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On a rainy morning, Morrigan takes a sip from her tea in her manor's dining room. She lifts her eyes briefly from her book at the sound of footsteps, seeing her husband enter the room. "Well well, what have we here?" she says, returning to her book. The Warden, holding a bowl of cereal in his hand, chuckles as he sits at the opposite end of the table.

"I guess that means your offer of hospitality is still open," he remarks as he takes his seat.

"I have a very large house," she replies, not taking her eyes from the book. "'Twould be a waste not to share it with someone."

"And we can't have that," The Warden furrow his eyebrows, a strange feeling touching him before passing just as quickly. "Have you considered the Council's offer?"

Morrigan raises her hand in a so-so fashion. "Forgiving a trite appeal to morality, Strange's investigation offers some interest. The astral plane sounds not unlike the eluvians or the Fade. It intrigues me, though I would never join that little boys club of theirs," she says with a laugh, looking up to see the Warden's face going blank.

Her coy smile quickly falls into a sad frown as she watches the Warden's personality slowly fades away. They'd had the luxury of the last two years undisrupted, but all things end eventually.

As the color returns to the Warden's eyes, he strikes up a more jovial smile and relaxed posture. At least it's the copycat who has taken hold, Morrigan thinks to herself. The Warden shakes his head, as if awakening from a dream, before looking at Morrigan. His smile turns into a frown, recognizing the same look of disappointment that Leliana had given him when they all had arrived to the city.

"Morrigan," he starts, before she stands. "The memories, the mannerisms, they may change. But remember; how I feel about you never will."

"I am aware," she says, her gaze turning steely. "You know me as he does; do not coddle me like a broken-hearted schoolgirl," He lets out a laugh at the remark, standing as well.

"You need not return to the shared house until.." Morrigan's facade briefly crumbles, before composing herself again. "You may stay here, in a guest room."

The Warden shakes his head, standing as well. "The only reason that I've changed is because I've got a battle. If Maker-" he stops himself too late, catching Morrigan just barely wince at yet another change forced upon him, "If the users are willing, they will return him to you once it is concluded."

With the awkward moment hanging between them, the Warden quickly leaves. Morrigan watches him from the door, a brief feeling of sadness being replaced with bitter anger. She walks back into her mansion briefly before exiting, drawing her purple hood over her head. If Strange's theories about this Farouk were true, the users would pay dearly for crossing them all.

The Dragonborn

Hero of the Nords I name you, Dragonborn, let none deny it.
— Galmar Stone-Fist

The Dragonborn is an Imperial warrior that lives in Skyrim, and the fabled Dovahkiin of legend. Captured in an Imperial Legion ambush, the Dovahkiin was mistaken for a member of Ulfric's Rebellion and set to be executed. Before he could be killed, the dragon Alduin returned to the world and attacked the fort. The Dovahkiin barely escaped with his life, and then travelled to the city of Whiterun to inform the jarl of the return of dragons. The Dovahkiin slayed a dragon that attacked Whiterun, and was officially summoned by the Greybeards to learn the ways of the Voice.

With the aid of the Greybeards and the mysterious faction known as the Blades, the Dovahkiin discovered a way to permanently destroy Alduin and save the world. He learns of an ancient Shout that can destroy Alduin, and temporarily slays the beast, who retreats to the afterlife Sovngarde. The Dovahkiin learns of a portal to Sovngarde, where he travels to the afterlife and meets the first slayers of Alduin. Together, the group manage to kill Alduin once again. The Dovahkiin returns to the mortal world, where he is hailed as a hero. He sides with the Imperials in their quest to reclaim Skyrim, as well as destroying the vampire clan of Lord Harkon and slaying the First Dragonborn Miraak.


  • Chillrend: Chillrend is a glass sword obtained when the Dragonborn snuck into the lair of the Thieves Guild's guildmaster Mercer Frey. In addition to being a sword, the weapon is enchanted to do ice damage to those it hits and has a chance to paralyze those hit by it for two seconds.
  • Nightingale Bow: An ebony bow gifted to the Dragonborn by Karliah, the Nightingale Bow is a magic longbow. The bow inflicts both frost and shock damage, as well as having the potential to freeze and shock the target. The Dragonborn mostly uses ebony arrows.
  • Daedric Armor: Daedric Armor is a set of ebony armor magically forged with the aid of daedra hearts. The Daedric Armor is plate armor with a helmet, greaves, gauntlets, boots, and cuirass, and makes the Dragonborn more intidimating. He has also enchanted the armor to increase his destruction magic and magic regeneration (cuirass), skill with one-handed weapons (boots), magic regeneration (helmet), and heavy armor effectiveness (gauntlets).


