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The last thing you see before they creep out of the shadows and gut you like a fish is their horrific, pale faces... Despite their brutal and horrific actions, a tragic and traumatic past lies behind them, these two stealthy teenagers are known for their pale faces (or mask in Ghostface's case) and unchanging grin or startled expression found new targets, each other.

Ghostface, the persona of many people who despise Sidney Prescott.

Jeff the Killer, the burnt and bleached Creepypasta.

One of these psychopaths will come on top today but who will it be?


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William "Billy" Loomis was an average teenager, one day his parents divorced and he was abandoned by his mother due to his father cheating on her with Maureen Prescott, his girlfriend's mother. Billy wasn't aware of why his parents split up until one man led him down a path that would end lots of lives and lead to lots of sequels. Roman Bridger, one of Maureen Prescott's sons who was dismissed by her, showed Billy tapes of his father with Maureen Prescott while convincing him to kill Maureen Prescott. The director's words convinced the teenager and afterward, Roman's scheme works, Billy and his friend, Stuart "Stu" Macher, massacred Sidney's mom, the first victim to fall to the Ghostface's killings.

A year after the murder of Maureen Prescott, Billy and Stu strike again and begin to rack up a kill count, making horror movie references all the way through and tormenting their unfortunate victims by harassing them on their phones moments prior to their death. Enter Sidney Prescott, Billy's girlfriend, and Scream's final girl. During these murders, Billy and Stu obtain their iconic Ghostface costume. Billy eventually gets suspected of these murders and gets arrested but is released due to lack of evidence and the murders continuing despite Billy being locked up, always bring an accomplice with you, kids!

Billy and Stu ambush Sidney and reveal that they killed her mom and plan to frame her dad for the murders. Billy and Stu stab each other in an attempt to make them look like the victims but Stu gets electrocuted to death by Sidney chucking a fucking television at his head, holy shit! Billy and Sidney fight each other but William dies after he is gunned down, but he comes back for one last scare. Just to be killed by a bullet in-between the eyes...

Despite Billy and Stu being gone, multiple people take on the mantle of Ghostface to attempt to murder Sidney for wronging them at some point in her life. All of these attempts fail but Woodsboro will always remember the legacy caused by Billy and Stu...

"Do you like scary movies?"


  • Peak Human Strength: Ghostface has shown impressive capabilities despite being a normal human, as seen when he effortlessly punched through glass, kicked someone at a pillar so hard that they were immediately knocked out, broke a lock on a door, and, dragged a man's corpse to the top of a van.
  • Peak Human Durability: Ghostface can survive multiple gunshot wounds albeit heavily wounded, being stabbed, getting hit in the face with a freezer door and getting hit in the face with a couple of beer bottles. Ghostface has shown a mighty resistance to pain since he kept going after all of these events.
  • Peak Human Speed: Ghostface can usually disappear from sight, one second he's trying to bust down Sidney's door, the other, he's nowhere to be found.
  • Stealth: Ghostface is a master of stealth and can sneak around schools after murdering someone and break into houses without his victim noticing
  • Intelligence: The Ghostface killers are smart enough to plan murder sprees and how to get away with them.
  • Voice Changer: Ghostface can mimic people with a voice changer and lead them into a sense of false security, the voice changer is limited to the Ghostface voice


  • Buck 120 knife: This weapon is carried by nearly every Ghostface, including Billy and Stu, a regular hunting knife that has a 7-inch long blade, combine this with the handle and it is 12 inches long.
  • Beretta 92FS: A gun used by Billy and Stu, while the future Ghostfaces used another type of gun, we are gonna stick with this one due to it being used by the original. Usually used at close range to intimidate Sidney while ranting but Ghostface is likely willing to use it against a opponent that he doesn't know, like Jeff. It has a range of 50 meters
  • Voice Changer: Self-explanatory, changes Billy and Stu's voice to the iconic deep Ghostface voice
  • Phone: Ghostface nearly always has an accomplice and can call them, due to them nearly always there to assist their fellow Ghostface, so they can assist him in fighting. Due to this, I will be using both Billy and Stu's feats.


  • Human, despite being incredibly durable, Ghostface is still a mortal and can be taken out by bullets to the head.
  • As expected from a murderous serial killer, he's incredibly insane

Jeff the Killer

Jeffrey Woods (Jeff the Killer).png


Jeffrey Woods was once an average carefree teenager, much like Billy. One summer, Jeff was sent to a summer camp and met a girl named Naomi Jansen. They quickly got along and became friends, this quickly caught the attention of a girl named Mallory, who had a crush on Jeff. Mallory and her friends assaulted Naomi by stabbing her. Naomi survived this and Jeff founded out about this horrific act of violence. That night, he visited Mallory's cabin and slaughtered her and the girl's accomplices. Jeff escapes from the scene of the crime with no witnesses, the summer camp being closed down due to this incident.

