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Holidays are usually joyful times, but not when these two killers who have a hefty dose of childhood trauma who took on the identities of their parents' murderers are around.

Billy Chapman, the axe-wielding Santa killer who seeks to punish naughty people.

Axel Palmer, the miner who terrorized Valentine Bluffs after Harry Warden.

One of these traumatized villains will return to punish people but who will end up drowning in a blood of their own blood?

Billy Chapman

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William "Billy" Chapman used to love Christmas, but this changed one fateful day. He and his parents visited his grandfather, his parents left him and his grandfather alone for a few moments, when his grandfather told him, Santa Claus murders naughty children.

After this, Billy and his parents are driving back home when they see a man dressed in a Santa costume next to a broken down car. They decide to be good samaritans and pull over to help him. Little did they know, this was a psychopathic man who robbed a gas station and killed the clerk when he attempted to fight back.

The man whips out a pistol, attempting to steal the car when Billy's father attempts to escape by putting the car into reverse. Bad move by him, the crazed Santa shoots Billy's father as he dies and crashes into the ditch. Billy runs out of the car and hides in some bushes as Santa murders his mother, intending to rape her at first before changing his mind. The insane costumed man searches for Billy as Ricky, Billy's younger brother who was a baby at this time, cries.

We never find out what happens to Santa or if he got caught, but we find out Billy and Rick are sent to an orphanage where they are taken care of by an abusive nun, Mother Superior. Years later, Billy is at the age of 18 and leaves the orphanage, before striking up work at a toy store. Unfortunately for William, the store's Santa accidentally harmed himself and couldn't go to work, so the manager of the store, Mr. Sims, makes Billy dress up in the Santa costume as a replacement.

Later, at a Christmas party, Billy is still dressed in the Santa costume and witnesses two coworkers about to have sex, giving him flashbacks to his parents' murders. He takes some nearby Christmas lights and hangs one of his coworkers, before slaughtering everyone in the building and taking a nearby axe with him.

Billy continues killing people who he deems naughty until he eventually makes it back to his old orphanage. By now, word of William's murders have spread and a child foolishly lets Billy into the orphanage. He gazes at Mother Superior, who is now wheelchair-bound. He raises his axe but is gunned down by the police who arrived just in the nick of time. William utters his last words to the children. "You're safe now. Santa Claus is gone." Billy's axe fells next to Ricky's feet, who looks at Mother Superior before muttering one word. "Naughty." Dun dun dun! Also, yes, before you ask, there are sequels where Ricky continues his brother's work and goes around killing people.



  • Peak Human Strength: Billy can slice off heads with his axe, hit someone with a hammer so hard that it is embedded into their skull, hang someone with Christmas lights with one hand, toss someone out a window, smash through a wooden down with an axe and easily lift fit humans with one hand.
  • Speed: William's speed is less impressive than his strength, he can chase after fit humans and catch up to them.
  • Stealth: Billy can sneak up on people as seen when he snuck up on multiple of his coworkers before butchering them, snuck up on two teenagers before decapitating one of them, and snuck up on and killed a police officer.
  • Weapons Mastery: William can use nearly anything around him as a weapon, such as axes, bows, Christmas lights, hammers, box cutters, and mounted deer antlers.


  • Axe: A double-sided axe that Billy wields, likely similar to a fire axe. Comparing this to a fire axe, it is likely 36 inches long and weighs six pounds. It can slice off heads in one strike in William's hands.
  • Bow and arrow: An average bow can shoot at a distance of at least 100 yards, so I will assume that's how far the bow Billy wielded can be fired.
  • Hammer: It is an average claw hammer that is around 13 inches long and usually weighs 0.5 to 1 pound. It can be used to beat down opponents or stab them with the back of the hammer, as seen with Mr. Simms.
  • Christmas Lights: A unconventional weapon, but it will make sense since Axel's last piece of equipment will also be unconventional. The average Christmas lights length is 25 feet but this doesn't really matter considering the way William uses them. Anyway, Billy can use these to strangle and/or hang his opponents.


  • Insanity: William isn't the best mentally, which is obvious by his murder spree, and the fact that things remind him of his parents' deaths, such as a woman getting attacked, will drive him into a state of anger that could cause him to slip up in combat.
  • Mortal: Billy died after getting shot in the back twice, so yeah.

Harry Warden

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Harry Warden used to be a normal miner until he and his fellow workers were trapped in a mine due to a methane gas explosion. The explosion was caused by two supervisors who were so excited to go to a valentine's day party that they forgot to check the methane levels. Harry was forced to kill and eat his fellow miners to survive and was found a week later.

A year after this, Harry tracks down and kills the two supervisors before being sent to a mental asylum. Axel Palmer, one of the supervisor's children, witnessed this event as a child and went insane.

