Beast copied Leo's altext snark for royales first so it's okay

Cfp quietly fumed in his seat as the other users brought their hands down. Prime Minister Laquearius, leaning into his microphone, states "And the nays have it. Cfp's proposed amendment to the End of Wrestlers Ban Act has been denied." and quickly raps a gavel against his podium. "This adjourns this month's user meeting."

As the others stood to leave the room or speak with their companions, Cfp walked over to a man in a green hoodie and another in grey polo and khakis. "What the hell was that? You said you agreed with me Beast."

"Don't put me on the spot like that," Beast said, reluctantly shoving his hands in his pockets. "I do, it's's a solution without a problem, you know? Why bother burning bridges?"

"Don't blame Beast for making a bad argument." Cfp turned to reply, only to see Leo looking at him directly as he stood. The senior user's face shifted with his mask, causing Cfp's anger to temporarily placate into unease. Disatisfied, Cfp promptly turns. "I'll call you later, Beast," he mutters as he leaves.

Beast takes a moment to wave good-bye, before turning to Leo. "Let him have his temper tantrum," Leo says, walking briskly towards the door. "He'll bitch and moan, probably to you, and then he'll fall back in line. He always does."

The two users nod, and leave with the others.

Cfp walks into the lobby of User Headquarters, where a multitude of doors were appearing and disappearing as the other users left the "building", an operative word for the space in DFederal's plane where they could meet in solitude from the warriors. His door opened, and Cfp stepped through it, teleporting into his office. As he took a seat, a knock on the door was followed by Annabeth entering.

"How was the meeting?"

"Frustrating, very frustrating," Cfp says, rubbing his temples. He snaps his fingers, and Annabeth stumbles as she temporarily goes blind. Satisfied no one could watch, Cfp removes his mask and sets it down. Closing his eyes in brief relaxation as the power of the mask went silent, Cfp takes a deep breath.

"Annabeth, let Appel know we'll start processing his challenges again. Have Clint and the others start rounding up the warriors that are only reserved and booting them out onto the street."

"May I ask why?" she asks, carefully tapping away what she could on her tablet. "And can I have my eyes back, so I can write this all down?"

"No, and you'll remember it since I'm almost done," Cfp answers, grabbing himself a bottle of beer from his fridge, "Clint can recruit from the usuals - 501st, Peacekeepers, SHIELD, whoever - and have the rest of the security council oversee them. Afterwards I need a reservation for the Battledome. Just that; I'll input the rest of the data myself."

He thinks for a moment, forgetting something, before putting his mask back on. He snaps, and Annabeth's vision returns to her. "That's all. You can go."

The Combatants

Eternal pain at not getting to play as Delsin in All-Stars 2
I'm gonna be different, okay? I'm not there doing what they do, I'm there to save lives, I'm gonna be like Superman.
— Delsin Rowe

A troublemaker raised on the Akomish Reservation, Delsin Rowe has spent much of his life as a graffiti artist and local delinquent. One evening while being arrested by his brother Reggie, Delsin is caught in the escape attempt of several Conduits from the Department of Unified Protection (DUPs). One of the inmates, Hank Daughtry, touches Delsin, triggering Delsin's innate Conduit gene. Delsin accidentally absorbs Hank's smoke powers, and is apprehended by Brooke Augustine. Although he confesses to being a Conduit, Augustine doesn't believe him and tortures everyone on the reservation to find other Conduits. When they realize that those tortured will likely die of their wounds, Delsin and Reggie travel to Seattle for Delsin to absorb Augistine's powers and cure them.

In Seattle, Delsin meets the other two escaped inmates, Abigail Walker and Eugene Sims, absorbing their powers and turning them into his allies. Delsin is distracted by the reappearance of Hank Daughtry, who is used as a distraction so that Augustine can kidnap Abigail and Eugene. Delsin and Reggie are captured in their breakout attempt, and Reggie sacrifices his life to help Delsin escape. After dealing with Hank, Delsin fights Augustine and defeats her after absorbing her concrete powers, exposing the actions of the DUP. He returns to the reservation to cure the tribe, before moving to Seattle to work as a vigilante Conduit hero in the city.

Who's Johnny Blaze again?
Oh yeah, this'll work.
— Delsin Rowe
Delsin utilizes an industrial chain for melee combat. The abilities tabs describe how, so move on.

If the fall didn't kill Reggie, second-hand smoke would've
I. Am. Unstoppable!
— Delsin Rowe

Delsin's primary and first power as a Conduit are his Smoke abilities. Absorbed from Hank Daughtry, Delsin's Smoke powers rely on mobility and speed to let Delsin do quick, powerful damage up-close. Delsin's powers are refueled by draining smoke from nearby objects such as destroyed cars or chimneys. Draining smoke will also heal Delsin from any damage that hasn't recovered naturally via his healing factor.

Delsin's starting powerset will be Smoke. He can only use one of his powersets at once. When using Smoke, his chain will act like a whip.

Below are the following Smoke techniques:

Smoke Dash
Allows Delsin to turn into a cloud of smoke and quickly relocate in a straight line. Can be used to pass half-solid obstacles, like fences, or people. Can be used twice while free-falling through the air. He can also use this to dash into vents for quick mobility, either through the vent out each side or over it to gain a vertical boost. Traveling through a vent will heal Delsin a small amount.
Car Boost
Triggers an explosion in a car's fumes, allowing Delsin to jump into the air at an accelerated speed.
Smoke Thrusters
Delsin shoots smoke from his hands to give himself a lift into the air. The thrusters have more power if he uses them right after a Smoke Dash.
Smoke Shot
A low-damaging bolt of smoke and embers. Enemies hit in the face with this attack will start to cough, and basic enemies hit will be knocked unconscious.
Cinder Blast
A charged attack that shoots a barrage of smoke pellets, dealing heavy damage in a short cone.
Sulfur Bomb
Delsin throws a condensed ball of smoke which explodes after a short delay. Enemies affected by the explosion will be covered in clouds of smoke, opening an opportunity to execute or subdue them.
Cinder Missile
Delsin fires a compressed smoke projectile that greatly damages upon impact in a wide area. Consumes Heavy Ammo. Delsin will start with five heavy ammo, which builds when Delsin drains smoke.
Orbital Drop
Delsin transforms into three balls of smoke, allowing him to soar to an orbit-like height, and then crash into the ground which causes a massive explosion. This is Smoke's karma bomb, which builds up when Delsin performs good deeds. It will go away if Delsin performs an execution instead of subduing someone.