After this, Jeff, Naomi, and Jeff's younger brother, Liu, get harassed by some bullies named Troy, Randy, and Keith and like the original Jeff the Killer story, Jeff beats them to a bloody pulp. Liu takes the blame for this and is arrested, making Jeff depressed. Eventually, Jeff is forced to go to a party where the bullies attack him, he snaps and kills the bullies before being set on fire.

Jeff is hospitalized and realizes that being set on fire caused his face to become pale and his hair to become black... somehow. Eventually, Jeff is released from the hospital and craves his mouth into a smile with a kitchen knife before murdering his entire family. Jeff meets up with Naomi who also murdered her family and they become a couple as if we needed more murderous duos. The book ends with them meeting Slender Man, who wants to recruit them to fight against Zalgo.



  • Peak Human Strength: Jeff can kill people with one knife toss into the skull along with being able to throw a knife meters away. Jeff is physically superior to Naomi who can bust down wooden doors and shatter bones. He can harm Keith, Randy, and Troy who can survive being beaten with a metal bat with no lasting effects. Jeff can stop someone's heart with a single punch and can casually manhandle a serial killer who could bust down doors and overpower adult women. Jeffrey Woods can slice into a man's spine and slice off his fingers, toes, and, flesh.
  • Peak Human Durability: Jeff is superior to Naomi who can tank being beaten by a bat, stabbed, and, shot by a pistol. Jeff survived being set on fire and being tossed from a balcony, being stabbed in the shoulder, and horrifically beaten
  • Peak Human Speed: Jeff is superior to the protagonist of the "Right On Time" story, and the protagonist can bust down a door and restrain a victim before they could scream.
  • Stealth: Jeff sneaked into Mallory's cabin and killed her without anyone noticing, stalked a man who was stalking someone else, and, can move completely silent. He can also work in the shadows, helping him with his stealth
  • Intelligence: Jeff outsmarted the "Right On Time" protagonist, who was able to plan an entire murder in such detail that nearly every detail and every possible outcome was planned and, killed 9 women without being suspected. Jeff has shown tactics such as sneaking into the shadows, trying to cause his opponents a lot of pain with his attacks before either pinning them down or restraining them to the floor and stabbing the shit out of them.
  • Regeneration: Healed from being set on fire, his regeneration should be comparable to Naomi's regeneration, and she can regenerate from being beaten, stabbed, shot, and bone-crunching attacks. This regeneration takes hours to days
  • Psychometry: Upon touching Mallory's knife, he received a vision of what she did to Naomi. If Jeff can somehow get a hold of one of Ghostface's weapons, he could receive a vision of Ghostface's past killings and know his tactics, although this is countered by Ghostface's gun


  • Bowie Knife: Jeff's main weapon is his 8-inch Bowie knife, not much can be said about it
  • Kitchen knife: Jeff also carries this around, most kitchen knives are 12 inches long and Jeff can throw this knife with enough skill to hit a target that is meters away.
  • Fists: Jeff can stop people's hearts with his punches and easily toss around a man who could bust down a door.
  • Lighter: Jeff used this to burn off his eyelids, it can be used to start fires


  • Seems to act on emotions, which can lead him to him making a mistake
  • Insane


Physicality: Ghostface = 85/Jeff = 90

Both of these killers have shown insane feats but Jeff edges out with being able to bust down a door compared to Ghostface's lock busting feat. Compare Ghostface's speed feats to Jeff's speed feats and it's no contest, Jeff is faster. Durability was pretty close but Jeff edged out due to up-scaling from bullet tanking and the fact that Billy and Stu were seriously injured from bullets while Jeff is above people who shrug bullets off. Their astounding resistance to pain also cancels each other out, but if we had to pick, we'd say Jeff has better resistance to pain due to tanking more brutal punishment.

Intelligence: Ghostface = 85/Jeff = 80

Both of these psychos have shown pretty impressive planning skills but I believe that Ghostface takes the dub due to having way more life experience, Billy and Stu are in high school compared to Jeff who isn't old enough to drive a car, the average age for someone to drive a car is 16, meaning Jeff is under this age compared to Billy and Stu who are in their last year of high school. Both are remarkable planners so it cancels each other out and leaves Ghostface as the more intelligent one.

Mental stability: Ghostface = 45/Jeff = 30

Ghostface is a psycho with a lot of mental trauma, as seen when he was manipulated to killing someone, but he has shown some grip on reality compared to Jeff who is batshit insane and has voices in his head, Ghostface also has the advantage of being more mature and arguably more calculated although both have shown planning skills. Ghostface is stable enough to know that he needs to conceal his face compared to Jeff who shows off his mutilated face with pride, so, yeah, this was kinda expected.

