Bald faced hornet

Wasps have been the bane of humans. Now its time to put 2 wasps in a fight to see WHO IS DEADLIEST?

Bald faced hornet.

Bald faced hornets are a species of yellow jacket wasp that live in north america, the length of the bald faced hornet is about 3 quarters of an inch. and is defensive(but can be aggressive.) and there diet is soft bodied insects and spiders.Other names. Bald Hornet,White Faced Hornet And Black Jack.

Giant asian hornet

Giant asian hornets are large hornets from asia there length is about 2 inches and there diet is mostly bees but they will eat other animals such as insects,spiders and even rats. They are really aggressive. other names. Murder Hornet,Giant Japanese Hornet.

Giant asian hornet


Voting ends march 29 2021

Battle scenario

  • This will happen in a tree
  • This will be a 3v1
  • The colony will not be in the battle except the wasps themselves
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