The section of the game that most screams "I was made in 2014"
Screw flesh eating death gaze, I want that!
— Delsin Rowe

Delsin's second power gained is Neon, used primarily for getting a distance between Delsin and his enemies and making precise, powerful attacks. Delsin's Neon powers are slower than his other power sets but are more powerful and accurate. Delsin's Neon powers are refueled when he absorbs Neon electricity from things like signs or video from satellite dishes (somehow). Draining Neon will also heal Delsin from any damage that hasn't recovered naturally from his healing factor.

Delsin will need to absorb Neon to access this powerset. He can only use one powerset at a time. When using Neon, his chain will straighten out into a sword-life construct that can cut swiftly into enemies.

Below are the following Neon techniques he can use:

Neon Beam
Delsin fires a powerful concentrated beam of neon.
Light Speed
Allows Delsin to be transformed into a being of neon light, increasing their speed and allowing them to run over obstacles and up walls. Delsin can do this indefinitely.
Photon Jump
An upgrade to Light Speed that allows user to perform an extremely high jump when dashing.
Laser Insight
An ability that allows Delsin to perceive enemies' weak spots. Shooting the head will obliterate the target while shooting the shin will subdue it. Delsin's perception of time is also briefly slowed while using this ability.
Phosphor Beam
Delsin fires a supercharged neon beam, dealing heavy damage in a narrow area. Uses Heavy Ammo. Delsin can hold up to six Phosphor Beams at once, which builds when Delsin absorbs Neon.
Neon Thrusters
Delsin shoots neon out of his hands to thrust himself into the air.
Stasis Bubble
A neon grenade that levitates affected enemies and freezes them in time, allowing the user more time to target the enemies' weak spots. Enemies hit by the Neon Beam while trapped in the Stasis Bubble become subdued.
Radiant Sweep
Delsin charges up and sends a shockwave of neon energy, which levitates enemies and destroys vehicles. Delsin then levitates in front of his enemies, before showering them with neon lasers. The lasers then explode, as Delsin jumps to the ground. Radiant Sweep is Neon's karma bomb, which builds up as Delsin performs good deeds. It resets if Delsin executes enemies or does evil things.

Gamers rise up
Listen man, it's your life but there is a way for us to live out there in the real world. But it's up to us to make it happen.
— Delsin Rowe

Delsin's third power is Video, a versatile powerset that gives him both mobility and capable combat moves, although they don't do as much damage. Delsin's Video powers are refueled when he absorbs "video", which means things such as television sets, satellite dishes, and other electronic communication devices. Draining Video will also heal Delsin from any damage that hasn't recovered naturally from his healing factor.

Delsin will need to absorb Video to access this powerset. He can only use one powerset at a time. When using Video, he forms a large broadword that he makes wide sweeping attacks with.

Below are the following Video techniques he can use:

Video Torrent
A basic attack that fires a continuous stream of pixelated projectiles.
Bloodthirsty Blades
A powerful attack that hits a marked enemy with exploding digital blades. Consumes Heavy Ammo.
Video Surge
Delsin gains a pair of digital wings, allowing him to make a quick swoop forward. Delsin can shoot while using his wings, can give himself a single boost in the air, and do a second swoop while in the air.
Shroud of Invisibility
Delsin turns invisible briefly, allowing him to sneak up on enemies and either execute or subdue them. Delsin can subdue one enemy without losing his invisibility. When he turns invisible, he summons one Angel-like being to his side to fight with hem.
Hellfire Swarm
Delsin sticks his arms forward as the sky grows dark. Shortly afterward, an Angelwill fly past him into the air, then another, then a massive group of them. Once a large enough group of Angels/Demons have formed, Delsin raises his arms and swiftly brings them down, signaling the flying army to divebomb a large area in front of Delsin, subduing enemies and leaving civilians uninjured. Hellfire Swarm is Video's karma bomb, which builds up as Delsin performs good deeds. It resets if Delsin executes enemies or does evil things.

Making a gif from a 15+ minute gameplay screen is torture
Auh, this fast-healing stuff is gonna come in real handy.
— Delsin Rowe
As a Conduit, Delsin possesses a number of miscellaneous super-powers. This includes superhuman strength, which allows him to push cars by himself or swing an industrial chain like a light whip, and speed which allows him to briefly keep up with moving cars. He also possesses superhuman durability and a healing factor, allowing him to survive direct hits from automatic gunfire or explosions none the worse for wear.

A "cure"? Just because it's not normal doesn't mean that it needs a cure, okay?
— Delsin Rowe
Power Absorption
Delsin's actual ability as a Conduit is power absorption, which allows him to gain the powers of those born with the Conduit gene via continued physical contact. Because none of the other candidates are Conduits, Delsin will not be able to absorb their powers. This is really only here to avoid a VC.
Delsin is a skilled free-runner, climbing cliff sides and tall buildings with ease even before obtaining his Conduit powers.
Good Karma
This Delsin is Good Karma, which means he subdues enemies instead of executing them.
Delsin is someone who sticks to his gut instinct and, without the influence of his brother Reggie, often goes into situations without taking a moment to strategize before hand.
Concrete Manipulation
Delsin can absorb concrete from D.U.P Conduits that have the artificial conduit gene to access Conduit powers. Since there are no sources of concrete for him to absorb and it's not his starting powerset, this is irrelevant except to avoid a VC.
Raw Power & Versatility
Delsin's Conduit abilities make him an incredibly versatile and powerful fighter. His Smoke powers have a jack-of-all trades approach, his Neon powers give him precise long-range damage, and his Video powers give him a swift option. The only limits he has are his inability to access more than one set of powers, but he rarely ever needs to.
Delsin has only been active for a few months, but in that time he's gone up against drug dealers and Conduits of varying degrees of danger to him, as well as the paramilitary of the D.U.P.
Delsin has no formal training with his powers, relying on the memories he absorbs and experience in the field.
Delsin's powers give him multiple types of mobility talents, which allow him to transverse the city of Seattle in brief periods of time when he wishes.
Delsin is an easy-going and relaxed guy, easy to get along with for those like him. He's also a surprisingly convincing hero, capable of guiding more volatile Conduits like Abigail and Eugene into being more heroic individuals.

