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Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we have a showdown between two badass younger sisters who use their considerable skills and talents to protect their family! Prepare for an all-out brawl as Nola Longshadow, the fearsome bodyguard of Kinaho Tribe Chief Alex Longshadow, clashes with Kerry Loudermilk, the mutant girl who serves as the brawn to her brother's brains! We'll test their weapons and skills to determine the answer to the ultimate question...



Nola Longshadow

You died a long time ago. It's time to start living again.
— Chayton Littlestone

Nola Longshadow was the daughter of Kinaho Chief Benjamin Longshadow, with whom she had a distant relationship owing to his favoritism of her older brother Alex, who many saw as his natural successor. This led to a rebellious streak on Nola's part, culminating in her leaving the tribe and becoming addicted to drugs, a downward spiral that ended when she was saved by Chayton Littlestone, a Kinaho extremist who wanted the tribe to go to war with their white oppressors. When her father fell ill, Nola reluctantly returned to her hometown of Banshee, and is reluctantly pulled into the tensions between Alex, now the owner of a tribal casino, and Kai Proctor, a businessman and mobster who effectively runs the town.

Using the skills picked up in her time away, Nola became Alex's effective bodyguard and enforcer, foiling both robbery attempts by Lucas Hood and his crew and Proctor's various schemes to sabotage the casino. Despite their relationship, Nola continued to clash with Alex, feeling he wasn't aggressive in protecting his interests and the tribes, and this tension came to a headway after a young member of the tribe is brutally murdered. Proctor, realizing the killer worked within the Amish community he used to be part of, helps Hood find the killer, a teacher, and violently tortured him before offering his teeth as a peace offering, which Alex accepts. Disgusted that he would allow a man who disrespected him so blatantly to walk away, Nola cuts all ties with Alex and leaves town, leaving her unable to defend him when he is seduced and murdered by Kai's niece Rebecca.

Enraged at Alex's death and guilty over her failure to protect him, Nola returned to Banshee for the final time and launched an assault on Proctor's home, ambushing his assistant, Burton, in his driveway and badly injuring him. After she gloated of how she'll gut both Kai and Rebecca in retaliation, Burton powered through his injuries and engaged Nola in a brutal fight that culminated in him slashing her throat with a car ornament before tearing out her jugular, killing her.

Kerry Loudermilk

There's gonna be some fighting soon, right?
— Kerry Loudermilk

Kerry Loudermilk is the twin sister of Cary Loudermilk, and the child that was supposed to be born from the marriage of Ray and Irma Whitecloud, a Native-American couple. Much to the couple's confusion, Irma gave both to Cary, a white boy, and the belief that she had been unfaithful ended their marriage and led to Ray abandoning the family. In reality, Cary was simply a mutant with an unusual ability: his sister Kerry lived within him, leaving his body when she pleased, which he discovered when he was eight years old. The two proved inseparable, with Cary primarily doing the day to day activities while Kerry came out when she wanted to or if her brother needed help. This led to Cary being substantially older than Kerry, who maintained the appearance of a girl in her twenties.

Eventually, the twins befriended Oliver Bird, a mutant visionary, and aided him in his creation of Summerland, a safe haven for other mutants, with Cary working as it's primary inventor and researcher while Kerry went out on recruitment/rescue missions. Following Oliver's disappearance into the Astral Plane, the two continued to work under his wife, Melanie Bird. Some time later, Kerry was part of a team that rescued David Haller, an immensely powerful, but deeply troubled, mutant, from the clutches of Division 3, a government agency dedicated to protecting mankind from the mutant threat. Taking David back to Summerland, Kerry was witness to several of her brother's experiments on the young mutant while working with the field team to learn more about his mysterious past.

When David, under the influence of Amahl Farouk, launches an assault on Division 3 to save his sister, Kerry and the rest of the team find themselves trapped in an alternate Clockworks, where she spends all of her time with her brother while being menaced by Walter, a mutant who hunts his own kind. As David forces back control of his own body, Kerry and his girlfriend Syd are attacked by Farouk, who violently kills Walter, but David manages to end the illusion before he can get them. Returning to Summerland, the team finds a way to remove Farouk from David's brain, but he manipulates Syd into freeing him before jumping into Kerry's body and fighting his way to an exit, jumping into a newly freed Oliver and fleeing in the chaos.

