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Shuffling the last of her morning deliveries in her hands, Annabeth Chase exits the main elevator of Ice-T Puppy Incorporated onto the third floor. She walks through a pair of glass doors, where the sign "District Reassignments" stood in crisp black letters. Inside, a young man looks up from a sketchbook and sees Annabeth enter.

"Good morning, Annabeth-san," Yusuke says, putting down his pencil. "I take it you have more work for us."

"You know it Yusuke. Appel's on one of his rampages again," she says, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"As if Cfp is any better."

Annabeth tellingly looks down at her tablet to avoid his gaze, letting the remark hang as she hands him the papers. "Me and Percy are going out to Haru's cafe for my lunch, care to join us?"

"I can't; I have a shift at LaBeau's right after this, so I must humbly decline. Thank you for the invitation, however."

She shrugs and says good-bye, returning to the elevator. After a few brief seconds, she arrives at the top floor. She sets down her tablet on her desk, but a chime rings before she can take her seat. Sighing in frustration, Annabeth puts on a fake smile and enters Cfp's office. He stands looking intently at a monitor, a half empty beer bottle in his hand.

"One of these days getting drunk on the job is gonna bite you in the ass," she remarks, taking a seat. He chuckles, reaching into his desk and pulling out two folders.

"Good news or bad news?"

Annabeth straightened up at that, narrowing her eyes. "Something tells me I'm not gonna like either."

"Bad news it is." Cfp hands Annabeth the first folder. "As of now, you are officially homeless. Take that to Eviction and have them process it immediately."

"Gods, are you serious?"

"Time for the good news; it's only gonna be for a couple hours," he replies, handing her the second folder. "Bring that challenge to the Review Board and then take your lunch break. When you're done, take Percy with you to the arena. You two've got a fight."

"Oh how charitable of you," Annabeth grumbles, collecting the paperwork. "Since you're so nice to me, I'll return the favor. The Governor's having another one of his charity dinners and you're invited."

Cfp groans and rubs his mask, eliciting a chuckle from Annabeth. "Shit, I forgot. Who am I sitting by again?"

"PM Laquearius and Appelmonkey. Hope you've brushed up on your erotic cartoons, boss."

Annabeth flips Cfp the finger and goes to her duties, leaving the user on his own. He looks out the window, chugging the rest of his drink in one begrudging chug. "Well, fuck."

Team Demigod

Percy Jackson PJO.jpg
Look, I didn't want to be a half-blood.
— Percy Jackson

Originally a normal teenager from New York City, Percy Jackson spent most of his youth bouncing from school to school. When he was 11 years old, Percy discovered he was a demigod, and his father was the Greek god of the sea Poseidon. Percy traveled to Camp Half-Blood, a training camp for demigods, where he learned he was of the Great Prophecy which foresaw the salvation or destruction of Olympus. Percy spent the next five years fighting against the forces of Kronos, going on quests to try to halt the Titan's plans. The war culminated in the Battle for Manhattan, where Percy and his friends fought Kronos in Mount Olympus' modern incarnation, the Empire State Building. They were ultimately defeated by the Titan, but were saved when Percy gave Annabeth's dagger to Luke Castellan, Kronos' mortal host, who killed himself and returned Kronos to Tartarus. Percy and Annabeth start dating, only to learn of a new prophecy that they hope will not involve them.

A few months later, Percy has his memory wiped by the goddess Hera/Juno and is sent to Camp Jupiter to prepare the two camps for Gaea's awakening. He is assigned to the Fifth Cohort, where he meets Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque, and the trio travel to Alaska to free Thanatos, who has been imprisoned to ensure nothing dies. Percy's memory returns and Annabeth, along with three other Greek demigods, arrive at Camp Jupiter. The seven demigods go on a quest to Greece, but Percy and Annabeth are sent into the depths of Tartarus during a sidequest to recover the Athena Parthenos. Percy and Annabeth barely escape, closing the Doors of Death on their way out, and join the rest of the demigods on their quest to Greece. They fail, but the group manages to stop Gaea back at Camp Half-Blood due to the (apparent) sacrifice from their friend Leo Valdez.