  • One-Handed: The Dovahkiin's primary offensive strategy is to get close and cut down an opponent, meaning he is skilled in the use of one-handed attacks. He has the following talents:
    • Armsman - Full
    • Fighting Stance
    • Bladesman - Full
    • Critical Charge
  • Heavy Armor: The Dovahkiin is trained in the usage of Heavy Armor, and thus has the following passives:
    • Juggernaut - Full
    • Fists of Steel
    • Well-Fitted
    • Tower of Strength
    • Matching Set
  • Archery: The Dovahkiin is a skilled archer, meaning he is skilled at archery. He has the following talents:
    • Overdraw - Full
    • Eagle Eye
    • Critical Shot - Full
    • Steady Hand - Full
  • Sneak: The Dovahkiin is a skilled sneaker, meaning he gains benefit from sneaking. He has the following talents:
    • Stealth - Rank 3
    • Muffled Movement
    • Backstab
    • Deadly Aim

  • Alteration Magic: The Dovahkiin knows spells in the Alteration school of magic, which can alter the physical properties of targets. He rarely uses them outside the opening move of a fight. Below are the spells he knows:
    • Oakflesh
    • Stoneflesh
    • Ironflesh
  • Destruction Magic: The Dovahkiin knows spells in the Destruction school of magic. The spells here are his primary offensive magical spells, and because of this he frequently uses Adept or Expert level spells. Below are the spells he knows:
    • Flames
    • Sparks
    • Frostbite
    • Icy Spear
    • Incinerate
    • Thunderbolt
    • Blizzard
    • Fire Storm
    • Lightning Storm
    • All three rune spells
    • All three cloak spells
    • All three wall spells
  • Conjuration Magic: The Dovahkiin also uses Conjuration spells, which summon undead or spectral allies to his side to help him fight. He can also use it to conjure weapons into his hands if he loses Chillrend. Below are the spells he knows.
    • All Bound Weapon spells sans dagger
    • All three Conjure Atronach spells
    • All undead spells up to Dread Zombie
    • Conjure Boneman
  • Illusion Magic: The Dovahkiin technically knows Illusion spells, which can influence the minds of other people. He almost never uses these spells.
    • Calm
    • Fear
    • Courage
    • Clairvoyance
  • Restoration: The Dovahkiin is trained in the usage of Restoration spells, which heal himsef or others and repel the undead. Below are his most used spells.
    • Healing
    • Lesser Ward
    • Fast Healing
    • Steadfast Ward
    • Close Wounds
    • Greater Ward

  • Beast Form: The Dovahkiin is a werewolf, which allows him to transform into his Beast Form for one minute each day. In the werewolf form, the Dovahkiin gains a significant strength, speed, and durability advantage at the cost of being unable to cast spells or use items. The werewolf form lasts longer if he eats someone's heart while active.
  • Voice of the Emperor: As an Imperial, the Dragonborn can calm nearby humanoids for 60 seconds.
  • Shouts: The Dovahkiin has the unique ability to use Shouts, the ancient dragon language of power. Each Shout essentially acts as a powerful spell, with the repetitive usage of Shouts becoming more taxing mentally and physically on the user. The Shouts the Dovahkiin can use are:
    • Animal Allegiance
    • Aura Whisper
    • Become Ethereal
    • Call Dragon (Note: Because the battle doesn't take place in Skyrim, this spell is essentially useless)
    • Call of Valor
    • Clear Skies
    • Disarm
    • Dismay
    • Dragonrend
    • Drain Vitality
    • Elemental Fury
    • Fire Breath
    • Ice Breath
    • Ice Form
    • Kyne's Peace
    • Marked for Death
    • Slow Time
    • Soul Tear
    • Storm Call
    • Summon Durnehviir (Level 1)
    • Unrelenting Force
    • Whirlwind Sprint


Dragonborn vs Alduin First Meeting - Skyrim Special Edition Remastered

The Dovahkiin fights Alduin for the first time


Dragonborn vs Miraak - Skyrim Special Edition

The Dovahkiin fights Miraak

The Warden

The Warden Profile.jpg
I underestimated you, Warden. I thought you were like Cailan, a child wanting to play at war. I was wrong. There's a strength in you I've not seen anywhere since Maric died.