With both sides recognizing Farouk as the larger threat, Summerland allies with the remnants of Division 3, with Kerry now taking part in field operations with Division 3's forces. Despite her combat prowess, she's no match for Farouk, and the powerful mutant briefly reverses the duo's roles, with Cary now going inside Kerry rather than the other way around, though they're able to fix the process. Eventually, Kerry and Cary are both manipulated by David into going after Farouk, aiding in his scheme by unknowingly delivering a weapon to David's friend Lenny Busker. As David prepares for his battle with Farouk, Kerry aids Division 3 and Syd in battling the various creatures created by Farouk as a distraction.

Following David's battle with Farouk, Kerry attends the attempt to capture him, recognizing him, not Farouk, as the ultimate world-destroying threat, but he escapes, and the group fully dedicates themselves to recapturing him.

Weapons and Abilities

Nola Longshadow

So you're Proctor's big bad watchdog? You don't look so tough from where I'm standing. So, here's the plan: first, I'm gonna kill you, then I'm going inside and I'm gonna slowly gut your boss and his "Little House on the Prairie" niece.
— Nola Longshadow


  • Tomahawk: During her attack on the Proctor residence, Nola wielded a 12-inch metal tomahawk, which she used as both a throwing and melee weapon with lethal precision and skill.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Nola is a talented fighter, overcoming her skinnier stature by attacking with quick speed and focusing on disabling enemies. Alongside Lucas Hood, she's one of two people in Banshee capable of holding their own against Clay Burton, and she was able to easily defeat a trio of drunk soldiers in a fight without taking a single hit. She was even able to handily beat Hood himself, though this was after he'd been badly beaten and had fought off several of Alex's guards to reach her.
  • Stealth Expert: Nola is fairly skilled at infiltration, often using it in tandem with her martial arts skills to get the drop on enemies and badly hurt them before they can react. During her aforementioned fight with the soldiers, she stealthily knocked out two of them before engaging the third, and she foiled Hood's casino heist plan by stalking his team from afar and then ambushing them on her motorcycle. She was even at one point able to catch Burton, renowned for his attentiveness, off-guard long enough to wound him with her tomahawk.
  • Skilled Marksman: Nola was an accomplished tomahawk thrower, regularly sharpening and training with it to land hits from far distances.

Kerry Loudermilk

Don't kid yourself, old man. There's always a fight.
— Kerry Loudermilk


  • Katana: Following the timeskip between seasons 2 and 3 (and as foreseen in one of David's alternate realities), Kerry began wielding a katana to go alongside her skills as a fighter. It's exact measurements are unknown, but it can be assumed that it's about the average length of a standard katana, and she's shown wielding it with a fair amount of skill during fights, with an alternate Kerry able to get the drop on David and cut him in two.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Expert Martial Artist: Kerry is a talented martial artist and fighter, utilizing a style most similar to Wing Chun, which enables her to overcome her smaller stature and engage numerous foes, such as Division 3 agents and monks created by Farouk, at once. She was even able to, with Syd's assistance, bring down and kill the minotaur at the bottom of Le Desolé. She shows a similar talent with weapons as well, expertly using a staff to bring down the denizens of Le Desolé and cutting through numerous Time Demons with her katana.
  • Superhuman Physiology: As a mutant, Kerry is capable of physical feats beyond that of a normal human, including vaulting several feet over a banister and landing without injury and jumping down a seemingly endless chasm and control her landing. This also applies to durability feats as well, as she could resist a sonic attack powerful enough to completely incapacitate several Division 3 soldiers. While she is strong, her physiology doesn't put her far beyond that of a standard human, as the Time Demons abilities still wore her down and Division's 3 forces were able to overpower her through numbers.
  • Body Sharing: Kerry's mutant ability is her shared body with her brother, Cary, spending much of her time inside of him when she's not on missions. As such, she has aged at a much slower rate than him, and also shares a sensory connection with him, making it so that they can feel the others pain and emotions. She is also able to use this ability to heal, retreating into Cary when his injuries are too great or, in dire circumstances, allowing him to take the injuries on himself. Cary will not be present for this match, but this is still being noted to avoid any possible validity challenges.