The soap opera version of a Sting rip-off
You see, I'm an accomplished warlock, an expert of the occult, and a master of exorcism. I'm also a Taurus, for those of you taking notes.
— John Constantine

Self-titled master of the dark arts and genuine warlock, John Constantine was raised by an abusive and resentful father in 1980's London. Constantine channeled his cynicism and cleverness into a study of the occult, becoming a respected exorcist and mystic. While attempting to perform an exorcism on the young girl named Astra Logue, Constantine accidentally sent her soul to Hell instead. Overcome with guilt, Constantine briefly retired before stopping Manny's plan to bring about the apocalypse. Returning to the world of magic, Constantine met the shipwrecked Oliver Queen, who saved him in exchange for a future favor.

Queen called in the favor in 2015 when his friend Sara Lance died, with Constantine helping to restore her soul to her body. Constantine would later meet Sara when she and the Legends accidentally opened the gates of Hell. Chased by the demon Neron, Constantine helped the Legends stop Neron's plan to invade Earth and reluctantly joined the team. While helping the Legends return historical figures to Hell, Constantine met an adult Astra, who nearly killed him in revenge. Constantine and the Legends tried to help Astra use the Loom of Fate to reverse her parents' deaths, but they ultimately failed. Constantine managed to convince Astra to betray the Fates and join the Legends, and the team defeated the Fates to ensure free will remained.

Hoo yumbo bumbo mumbo jumbo
My point is we can all shape our destiny, but none of us get to escape our fate. So when my time's up, that's it.
— John Constantine

John Constantine is an accomplished warlock and magician. He is masterful in all sorts of spells, incantations, curses, and rituals, and is likely the leading expert in all things magical in his universe. A full list of his magical abilities can be found here, and what will be described is just a brief synopses version for the sake of time.

Offensively, John generally relies on creating fireballs that he uses as projectiles. He can also create fire at will to create a blaze to protect himself or heat objects from a distance. He can also put people to sleep, perform telekinesis, and bind people with magic. Defensively, he's capable of placing protection wards on people and things, concealing his presence, limited teleportation, reanimate corpses, and transfer his life's energy to another and vice versa.

I walk my path alone because, let's be honest... who would be crazy enough to walk it with me?
— John Constantine
Capable Hand-to-Hand Fighter
John Constantine is a capable hand-to-hand fighter, using a style similar to bare-knuckle boxing. He could knock out two grown men by himself, and could hit hard enough to cause demons to slightly falter.
Master Occultist
John Constantine is a genius when it comes to matters of the mystic and occult, making him impossible to surprise beyond the initial shock when it comes to things of a magical nature. He can think of powerful spells and rituals he might need on the spot, and the means to execute them.
Expert Manipulator
John Constantine is feared and mistrusted most for his ability as a liar and con man, tricking demons into bad deals and convincing allies to do things they may not otherwise do. This also makes him a skilled tactician, capable of cobbling together a plan at a given moment and make it work (barely).
Raw Power & Versatility
Constantine's a skilled warlock, but most of his magic is either highly specialized or not combat practical. He has a few tricks up his sleeves, such as his trademark fireballs or manipulating physics to get two people to attack each other through him, but he relies on his wit to survive most encounters rather than raw power.
Constantine has become the most respected and feared warlock in his world for a good reason; he's seen and done just about everything. He's tussled with demons and angels, plus the occasional deity, and gotten out of the encounters with a wink and without a scratch using just his brains and talent.
Constantine is trained in a wide variety of mystic arts, learning under master sorcerers like Enchantress and Anne Flynn that taught him how to use every type of magic he could.
Constantine is not more or less mobile than any other human with a bad smoking habit. He can teleport between dimensions, but that's not really useful for this circumstance.
John's greatest weapon is his silver tongue - he could con, trick, or persuade anyone with the right knowledge and the right timing. He's a professional liar, and he exudes enough confidence and swagger to ensure anybody who listens to him will believe what he says.

In keeping with the tradition of one inaccurate rep. Here's hoping you get in the sewer.

I never worry, darling. A leash can be pulled from either end.
— Vivienne

The daughter of two Rivaini merchants, Vivienne was raised within the Ostwick magi circle, where she excelled within the Circle's structure. She quickly became one of Ostwick's most skilled mages, and became the lover of Orlesian noble Duke Bastien de Ghislain, putting herself further in a position of power. While making friends in noble court, she earns the attention of Empress Celene, who she names Court Enchanter. She excels in her position until the mage rebellion, where she formally steps down and leads the scabLoyalist faction of mages.

When the Inquisition is founded in the wake of the Breach, Vivienne invites the Inquisitor to one of her parties, where she offers to join his party. Vivienne asks the Inquisitor to help her locate stolen texts from the circles during the war, while also sanctioning legal discrimination against herself and her fellow mages. Vivienne eventually asks the Inquisitor to help her retrieve a wyvern's heart in an attempt to save Bastien with a potion, but this fails. Vivienne then tries to lobby for the position of the Divine in the Chantry, but the Inquisitor makes a conscious effort to ensure she does not get the position.

Not pictured; her stupid hat
My dear, if I didn't want for people to fear me, I wouldn't dress like this.
— Vivienne

Vivienne uses the following equipment:

Grand Enchanter's Staff
A staff looted off the Fereldan Frostback high dragon, the Grand Enchanter's Staff does decent ice damage and increases Vivienne's spellpower. The staff may also cast Mind Blast on a successful hit, which sends creates a telekinetic shockwave that sends opponents back and makes them less likely to target Vivienne.
Masterwork Battlemage Armor
A set of robes that increase Vivenne's spellpower, her magic defense, and decreases the cost of mana for her spells.
Hat of Majesty
An atrocious looking helmet thingy, which increases her ability to avoid ranged (non-magic) attacks and her resistance to spirit damage.

