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Sweet Tooth vs. Hit Girl: My First Fight

How fitting that I'm posting the rematch to my first ever fight, where I was just really tired and wanted to try something, when it's past midnight and I'm tired and I just want to get something out. Hello everyone. Let's get right to it.

Hit-Girl; the little girl turned ass-kicking superhero of the Kick-Ass universe


Sweet Tooth; Sweet Tooth, Needles Kane, whatever you call him he's a creepy killer clown participating in the Twisted Metal tournament.

As for Sweet Tooth, well, he's a big guy. As in, he could probably rip your head off no problem kind of guy. ...while that's a bit of an exaggeration, Sweet Tooth is strong enough to completely overpower most average adults he comes across, including police officers. Hell, he even broke out of h…

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Jackythejack Jackythejack 19 June 2020

Death is Only the Beginning: Dio Brando vs. Tex Hex

Generally speaking, for humans, death is something that you just can't come back from. It's an impassible barrier that we as a species will all have to accept someday. But...there are some exceptions, who not only managed to come back from the dead, but came back with powers far beyond that of a normal human. 

Tex Hex; The terror of New Texas, the leader of Stampede's Gang and the rival of Marshal Bravestarr, the toughest cowboy around.


Dio Brando; The adopted child of the Joestar family turned vampire that would become forever intertwined in the Joestar bloodline. 


Small English Town, 10 P.M.

An interesting sight was walking down a small, dirt path leading to an old and sparsely populated English village. This interesting sight was a ma…

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Jackythejack Jackythejack 7 May 2020

The Calm Time Massacre

Killers, sometimes, don't need visible motives. They don't need a reason to kill, they don't need a desire for them, they don't need a calling card, or recognition, or a codename they go by. Instead, some just do it for the hell of it. Sometimes...they don't even have a backstory to go off of. Just a man who kills and kills, recklessly tossing away human life. Today we'll be discussing these deranged, unknown men.

Party Host; The seemingly well off and mentally deranged player character in the game known as Calm Time.


Drill Killer; The infamous killer in the late eighties who has a signature weapon of a power drill.

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Jackythejack Jackythejack 21 February 2020

Kill la Kill Tourney: Naturals Election (Voting Blog)

  • 1 Prologue
  • 2 The Combatants
  • 3 Voting Rules and Match Details
  • 4 The Election
    • 4.1 Baseballs Bats and Blaster Beams
    • 4.2 The Loners
    • 4.3 Books and arrows
    • 4.4 A Slasher and a Pawn Piece
    • 4.5 The Incel and the Bookworm
    • 4.6 Knighty-Knight
    • 4.7 Three's a Crowd
    • 4.8 Something Festers...
    • 4.9 The Final Confrontation
    • 4.10 The Fungus Among Us idk

Once again, the towering school that was Honnouji Academy loomed over you, and this time, you were meeting under different circumstances. The Naturals Election had gone on for about a week now, and you had multiple fights with your classmates, some being of a lesser rank, and others being fellow Two Star Goku Uniform users. You faced a lot of powerful adversaries, but you were either smarter, stronger, or more versatile than them, and were a…

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Jackythejack Jackythejack 29 January 2020

Morphin' Across the Seven Seas: Animorphs vs Sea Spiders

Animals. Sometimes they can be man's best friend, and sometimes they can be some of the deadliest creatures that you run into. And other times...they can hold a human-like intelligence. And no, I'm not talking about furries. Well...not really

The Animorphs; The group of teenagers (and one alien) who formed a team to stop the alien menace known as the yeerks from invading the world. 


The Sea Spiders; The group of monster girl pirates who terrorized the seven seas, and who managed to terrorize the island of Morgana before being beaten by Chelshia.

Besides providing some very strange fantasies for kids developing into furries, the Animorphs, in universe, area group of teenagers centered in America. Their real name is unknown, and their real…

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