Nola Longshadow X-Factors Kerry Loudermilk
70 Experience 85
80 Intelligence 70
80 Brutality 80


  • Save for her struggle with addiction, little is known about Nola's backstory prior to her return to Banshee, and her time as Alex's bodyguard was largely limited fights on his behalf, like her showdown with Hood's crew and her role in kidnapping Rebecca Proctor, which pitted her against tough, but still human, foes. Kerry has been working for Summerland for several years, and has gone up against not just the highly trained forces of Division 3, but stranger enemies like the creatures created by Farouk and David's cultists, giving her an edge in both quantity and quality.
  • Kerry is very much a "fight first, ask questions later" kind of person, leaving much of the practical thinking and tactics to her brother and other leader figures in her life, which has often led to her rushing into situations without thinking and putting herself and others at risk. While Nola is similarly hotheaded, regularly clashing with her brother for not taking more aggressive stances, she does show moments of wit and strategy, like using her skills to ambush and weaken her targets before attacking.
  • Both girls are similarly quick to use force and neither are afraid to kill their opponents call for it, so this one is a draw.


  • Voting ends July 27th.
  • The fight will be set in between the second and third seasons of both Banshee and Legion.
  • Scenario: After her falling out with Alex, Nola takes to traveling across the country, hoping to clear her head and find a path in life, bringing her to a bar in a rundown town in the middle of nowhere. After a drink or two, she witnesses a mutant teen being pursued by a Division 3 team led by Kerry and reluctantly intervenes, leading to a fight between the two.

The Battle

Eddie got slit in the jugular vein/And Eddie, I miss you more than all the others/And I salute you, brother!/Those are people who died, died!

As the tune of an old rock song made her ears ring while the scent of cigarettes burned her nostrils, Nola Longshadow tossed back another drink, then signaled to the bartender for one more. She didn’t have anywhere to be tonight, or for the foreseeable future, for that matter. Not since she’d said goodbye, hopefully for real this time, to Alex, and that piece of shit town Banshee. She wasn’t sure where she’d head next, but it sure as hell wouldn’t be there. For now, her only objective was getting drunk enough to push any conflicted thoughts out of her mind.

Her thinking was interrupted by the door to the bar flying open and a girl, no older than fifteen or sixteen, staggering in, eyes wild with fear. For a brief moment, they met with Nola, and she felt a pang of sympathy, only to be startled out of it by the bartender slamming her glass down in front of her and crooking his thumb towards the exit.

“No kids!”

The girl, seemingly lost in thought, turned towards him and put her hands together, pleading.

“No, wait. You don’t understand, I just need a place to-“

“Need somewhere to go, you can head out the back and find it, got it?”

The girl, recognizing the pointlessness of fighting, nodded, then ran out the exit, the door slamming behind her. After a few moments, the bar returned to its usual activity, music mixing with conversations straining to be heard over it, only to fall silent again as the door opened again, this time opened by three black-armored men. The very sight of them made Nola tense, her mind flashing back to Chayton’s speeches about “white demons”. As they approached the bar, the bartender sighed and set down the glass he’d been polishing.

“You fellas cops?”

The lead man chuckled, then replied, “Something like that.”

The bartender nodded, stroking his beard, then asked, “Don’t suppose you’re looking for a teenage girl, are ya?”

The leader gave a nod to the affirmative, to which the bartender pointed to the exit in reply, then bowed his head respectfully and mumbled, “Thank you for your assistance, sir,” before gesturing for his men to follow him. The door swung shut, and things returned to normal in the bar. For her part, Nola’s hand tightly gripped the glass, trying to push the image of the girl’s panicked face from her mind. For a moment, just a fleeting moment, she bore a striking resemblance to the Kinaho girl they had found butchered, whose murderer she had placed a tomahawk clean between the eyes of.