  • Riptide: Riptide, also known in its original Greek name Anaklusmos, is a Celestial Bronze sword that is Percy's primary weapon. It is usually kept as a ballpoint pen when not in use and will always return to the user's pocket. When uncapped, it becomes a 3 foot tall double-edged sword and causes the fear of most monsters around it. As it is Celestial Bronze, Riptide cannot hurt humans.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Demigod Physiology: As a child of the Big Three, Percy Jackson is one of, if not the single, most powerful demigod currently alive. His physical abilities surpass both humans and most demigods, including his strength, reflexes, durability, and agility. He is strong enough to fully lift himself and the weight of Annabeth just by the tips of his fingers, fast enough to reflect semi-automatic gunfire and slice through a volley of arrows, and agile enough to climb giants and Minotaurs with ease. His durability as a demigod allows him to survive otherwise fatal wounds, including taking several hits from divine beings like Kronos, Ares, and Atlas. When helped by his water healing, Percy has additionally survived volcanic explosions, fatal poisons, and several story falls.
  • Hydrokinesis: Percy has a nearly limitless control of water, making him a dangerous opponent. He can create water constructs such as shields or spears, as well as hurricanes around himself that he can control. The closer water is to his vicinity, the easier it is for him to use it. If he concentrates enough, Percy can also create his own water from the air and ground, although such an ability drains him and he prefers to use water already present and available. Percy is also empowered by the presence of water; when in physical contact with a body of water, Percy's physical attributes and natural skills increase to incredible levels, to the degree that he was able to compete with Ares in a sword duel despite having only been trained for a few days at most. Finally, Percy can heal when in contact with water; the more grievous the wound, the longer and more water is required, but otherwise he has been able to recover from every kind of wound imaginable.
  • Master Swordsman: Percy is a naturally skilled swordsman, and over the last six years he has become a master fighter. Even without his water empowerment, Percy has outfought far more experienced or more powerful opponents off of his skill alone including a recently resurrected Kronos, his swordsmanship mentor Luke Castellan, and the giant Polyphemus. He has outfought groups of opponents as well; only having trained for a months, Percy trained by fighting dozens of demigod campers at once, and could effortlessly defeat an entire horde of monsters of varying species and a horde of ghosts.
  • Skilled Improviser: Although Percy is not incredibly strategic, he is skilled at improvising and developing efficient plans in the heat of the moment. He constantly relies on tricking or distracting opponents more powerful than him to find a weakness to exploit.

I'm nobody's sidekick.
— Annabeth Chase

The daughter of the goddess Athena and architect Frederick Chase, Annabeth Chase was raised by her loving father and spiteful stepmother. As a demigod, Annabeth attracted the attention of monsters, which further grew the divide between her family. She eventually ran away, traveling across the country to the East Coast. She eventually met Thalia Grace, a daughter of Zeus, and Luke Castellan, a son of Hermes. The trio made it to Camp Half-Blood, a training summer camp for Greek demigods, where Annabeth grew an unrequited crush on Luke and was one of the few people to stay the whole year. While at Camp Half-Blood, she met Percy Jackson, quickly becoming friends with the son of Poseidon and going on a number of quests with him. On one such quest, Annabeth went into the Labyrinth and met Daedalus, who gave her his laptop full of his knowledge. In the Battle of Olympus, Annabeth gave her dagger to Luke, who had betrayed the demigods and become a host for Kronos, so he could kill himself. Annabeth and Percy become a couple, learning of a new prophecy that they hope doesn't involve them.

The prophecy does, and Percy goes missing. Annabeth spends her time trying to find Percy, and discovers from Jason Grace that he has likely been taken to Camp Jupiter, Camp Half-Blood's Roman equivalent. She joins three other demigods and travels to Camp Jupiter, reuniting with Percy and two more demigods. The seven demigods then venture to the Mediterranean to stop Gaea from waking up, but she finds herself on a quest to fight Athena's mortal enemy Arachne. Annabeth and Percy defeat her, but they end up falling into Tartarus. The two barely escape with their lives, and rejoin the rest of the demigods in Greece. They fail, but the group manages to stop Gaea back at Camp Half-Blood due to the (apparent) sacrifice from their friend Leo Valdez.