How do you say "scab" in Orlesian?
Magic is dangerous, just as fire is dangerous. Anyone who forgets this truth gets burned.
— Vivienne

Vivienne uses the follow talent trees for her magic:

  • Inferno spells:
    • Active: Flashfire, Blistering Pain, Immolate, Wildfire
    • Passives: Flashpoint, Clean Burn
  • Winter spells:
    • Active: Winter's Grasp, Winter's Chill, Fade Step, Frost Step
    • Passive: Mana Surge, Winter Stillness
  • Storm spells:
    • Active: Chain Lightning, Energy Barrage
    • Passive: Stormbringer, Conductive Current, Static Charge
  • Spirit spells:
    • Active: Barrier, Elegant Defense, Dispel, Strengthened Veil
    • Passives: Peaceful Aura, Guardian Spirit
  • Knight-Enchanter spells:
    • Active: Spirit Blade, Defending Blade, Fade Cloak, Decloaking Blast
    • Passives: Combat Clarity, Fade Shield, Veiled Riposte, Knight Protector

For those who value survival, sentimentality is not an option.
— Vivienne
Vivienne is a power-hungry, self-serving social climber, and will stop at nothing to accomplish her goals.
Vivienne is a calculating and methodical thinker, more than willing to sacrifice the free-will and betterment of others if it means accomplishing both the greater good and furthering her own goals.
Raw Power & Versatility
Vivienne is a skilled and talented mage, with access to a multitude of versatile spells. Her Knight-Enchanter specialization is particularly powerful, granting her brief invulnerability and more capable in a close range fight than typical mages.
Vivienne has spent most of her life in politics, rarely stepping out into the field until the Inquisition outside of the occasional assassin. Once in the field she handles herself adeptly, fighting demons, rogue templars, bandits, and the like with the rest of the Inquisitor's party.
Vivienne spent most of her life in the Circle, and became one of the youngest full-fledged mages in the history of its institution. Needless to say, she is a well-taught and has ample training in how to utilize her magical talents.
Vivienne has a couple spells to help her with mobility, such as Fade Step, but overall is not more or less mobile than any other human.
Vivienne is an excellent judge of people and manipulator, capable of maneuvering her way into Orlais' highest political circles. She's also a bitch, which means she's outwardly cruel and holds people that don't agree with or benefit her in contempt.

I think we're alone now/The beating of our hearts is the only sound
If you're raised to believe that nothing about you is special, if extraordinary is the benchmark, what do you do if you're not?
— Vanya Hargreeves

The seventh adopted child of eccentric assholeinventor Reginald Hargreeves, Vanya Hargreeves was born with the ability to manipulate soundwaves. Hargreeves, fearing her power if left uncontrolled, had Vanya's sister Alison brainwash her into believing she had no powers. As the "powerless" of the seven, Vanya was emotionally and psychologically abused by Hargreeves for her lack of power, save for her passion with the violin. Eventually getting fed up with the abuse, Vanya wrote a book describing her abuse, alienating herself from her siblings and father. Leonard Peabody, a murderer with a grudge against the Umbrella Academy, manipulates Vanya into rediscovering her powers after Hargreeves' death. She goes on a rampage, but before she can kill her siblings Alison knocks her out, which accidentally triggers the apocalypse when a stray blast blows up the moon.

Her brother Five takes the Academy back in time, where she is left stranded in 1963 three months before the Kennedy assassination. Initially left without her memories, Vanya is taken care of by Sissy Cooper and her husband, falling in love with the former. Five and Luther eventually track her down, where they slowly return her memories to her. She and her siblings forgive each other and try to stop the apocalypse, with Vanya being kidnapped by the FBI. As she is tortured, her powers trigger and Ben is forced to sacrifice himself to calm her down. She goes to the Cooper farm when she finds out Sissy's son Harlan has accidentally been given her powers, where she and the rest of the Academy defeat the Commission before they can abduct Harlan. She and the others return to their time period, only to find out that a new Umbrella Academy has formed without them.

The only bad part of Vanya is how her sound manipulation basically becomes "whatever the plot needs"
Just look me in the eye and say you're not threatened by me.
— Vanya Hargreeves
Vanya's powers are a form of sound absorption, where she intakes sound waves and manipulates them how she sees fit. She utilizes her sound manipulation primarily as a form of telekinesis, utilizing wound waves to move and control objects. She has used this to restrain, constrict, and repel others, with her telekinesis being strong enough to restrain multiple superhumans or knock out an army of Commission agents in a single shockwave. She could also use it defensively, creating barriers to block bullets or giving herself the ability to fly. She has a subconscious control on some of this power, capable of lifing an entire pond of water while she administered CPR to Harlan or creating a small shield to protect her from a point blank gunshot.

Maybe I'm just the kind of girl you don't miss.
— Vanya Hargreeves
Low Self-Esteem
Vanya has an incredibly low sense of self-esteem. She was raised to constantly doubt and question herself, which has led to a mindset that is prone to depressive cycles or lashing out. This seems to have been tempered by the events of 1963, but she is described by Diego as "always the bomb", indicating her volatile nature.
Alter Egos
When Vanya is particularly emotional, she hallucinates younger versions of herself that encourage her to use her powers for indiscriminate destruction. In this state, she's difficult almost impossible to reach out to and calm down, with Allison being forced to incapacitate her and Ben sacrificing his afterlife when she entered this state.
Raw Power & Versatility
Vanya's powers are a incredibly versatile and dangerous ability. Her sonic shockwaves have sent hundreds of people to the ground, shot a hole through the moon (on accident), and could affect entire city blocks when used subconsciously.
Vanya is very inexperienced, having been forced to leave the Umbrella Academy and not using her powers for decades. Since regaining them, she's never had an opportunity to use them for battle until the final showdown with the Commission, and thus only uses them in their most basic ways.
Vanya initially trained with the rest of the members of the Umbrella Academy, but was mind wiped by her father and has only recently remembered her abilities. She isn't very disciplined with her powers, and thus relies on her natural instincts in how to utilize them.
Vanya can use her powers to fly, which tends to be helpful when it comes to mobility. Otherwise she's not more or less mobile than any other human.
Vanya's low self-esteem and emotionally vulnerable mindset makes her easy to manipulate, as shown by Leonard Peabody and, to a lesser extent, her siblings. She's also not a very convincing person, relying on appealing to her siblings' bonds when it came time to rescue Harlan and initially failing to get their help.