The Warden is an elven mage in Ferelden, the Warden-Commander of Ferelden, and the Hero of Ferelden. Taken from his alienage as a boy, the Warden excelled as a member of the Circle of Magi despite chaffing under its rules. After passing his joining, the Warden helps his best friend Jowan to escape the Circle by destroying his phylactery. The duo and Jowan's lover Lily are caught by templars, and the Warden discovers Jowan is a blood mage. Before the Warden can be executed, the Grey Warden Duncan conscripts him into the Grey Wardens. The Warden and Duncan travel to Ostagar, where he and fellow Grey Warden Alistair are the sole survivors of the battle against the Darkspawn horde. As the last of the order, the Warden travels around the country to recruit allies to help him in defeating the Fifth Blight.

After eliciting the support of several allies, he and his army make a last stand at Ferelden's capital city of Denerim. The Warden and his closest companions slay the archdemon, with the Warden miraculously surviving thanks to a dark ritual learned by his companion Morrigan. Hailed as the nation's hero, the Warden is selected to serve as the country's new Warden-Commander, where he reforms the order in the city of Amaranthine. While there, he discovers the darkspawn civil war between the Architect, who wishes to grant sapience to the darkspawn and live in peace, and the Mother, who wishes to continue the darkspawn's mindless rampage. The Warden allows the Architect to live, while slaying the Mother. He eventually leaves Ferelden, having met mages who were capable of removing or stalling the Blight that kills all Wardens, and searches for a permanent solution.


  • Vigilance: A longsword forged from the Eldest Dragon's bones, and crafted by master forger Wade. In addition to boosting the Warden's overall physical abilities, Vigilance does ice damage and increases the defenses of his armor and makes him more capable of dodging an attack.
  • Heartwood Shield: A kite shield crafted from the bark of the Old One, forged by master forger Wade. The shield increases the effectiveness of the Warden's armor, makes him more capable of dodging a missile attack, and increases his resistance to physical and nature attacks. The shield can also absorb a small portion of damage from the Warden.
  • Sentinel Armor: A set of volcanic aurum massive plate armor, looted from the Fade and The First. The armor set comes with a shit ton of magical effects, including increasing the Warden's overall health, providing a small healing factor in combat, increasing the effectiveness of all his armor, making him better in a physical fight, making him more capable of dodging missile attacks, and reducing the stamina impact of his spells.



Dragon Age- Brood mother SOLO by Arcane Warrior - Blood Mage. Hard difficulty

The Warden solos the Broodmother


-HD- Dragon Age- Origins Archdemon Solo Nightmare Blood Mage-Arcane Warrior

The Warden solos the Archdemon. This is from 2010, so shitty music advisory in place. You have been warned


X-Factor - The Dragonborn / The Warden

Experience - 95 / 100

In his quest to stop Alduin, the Dragonborn has encountered a wide variety of threats both mundane and magical. He's slain multiple dragons, joined multiple different organizations like the Thieves Guild and the Companions, killed vampires, demons, and dabbled in the affairs of gods. Even with the repetitive nature of most of these opponents, the Dragonborn has fought almost all that Skyrim has had to offer and come out on top. The Warden has likewise accomplished the impossible multiple times, slaying dragons, demons, werewolves, and the horde of the darkspawn on an almost daily basis for the better part of a year. The Warden's got a tad bit more variety in his opponents, and everything he accomplished during the Blight was without any systemic support to speak of.

Training - 85 / 80

The Dragonborn has trained under multiple teachers in his adventures across Skyrim, learning from the best in a variety of fields both in combat and outside of it. He's studied swordsmanship, magic, archery, stealth skills, assassination, thievery, and singing, excelling in each institution he ended up joining. The Warden spent most of his life at the Circle of Magi, where he excelled in his magical studies, but after passing his Harrowing he didn't receive the traditional experience of further study. He ended up joining the Wardens instead, where he picked up the occasional skill along the way but ultimately didn't progress too far past what he learned at the Circle.

Physicality - 90 / 80

The Dragonborn's body has been honed and forged by the cold region of Skyrim, where might and strength are important matters of survival. His Beast Form makes him far stronger, more durable, and faster than a normal man, while he's spent most of his life training in heavy armor and swordsmanship, where a good physical condition is necessary. The Warden's arcane warrior training makes him stronger than the average mage, but that only really aids him when it comes to wearing armor. He's physically fit from his travels around Ferelden, and his status as a blood mage requires him to have plenty of vitality, but ultimately he's not special on the physical front.

