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El Alamein El Alamein 30 September 2018

The Tatsu Rebellion

Tatsumaki, the great bot overlord of the Deadliest Fiction Wiki Discord channel, has proven to be a divisive and polarizing entity. For many, she represents whimsical fun and diversion, a source of joy and memery. For others, she represents the banal and trite crumbling of the Discord channel, a source of decadence and stupidity.

Eventually, tensions boiled over into open conflict as the two sides mobilized for war. The Tatsu Regime, led by bureaucrat Wassboss, gear up to defend their beloved Tatsu and strike down the heretics where they stand. The Anti-Tatsu Revolutionaries, led by Leolab, arm themselves to purge the Wiki of what they consider a blight and a cancerous menace to the Discord channel.

Some of the Wiki's best and brightest user…

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El Alamein El Alamein 28 July 2018

Viet Cong vs. Waffen SS

This is a rematch of the Deadliest Warrior season 2 episode "Viet Cong vs. Waffen SS." I intend to present a matchup that offers a superior degree of historical accuracy, which will, in turn, hopefully inspire an informed and lively analysis from the voters in order to determine if Deadliest Warrior got it right. Did the Waffen SS deserve to win after all? Or was it the Viet Cong that should have emerged triumphant? Let's find out.

The Viet Cong was the South Vietnamese guerrilla movement that supported the North Vietnamese military in its war against the South Vietnamese government and United States. It waged a protracted campaign of insurgency against its opponents, demonstrating its battlefield capacity through irregular warfare. For mor…

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El Alamein El Alamein 27 January 2018

Aldo Raine vs. Otto Skorzeny


The night was especially cloudy as the 5-man German patrol walked down the dirt path, their rifles slung over their shoulders. Behind them loomed an imposing castle, a faint yellow glow poking through some windows despite the blackout lights in use. Inside sat Benito Mussolini, a tired, feeble husk of the imposing caricature he had constructed for himself. But though Mussolini was long since broken, especially now that Hitler had been killed in that theater in France, he still had an army at his command. The war was lost, but there was still hope for Il Duce. Luckily for him, he was under the care of the legendary Otto Skorzeny.

Skorzeny stood at one of the towers, cloaked in darkness. He was small before the backdrop of the castle…

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El Alamein El Alamein 7 October 2016

So long, mates

Well, jeez. I didn't think I'd ever be writing one of these blogs, but here I am, writing one. 

Firstly, I am formally resigning from my position as administrator on the Deadliest Fiction Wiki. This is because, being busy with studies, work, and applications, I simply don't have a lot of spare time. When I do have spare time, I guess I just feel like spending it doing other things now. So, yeah, this is me stepping down. I'm genuinely appreciative that, as a community, you had the faith in me to elect me to a position of responsibility, and I'm sorry that I have to let you guys down. 

In addition, I am also going to be retiring from the Wiki. I'm doing it mid-season, and that sucks, because I would have liked to see some of the upcoming figh…

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El Alamein El Alamein 29 August 2016

Gabriel Rorke vs. General Shepherd

Gabriel T. Rorke: The brainwashed Federation commando who has made it his sole mission to systematically eliminate all members of his former unit: the Ghosts!

General Shepherd: The duplicitous leader of Task Force 141 who built up a mercenary army loyal only to him while manipulating the US military to further his own goals!

Gabriel T. Rorke was once a member of the elite team of special forces known as the Ghosts. During a mission to assassinate Venezuelan general Diego Almagro, the leader of the Federation of the Americas (known simply as the Federation), Rorke fought through the bursting of a dam that subsequently flooded the city. Rorke's team killed Almagro on board his helicopter, but the vehicle crashed. Elias Walker, one of Rorke's tea…

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