  • Invisibility Cap: Annabeth's most iconic piece of equipment is her invisibility cap. Seemingly a normal Yankee's baseball cap, when anyone wears the cap they will turn invisible. Any item the wearer is holding and their clothing also turns invisible. Exceptionally powerful magic users like Setne were capable of seeing through the magic, but even minor gods have been tricked by the cap.
  • Celestial Bronze Dagger: Annabeth's primary weapon is a celestial bronze dagger. As it is celestial bronze, the dagger cannot hurt humans.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Superhuman Physicality: As a demigod, Annabeth is stronger, faster, and more durable than a normal human. She could vault over giants with ease, survive falls from great heights, and survive otherwise fatal stabbings long enough to be healed by a doctor.
  • Weapons Expert: As a daughter of Athena, Annabeth has an instinctive ability on how to utilize any weapon proficiently. This is boosted by Annabeth's having trained since the age of 7, having spent the last decade of her life honing her skills both in practice and in the field. Annabeth prefers fighting with her knife, but she's also a capable swordswoman and archer when pushed.
  • Expert Strategist: Annabeth is an incredibly skill strategist, managing to organize a skillful defense of the entirety of Manhattan with only forty demigods, a dozen or so robots, and some centaurs against an army of monsters in the hundreds. She also organized the successful defense of Camp Half-Blood despite the camp having been ambushed.
  • Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Although she prefers to fight with weapons, Annabeth is also a skilled hand-to-hand fighter. She could disarm and outfight monsters while unarmed.

Team Titans

Raven White Profile.jpg
I know all about your grandfather, he was a demon, and believe me...I know my demons.
— Raven

Conceived by the demon Trigon and one of his cultists, Raven was adopted by a group of monks in the distant realm of Azarath. As she grew up, Raven sought to learn more about her father and accidentally summoned Trigon, who slaughtered the monks and killed her mother. Raven was kidnapped by Trigon, where she learned of his plan to conquer Earth. Raven managed to trap her father in a crystal and fled to Earth, where she was taken in by the Teen Titans. While with the Teen Titans, she grew a close friendship with team member Damian Wayne after the duo worked together to stop Trigon and Ra's al Ghul from surfacing on Earth.

During the Justice League's invasion of Apokoplips, Raven was with the Teen Titans defending Earth. She and the rest of the Titans were overwhelmed by Paradooms, where only she, Damian, and Superboy survived. Two years later, Raven works with a powerless Superman to locate John Constantine and Etrigan. Raven reunites with Damian, where they admit their feelings for each other. On Apokolips, Raven releases her father Trigon to fight Darkseid while she and the living heroes escape. Back on a dying Earth, Raven and Damian finally kiss for the first time before Flash resets the timeline.

Powers & Abilities:

  • Telekinesis: Raven can control and move things with her mind, manifesting this with dark purple or black beams to connect her to them. She can create shields strong enough to withstand blows from Starfire and Paradooms, and gigantic constructs that protect her and act as an offensive move. She can also use her telekinesis to fly. Her primary offense is to create telekinetic bolts of energy, with these blasts' strength being controlled by Raven. They're strong enough to kill down Paradooms with ease.
  • Telepathy: Raven can use her powers to read minds and communicate to others mentally. She has used this to go through someone's memories, hypnotize weak willed people, and even heal people by forcing their body to heal itself.
  • Teleportation: Raven can use her magic to envelop herself and others in large purple portals, which can be used to teleport them to different locations.
  • Skilled Sorceress: Raven is a skilled sorceress, and she can easily learn and use magic she doesn't innately known. One of her most common spells is "Azarath Metrion Zinthos", which provides a brief but powerful boost to her powers in a pinch.
  • Demon Sensing: Raven can sense incoming demonic beings. This isn't really important, just saying for the sake of avoiding a VC.