Not cool enough to be series mascot; not important enough to be the protagonist
You reestablish the Shirai-Ryu as I reform the Lin Kuei. We both seek to shed our clans' dark pasts. Dedicate them to Earthrealm's protection. Our common purpose gives us a chance to end old rivalries. To start anew.
— Sub-Zero

Abducted alongside his brother Bi-Han by the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero was trained and raise in the clan to become a perfect assassin. He took the mantle Sub-Zero after the mysterious death of Bi-Han, and vowed to hunt down his killer, Scorpion. In his absence, the Lin Kuei begins the Cyber Initiative, forcefully turning its members into cyborgs. Sub-Zero was captured and tortured, but then freed by Raiden, vowing then to aid them in their battle against Outworld. During the Outworld Invasion, Sub-Zero is killed and his soul claimed by Quan Chi. He fought at the necromancer's side until the end of the war, where his soul was restored.

Defeating the Cyber Initiative, Sub-Zero assumed the role of grandmaster within the Lin Kuei. As Grandmaster, he brokered peace with the clan's ancient rival the Shirai Ryu, personally forgiving Scorpion, having realized the villainy of his brother. When Kronika brings a past Sektor to the present, Sub-Zero is forced to work with Scorpion to prevent the Cyber Initiative from beginning again. The duo recruit the Netherrealm ferryman Kharon, with Sub-Zero briefly fighting a past Scorpion when he states he killed the present Scorpion. Sub-Zero convinces the past Scorpion to work with them, and they help Raiden in the final battle in the assault on Kronika's fortress.

Do you wanna shank a snowman?
As the snow fall, so will you.
— Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero is capable of controlling, creating, and using ice in its many forms. He primarily uses it to create ice constructs, such as weapons or statues that freeze others on contact. He also can use the ice to teleport, creating a frozen statue of himself and reforming his physical body in a different location. He can also freeze people, either by creating an icy blast or physically touching them.

Artificial enhancements are no substitute for the human soul.
— Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero adheres to his moral code and sense of honor without question. He refused to utilize cybernetics for the Lin Kuei, and fights firmly on the side of Earthrelm in the Mortal Kombat tournament. He is the first to forgive Scorpion, acknowledging the crimes of his brother and giving up his own quest for vengeance.
Stealth Expert
Sub-Zero is a trained ninja, and is skilled at stealthy infiltration and exfiltration.
Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Sub-Zero is a highly skilled hand-to-hand fighter, utilizing his powers and his skill to take on multiple powerful opponents like Shao Kahn or Scorpion. He was even powerful enough to defeat cybernetic ninjas like Cyrax and Sektor.
Raw Power & Versatility
Sub-Zero's cryomancy is a versatile and deadly power, allowing him to engage up-close or from a medium distance on his own terms. He's one of the deadliest characters in the Mortal Kombat universe, with only the most powerful individuals like Liu Kang or Raiden capable of making him falter.
Sub-Zero has been on the frontlines of all the major conflicts of Earthrelm and Outworld, fighting alongside Raiden and his forces several times. Additionally, he has fought his own clan of ninjas by himself, leading a rebellion to keep the the Lin Kuei from losing their souls to cybernetics.
Sub-Zero was raised by the Lin Kuei since childhood, learning the arts of martial combat, stealth, and all the accompanying ninja talents for his whole life.
Sub-Zero, outside of his short-range teleportation via ice form, is not more or less mobile than the average athletic ninja.
Sub-Zero is noted for his taciturn and stern personality, known for being a cold and distant man. Despite that, he is also respected within the Lin Kuei for his moral code and honor, indicating he's capable of leading and inspiring others when he feels it necessary.

One of the rare moments Beast and I's tastes overlap
Hey, I never wanted a boring life.
— Jakita Wagner

The love child of century baby Kevin Sack and Opuk-Ra tribeswoman Anaykah, Jakita Wagner was exiled as a baby from the city of Opuk-Ra due to her mixed race heritage. Anaykah contacted her former lover Elijah Snow, who took the child and saved her before the city collapsed. Snow gave her to the Wagners, who raised her as their own. Inheriting her father's decelerated aging and superhuman abilities, as well as his low threshold for boredom, Jakita joined Planetary where she became Elijah's right-hand woman.

During their conflict with the Four, Jakita was taken hostage by the Four so they could wipe Elijah's memory. With Elijah out of commission, Jakita attempted to lead Planetary against the Four with limited success. After the death of field leader Ambrose Chase, Jakita broke Elijah's orders and recruited the amnesiac Elijah to Planetary. Jakita takes him on various missions to jog his memory, which succeeds. Briefly concerned about her mentor's more ruthless persona, she and the rest of Planetary eventually stop the Four, killing or incapacitating all members and taking their technology to better humanity.

Strong independent woman who don't need no man
Mistress Jakita is going to show you just what kind of bad place you walked into. You see, my life is boring. Unless I'm working. In fact, things like severely beating men dressed as fetish bats are all that keep me sane, some days. You see your problems.
— Jakita Wagner
Jakita possesses a superhuman physical condition, including strength, speed, durability, and senses. Her strength allows her to bend steel beams, kick a man's spine from his body, and throw building-sized ants, among other things. Her speed lets her cross a mile in the blink of an eye, and stop herself just as quickly mid-sprint, while her durability allows her to survive conventional firearms without damage or fall from severe heights. Finally, her senses allow her to see individual figures from a mile away and see something as small as a firearm clearly.

