Last Round, Urdnot Wrex sweeped the Predator! (4-0)

And now, our next two Sci-Fi warriors clash!

Captain Rex, Leader of the 501st and Anakin Skywalker's most trusted clone!


The Meta, The Rouge Freelancer who kills his former teammates for their AI!


Captain Rex Weapons

Melee: Vibroblade

Mid: DC-17 Blaster Pistol

Long: DC-15x Blaster Rifle

Special: Z-6 Rotary Cannon

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The Meta Weapons

Melee: Brute Shot Blade

Mid: M6G Pistol

Long: UNSC Battle Rifle

Special: Brute Shot

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Battle Notes

Voting ends Saturday.

The battle will be on war-torn Earth.

The Meta will not use Armor Abilities.

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