Robin Page Profile.png
I'm not sloppy, I'm uninterested. I don't need to be trained by some circus clown. My grandfather taught me everything I need to know about personal combat.
— Robin

The son of Batman and Talia al Ghul, Robin is a vigilante superhero and leader of the League of Assassins. Raised in the League, Damian was taught by his grandfather Ra's al Ghul how to be a master in combat and fighting, as well as the League's fanatical code. Damian's training was cut short when former member of the League Deathstroke killed Ra's and took over the League, and Damian was taken to his father to continue his training. Chaffing under Batman's moral code, Damian nevertheless takes over the title of Robin and works with Batman to stop Deathstroke and eventually his own mother. Briefly retiring to discover his own identity, Robin is brought back to Gotham and joins the Teen Titans.

After the Justice League's failed invasion of Apokolips, Robin and the rest of the Titans have to defend Earth from the Paradooms. Robin, Raven, and Superboy are the only survivors of the attack, and Robin rejoins the League of Assassins to try to revive his brother Dick Grayson. Years later, Robin is reunited with Raven when she and Superman form a plan to try to kill Darkseid again. Robin joins them, forming a successful infiltration plan to get onto Apokolips thanks to help from Lex Luthor and the Suicide Squad. While on Apokolips, Robin is nearly killed by Darkseid after getting beaten by a mind-controlled Batman. Raven brings him back to life, and the couple return to Earth with the surviving heroes. He and Raven finally share their first kiss before Flash resets the timeline.


  • Katana: In preparation for their infiltration of Apokolips, Robin begins using a Kryptonite Katana.
  • Batarangs: Robin uses batarangs, razor sharp throwing projectiles that could pierce kevlar and cut through skin with ease.
  • Grappel Gun: Robin makes heavy usage of a grappel gun in order to move around the battlefield.


  • Peak Human Physicality: Robin has honed his body into a weapon, pushing himself to the maximum of what humans can do. Even as a preteen, Robin was able to knock out fully grown adults in a single blow or perform complex parkour around a battlefield. As an adult, he's capable of fighting toe-to-toe with the powerful Paradooms and even a depowered Superman with ease.
  • Master Assassin: Robin has spent his entire lifetime training his skills to be the perfect warrior. He's a master hand-to-hand fighter, capable of outfighting any who have attacked him with sole exception to Batman, even standing up to a cyborg Wonder Woman before Etrigan took over. He is skilled in stealth, capable of infiltrating Wayne Enterprise and Deathstroke's stronghold without being detected, as well as planting trackers on his teammates without their noticing. He is masterful with all sorts of weapons, from guns to knives, but he prefers to use a sword. Finally he is a skilled strategist, masterminding the plan to infiltrate Apokolips.


X-Factor - Percy Jackson / Raven

Experience - 85 / 80

Percy Jackson's spent the better part of his life fighting monsters and thwarting the plans of deities. He's faced a wide variety of foes, from nameless demigods and regular monsters to some of the most fierce monsters in existence like Medusa and the Chimera. This doesn't even count his fights against beings like Kronos, Polybotes, and the wraths of Tartarus. Raven has likewise gone up against a wide variety of foes, including terrorists, criminals, cultists, robots, and the Paradooms. She's faced a fair share of supervillains like Deathstroke and her father Trigon, but that's usually been with her fellow Teen Titans and not truly alone.

Training - 70 / 75

Percy has had a good amount of training, although he's got the luxury of innate talent that has impeded his need to. He received fundamentals training from Luke Castellan, and he practices often in his downtime in Camp Half-Blood, but the downside of being a YA protagonist means he doesn't ever show the drive or need to learn beyond his talents. Raven spent much of her childhood studying magic and learning the nature of her powers, both under the watchful eye of the monks of Azaroth and in her own spare time. She also trains often with her fellow Teen Titans, learning combat exercises from skilled fighters like Starfire and Nightwing over the years.

Creativity - 85 / 80

The circumstantial nature of Percy's powers have led him to adopting some truly unique solutions to problems. He's a skilled improviser and often has to think on his feet, usually getting the job done. Raven's powers are likewise a bit limited on paper, which gives her the chance to get creative with how she uses them. This is further helped (or hindered) by the fact that she spends most of her time holding back her father, meaning she can't always push herself to her actual limits. (This isn't a problem since this is post-Apokolips, but still worth noting).