These are the moments I live for. I put up with all the other crap just to get seconds like this. The moments when you know the world is a better place than advertised.
— Jakita Wagner
Jakita has an inherent sense of wanderlust and thrill-seeking, willing to go up against powerful or unknown threats if it might provide some entertainment as long as it doesn’t interfere with the mission.
Skilled Hand-to-Hand Fighter
Utilizing a brawler-style of fighting, Jakita is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, capable of nonlethally taking down skilled soldiers and operators. She was even capable of taking on Batman in hand-to-hand combatant.
Skilled Weapon User
Jakita has shown herself to be skilled with a variety of weapons, including firearms and improvised weaponry.
Raw Power & Versatility
Jakita's strength makes her a dangerous opponent, but it limits her to one avenue of attack. She's creative and talented enough to make it work, and her strength allows her to grapple with more unique superhumans on a regular basis.
Jakita has been an operative for Planetary for around 50 years, and in her time has encountered countless different types of beings and threats. From a cabal of supervillains to alien monsters to ghost vigilantes to dimensional travelers, Jakita has seen it all.
Jakita has likely received some type of training over her time in Planetary, but it's not known where she's learned any of her skills.
Jakita has superhuman in the most basic sense, in that she can travel large distances in an easy sprint. She's also flexible, capable of dangling off the rail of a helicopter and utilizing a firearm with skill, but is not noteworthily acrobatic or mobile.
Jakita is rough around the edges, but she's a good judge of people and fundamentally a good person. She's guided by her gut instinct and moral compass, which could appeal to like-minded individuals, but also prefers not to take a leadership role unless forced to.

The only decent photo of Joker wiki would let me upload
You chose the correct path with your own volition. You did not compromise your beliefs for personal gain to the very end...It is the willpower to stand up in this world on your own feet, unswayed by no one.
— Lavenza

The leader of the Phantom Thieves of Heart, Joker is a wrongfully accused delinquent. Sent to Tokyo after being wrongfully accused of assaulting a woman, Joker transfers to Shujin Academy. When he accidentally stumbles upon the Metaverse and the Palace of the abusive gym teacher Kamoshida, Joker forms the Phantom Thieves of Heart to stop Kamoshida and similar corrupt adults. He eventually stumbles upon the Conspiracy, stopping its leader Shido Masayoshi and the secret puppet god controlling the Metaverse Yaldabaoth. Initially expecting to go to jail in order to corroborate with authorities for Shido's imprisonment, Joker discovers his ex-boyfriendteammate Akechi is alive.

He and Akechi, along with his friend Kasumi Yoshizawa, discover Takoto Maruki is reshaping reality using the Metaverse. Joker reforms the Phantom Thieves, and the group stops Maruki from permanently altering reality. With the final destruction of the Metaverse, Joker returns home with his name cleared. He returns six months later for summer vacation, but discovers a new conspiracy involving the social media app EMMA. With the rest of the Thieves, Joker travels around Japan freeing Monarchs and stealing back their stolen desires. Joker and the Thieves eventually discover that EMMA has become sentient and a god-like being, with Joker and the Thieves banding together to kill it before EMMA can put everyone under its control. They once again go their separate ways, vowing to get together again whenever they can.

The Goro Akechi method of dealing with trauma
— Joker

For occasions where using his Persona would be difficult or inconvenient, Joker uses the following types of equipment.

Royal Dagger
Joker has a preference for knives as his melee weapon. The Royal Dagger increases Joker's luck. Joker is a skilled knife fighter.
Tyrant Pistol R
Joker has a preference for using pistols for his ranged weapon. Tyrant Pistol R holds 8 rounds per encounter and boosts his Magic.
Grappling Hook
Joker has a grappling hook on his left hand, with a seemingly limitless length. The line is strong enough to support the weight of himself and at least another person. He also uses it to surprise enemies by grappling himself towards them.

The A1 Day 1 Persona
Call upon my name, and release thy rage! Show the strength of thy will to ascertain all on thine own, though thou be chained to Hell itself!
— Arsene

Joker's primary Persona is Arsene, the gentleman thief and rogue from Maurice Leblanc's crime novels, stealing from criminals worse from him. Arsene is initially a weak Persona, but thanks to Skill Cards and the slaughter of countless Personas better than him, he has received enough bulk to be better. He specializes in single target magic attacks.

Severe Fire damage to 1 foe. Rare chance to inflict burn.
Diamond Dust
Severe Ice damage to 1 foe. Rare chance to freeze a foe.
Thunder Reign
Severe Electric damage to 1 foe. Rare chance to inflict shock.
Atomic Flare
Severe Nuclear damage to 1 foe.
Psycho Force
Severe Psy damage to 1 foe.
Heavy Curse damage to 1 foe.
Heavy Bless damage to 1 foe.
Inflict Sleep (high odds) to 1 foe.
Pinch Anchor
Allows use of ambush-only skills after Baton Pass. Aresene's passive trait.

We will take back this country.
— Joker
Wild Card User
As a Wild Card User, Joker is able to use multiple Personas. He can only use one at a single moment, but he can switch between them at a given moment. This isn't really relevant since Joker is only going to have one Persona on him, but it is worth noting.
Expert in Stealth
Joker's work as a Phantom Thief requires him to be stealthy, and he's good at it. He regularly infiltrates complex and well-guarded palaces without getting caught.
Joker is an incredibly sharp and observant person, capable of noticing the minute details of a person's behavior and reacting accordingly. He was able to deduce Akechi's status as a Persona user from a stray sentence, and can figure out the best way to talk to someone to get what he needs.
Raw Power & Versatility
Joker himself isn't too powerful, only having his weapons and his abilities as a normal human. Arsene boosts several powerful spells to help defend Joker, and Joker is the most combat capable of the Phantom Thieves.
Joker was only active as a Thief for a year, but in that time he's fought two different reality warping gods, as well as infiltrating several castles filled with a wide variety of monsters and magical beings.
Joker has a limited amount of training, including gun play from Shinya, acrobatics from Kasumi, and basic combat from Morgana, but most of his training has ultimately come from the field.
Joker's required to do a lot of athletics and gymnastics as a Phantom Thief, regularly engaging in parkour as he infiltrates a Palace. His grappling hook gives him an extra boost in this regard, allowing him to reach complicated places with ease.
Joker's an exceptionally good people person. He can flip his personality traits on a dime to match whoever he's talking with, and convincing multiple people to develop lifelong bonds with him in the span of ten conversationsa couple months. His intuition likewise allows him to figure out the best way to deal with someone in conversation.