With a silent curse, she slammed her glass down, then threw her jacket on and followed the men out the exit, ignoring the bartender’s calls for her to come back and pay for her drinks.

As soon as she exited into the parking lot, the girl’s scream caught her attention, and she ran towards the sound, checking to make sure her tomahawk was still inside her jacket. As she turned the corner, her blood boiled as she saw the girl, held down by one of the men as another forcibly attached an elaborate collar onto her. Paying no mind to the smoking, prone body of the third men as she stepped over it, Nola grabbed one of the men by the collar, yanking him off the girl and planting a firm punch to his throat, sending him to the ground gasping for air. The second drew his gun and levelled it at her, but she quickly turned, drew her tomahawk, and drove it into his wrist, forcing the gun downward so it fired harmlessly into the ground. He cried out in pain, but she quickly cut his cries short with a knee to his mask, breaking his nose and knocking him out cold.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, Nola turned towards the girl and managed to pop the collar off, the girl taking a relieved breath as the pressure around her neck was removed. Nola tossed the collar to the ground, holding up a hand to silence the runaway before she could go on with the inevitable praise and thanks, and simply ordered, “Just go. Now.”

As the girl ran off into the night, Nola turned to see the man she had attacked first staggering to his feet, his hand on the radio on his shoulder, and she scowled as he spluttered out a hastened, “Requesting back-up, attacked by unknown assailant! I repeat, unknown-“

Her tomahawk pierced his helmet and embedded itself into his forehead, and he let out a pained groan before hitting the ground, dead. She quickly stooped down and yanked the weapon free, then headed towards her bike out front. If she wanted to get out of here, she’d have to move fast.

The white van pulling in front of her, and the girl wielding a katana jumping out from it, made it clear she hadn’t moved fast enough.

Two minutes earlier…

Using her thumb to push up on the guard, Kerry Loudermilk slightly unsheathed her katana, then let it fall back into the scabbard, then repeated the action while blowing a loose strand of hair from her face. When she’d been told they were going into the field to catch some sort of lightning mutant, she’d been hoping for a little more action and not just sitting in a van letting other guys do the fun stuff.

Sensing his twin’s boredom and frustration, Cary, his back turned to her in favor of listening to a large radio set-up, said, “If you’re bored, you can just go back in.”

She shook her head, continuing her habit of fidgeting with her katana, and replied, “Nah. You’re not getting rid of me that easy, old man. Besides, they might need back-up.”

A ghost of a smile crossed Cary’s lips, then was replaced with a look of surprise and confusion as a pained, “Requesting back-up, attacked by unknown assailant! I repeat, unknown-“ cut through the static. The call for help was cut short by a distinct slice, and the twins shared a look of alarm before Kerry grinned and pounded her fist on the window to the driver’s seat. The driver took it as a cue to get moving and slammed on the gas, the van peeling out of the alleyway and towards the back lot of the bar.

It pulled to a stop in front of the apparent assailant, a surprised woman holding a bloody tomahawk, and Kerry eagerly drew her katana and leapt from the van. As she turned to close the door, Cary, eyes full of worry, called out, “Please be careful!”

Kerry simply responded, “I’ll be fine, you just be careful yourself,” then slammed it shut and turned towards Nola, who tensed as her new opponent took a fighting stance. The van pulled away, leaving them alone, staring each other down and circling back and forth.

After a brief silence, Kerry moves first, stabbing and swiping with her blade as Nola cautiously sidesteps each attack, waiting for an opening. The younger girl overextends, stabbing a step too far forward, and Nola brings her tomahawk down, driving it into her shoulder. Kerry cries out in pain, and Cary does the same as he feels the pain on his own body, but her cry is cut short as Nola pulls her forward and hits her in the jaw. Before she can hit again, Kerry drives her knee into her gut, then kicks off her, forcing Nola to let her go.

