Nathan Drake: the descendant of Sir Francis Drake who seems to adopt his ancestor's desire for treasure. VS Wei Shen: An undercover cop infiltrating the Son On Yee Triad. WHO IS DEADLIEST


Nathan Drake

Range Weapon
Melee pistol whip, machete
Close Barettal 92FS
Mid SPAS-12
Long M4
Explosive M32 Hammer grenade launcher

Wei Shen

Range Weapon
Melee Crowbar

Heckler & Koch USP

Mid Hawk 97-1
Long Heckler and Koch G36
Explosive Underbarrel grenade launcher


(as I have not played sleeping dogs help with these would be appreciated)

X-factors WS/ND

86-Experience- 85

92-Adaptation- 100

92-Agility- 90

90-Hand-to-Hand- 70