Lessa Lessa
Accept your destiny.
— Rose

A fortune teller from Genoa, Rose foresaw Doomsday and discovered its originator, M. Bison. She attempted to kill him, but discovered later that he had survived her attack. She found herself targeted by Akuma, barely escaping with her life, and discovering that she had somehow acquired parts of M. Bison's soul. She tried to take on M. Bison once again, but the fight nearly killed her and she was rescued by Guy. When M. Bison was killed by Ryu, he utilized the link between them to make Rose his temporary host. She unknowingly allowed M. Bison to survive within her, taking an apprentice named Maggio under her until M. Bison left her body.

Years later, she learns that M. Bison had survived yet again and she enters the World Tournament to attempt to defeat him. In reading her cards, she learns of "The Fool", the one person capable of permanently defeating M. Bison. She vows to uncover the identity of the Fool and protect them until they're ready to fight M. Bison. She eventually discovers this to be Ryu, who she attempts to stop from taking on M. Bison alone. M. Bison ambushes Rose and absorbs his remaining memories and power from her, leaving her to die afterwards. Rose is rescued by Guy, who allows M. Bison to escape in exchange for her safety.

She's a Street Fighter character; not a lot to say about her
You do not deserve those gifts. The day of reckoning is here!
— Rose
Rose's fighting style revolves around her usage of Soul Power, the antithesis to Psycho Power. The Soul Power is a power that changes mental power into physical power. It is the same kind of power as ki. Channeling energy through objects makes them weapons from which the user can release concentrated energy, zap opponents, and in Rose's case, project temporary copies of herself. Rose has been shown to utilize Soul Energy with her scarf. Rose also has the ability to neutralize projectiles that come at her, absorbing and then reflecting them back at attackers. What Soul Power lacks in knockback, it makes up for in how it allows Rose to control the pace and distance of a fight.

No matter how many times I attempt to read the future, the answer is always the same...I may be able to stop him temporarily, but I simply cannot destroy him, for I hold the same power inside me that Bison has.
— Rose
Given the nature of Rose's Soul Power, she always maintains a calm and collected facade. She rarely allows herself to act on her emotions, and always tends to try to think through a problem.
Rose has a gifted intelligence, knowledgeable in multiple subjects and has a penchant for long-term planning. She tends to view herself as a teacher, possessing a bit of an arrogant persona when fighting.
Tarot Reading
Rose is skilled at divination and reading tarot cards.
Raw Power & Versatility
Rose's Soul Power is a powerful magic, capable of harming beings like M. Bison, Ryu, and Akuma without difficulty. It is also a versatile one, offering mobility and defensive powers in addition to its offensive abilities. The one flaw of Soul Magic is that each individual attack doesn't do a lot of damage, with Rose relying on overwhelming or outmaneuvering opponents who can tank it.
Rose has been in a supporting role in stopping M. Bison, aiding and training Ryu. She has also entered the World Warrior tournament, fighting a large cast of powerful characters in her travels.
Rose is well-trained in the usage of her magic, having been taught by the same mentor who taught M. Bison to use Psycho Power, and has spent much of her time since honing her magic.
Rose incorporates acrobatic and flowing moves in her combat style, making her an agile and nimble fighter. In terms of actual mobility, she is not more or less fast than an average human woman.
Rose is a serene and mature person, a natural mentor to more rash figures like Ryu and Guy. She earns respect through her intelligence and grace, and uses it well enough to garner a series of apprentices and allies in her mission to stop M. Bison.


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The game is capture the flag. The fight will take place in a large, unoccupied industrial complex, with several buildings. Each of the warriors are spread out from each other. The warriors are playing in a lethal game of capture flag. There is a backpack that has been hidden and must be obtained by the warriors. The backpack must be protected and on one's person by the time their clock expires. Every warrior has a tracker of the backpack that will be activated when it is first obtained. The tracker will update every minute. Each warrior has a clock of half an hour. Their clock starts when they get possession of the backpack, and stops if they lose possession of it. The first warrior to have their clock expire will win the match.

  • Winner
    • Maintain the possession of the backpack when their personal timer runs out.
  • Second Place
    • All remaining warriors tie for second place when a winner is achieved.
  • 3-6 Place
    • A warrior who dies will take the lowest available place.

  • Delsin Rowe - After the events of inFAMOUS: Second Son
  • John Constantine - After the events of DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5
  • Vivienne - After Dragon Age: Inquisition - Trespasser
  • Vanya Hargreeves - After the events of Umbrella Academy Season 2
  • Sub-Zero - After the events of Mortal Kombat 11
  • Jakita Wagner - After the events of Planetary
  • Joker - After Persona 5 Strikers
  • Rose - After the events of Street Fighter IV


Part I

Awakened by the distinctive pounding in his temples that only came with a hangover, John Constantine groggily opened his eyes. What the hell happened... he thought to himself, reaching for his pockets. He let out a sigh of relief as he felt his pack of cigarettes, and put one in his mouth as observed his surroundings. He found himself in what appeared to be, of all things, a shopping mall's playpen. Sitting up, he noticed he had been lying on a bench, his coat neatly folded as a pillow.

"Well bollocks," Constantine mutters, picking it up and standing. Looking around at the abandoned shops, he found what he was looking for - an exit, a helpful red neon light showing the way. Alright, last night I was at the pub, he thought as he left. Me and...and...

Constantine cursed as he entered an empty garage, feeling the lingering effects of magic as his short-term memories vanished. In their place, his mind exploded as information flowed inside. "Sod off you bastards!" he yelled at the roof, sprinting down the garage. "I ain't playing your twisted game, whatever it is with this backpack nonsense!"

He reaches the bottom floor, shoving open the door expecting a city street or the outside world. In its place, a simple concrete room with only two exits; the door behind him, and a glass door leading into a sky bridge. As Constantine carefully steps into the glass tunnel, he sighs once again as he looked below; nothing but clouds miles beneath him, likely with more miles than that between him and the ground.

"Bloody hell."