Creativity - 65 / 85

The Dragonborn's training, and the general nature of magic in Skyrim, means that he's not exceptionally creative. The solution to most of his problems is hit it until it stops moving, and outside the occasional puzzle-solving he's a straight forward fighter. The Warden utilizes his spells in a number of uniquely powerful combinations, from simple spell combos to complex incantations like Storm of the Century. He's also a skilled politician and strategist, outmaneuvering career politicians during his time in Amaranthine and crafting a solid defense of Amaranthine during the Mother's attack.


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  • The respective timeframes are:
    • The Dragonborn - Post Dawnguard DLC of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
    • The Warden - Post Witch Hunt DLC of Dragon Age - Origins

The battle takes place in a remote forest in the Dales in Orlais. On his latest stop in trying to find a cure for the Blight, the Warden discovers an ancient temple filled with monsters and cultists. Fighting his way inside, he discovers the Dragonborn, surrounded by bodies. The Dragonborn mistakes the Warden for another cultist, and the two fight. The temple itself has multiple areas of varying sizes, from small rooms to chambers large enough to fit a dragon. The two warriors will start in a large, roofed chamber in the center of the temple.


In a massive temple somewhere in the Dales, The Warden bashes his shield into the face of his last opponent, a human male staggering back as his nose breaks and bleeds. He follows up with a quick strike, decapitating his foe in one smooth swing, before sheathing Vigilance and hoisting his shield onto his back. Looking at the dozen corpses surrounding him, the Warden removes his helmet and activates Death Magic, wincing in disgust as the bodies shrivel up and rejuvenate his health. I'll never get used to that... he thinks to himself, wiping sweat from his brow.

He looks around the room he found himself in, what looked like a ceremonial preparation room judging by the desks and religious instruments on the wall. As he looted the bodies of his foes, a loud shout disrupted the relative silence. Judging by the pebbles shaking from the walls, this wasn't the typical battle yell either.

Cautiously drawing Vigilance and picking his shield back up, the Warden left the chamber to find himself in a larger congregation area, filled with pews and a large stone alter at its center. Upon that alter, the warrior in black armor stood surrounded by corpses, his back to the Warden and a black bow upon his back.

For his part, the Dragonborn looked with confusion at the tome in his hands, a sigil of a strange winged beast with a shield in front of it. No new spell or magic emanated from the book, so its usefulness to him was almost null, but a job was a job. He turns, shoving the book into his pack, and sees the newest cultist approach, a black spectral form with sword and shield. The Dragonborn hastily draws his Nightingale Bow and nocks an arrow, drawing it back. The two stand briefly, waiting for the other to make a move, before leaping into action.

The Dragonborn looses an arrow just as the Warden points his sword forward, casting Blood Wound. The Imperial barely has time to watch the Warden easily dodge the arrow before he feels his blood start to boil, falling to his knees and gritting his teeth in pain. He drops the bow and forms a small white orb in his hand, summoning a Frost Atronach. The lumbering beast charges at the Warden as the Dragonborn collects himself, casting healing while drawing Chillrend.

As the atronach charges, the air visibly chilling in its wake, the Warden casts Stone Fist. The boulder slams into its shoulder, its icy arm falling as it swings the other at him. He ducks under it and chops at its legs, sending the atronach to its knees before melting it with Flame Blast. Turning to his opponent, the Warden raises his shield to block a Firebolt before closing in.

The two clash blades, the Dragonborn using his greater strength to bring Chillrend down onto the Warden. The elf activates Telekinetic Weapons, and the magical aura surrounds Vigilance as Chillrend is briefly repelled by the telekinetic aura. Seizing the momentary laps, the Warden uses Hand of Winter, the spell sending a frozen shockwave at the surprised Dragonborn. Powering through the spell, the Dragonborn conjures a second sword and swings both at the Warden, forcing the elf to raise his shield in defense.

"KRII LUN AUS!" the Dragonborn yells, his voice channeling the Thu'um. Beneath his helmet, the Warden raises an eyebrow in confusion before feeling the magic of his armor fade away and his body return to the mortal realm. He staggers as the armor suddenly feels heavier, and winces as he feels his life drain away. The Dragonborn hammers away, his swords swinging frantically and forcing the Warden to back away under the assault.