X-Factor - Annabeth Chase / Robin

Experience - 80 / 90

Annabeth's been involved in the biggest conflicts of the modern demigod era, either as a major player or as part of a larger group. She's been on numerous quests, from trekking across the United States, sailing around the Bermuda Triangle, fighting in the Battle of Manhattan, and the war against the gigantes. Robin's spent almost his entire adult life in conflict, starting his superhero career at the age of 10 and fighting a wide variety of foes since. He's gone up against multiple assassin cults, supervillains, criminals, and even some extraterrestrial and magical enemies.

Training - 80 / 100

Annabeth arrived at Camp Half-Blood at a young age, and has spent most of her time training. She lives at Camp Half-Blood year round, and thus gets ample time to practice with weapons and getting more one-on-one tutelage from Chiron. Robin's been trained by some of the greatest fighters and assassins in the world; he's been training under Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins since he was a baby, and continues his training under Batman, Talon, Nightwing, and Starfire.

Creativity - 70 / 70

Annabeth's a smart strategist and tactician, but she's somewhat limited by her logical thought processes. She thinks through a problem and goes for the clearest, most seemingly effective path. This usually means she's well-prepared and is usually right, but she relies on Percy when it comes to out of the box thinking or improvising on the spot. Robin's an incredibly stubborn person, rarely taking in perspectives outside what he thinks is the right move to make. He also happens to be a skilled strategist and tacticians, which usually makes this gut instinct right, but also leads him into scenarios that many could've seen coming.

X-Factor - Team Demigod / Team Titans

Teamwork - 95 / 90

Percy and Annabeth have grown incredibly close over the years, and barely even need to communicate when it comes to working together. They trust and respect each other, and allow each others' talents to compliment each other in a fight. Raven and Robin's relationship grew steadily over the years, and have gotten to the point that they are open and trusting of each other. Their relationship is slightly newer and the vast difference in their powers makes working "together" harder, but in terms of relationship dynamics they're a well-oiled machine.

Team Experience - 100 / 70

Percy and Annabeth have undergone incredible challenge and turmoil over the years, growing and learning together. With exception to when they were forcibly separated, Percy and Annabeth have been on every adventure together. This includes going to Tartarus by themselves, relying almost exclusively on each other to escape. Raven and Robin have spent time together on the Teen Titans, but that was a much smaller period of time of a couple years at most. They separated for almost two years after the Justice League's failed invasion, and only reunited for what was barely a few days before the universe was reset.

Synergy - 75 / 75

Percy and Annabeth get along extremely well in terms of team dynamic synergy, but when it comes to combat itself they're limited by Annabeth's lack of actual powers. They rely almost exclusively on Percy when it comes to fighting truly powerful threats, with Annabeth taking a backseat role to outthink their opponents while Percy goes in for the fighting. Raven and Robin face a similar problem, where she has a much greater powerset than Robin, who's ultimately just human. They rarely need to work together in the field, with each often taking out scores of opponents by themselves and only really coming together against tougher opponents.

Independence - 70 / 90

Percy and Annabeth are seriously hampered in this aspect; Annabeth doesn't have powers, and has to rely on her smarts to outfight a problem if she can't take it down in hand-to-hand combat. Percy does well by himself, but he also prioritizes Annabeth to such an extent it can blind him if she ends up in harms way. Raven and Robin are both incredibly capable by themselves; Raven's a magic demon who can create powerful constructs out of thin air, while Robin's a master assassin capable of outfighting metahumans as powerful as a mind-controlled Flash or Blue Beetle without too much difficulty.


