demon and became Lucifer's right-hand man! Let's find out which demon is DEADLIEST!


can rip apart planets [citation needed]

Little by little, I will whittle away at the Ghost Rider's accursed bloodline... and finally achieve what my father never could... the extermination of all that is good and hallowed on the earth!Blackheart

In the small town of Christ's Crown, New York, centuries of violence and sin drew the attention of Mephisto, the ruler of Hell. Mephisto used the accumulated evil energy to create a new demon, one he named Blackheart and referred to as his son. Possessing the same evil intentions as his father, Blackheart was mentored in the ways of evil by Mephisto before being turned loose on the world. He first revealed himself to Daredevil and Spider-Man, two superheroes that he sought to corrupt, but his most frequent enemy has been Johnny Blaze, the Ghost Rider, who he has tormented to no end. Blackheart also possessed a strong desire to replace his father, spending much of his time seeking ways to empower himself and become the new ruler of Hell. Despite being defeated or killed numerous times by the superheroes of Earth, Blackheart is eternal like his father and always returns to bring further torment.

  • Energy Projection: Blackheart's most common attacks are blasts of demonic energy. He can wield this energy as bolts, beams, balls, and omnidirectional waves. These attack are powerful enough to disintegrate humans and obliterate stone. In similar ways, he can use hellfire, a type of supernatural fire that doesn't require oxygen and burns the soul as well as the flesh.
  • Regeneration: Blackheart's regenerative powers are extremely potent, allowing to recover from serious injuries, like dismemberment and disintegration, in a matter of seconds. Even being blown apart by a bombardment of heavy weaponry or being repeatedly squashed by Mephisto weren't enough to keep him down for long, as he always reformed his body shortly afterward. However, prolonged and intense magical power has proven capable of overloading his regeneration and killing him, at least temporarily.
  • Telepathy: Blackheart has telepathic abilities that he uses to sow discord. With a mere thought, he can read minds, put an ordinary human into a trance, erode an enemy's will and and convictions, or turn allies against each other. His powers are strong enough to affect an entire town at once and overpower even those of notable mental fortitude, such as Daredevil.
  • Illusions: Using the information he gains from his telepathy, Blackheart can create realistic illusions to confuse and terrify his enemies. For example, he can read a person's mind and then make them see their worst fears and traumas.
  • Portals and Summoning: Blackheart has knowledge of how to perform simple rituals to open portals to Hell, allowing him to travel back to his realm or call upon demons to aid him. Said demons vary greatly in size and shape, including horned devils, large insects, tiny goblins, and giant worms. While these demons aren't too dangerous on their own, Blackheart can unleash them in massive swarms that can overwhelm even skilled and powerful fighters like Wolverine and Ghost Rider.
  • Shapeshifting: The physical form of Blackheart is malleable and easily transformed. He can transform his arms and the tendrils on his head into blades and tethers, grow into a giant large enough to hold the Red Hulk in the palm of his hand, or take on the form of humans or angels to surprise and confuse his enemies. When he's disguised, not even Daredevil's senses can sniff him out.
  • Soul Manipulation: Mephisto can't touch a person's soul until they make a deal with him or die, but his son has no such restrictions. He can affect nearby souls in a variety of ways, such as sensing and tracking souls, hiding himself within another's soul, imbuing human souls with demon power, or straight-up ripping out souls with concentrated demonic energy or physical effort.
  • Other Magic: There are a few other magical powers that Blackheart has been shown to possess. He can levitate, teleport short distances, and encase people in stone or magical spheres.
  • Skilled Schemer: Blackheart is a crafty planner and schemer, having been taught in the ways of evil by Mephisto. He's concocted numerous plans to lure righteous humans to evil, expand the influence of Hell, and overthrow his father. His greatest scheme was when he successfully dethroned Mephisto and nearly absorbed North America into Hell, only being defeated by a MacGuffin and Mephisto aiding the heroes. However, while clever, his plans fail more often than they succeed thanks to the superheroics of his enemies.

