Deadliest Fiction Wiki

Two-Face ... former attorney turned criminal mastermind


Anton Chigurh ... mad-murdering hitman with his own morales

The battle between two of the most famous coin-tossers. WHO...IS...DEADLIEST?!


Close Quarters Switchblade
Short Range S&W Model 36
Mid Range Colt Python
Long Range Thompson SMG w/ stick mags
Explosives Grenades


Anton Chigurh

Close Quarters Captive Bolt Pistol
Short Range Gloc 19
Mid Range TEC-9 supressed
Long Range Remington 11-87 shotgun supressed
Explosives Exploding car



Two-Face vs Anton Chigurh

70 - Brutality - 90

Chigurh is more brutal, he virtually kills every people he met (except for a lucky damn few)

70 - Experience - 80

Although Two-Face has been in the criminal business for some time, Chigurh wins this simply because his reputation tells it all. Where he was described as being a "bubonic plague"

75 - Toughness - 90

Two-Face has had his share of being in extreme situation before, but Chigurh is literally unstoppable, and when he locks on a target, he doesn't stop.

65 - Physicality - 70

The bigger man sometimes win, and this time its Chigurh. And its also caused by Two-Face's injuries both in the inside and the outside that'll change the game to his or against his favor.

85 - Intelligence - 70

Although being morally intelligent and a good battle tactician, Two-Face is battleready criminal ready to fight face on or leap from the front


  • Battle is one on one. Simple meet for the first time battle. No preps whatsoever.