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  • The respective timeframes are:
    • Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase - After the Heroes of Olympus series
    • Raven and Robin - Justice League Dark - Apokolips War just before Flash resets the timeline

The two couples find themselves in an abandoned city. The city's sewer is several miles below them, so Percy could access that water but it would be more exhaustive due to the distance. There are water towers and rivers running through the city but not in the area Percy and Annabeth immediately spawn. Water that could be found in abandoned buildings, like water fountains or pipes in buildings, are also present if Percy decides to use them.
As Raven is half-demon, Percy and Annabeth's weapons will harm her. Robin is human, so he cannot be harmed by their weapons. No one will know these things at the beginning.
Raven does not possess Trigon, so she will be able to unleash the full extent of her powers if she wishes.
The first couple to fall wins. This means that only one warrior in the couple has to win for them both to.


A bright flashing light overcomes Raven's mind, causing her to open her eyes with a start. She found herself on a park bench, with the sun warmly greeting her face and a firm hand on hers. She looks beside her, where Damian Wayne opens his eyes with a similar look of confusion, only to quickly resume his brooding frown.

"Where are we?" she asks aloud, looking around. "Barry, what did you do..."

"If I were to guess, this is part of him resetting the timeline. Again." Damian replies curtly, keeping her hand in his as he stands. " you hear that?"

Raven strains to listen, before shaking her head. "Exactly." Damian pulls out a small computer-like device from his utility belt, only to growl at its blank screen. "There's nothing. Strange; whoever put us here didn't bother to take my weapons. Not that I'd need them."

"How humble of you." Raven closes her eyes, mediating briefly as she collected her aura. "My powers seem to be working as well."

"Can you try to bring us back to Titans Tower?"

She nods, casting a dark purple portal beneath their feet. The portal envelops them, and the couple sinks into the ground, the portal closing behind them.

Percy Jackson couldn't tell if he wanted to go to town on the nearest, most punchable item he could find or crawl into a corner to hide. A growling in his stomach soon made him realize the answer was neither, eliciting a laugh from Annabeth Chase, who had been the first to shake off the initial shock of their new environment.

"Gods, I am going to kill Hera if I see her again," she says, offering a hand to Percy. He takes it, instinctively putting his hand to his jean pockets. He sighs in relief, the comfortable shape of Riptide meeting his grip..

"What's your plan, Seaweed Brain?"

"I had hoped you'd figured it out by now," he helpfully suggests, keeping his hands in his pockets. He looks around, finding themselves in a seemingly abandoned cafe, the lights ominously shuttering as if it were a horror movie. Not a good one, either. Like a Saw rip-off.

"Earth to Percy? Hello?"

Percy looks at Annabeth, who had already taken to looking behind the counter of the cafe. "Little help finding some supplies would be nice."

"Sorry. If I had a dollar for every time I woke up somewhere I didn't recognize, I'd have two dollars. Which isn't a-"

Before he can continue his reference, a large black portal forms in front of them. Percy heroically yelps over the counter to join Annabeth, waiting to see what formed to greet them.

Rising out of the black portal, Raven and Robin found themselves in abandoned restaurant. Robin clicked his tongue in annoyance, but before he could act out in anger Raven's hand went up. "We're not alone, Robin." He nods, drawing his sword and straining to listen for movement. He hears the light scuffling of crawling, and points in Percy and Annabeth's direction.

Raven floats into the air and sends a bolt of magic at the counter, throwing debris and a surprised demigod in different directions. Percy hastily pulls the cap off of Riptide, the sword flashing and briefly illuminating the dark room. Raven covers her eyes as Robin charges forward, throwing a batarang to distract his enemy. Percy easily deflects it with his sword, before parrying a thrust from Robin. Robin follows up with a swift kick, but Percy raises his spare arm in time to grab his leg and throw him at Raven. The two superheroes collapse into each other, with Raven the first to stir.

"Percy, focus on the girl. Judging by that purple beam she shot at us, she's the powerhouse," Annabeth whispered, invisibility cap on. Percy nods, focusing his powers into the pipes of the building. After a brief moment of hesitation, the ceiling sprinklers burst open, filling the room with water.

Raven quickly raises a shield as Percy summons a large column of water, blasting her away from Robin and out the cafe's street window. Percy forms a small cyclone of water, following her outside. The Boy Wonder readies another batarang to retaliate, only for a invisible force to pound into the side of his head. Staggering, Robin swings his sword in the direction of the attack, hearing the satisfying clash of metal hitting metal as Annabeth deflects it with her knife. Robin turns, trying to locate his invisible attacker, and sees a barely perceptible shape moving, the falling water exposing Annabeth.