Experience: Ghostface = 70/Jeff = 80

Ghostface and Jeff primarily target innocent people who have no combat skills but Ghostface can struggle against Sidney Prescott and some of his other victims. While this is impressive, most of these events were pulled off by a sneak attack while Jeff was able to keep up with a group of bullies and a serial killer who could easily restrain victims and kick down doors while they were aware of Jeff’s presence and yet he managed to overpower them, giving Jeff the advantage.


HABIT: Didn't expect us to be here, did ya?

The Observer: Well, time to spin the wheel to decide where the fight will take place.

Satoshi: Alright, Jeff gets the home advantage... kinda literally since the fight will take place at the Woods family house.

HABIT: Expect us to be the combatants in a Deadliest Fiction thing eventually... alright, bye!

  • Voting ends on March 14
  • Only Billy and Stu's feats are used for Ghostface since they were the original duo and are nearly always by each other's side and only the original Creepypasta and the two licensed novels (Insanity: Jeff the Killer and The Creepypasta Collection) are used for Jeff
  • The fight takes place at the Woods family house
  • Votes either need to have edges or at least a paragraph describing who wins


The old Woods family house, 11:30 PM

Sidney Prescott is seen wandering throughout a dimly lit house, she was dared to stay at the old house of the infamous serial killer, Jeffrey Woods, until midnight. She took the dare since she highly doubted that Jeff the Killer would come back to his old house. She glanced at a photo, it was of two brown-haired teenagers next to what she assumed to be their parents. Sidney heard a ringing sound and pulled out her phone and picked up as a deep-sounding yet charming voice came from the other end. "Hey, what's your favorite scary movie?" The voice questioned as Mrs. Prescott pondered the question. "Honestly, none of them. All of them are about some dumb bimbo with big breasts who runs up the stairs and not out the door before being gutted by a generic masked killer." Sidney replied as she toyed with a kitchen knife she brought with her, better safe than sorry if Jeff was at his old house for some reason.

"Huh, never expected that. Anyway, what are you doing in that old dark house?" Ghostface asked as Sidney's expression quickly changed upon hearing this. "Listen here, I have a knife and I'm not afraid to use it. Even if I didn't, I would call the cops to throw you in jail." Sidney refuted as Ghostface barked back. "I have my knife, and the cops never make it on time." As the two teenagers argued back in forth, two other teenagers crept out of the shadows from across the street as one of them dressed in a pale white hoodie with pale white skin to match let out a hearty laugh, his black hair stood out but not as much as his grimace smile. "Ah, the place where I butchered dear old dad, my loving mother, and Liu." Jeff the Killer said as he instructed Naomi on what to do. "Stay here, I just wanna see if anyone changed anything about my old house or if anyone moved in." With this said, Jeff walked behind the house and forced a window open, he climbed through the window and his kitchen as he kept some faint voices.

"Is someone here?" Jeff wondered as he saw Sidney arguing with Billy over the phone. "A new victim? Lucky me." With this said, Jeff ran up to Sidney and tackled her to the floor before raising his knife, Sidney attempted to fight back and launched her knee into his chest as the Creepypasta shrugged this off. Jeff plunged the knife into Sidney's stomach before tearing it out and stabbing her in the heart. Sidney fought back less and less as Jeff repeatedly plunged his knife into Prescott's heart. Jeff heard a voice over the phone and lightly turned his head. "What the fuck just happened." The voice said as it quickly hung up. Jeff heard glimpses of the conversation, from what he could piece together, threats of violence were uttered and someone would be at the house soon. If Jeffrey Woods didn't kill Sidney, someone else would have. In preparation for Ghostface's arrival, Jeff dragged Sidney's corpse to the kitchen and propped her corpse against a wall before sticking his hand into her gut. He pulled his hand out and smeared her blood onto the wall before hiding in a cabinet below a kitchen sink. Billy Loomis, decked in his iconic black robe and white screaming mask, ran to the back of the house and noticed that a window was already open. Ghostface climbed through the window and gasped in shock as he saw Sidney's body, unmoving. William noticed that there was a message written in blood above her corpse. "RIGHT ON TIME" Ghostface realized that someone else was in the house with him. He turned to leave but didn't notice that Jeff crawled out of the cabinet as he lunged at Ghostface before tackling him into the living room. "Go to sleep." Jeff growled as he raised his Bowie knife, aiming for Ghostface's chest as he countered with his hunting knife before grabbing Jeff by his hoodie's collar and kicking Jeffrey off him as the Creepypasta stumbled back and crashed into a wall. "What the fuck is wrong with your face?" Ghostface insulted, Jeff would have frowned if he didn't crave his mouth into a smile. Jeff growled and ran towards Ghostface, one of them was gonna gain a new victim tonight.


