I am doing this tournament because there is just so many similarities between the two some differences but a lot of similarites

Here are the battles

(Lord of the Rings) vs (Dragon Age)

Aragorn vs Alistair

Legolas vs Sebastian

Gimli vs Oghren

Gandalf vs First Enchanter Irving

Theodan vs Seneschal Varel

Eomer vs Bann Teagan Guerrin

Lurtz vs Sten

Eowyn vs Leliana

The Balrog vs The Archdemon

Gothmog vs The Hurlock Vanguard

The Witch King vs Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir

Ithilien Rangers vs The Dalish Elves

Saruman vs Anders

Faramir vs Nathaniel Howe

Boromir vs Carver

The Ringwraiths vs The Disciples

Glorfindel of Rivendell vs Fenris

Elrond vs Duncan

Gandalf vs Flemeth

Sauron vs The Arishok: Battle Cancelled as will be unfair,

Final Count

LOTR:12 Wins

DA:7 Wins

Lord of the Rings is Victorious.

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