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DHRI: Courier's Team vs. Pandora

"Cause everyone knows, just who you are-are!" Ava Sharpe drunkenly sings, passing the microphone to an equally inebriated Bobby Drake as the mutant belts out the pop song's chorus. "So live your life! HEY, AY AY!"

For her part, Sara Lance puts her palm to her face, shaking her head in mock shame. "Don't try to act tough, Lance. I saw that smile," Jason Todd taunts, putting on his jacket as he prepares to close. Sara smiles in spite of herself, raising her near-empty glass of whiskey to Jason, who responds by clinking it with his own.

"I'll give you this Jason - you can throw one hell of a bachelorette party." She responds, throwing her own white longcoat on as well. "I'm sure everyone enjoyed it - even if they're not willing to show it." She…

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World War Royale 2: Electric Bugaloo

Cfp quietly fumed in his seat as the other users brought their hands down. Prime Minister Laquearius, leaning into his microphone, states "And the nays have it. Cfp's proposed amendment to the End of Wrestlers Ban Act has been denied." and quickly raps a gavel against his podium. "This adjourns this month's user meeting."

As the others stood to leave the room or speak with their companions, Cfp walked over to a man in a green hoodie and another in grey polo and khakis. "What the hell was that? You said you agreed with me Beast."

"Don't put me on the spot like that," Beast said, reluctantly shoving his hands in his pockets. "I do, it's's a solution without a problem, you know? Why bother burning bridges?"

"Don't blame Beast for makin…

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Ow the Knife's Edge: Diego Hargreaves vs. Cutthroat

In the rubble of a mansion in DFederal's One Percenter district, Number Five nervously runs a hand through his hair at the disaster around him. "Just tell me if you can do it, Five." Elijah sternly asks, his hand weakly applying pressure to his side. Five throws up his hands in frustration.

"I don't know Elijah!" Five yells back, slamming his fist into a bookshelf. As Five and Elijah consider their options, loud singing pierces through the icy barricade Elijah had set up over his library door. Two quick thumps come from the other side, and the ice begins to shatter. "The science of time's tricky, you know? I barely even had a grasp in it back in my universe, let alone this one. Besides, the users could easily stop me from-"


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DFHRI: The Dragonborn vs. The Warden

On a rainy morning, Morrigan takes a sip from her tea in her manor's dining room. She lifts her eyes briefly from her book at the sound of footsteps, seeing her husband enter the room. "Well well, what have we here?" she says, returning to her book. The Warden, holding a bowl of cereal in his hand, chuckles as he sits at the opposite end of the table.

"I guess that means your offer of hospitality is still open," he remarks as he takes his seat.

"I have a very large house," she replies, not taking her eyes from the book. "'Twould be a waste not to share it with someone."

"And we can't have that," The Warden furrow his eyebrows, a strange feeling touching him before passing just as quickly. "Have you considered the Council's offer?"

Morrigan rai…

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Lovers Quarrel: Percy Jackson & Annabeth Chase vs. Raven & Robin

Shuffling the last of her morning deliveries in her hands, Annabeth Chase exits the main elevator of Ice-T Puppy Incorporated onto the third floor. She walks through a pair of glass doors, where the sign "District Reassignments" stood in crisp black letters. Inside, a young man looks up from a sketchbook and sees Annabeth enter.

"Good morning, Annabeth-san," Yusuke says, putting down his pencil. "I take it you have more work for us."

"You know it Yusuke. Appel's on one of his rampages again," she says, a hint of bitterness in her voice.

"As if Cfp is any better."

Annabeth tellingly looks down at her tablet to avoid his gaze, letting the remark hang as she hands him the papers. "Me and Percy are going out to Haru's cafe for my lunch, care to jo…

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