Harry Warden dies at the mental asylum but his legacy lasted and Valentine Bluffs stops hosting Valentine's Day parties. Axel becomes a miner and everything is seemingly normal.

Twenty years later, Valentine Bluffs has its first Valentine's day party after the murders. Axel doesn't approve of this and dons a miner's outfit, much like Harry Warden.

He goes on a killing spree, murdering various people across the town and slicing out their hearts and sending them to the police before getting trapped under debris and hacking off his arm with a hunting knife and running away, proclaiming that he and Harry Warden would be back.

What happens to Axel Palmer after this is unknown, but the legacy he and Harry created will never be forgotten in the formerly peaceful town of Valentine Bluffs.

"Daddy's gone away, Harry Warden made you pay."


  • Peak Human Strength: Axel can impale two people at once with a drill bit, beat someone in a fistfight, shove a broken pipe through a girl's head, shove someone through a pickaxe, and hit someone in the chin with a pickaxe so hard it goes through their eye.
  • Speed: Harry can outrun normal humans, nothing really special about that.
  • Stealth: Axel has snuck up and attacked multiple people throughout the film but prefers to chase after them after sneak attacking them rather than immediately killing them while their guard is down.
  • Weapon Mastery: The Miner has used multiple weapons and his environment around him to kill, such as hunting knives, drills, pickaxes, and nail guns.
  • Intelligence: Axel knows how to sabotage phone lines, break lightbulbs so his victims have trouble seeing, destroying elevator panels, and cornering his victims before they can call for help or escape.


  • Pickaxe: A mining pickaxe, it is 36 inches long and weighs 2.5 pounds. Axel usually uses it to stab through bodies and drag corpses around.
  • Nail Gun: A nail gun, is only effective at close range and can shoot 3 inch long nails directly into Axel's opponent skull. A few shots can be lethal.
  • Hunting Knife: A bowie knife, is 14 inches long and weighs 0.9 pounds. It usually is only used as a last resort, as seen when Axel used it to cut off his arm. He never used it on anyone except for himself so I guess that still counts. It can easily slice through bones.
  • Mining Helmet: A helmet that protects Axel's head, it is hard to slice through, seeing how it is a helmet. It has a light on the top of it that is used to illuminate dark places and can blind his opponents.


  • Insanity: The Miner is seriously fucked up from witnessing Harry murder his dad. His insanity is further shown by him murdering people for the sole reason of stopping his town's Valentine's day party.
  • Mortal: We haven't seen any decent durability feats from Axel, so we can assume anything that would take a normal human down would also take him down.


Physicality: Billy = 90/The Miner = 80

Both are in the same ballpark when it comes to nearly everything, both can chase after normal humans, have seemingly normal human durability, but I believe Billy edges out when it comes to strength. You see, Billy can slice through a door with an axe while Axel's best feat is impaling two people with a drill, and cutting through a door is far superior to that.

Intelligence: Billy = 70/The Miner = 80

Billy's main tactic is to hack at his opponent until they stop moving while occasionally using stealth. Axel, on the other hand, is smart enough to sabotage all forms of communication and cutting off all routes of escape before killing his victims, so he has a smarter way of killing. He is also older than Billy by a good amount, so he easily takes intelligence.

Mental stability: Billy = 40/The Miner = 40

Yeah, both of these guys are fucking insane. They snap at nearly anything that reminds them of their past trauma but have a grip on what they are doing, so I'm gonna say they are both mentally unstable and leave it at that.

Experience Billy = 75/The Miner = 70

Both of these madmen prefer to surprise attack their victims but Billy has overpowered more victims, compared to Axel who only had to struggle against a few of his victims. Axel did get into one fight that he did win but Billy has successfully overpowered his victims, most of which tried to fight back, leaving him with more fighting experience.


HABIT: Wheelspin time.

Toby: Alright, the wheel decided to give the murderous miner the advantage over the sadistic Santa and gave him the home advantage. The fight will take place at Hanniger Mines.

Satoshi: Uh, read the rules, okay. See ya!

  • Voting ends on April 12
  • Fight takes place at Hanniger Mines
  • Votes must have edges or at least a paragraph describing who wins


  • Billy Lenz and Michael Myers were also considered as opponents for Billy Chapman but I decided Billy Lenz vs Billy Chapman would work better as a Christmas special while Michael Myers seemed unfair and I had another Michael fight planned, so I decided against it. Heartful Lou and Roy Burns were considered for The Miner but I decided against Heartful Lou vs The Miner since I did a Creepypasta battle one episode before this one and decided I should have more variety in my battles. Roy Burns vs The Miner was also disregarded due to fairness issues.
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