She uses the new opening to pull the tomahawk free from her shoulder, hissing in pain before tossing it to the ground. Now disarmed, Nola curses as she’s forced to fall back, avoiding Kerry’s attacks, only to become distracted by the sword, leaving her open for Kerry to follow the momentum of a missed slash and land a spinning kick to her chest. Her stumble is stopped only by her back meeting a car's side-mirror, and she quickly sidesteps and opens the door, swinging it open just in time for it to catch Kerry’s katana as it stabbed forward. With a yank, she slams the door shut, pulling Kerry directly into a palm strike to the nose, forcing her to let go of the sword.

Blood dripping from her nose, Kerry smirks, then settles into another fighting stance. This time, Nola moves first, throwing an easily dodged punch then narrowly ducking to avoid a kick to the head. Whoever this girl was, she was a lot faster and stronger than her skinny frame suggested. Even Hood couldn’t fight like this. Turning to face her, Nola blocks a strike, gritting her teeth as the force nearly knocks her off balance, then brings her hand to Kerry’s throat and choke-slams her into the hood of the car. Pinned, Kerry moves her head to avoid a punch, then fumbles for the hand around her neck, settling on grabbing Nola’s thumb and snapping it backwards before using the distraction to kick Nola off her.

Nola stumbles back, holding her broken thumb, leaving her open for Kerry to punch her in the jaw, then follow up with a roundhouse kick that sent her tumbling to the ground. Trying to get an opening, Nola drags herself away, but Kerry follows, hoping to finish her off, only for Nola to smirk viciously as her fingers wrap around the hilt of her tomahawk. She turns and swings it, the blade connecting with Kerry’s gut, and she manages to drag it halfway across her stomach until Kerry grabs her hand, stopping her, and shoves her back down to the ground, with Nola managing to roll to her feet. Kerry squeezes her eyes shut, ignoring the pain as she pulls the tomahawk out and throws it to the ground. Nola dives for it, grabs it, and throws it, but Kerry manages to move her head in time to avoid it.

The momentary distraction buys Nola time to close the distance, trying to land a hit on Kerry as she fell back, blocking and dodging each punch until she hits her in her wounded stomach. Kerry grimaces, bending over, and Nola grabs her by the hair and smashes her face through the car side-view mirror with enough force to snap it off entirely. Dazed, Kerry can’t fight back as Nola spins and slams her into the side of the car, and she falls weakly to the ground as Nola lets go and stumbles back, trying to catch her breath.

Kerry staggers to her feet, glaring, as Nola charges forward, hoping to end things with a final punch, only to gasp as her foe catches the hit with one hand, then pulls the katana free from the car door and stabs her through the chest with it. Kerry uses the grip on her wrist to pull Nola deeper onto the blade, staring into her eyes as blood begins to drip from her mouth, then pulls the blade free, letting her crumple to the ground.

Nola’s vision fades as she tries to stand, and through a mixture of pain and tears, she can see Alex, Chayton, her own father, each looking at her with disappointment one last time, and she manages to get up to her knees and mumble a pained, “I’m…I’m sorry,” before Kerry brings her sword down, decapitating her.

As her fallen foe’s head rolls away, Kerry smiles, victorious, then lets her sword clatter from her hand and collapses to the ground next to her corpse before passing out. A short distance away, Cary does the same, and the van’s driver grumbles to himself as drives to collect the other twin. Hopefully, putting them back together should fix this.


Arms crossed impatiently, Kerry scowled as she slouched back into her chair while Cary paced the waiting room, admiring the various security cameras and pieces of art and literature scattered around. For her part, the green-haired secretary that had told them to take a seat ten minutes ago was paying them no mind, focusing more on whatever work was on her computer. After a few moments, Cary sat back down, still mumbling to himself, prompting Kerry to nudge him and ask, “What’s so interesting about a boring old waiting room, exactly?”

Cary threw his hands up and replied, “Everything. This entire city fascinates me. People from different time periods, even entire dimensions, all inhabiting the same seemingly endless space, where one’s worth is determined by combat.”

He frowned, seemingly troubled, then added, “Though that does raise an odd question. If you’re the fighter of the two of us, why am I here?”

