This is pretty Self explanitory. This is a tournament in which Mortal Kombat characters will face off against Marvel characters. Note there will be NO MK vs MK or Marvel vs Marvel in this tournament. Also there will be a little bit of a storyline in epilouges. Also I have a plan to possibly put a guest character from Mortal kombat 9 in the tournament tell me wheather it's a good or bad idea.

These are the rounds planned.

Round 1

Scorpion vs Spiderman Winner: Spider-man

Subzero vs The Human Torch Winner: Sub-Zero

Mileena vs Black Cat Winner: Black Cat

Baraka vs Wolverine Winner: Wolverine

Skarlet vs Deadpool Winner: Deadpool

Kano vs CyclopsWinner: Kano

Stryker vs PunisherWinner: Punisher

Nitara vs Blade Winner: Blade

Round 2

Kintaro vs Monster Octopus

Motaru vs Rhino

Reptile vs Lizard

Molach vs The Windego

Cyrax and Sektor vs Iron Man and War Machine

Ermac vs Magneto

Meat vs Mr Fantastic

Smoke vs Nightcrawler

Fujin vs Storm

Shang Tsung vs Doctor Doom

Round 3

Liu Kang vs Iron Fist

Goro vs Hulk

Kung Lao vs Captain America

Sonya vs Black Widow (Yelena Belova)

Onaga vs Thanos

Drahmin vs Penance

Jax vs Luke Cage

Havik vs Task Master

Quan shi vs Doctor Strange

Finale Round (In Progress)

Scorpion vs Ghost Rider

Scorpion vs Ghost Rider.jpg

Raiden vs Thor (Rematch)

Kitana vs Black Cat

Mileena vs Elektra (Yes Mileena and Baraka are returning)

Baraka vs ??? (Opponent pending)

Kenshi vs DareDevil

Noob Saibot vs Bullseye

Shao Khan vs Loki

Bonus Battle

Freddy Krueger (Not really MK character, appeared in MK9 as guest)


Lady Deathstrike

Who would you like to see fight?

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