The Demi-fiend

the angriest athiest ever

Death's vastness holds no peace. I come at the end of the long road. Neither human, nor devil... all bends to my will.The Demi-fiend

The Demi-fiend was once a high school student named Naoki Kashima. On the day that Naoki and his friends went to visit their teacher, the world was destroyed and reshaped by the Conception, an apocalyptic event intended to prepare the world for recreation. In the ruined, demon-infested world, Naoki encountered a mysterious figure who granted him the powers of a demon. The Demi-fiend traveled the ruined world, seeking a purpose. He encountered his friends and other surviving humans and learned of their desire to gain power and control the coming recreation in accordance with newfound ideologies. The Demi-fiend fell prey to his demonic instincts, killing his former friends and sacrificing any possibility of recreation to empower himself. He then encountered the mysterious figure, who revealed himself as Lucifer. After proving himself in a battle against Lucifer, the Demi-fiend was transformed into a true demon and appointed as Lucifer's general in the coming battle against God.

  • Kamurogi: The Demi-fiend became a demon when he was infected by a Magatama, a parasitic entity made of demonic essence. He later acquired different Magatama that granted new powers, including Kamurogi. Kamurogi boosts the Demi-fiend's strength, agility, and luck. It also makes him more resistant to physical attacks at the cost of weakening him against magic. When the Demi-fiend gains in experience and skill, a Magatama may begin acting violently and the result can be beneficial or detrimental. Possibilities include a permanent increase in the Demi-fiend's power, healing his wounds or those of his demons, and inflicting a debilitating curse.
  • Spells: As a demon, the Demi-fiend is naturally capable of using magic. He has gained and lost dozens of spells through use of Magatama, but he does have his favorites.
    • Analyze: With a wave of the hand, an enemy's powers, resistances, and vitality are revealed to the Demi-fiend. This ability is useless against significantly powerful enemies.
    • Bolt Storm: The Demi-fiend summons a temporary thunder storm that bombards the immediate area with bolts of lightning.
    • Deadly Fury: The Demi-fiend summons a blade of pure energy in his hand and swiftly strikes at an enemy, emulating iaijutsu. The blade is quite long and can strike multiple targets in a single draw.
    • Freikugel: After a brief charge, the Demi-fiend fires a powerful blast of demonic energy from his eyes, dealing severe damage.
    • Gaea Rage: The Demi-fiend summons an explosion of energy from beneath his enemies, splitting open the ground and enveloping a large area with demonic power. Following the Demi-fiend's transformation into a true demon, Gaea Rage became powerful enough to instantly kill a team of powerful devil-hunters.
    • Magma Axis: The Demi-fiend conjures and channels flames in his hands before launching a beam of fiery energy.
    • Samarecarm: A deceased demon, regardless of whether it is currently summoned or not, is revived to full strength with no ill effects.
    • Pierce: The Demi-fiend's attacks are able to ignore enemies' unique resistances. For example, if an enemy is typically immune to electricity, Bolt Storm would still affect them. This spell is always active.
  • Demons: The Demi-fiend has convinced numerous powerful demons to follow his orders and fight alongside him. These demons are bound to his body and can be summoned at will, although only three demons can be active at a time.
    • Albion: Albion is a primeval giant with roots in British mythology. He appears as an odd translucent giant wielding a club. Albion is immune to physical attacks, instead being healed by them. His spells include ones that weaken his enemies' physical abilities, launch a wave of concussive force, and sacrifice his life to fully heal his allies.
    • Futomimi: Futomimi was the leader of the Manikins, a race of humanoids that appeared after the Conception. After being murdered by Chiaki, the Demi-fiend's former friend, his soul was retrieved by the Demi-fiend and reincarnated as a demon. Futomimi is mainly a physical attacker with his spells being supportive. He can boost his own physical power, both actively and passively. He can weaken his enemies' physical power and use a spell that has a chance to stop weaker enemies from using magic.
    • Lilith: Lilith is the first wife of Adam who became a succubus in Judaism. She appears as a nude woman with a large snake coiled around her. Lilith is physically weak but a powerful spellcaster. She can call down bolts of lightning, seduce enemies into confusion and betrayal, and drain and weaken her enemies' strengths. Her snake possesses a deadly bite.
    • Metatron: Metatron is an angel who serves as the speaker of God. He opposed Lucifer and was killed by the Demi-fiend, but was recreated as a demon. He is a potent spellcaster, utilizing large-scale spells that strengthen his allies while weakening his enemies or have a chance to instantly banish weak enemies. His ultimate attacks, Megidolaon and Fire of Sinai, create explosions of holy magic that ignore normal resistances.
    • Super Pixie: Pixie is the Demi-fiend's first companion and his girlfriend. Although appearing as a tiny fairy, she has power comparable to the Demi-fiend. She can bombard enemies with balls of fire and bolts of lightning, fully heal her party with a single spell, and use Samarecarm. She has a passive ability that allows her to survive an attack once per battle that would otherwise be a one-hit kill.



