The giant claw, the giant alien bird big as a battle ship. Rhedosaurus, the stop motion terror that attacks the world. Who Is deadliest?


The Rhedosaurus is a giant dinosaur that was frozen in Antarctica that appeared in the 1953 film the beast from 20,000 fatoms.

It terrorized the world and evenly got killed.

  • Length:200 feet
  • Weight:500 tons
  • Abilities:Infeced blood

The giant claw

The giant claw

The giant claw is a giant alien bird that appeared in the 1957 film of the same name.

It got killed in on a body of water.

  • Length:600 feet
  • Weight:5,000 tons
  • Abilities:Anti-matter shield,eyesight,flight speed,strength,radar invisibility


Voting ends april 2 2021

Battle scenario

  • This battle will happen in a airport

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