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Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, it's nature against science in a battle for survival as Godzilla, king of the Kaiju and savior of the Earth, does battle with the Rift Walkers, an elite unit of mech pilots who have done battle across time and space with the monstrous Vek! Teeth and fang meets machinery and firepower in this clash of the titans, and we'll compare their weapons, skills, and abilities all to answer the ultimate question...




Godzilla 2014.png
Nature has an order. A power to restore balance. I believe he is that power.
— Ishiro Serizawa

The alpha of the Titans, Gojira, or as he's more commonly referred, Godzilla is an enormous reptilian creature with origins dating back to the Permian period of the Earth, where he frequently fought with other Titans for dominance, with these clashes giving him a mythic reputation to the people of Earth. In 1954, the American military accidentally woke Godzilla from his slumber and attempted to kill the creature by bombing the Marshall islands. Despite their best efforts, they failed, which led to the creation of Monarch, an organization dedicated to investigating Godzilla and other creatures like him.

60 years later, Godzilla is awoken by the mating call of the MUTOs, a parasitic species that laid eggs in the corpses of other Titans, and clashed with two of the creatures, trying to kill them before they can reproduce beyond control. With the aid of Ford Brody, Godzilla prevails, killing the male of the species before finishing off the female with his atomic breath. Deemed "King of the Monsters" and hailed as a hero, Godzilla became humanity's unlikely (and largely accidental) protector, keeping to himself while surveying potential threats to his rule.

In 2019, Godzilla and Monarch witness the reawakening of King Ghidorah, a rival alpha, alongside the emergence of other Titans like Rodan and Mothra. Godzilla attempts to battle Ghidorah, but is mortally wounded by the Oxygen Destroyer, forcing Dr. Ishiro Serizawa to sacrifice himself to repower Godzilla with a nuclear weapon. Re-energized, Godzilla, alongside Mothra, battles Ghidorah and Rodan, and ultimately kills Ghidorah and properly claims the title of king.

The public admiration for Godzilla begins to wane after he re-emerges, far more aggressive than before, and begins destroying human cities that house Apex Cybernetics facilities. Unbeknownst to anyone, the facilities house the remains of Ghidorah, who is being re-purposed into Mechagodzilla, a potential way for humans to stand against Titans, with Godzilla's actions being an effort to stop the construction. Needing time and a new energy source, Apex funds an expedition into the Hollow Earth, with King Kong, another Titan and the last member of a rival species to Godzilla's own people, acting as a guide of sorts, which succeeds in both distracting Godzilla and acquiring a way to power Mechagodzilla. Kong and Godzilla clash three times, with Godzilla ultimately prevailing, but are forced to work together to stop Mechagodzilla, who is taken over by the mind of Ghidorah. With Ghidorah finally and truly dead, Godzilla forges a respect for Kong and returns to the ocean, prepared to protect the Earth once more.

Rift Walkers

Open a breach. Time to go back and try again.
— Ralph Karlsson

In the far future, rising ocean levels and climate instability led to the rise of the Vek, giant, alien bugs that emerged from underground and began wreaking havoc on the already scattered remnants of humanity. Hoping to counter this threat before it destroyed them all, humanity developed mechs, giant robots that could combat the Vek to minimize the damage they inflict. Travelling in teams of three, the mechs proved effective, with more and more squads being put into production. The original of these squads are the Rift Walkers, whose mechs lacked the innovative tech or versatility of later units, but made up for it by being the most reliable and effective in the field.

Unfortunately, the war with the Vek proved to be a losing one, and the pilots, using a new technology fled their dying Earth and traveled back to the past at the start of the invasion, creating a new timeline and fighting again and again to save the world, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but never, ever losing hope for a world free of the Vek.

Weapons, Powers, and Abilities


He fought for us. Died for us. He's not only proof that coexistence is possible, he is the key to it.
— Ishiro Serizawa


  • Teeth and Claws: While he also has a strong bite, Godzilla fights largely using his claws, which can effortlessly slash through the hull of an aircraft carrier and leave a permanent mark on the chest of Kong. While he primarily fights on two fights, Godzilla can also move quickly on all fours, using this style to rush and overwhelm Kong before he could recover, enabling him to quickly end their final fight in Hong Kong.
  • Tail: Godzilla also fights using his tail, which can sweep foes aside with it's weight and force, alongside being prehensile, wrapping around an enemy and leaving them trapped and open to attack..

Powers and Abilities:

