Tyrant vs Ghido

怪獣。Kaiju. A word made internationally famous by the success of movies that put the monsters in question on the front scene, it generally refers to "giant japanese monster of death and terror", extra points for flattening Tokyo. However, even amongst giant death beasts, some actually show themselves to be benevolent to humanity. Thus is the case for Godzilla (at least when he feels like it) and Ultraman. But as any good writer will tell you, for every good hero, there has to be a villain as villainous as the hero is heroic.

King Ghidorah, the Three Headed Dragon and eternal rival to Godzilla.

Tyrant, the Despot Monster and archnemesis to the Ultra Brothers.


Showa ghidorah
Born from a nuclear bomb testing in the pacific and rendered nigh-immortal and unstoppable, only very few things have ever been able to make themselves an obstacle to Godzilla, King of the Monsters. However, despite the unstoppable force of the atomic nightmare, there one day came a kaiju that prove itself a match to him in every way. Enter King Ghidorah, the Terrifying Space Super Monster. An ancient creature that wiped out all civilization on Venus, he eventually showed himself on Earth and battled the planet's creatures again and again in an attempt to eradicate all life.

  • Physical specs: 100 meters tall, 150 meters wingspan, 30 000 tons.
  • Flight: King Ghidorah, using his massive wings, is capable of flying at Mach 3 speeds in Earth's atmosphere and up to Mach 400 in space. He uses this to outmaneuver his mostly ground-based enemies and fly above them while raining down his signature attack...
  • Gravity Beams: King Ghidorah's arguably most famous ability is the golden, lightning bolt-like Gravity Beam he spits from his three mouths. These beams are roughly equal in power to Godzilla's atomic breath, and are capable of causing large-scale explosions when fired at buildings. King Ghidorah uses these beams to cover a large radius or strike multiple targets by firing them from each of his mouths.
  • Hurricane Winds: King Ghidorah's flight can be turned into an offensive weapon through the use of his hurricane winds, which consist of him flapping his wings with enough strength to cause large scale winds capable of blowing away other kaijus like Godzilla and destroy buildings.
  • Strength and Durability: King Ghidorah is immensely durable. He survived a full on beating from nearly the entire Toho kaiju cast of the Showa era, including Godzilla, Anguirus, Mothra, Kumonga, Rodan and Gorosaurus, only being finished off by Minilla's smoke ring. He also easily shrugged off the King of the Monster's atomic breath which could severely harm other kaijus and destroy buildings. He's no slouch at all when it comes to strength either, having lifted the 30000 tons Anguirus and easily overpowered multiple monsters at once like Godzilla and Anguirus and using his three heads as limbs to bite and grapple enemies.

From the distant galaxy of the M78 Nebula, heroes of light watch over us and defend Earth from extraterrestrial threats. These are the Ultramen, members of an intergalactic law enforcement group known as the Space Garrison. But even their great strength and power sometimes proved to be fallible. Tyrant, Despot Monster, was born from the restless spirits of monsters defeated by the Ultras and fused into one unstoppable beast. After flying across the Solar System and defeating 5 of the 6 Ultra Brothers, Tyrant was finally defeated by Ultraman Taro on Earth.

  • Physical specs: 62 meters tall, 52 000 tons
  • Flight: Through some sort of levitation, Tyrant is capable of flying both through the atmosphere and through space. While his exact speed is unknown, he reached Earth from Neptune in the span of a 23 minute Ultraman Taro episode for his space flight and for his atmospheric flight, it should be fair to assume he's at least as fast as Ultraman, who can fly at Mach 5.
  • Arms: Instead of hands, Tyrant has the weapons of the Killer Monster Baraba at the end of his arms, specifically an axe and a mace. The axe can be used to slash and batter enemies equally while the mace is used for heavy crushing blows. The mace also has a harpoon hidden among the spikes which can be shot out as a projectile. Because it has a cable attached to it, it can also pull enemies in or be swng like a whip.
  • Death Fire: Tyrant can fire a powerful stream of fire from his mouth as his main long range attack. This fire breath was powerful enough to instantly defeat Ultraman Ace, an elite Ultra warrior who was the main character of his own show and took on multiple Chojus (super kaijus) through his series.
  • Freezing Gas: From his stomach, Tyrant can blast a cloud of chilling gas that can freeze enemies in place, such as Ultraseven, another elite Ultra warrior who was the main character of his own show and defeated dozens of kaijus.
  • Durability and Strength: Tyrant's brute force is tremendous. He easily overpowered the likes of Zoffy and Ultraman, who can throw around 100000+ tons monsters like potato sacks, and broke Zoffy's arm like a twig. His durability is also immense, as he shrugged off Ace's Metallium Ray, which had been used to defeat monster after monster as a finisher beam, as if it was nothing.


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