Jakita angrily raises her hand to her eyes, finding herself in a construction yard. She looks around, spotting the open sky above and around her, and crosses her arms in annoyance. "Wait till the old man hears about this..."

Taking a few cautious steps to the building's edge, she confirms her suspicion as she spots the clouds below. Looking around, she sees that her building seems to form a square, with three other similarly sized buildings composing the other corners, with multiple bridges connecting them. She turns back around, the faint smell of smog reaching her nose, before a man appears in front of her in a cloud of smoke.

"Sorry about to bump into you like that. Little bit lost," Delsin says, looking over Jakita. "That being said, kind of happy I did. Really digging the whole latex tough girl act that's going on here."

"I don't take too well to unwanted ogling," she replies, just as both receive their instructions mentally. "Especially from wannabe competitors."

"Nothing wannabe about me," Delsin answers, putting his hand to his chest. "This is 100% genuine Delsin, the real deal." Jakita smirks, before slamming her foot into the ground and sending shards of the concrete beneath them into the air. She quickly punches them, launching them as projectiles as she dashes forward.

"If you're the real deal, then no worries about holding back."

Delsin easily avoids her, dashing into a cloud of smoke and reappearing behind her. "Much as I'd love whatever kind of up-close and personal lesson you could give me, I'm gonna be a bit too busy winning. Maybe I'll see you around, Herr Hottie." He shoots a smoke blast, sending Jakita into a fit of coughs as it slams into her face, before spotting a smoke vent. He dashes towards it, fleeing the scene.

Taking a deep breath to get control of herself, Jakita wipes the tears from her eyes as the smoke clears. She watches as her breath comes out in a chilly wisp, the telltale sign of the temperature dropping. "Elijah, I don't know what the plan is but-" she says, turning to see a spike of ice approach her. Reacting in an instant, she throws her fist, shattering the ice with ease, and sees her new attacker.

"I do not know who this Elijah is," Sub-Zero calls, taking a fighting pose, "But I will accept your challenge where that boy did not."

Jakita mumbles to herself, looking around the rooftop construction zone for an exit or a weapon. "Just what I need getting in my way. Ice ninjas." She looks at a pile of metal beams, picking one up and hefting in one arm like a javelin. She throws it at him as she charges, remarking a quick "I hate when it's ninjas." as she barrels towards him.

Rose blinks twice, taking a deep breath to calm herself as she suddenly finds herself in an office complex, with rows of cubicles obscuring her immediate view. As the flood of information comes through her mind, she laxly pulls out her tarot cards. A bit of divination would be helpful in a situation strange as this, after all.

She shuffles the deck, and muffles a yelp of surprise as an unfamiliar image shows on the first card she draws. The picture shows herself, with her long yellow scarf draped as a circle and cards in her hand. "It seems the cards are feeling more literal today," she says, registering the familiar imagery of the Fortune card.

The surprise turns to confusion at the next image, a young boy in a black coat, striking the familiar pose of the Fool with a satchel in place of burlap sack. As if on cue, she hears faint steps above her and stands, taking a defensive but not outwardly aggressive pose. "You may reveal yourself, young one. I do not intend to harm you."

Joker, who had been quietly crawling above in the vents, slips out and onto the ground below "Last time an eccentric with cards told me something like that, it didn't end well," he replied, cautiously approaching Rose. "I assume you've been given the same instructions as me?"

"On the surface, at least," she says, gesturing to the cards. "Fate seems like it would have different plans for me, Fool." She draws one, with the image of a woman in white standing in pain. Rose and Joker look at each other in confusion, before the former looks closer. Behind the woman were thunderstorms, fire, and meteors; the tell-tale destruction of the Tower.

Vanya throws herself up with a start, letting out a scream as she awakens from a nightmare. Wiping the cold sweat from her forehead, Vanya cautiously looks around the hotel bedroom she's found herself in. She stands and leaves the room, finding herself in a hallway. "Hello! Anyone there?" She yells, silence being her only response.

After briefly exploring her floor, she takes the elevator down to the hotel lobby. As she arrives, a pulsing pain goes through her head as her instructions come through. "What the hell..." she mutters as the doors open, revealing a grand room, with a fountain, chandeliers, and the other decorations of splendor.

And not a single other soul. Taking a cautious step out, Vanya looks at what appears to be a receptionist's desk, where a white backpack sat openly displayed.

She immediately runs over to it, looking inside in confusion at its emptiness. "Oy, squire, why don't you hand 'at over nice and slow," a voice tells her, and Vanya turns to see Constantine, leaning against a pillar with cigarette in mouth. He raises his hands in a non-threatening posture. "Ain't no need to get to skittish."

Vanya only narrows her eyes, putting the backpack on. "Why should I trust you? I was told that you had to get the backpack too."

Constantine shrugs, raising his wrist to show her a watch, which in turn displays a bright blue holomap with a distinctive red dot beeping. She yelps as she feels something wrap around her wrist, a similar watch suddenly placed there. "See this little dot? My guess is that now that you've got that bag, everyone else is gonna be making their way here real quick." He starts to walk to her, only to stop as she glow white. Even if it wasn't magic, he could feel the power, and he backs away.

"No need to get antsy love," he says, raises his hands. "Now, way I figure is that you don't look too keen to fighting. I don't mind getting my hands dirty, so I figure you give me the bag and we be on our merry way."

Vanya pauses, thinking it over, only for a solid wall of ice to go between her and Constantine. "I don't think we'll be having that, good man," Vivienne states, regally walking towards Vanya, staff in hand. The mage raises an eyebrow in confusion as her spell melts to a puddle, Constantine grinning with a lit cigarette in his mouth.

"Gonna have to use a little bit more than a sculpture to stop me." Constantine says, opening his hands to conjure a pair of fireballs. He tosses them at Vivienne, who slams her staff into the ground. A magical aura overcomes her, the fireballs fizzling against the barrier, before she waves her hand. Ice begins to surround Constantine, freezing him in place.

"Now," Vivienne says, a magical blade forming in her hand. She waves the staff in her hand, and a barrage of magic flies towards Vanya, slamming into her chest. "I'm only going to ask once, dear - Give me that bag."

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