Jeff stabbed at Ghostface who dodged by ducking before stabbing Jeff in his stomach as he headbutted Ghostface, causing him to collapse onto the floor. Jeff raised his knife, ready to bury it in Billy's skull but Ghostface reacted accordingly and took a pistol out of his robe before shooting two bullets at Jeff, who promptly dashed up the stairs.

William ran to the start of the staircase, noticing that Jeff was already gone. He slowly walked up the stairs, knowing Jeff had the home-field advantage. Ghostface eventually made it to the top of the stairs, he immediately decided to check in the bathroom. The darkness of it made it nigh-impossible for Ghostface to see, but luckily for him, the bathroom had a window that let the moonlight in. Billy grabbed onto the shower's curtains, recalling the scene from Psycho. He yanked the curtains back, only to see that Jeff wasn't there.

Unbeknownst to Ghostface, the man who he was hunting was standing right behind him. Jeff rammed his hunting knife into William's back as he turned to face Jeff before punching the pale teenager directly in the face. Jeff, unaffected by this, tackles Ghostface as William stumbles and falls over the curtains, landing onto the bathtub as a result. Jeff took his backup kitchen knife and grabbed Ghostface's throat with one hand. He brought the knife down as Billy retaliated by bringing his knee into Jeff's stomach. Jeffrey Woods huffed for air as Ghostface got out of the bathtub before tearing the hunting knife out of his back.

Ghostface grabs Jeff's hoodie before slamming him into a nearby sink cabinet. William stabs at Jeff who rolls out of the way, his knife meeting the wooden cabinet. As Ghostface tore his knife out of the cabinet, Jeff yanked William back as he tumbled into the wall, a dent being made in it as William felt a little woozy from the blood loss and being slammed into a wall.

Billy, upon recovering from being dazed, dashed out of the bathroom as Jeff chased after him. Jeff the Killer pushed Ghostface down the stairs as he left out a scream, the sounds of bones crunching could be heard as William Loomis fell down the stairs. Ghostface finally made it down the stairs, he was certain that a few of his bones were dislocated but this wouldn't stop him from kicking Jeff's ass!

Jeff raced down the stairs, hunting knife in hand as Ghostface countered with his own knife. The sound of metal clashing could be heard as the blades met. Ghostface eventually grew tired of this knife fight and ducked before springing towards Jeff and impaling his chest with his knife. Jeff grabbed Ghostface and tossed him towards a wooden table as it shattered into pieces.

William grabbed a nearby telephone before whacking Jeff in the face with it, causing him to fall as Ghostface wrapped the chords of it around Jeffrey's neck, tightening them as he attempted to asphyxiate the Creepypasta with them. Eventually, Jeff the Killer grew free from the chords by slicing at them with his knife. Jeff kicked Ghostface back before stabbing at the screaming mask, the knife met the flesh of Billy Loomis as he let out a groan of pain. Ghostface took out his pistol and slugged Jeff in the gut with two bullets.

Jeff held his hand over his stomach to attempt to stop the bleeding but Ghostface took this window of opportunity to slice at Jeff as new scars decorated Jeff's face.

William tackled Jeff into the kitchen as he threw a lighter at Ghostface. Billy began to flail as Jeff forced him to stay still, after a minute of this, the lighter set the Ghostface costume on fire. Ghostface let out a ghastly screech and ran to the sink before turning the knobs of it and splashing water onto the burning costume.

Jeff ran behind William, attempting to end the fight with a neck stab but Billy thought fast and fired his pistol as the bullet found its way between Jeff's eyes. Jeff the Killer went limp as Ghostface walked away, glancing at Sidney's corpse before leaving through the front door. Naomi and Stu saw the door open and raced to see what happened, Naomi's similar appearance to Jeff immediately gave Billy the cue to fire at her, which is what he did. "Listen, Stu, we need to get the fuck out of here. The entire neighborhood probably heard those gunshots and I bled a lot in there. Oh shit, I'm totally gonna go to jail-" While Billy is talking, a figure is seen sneaking into Jeff's house and pouring gasoline all over the place. Upon covering a majority of the house in gas, they put on a set of goggles and raise their grey and blue hoodie that covered their brown hair before dropping a match. Billy and Stu look back at the burning house as the figure approaches both of them. "Gotta say, I and my master were expecting Jeff to win." The hooded figure put their hatchets into a rest as they reached a hand to Billy and Stu. "It would be appreciated if you followed me."

Expert's Opinion

While Jeff did have better physicality, his white hoodie, matching skin, and insanity did not do him any favors when it came to sneaking around. Ghostface's experience, better mental stability, and gun made it so the screaming stalker prevailed over the smiling slaughterer.

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