Compared to other demons, Blackheart is relatively young, having only been created by Mephisto after the start of the Heroic Era. However, he's been trained by Mephisto himself in the ways of evil, and his machinations have threatened Earth several times, and his mettle in scheming and battle has been tested against several superhero teams, including the Avengers, the Inhumans, the Champions, two Ghost Riders, and more than a few ragtag bands of mistfits.

Although the Demi-fiend's quest through the apocalyptic Vortex World was relatively brief, it was basically a non-stop battle. The Vortex World was filled to the brim with all kinds of violent demons, varying wildly in form and abilities. The Demi-fiend quickly became an expert at dealing with them, both through force and manipulating them into backing off or joining his side. Countless creatures and gods from numerous mythologies and religions have fallen before him, including archangels, princes of Hell, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Even Lucifer himself was impressed by his power.


Blackheart is strong enough to contend with the Red Hulk, who can smash asteroids and create fissures with his blows, in a physical brawl. He's fast enough to fend off and defeat large groups of superheroes at once, even when they include notably quick heroes like Spider-Man, Falcon, and Jane Foster. Even without his regeneration, he's tough enough to laugh off bullets, lasers, and having houses dropped on him. He draws strength from pain, as shown when he was empowered by Ghost Rider's Penance Stare.

The Demi-fiend carries no weapons, being strong enough to tangle with and beat down demons much larger than him with his bare hands. He's significantly stronger than trolls, who can tear apart metal structures. It terms of speed, he can keep up with Dante from the Devil May Cry series, who's fast enough to effortlessly slice bullets out of the air with his sword, in battle. He's endured countless attacks throughout his journey, such as magical spells, holy explosions, and blows from massive and powerful demons. He's even tough enough to survive a fall from the top of a sixty-story building, albeit not without serious injury.


Blackheart is an egoist and sadist that sees physical combat as beneath him and doesn't seek it out, much preferring to mess with his enemies' minds or let his minions do the fighting for him while he smugly watches from the sidelines. With a little preparation, Blackheart can pull this off against entire teams of superheroes, letting them waste time with figurative and literal demons as he works on a master plan. When pushed to his limits, however, Blackheart is a force to be reckoned with, unleashing his full power to brutally overwhelm his enemies.

Even with all his demonic power, the Demi-fiend wouldn't have achieved as much as he did without being an intelligent strategist. He is very familiar with his own abilities and those of his demons, is quick to identify his enemies' strengths and weaknesses, even without using his Analysis spell, and can quickly devise and implement effective strategies to take down demons that possess unique spells, are protected against conventional attacks, or completely dwarf his own party in raw power.


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  • Blackheart is as he is during the King in Black arc, after Mephisto reclaims his throne from Johnny Blaze.
  • The Demi-fiend is as he is in the True Demon route of Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, during the final battle with Lucifer.
  • The battle takes place in the Tower of Kagutsuchi, a massive skyscraper with odd, alien architecture.
  • The Demi-fiend's demons serve him under contract, so if he dies, his demons will have no reason to fight on without him.
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