He feints a thrust, missing the shape, before swinging his feet low and knocking Annabeth off of her feet. Her cap falling off of her body and rendering her visible, Annabeth hastily rolls to the side to avoid being skewered by Robin. She rises, holding her dagger out, and Robin smiles as he takes a fighting stance.

Outside, Raven takes to the sky as Percy emerges to meet her. She throws several telekinetic bolts at him, with the demigod avoiding all of them. Painfully aware of the lack of water outside, Percy uses the cyclone to rise up to the building's roof. The demigod breaks into a sprint, looking for any way to bring Raven down to his level. Raven forms a large construct of a raven, and the shadowy beast hurls itself at Percy. It slams into him, and breaks through the floor to take him back inside. The sprinklers let out one final burst to rejuvenate Percy before depleting the building's water supply.

As Percy shrugs off his harsh landing, Robin feints an overhead swing, allowing Annabeth to move in the gap and try to take advantage of her knife's small size. He holds his sword in one hand and uses his free hand to slam his elbow down onto Annabeth's neck. She falls down, only to receive a swift knee to her gut to catch her. She staggers to stand up, using the last of her energy to do a backflip and avoid fatal slash from Robin's sword.

"Get away from her you little shit!"

Robin barely has time to grasp how fast Percy moves, the demigod tackling him to the ground. He tries to slam the pommel of Riptide onto Robin's face, but the Teen Titan just grabs it with both hands and twists, forcing Percy to roll away to avoid having his sword thrown from him. The two boys stand, with Robin giving a battle cry as he and Percy's swords connect.

Percy's strength easily wins out, shoving Robin away and assailing him with a flurry of strikes. Finding himself outmatched for the first time, Robin grunts in frustration as he barely blocks each swing of Percy's sword. Percy swings his sword up in an underhanded slash, which Robin tries to block, only for Percy to retract his blade the moment they connect and change into an overhead strike, knocking the katana out of Robin's hands.

"I'm gonna give you one chance to back down," Percy threatened, jamming the point at Robin's chest. A solid black wall forms between them, giving Robin time to use his grapple gun to gain some distance. Raven levitates above Percy, eyes glowing with purple energy, before grabbing Percy with a telekinetic hand. She grabs him and throws him out of the building, and he sails through the air. Robin and Raven watch to see where he lands, with Robin grimacing as Percy slams into a water tower.

"We have to keep them isolated," Robin thinks to himself, allowing Raven into his mind. "Go keep him busy," he orders, turning around. "I'll apprehend the-" Robin's face falls as he sees the building empty, Annabeth and her cap long gone.

"Guess that's not an option anymore," Raven says, engulfing them both in purple energy. The two superheroes fly to where Percy landed, watching water slowly fall out of the human shaped hole. "Get ready..."

The tower explodes as Raven sets Robin on the ground, a large tsunami forming with Percy at its center. Cracking his neck and a serious scowl on his face, the demigod points his sword at Raven. A wave of water rises out of the tsunami, and Raven barely has time raise a shield before it slams into her. Robin attempts to move in, only for a watery tendril to form and wrap around him.

Percy takes a breath as he pauses to maintain the hurricane's shape, giving Raven enough time to levitate into the air. "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" Raven's entire body envelops into a purple energy, forming a large raven construct around her. The bird screeches, and she dives at Percy with all of her power. He responds by channeling more of his energy into the hurricane, transforming the small hurricane into a large, aquatic twister. The two slam into each other, causing black energy and gallons of water to fly into the air on impact.

Robin watches the battle in amazement as Raven and Percy duel, before hearing the unmistakable unsheathing of a knife. He feels something tug down, and turns to see Annabeth's knife plunged into his cape and the ground, pinning him in place. Robin pulls his cape and hears the fabric tear just before Annabeth's fist slams into his jaw. Taking her opponent by surprise, the invisible Annabeth delivers a quick jab to Robin's gut, causing him to exhale before a roundhouse kick to the temple knocks him out.