As if in response, the door to the office connected to the waiting room opened and a clean-shaven young man in a green hoodie stepped out and said, “Because, you’re technically part of her powerset, so you get to come along. And to be honest, what kind of asshole separates siblings?”

He stepped forward and offered his hand, which Cary shook while a more reluctant Kerry watched him warily.

“You can call me Beast.”


“Kerry and Cary Loudermilk, I know. Trust me, I’m a huge fan. If it had been up to me, we’d still be getting new seasons of your show.”

At this, Cary tilted his head quizzically and mumbled, “Our…show?” but Beast shrugged and said, “Don’t worry about it! If you two would join me in my office, I’d like to give you a business proposition.”

Beast gestured for them to follow him, and the twins exchanged confused, slightly concerned looks before following him. He took a seat at his desk, and they sat across from him, with Cary speaking first.

“And what is this proposition, exactly?”

Beast smiled and explained, “Okay, so, last year, I was kidnapped by extremists and had a near-death experience. Crazy stuff, right? So, while I’m having this whole experience, I decide that to prevent any future kidnappings, I’m gonna need a little, y’know, hired muscle. People who can watch my back and make sure no one stabs it. That’s where you-“

He pointed to Kerry.

“-come in. To be honest, my original concept was Longshadow being part of the team, but after you kicked her ass, I realized you’d be a better pick.”

Hearing his pitch, Kerry raised a skeptical eyebrow.

“And why should I join your team?”

“Because-” Beast answered, still smiling, “-some really cool people want me dead. So, if you join me, there will never be a dull moment, I promise you.”

Kerry seemed intrigued, while Cary leaned forward, adjusting his glasses, and raised his hand, to which Beast turned towards him and gestured for him to speak.

“If I may ask, where do I come in? Because, as you may have noticed, I’m not what you would call a traditional fighter.”

“Yes, I’ve accounted for that, and that’s why I’d be willing to put in a good word with a group with whom I have a…let’s go with mutually beneficial relationship. All you’d have to do is-“

He vanished under his desk, rooting around through drawers and mumbling to himself, until he popped back out and offered Cary a small business card with a name, address, and phone number written on it. The name, underlined, read “J. Wagner.”

“-give that number right there a call. I think they’ll make good use of your scientific expertise.”

Cary tucked the card into his coat pocket, then looked to Kerry, hoping to gauge her emotions. She smiled and gave an affirmative nod, which he returned, then looked back to Beast and said, “Well, we’ll take your offer then, Mr, um, Beast.”

Beast breathed a sigh of relief and replied, “Great!”

He stood up from his desk and led them back to the waiting room, where the elevator waited, then said, “I’ll have Ramona file the proper paperwork, and I will see Miss Loudermilk on Monday!”

They both gave a final wave as the elevator doors closed, and Beast leaned against Ramona’s desk and gave her a thumbs up. She nodded and checked a name off a list by her computer, then said, “Great, so that’s Loudermilk done. The Roughnecks have agreed to operate as a security force for the office, and Spike is all set so long as you, quote, “Keep the bloody minibar stocked,”, which leaves…”

She squinted at the last name on the list and asked, “Is this guy even in the city yet?”

Beast waved off her concerns.

“Eh, he will be next year, so let’s put a pin in it. Now, if you need me, I’m gonna be on the phone with Murdock for the next hour or so. This anti-eviction suit we’re working on still needs fine-tuning if we wanna keep slowing the process down.”

Returning to her work, Ramona nodded, and Beast stepped back into his office.

In the elevator, Cary turned to his sister and asked, hesitantly, “Are you so certain you want to work for this man? I find him…suspicious.”

Leaning against the elevator wall, Kerry shrugged.

“At least it’s something to do. Better than sitting around wondering what’s going on, y’know?”

He paused, then adjusted his glasses and said, “That is…very true.”

Expert’s Opinion

Kerry’s mutant physiology proved to be too much for Nola to overcome here. While Nola was in many ways a solid counter to her opponent thanks to her more cautious, pragmatic fighting style, Kerry was simply stronger and capable of withstanding far more punishment, which, combined with a superior weapon, enabled her to win this brawl by simply powering through whatever Nola could throw at her.