The Warden, realizing his need for breathing room, casts Crushing Prison on the Dragonborn before stopping the flow of blood magic from sapping his life. As the Dragonborn is suspended in the air and feelings the magic crushing him, the Warden uses Drain Life, stealing his opponent's own vitality for himself. The Warden approaches, sword drawn, before the Dragonborn managed to open his mouth and utter another shout. "Feim Zii Gron!".

The Dragonborn shifts into a spectral form just as the Warden thrust Vigilance, the blade harmlessly phasing through him. The Dragonborn grabs Chillrend before returning to his mortal form, rising and launching an Ice Spike at the Warden. The elf raises his shield, the blow sending his arm back and exposing his chest. The Dragonborn makes a hasty lunge, but the Warden deflects it. He counters with a horizonal swing, Vigilance slamming into the Dragonborn's ribs.

The armor doesn't break, but the telekinetic aura sends the Dragonborn falling backwards, giving the Warden much needed space. He channels the last of his magical energy into Death Magic, the corpses around them creating a thick black mist as their blood heals the Warden. The Dragonborn sheathes Chillrend and shoots a flurry of ice spikes and lightning bolts at the Warden, who grunts as he feels his magic and stamina wane as the projectiles slam into his shield and armor.

Feeling his Voice return to its full strength, the Dragonborn narrows his eyes at the Warden, the red tinge of blood magic reforming around him. "TILD KLO UL!" The Warden feels himself moving at a crawl as the Dragonborn sprints forward, Chillrend and a spectral sword in hand. The Dragonborn unleashes a flurry of blows on the Warden, breaking through his magical defenses and cutting into him. As time returns to normal, the Warden staggers and uses Mind Blast. The Dragonborn is flown backwards, and the Warden falls to his knees.

Sensing his opportunity, the Dragonborn's eyes turn yellow as he begins to shift into his Beast Form. His Daedric armor collapses off of him, Chillrend falling to the side, as his limbs grow and his face elongates into a canine snout. The Warden, his armor barely knitting his wounds together in time to put him in fighting shape, before the Dragonborn barrels into the Warden, sinking his teeth into his neck.

The Dragonborn firmly plants its claws into the Warden's arms, pinning him in place. He raises a claw and swings down, leaving a huge gash in the Warden's chest. The claws bury deep into the Warden's armor, but uses his free sword hand to thrust Vigilance into the werewolf's side. The Dragonborn howls in pain but continues, biting into the Warden's throat, ripping out a chunk and covering him in blood. Refusing to relent, the Dragonborn simply grabs the Warden in his claws and flings him into a wall across the room, where the Warden crumples from the blow.

Shakily rising to his knees, the Warden uses Drain Life on the Dragonborn, the small vitality boost hardly phasing the Imperial but giving the Warden what he needs. He casts Winter's Grasp, briefly freezing the Dragonborn in place. With time on his side, the Warden aims Vigilance to the air and spins it in a circle, a dark cloud forming and bolts of lightning crashing down. The Dragonborn is hit by one, but charges forward to finish the kill. His opponent rapidly closing in, the Warden brings Vigilance down in defiance, a superficial cut keeping the Dragonborn at bay as Blizzard is cast.

The icy wind and the thundering cloud collide to form the Storm of the Century, a mixture of lightning bolts and hail slamming into the Dragonborn. Even in his bestial mind, the Dragonborn recoils in horror and awe as the eye of the storm centers on him. He desperately tries to charge at the Warden, but each step is hindered by rapidly forming ice or a bolt of lightning shocking him in place. Howling in pain, the Dragonborn feels himself shrinking as he returns to his human form, the storm continuing to rage. Realizing his death was at hand, the Dragonborn gave a final, defiant glare at the Warden before a hard shell of ice formed around the Dragonborn. A final bolt of lightning struck down upon it, shattering the Dragonborn into dozens of frozen pieces.

As the storm continues to rage, the Warden feels the whisperings of the Fade calling to him. Returning his form to the mortal realm and halting the flow of blood magic, the Warden spitefully spits on the Dragonborn's corpse before collapsing, blood pouring from his shredded neck.


Expert's Opinion

Both warriors brought in massively powerful spells and equipment, to the point that both brought potentially game-ending methods to the match. The Warden's overall magic was much more versatile and fluid, capable of overwhelming the Dragonborn in a variety of ways, while the Dragonborn's Shouts kept the Warden off guard and allowed him to control the battle space. The reality is that both warriors had the capability of defeating the other in the first move, and the question of who would kill who first was ultimately too close to tell.

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