"Damian!" Raven yells, her construct temporarily breaking and exposing her. Percy takes the opportunity to funnel water into the gap, and wrapping up Raven in a sphere of water. The girl desperately tries to form a shield around her, but Percy spins the water to disorient her. Raven grabs her throat as she swallows water, before eventually slipping into unconsciousness. Percy finally relents, dropping the girl into a wet heap on the ground.

Annabeth removes her cap as Percy collects himself, shoving it in her back pocket. She goes over to Robin, picking up her knife and sheathing it. "Percy and Annabeth win once again," Percy says, a tired grin on his face. He raises his hands in victory, and puts one to his hear. "And the crowd goes wild!"

She shoves her boyfriend playfully, looking in concern at the two unconscious people before them. "What do we do about them?"

Percy shrugs. "Let's leave 'em be. From the looks of it, I don't think they know where we are either."

She nods, and they sit down, waiting for answers from their two new companions.


With Percy's arm around her shoulder, Annabeth Chase looks happily around at her new, slightly larger apartment. One of the perks of being Cfp's secretary, she had the best apartment she could design with the space she had. The kitchen was right by the entrance, and a living room accompanied by a large but compact drawing desk made up most of the interior. She raised her eyebrow at a second door by the bedroom, one she hadn't originally planned.

"That's strange..." she inquired aloud, walking through the apartment to check the hallway. "I don't remember Anton telling me about a double room-"

Percy smiles as Annabeth reads the letters of her new neighbor; P.J.. "I know we were going to share an apartment in New Rome," Percy explains, pulling out a key. "But this was the next-"

His words were cut off as Annabeth wrapped him in a hug, kissing him. He hugged back, clumsily reaching behind her to unlock the door. Before she can get a look, a familiar ringtone interrupted their moment. Annabeth groans and answers.

"Don't say I never do anything for you," Cfp curtly says before she picks up. "I need you to come in again. We have a policy debate coming up, and I need someone to brainstorm with."

"Fine, I'll be there soon," Annabeth says, with the call ending as thanks. "I gotta go. When I get back, I'll get a chance to meet my new neighbor." She winks at Percy as she leaves, and he continues to open the door.

"Real lovely lass you got there, Waterboy," a cockney voice answers in the darkness. Percy uncaps Riptide as a long, red knife forms. Pete Wisdom uses it to light a cigarette in his mouth, looking nonchalantly at the sword in his face.

"Oh gods, Pete, you scared me," Percy says, lowering the blade. Pete waves aside the apology as he stands from the table he'd been leaning on. "Can I get you something to drink? I've got...I don't know what I've got actually, just moved here."

Pete chuckles at the offer, removing the cigarette from his mouth and blowing a puff out. Percy nervously rubs the back of his head, clearly uncomfortable with the mutant in his apartment. "Pete, I gotta say I'm not comfortable with all this lying. Especially to Annabeth."

"It ain't nothin' to get your pants in a twist about, Percy." Pete reassures the young man, putting a firm hand on his back. " You know what it's like to have a bunch of all-powerful wankers playing with your life, yeah?" Percy nods, and Pete smiles for the first time in their conversation. "You don't even have to do too much. Just remember, any time your girl talks about good ole' Mr. Cfp, give me a ring. What she knows, you know, and what you know, I better bloody know."

Percy gulps and nods again, and Pete pulls out his sunglasses as he gets ready to leave. "'At's what I like to hear, mate."

Expert's Opinion

While Raven had more power at her disposal than Percy and Robin was a significantly better fighter than Annabeth, the Teen Titans were hurt by their lack of cohesion. Percy is an absolute powerhouse, capable of surviving Raven long enough to force them into a circumstance where he could use his hydrokinesis to its greatest potential, while Annabeth had the greater physicality and discipline to keep up with Robin. Where the demigods really took the lead was their teamwork; Percy and Annabeth have been fighting at each other's side as long as they can remember, and they've learned to compliment their partner's talents. Raven and Robin didn't have the team work or ability to isolate the demigods from each other, making them the losing couple in this bout.

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