  • Immense Strength: Godzilla fights primarily by combining his teeth and claws with his enormous size to toss opponents around with relative ease, while a mere swipe of his tail can topple skyscrapers while his footsteps cause earthquakes and tsunamis. He's noted to be most dangerous in close-quarters, easily incapacitating the MUTOs when they attempted to fight him up-close while spinning and throwing the larger Ghidorah with little difficulty. The only Titan able to match him pound-for-pound in this front was Kong, and even he was forced to admit defeat when Godzilla reverted to using a more animalistic, savage fighting style.
  • High Durability: Godzilla is extraordinarily durable and capable of surviving devastating attacks, at one point withstanding the detonation of a hydrogen bomb and surviving several extinction events in his time on Earth. The vast majority of conventional weapons, such as gunfire, missiles, tanks, and artillery fire, with the latter making him slightly flinch, are entirely useless against him, working at most as a distraction. Even in fights with other Titans, he's fairly sturdy, being the only other Titan capable of taking a hit from Ghidorah's gravity beams. He even survived falling thousands of feet during his fight with Ghidorah, though this left him in critical condition.
  • High Intellect: Godzilla is surprisingly clever, using his fights with foes to identify weaknesses and act on them accordingly, such as separating the MUTOs to make them easier to fight or using his aquatic nature to force Kong to fight him at a disadvantage, nearly drowning him without the aid of the naval ships.
  • Energy Absorption: Godzilla feeds off of nuclear radiation, sustaining himself for centuries with geothermal energies within the Earth's core, and he can use this energy to heal himself, such as when he absorbed an atomic blast to recover from his fight with a MUTO or when he took a nuclear blast head-on to survive his wounds from the Oxygen Destroyer. He can also use this energy in creative fashions, like his signature attack:
    • Atomic Breath: After eating an energy source within the Hollow Earth, Godzilla acquired the ability to unleash atomic breath, a beam of focused bright-blue atomic fire. While initially able to only use it as a last resort, Godzilla is able to use it more freely as he's grown stronger. The breath shows explosive properties, decimating buildings and naval ships caught in it's beams, and is capable of severely hurting other Titans, as Ghidorah was left badly injured after a hit from it while Kong made a point to avoid it at all costs during their fights. It also has a degree of concussive force, knocking the MUTOs and Ghidorah back a fair distance. While a powerful attack, the atomic breath does have drawbacks, the largest of which is that it needs time to charge, with Godzilla glows a bright neon-blue, giving a warning sign in advance before he can fire, and a fast/strong enough attacker like Kong can potentially hit him hard enough to cancel it out.
    • Thermonuclear Pulse: Godzilla can also release pulses of nuclear energy if he's been given enough of it, heating up with a fiery glow that melts objects within his close vicinity while rendering him immune to most attacks. These pulses were strong enough to completely incinerate most of Ghidorah's body and most of Boston with it. Despite it's power, the pulses are a very situational ability, as Godzilla could only activate it after Mothra sacrificed herself as part of their symbiotic bond.
    • Radiation Stream: Godzilla can also release a weaker variant of the pulses from his dorsal plates, an attack that didn't require Mothra's assistance but didn't quite pack as much of a punch.

Rift Walkers

This mission of ours is really like a big game of violent chess, when you think about it.
— Harold Schmidt


The Combat Mech is the primary tank (in the tactical sense) of the Rift Walkers, deployed directly to the front lines and engaging Vek head-on. While it's simplistically designed, lacking anything beyond it's fist in it's initial build, it makes up for it by consistently dealing high-damage and knocking Vek back.


  • Titan Fist: The Combat Mech's primary weapon is the Titan Fist, where it utilizes it's strength to deal damage and push foes away from mission-crucial areas. It is fully upgraded, meaning it not only deals more damage per hit, but also enables the Combat Mech to dash before hitting the target, quickly closing the distance on an unsuspecting foe.
  • Spartan Shield: The Combat Mech's back-up weapon is the Spartan Shield, which bashes enemies and causes them to flip around, potentially averting devastating attacks. After bashing, the Combat Mech gains a shield, which can take a hit before dissipating.

Pilot: Abe Isamu

Without determination and strength, these islands will fall again. Stand with me or stay out of my way.
— Abe Isamu

Jokingly called "Honest Abe" by his teammates in previous timelines, Abe Isamu served as an "expeditor" (basically a hitman) during the early years of Jessica Kern's rise to power as CEO of the R.S.T Corporation. Noted for his ruthlessness and coldly logical way of thinking, Abe was deployed as ground support in the original timeline, stealing a mech off a (allegedly) dead pilot before fleeing during a failed operation on the volcanic home island of the Vek. Since then, Abe follows the last orders given to him by the Kern of his timeline: defeat the Vek at all costs.

Pilot Ability: Armored. Abe gives any mechs he's piloting the "Armored" trait, which reduces damage inflicted to the mech by 1.


The Cannon Mech is the more versatile ranged attacker of the Rift Walkers, capable of attacking foes both at a distance and up-close using it's cannons while also being able to move around the field faster than the Combat Mech, making it vital fire support against fast-moving Vek.


  • Taurus Cannon: The primary weapon of the Cannon Mech, the Taurus Cannon fires a powerful projectile that damages and pushes the target. At full power, the cannon can kill most Vek in one hit.
  • A.C.I.D Tank: The secondary ability of the Cannon Mech is to deploy a smaller tank that fires A.C.I.D, a substance that doubles weapon damage alongside removing any natural armor that target may have. The deployment is one-use, meaning that if the tank is destroyed, no more can be deployed until after the battle.

Pilot: Camila Vera

A second timeline... and another chance to save it like we did before. I can do this. WE can do this.
— Camila Vera

Camila Kern is the sixth adopted daughter of Jessica Kern, and one of twenty siblings overall. A former cartographer and meteorological scout for R.S.T, Camila proved to be a talented pilot with an acute "sixth sense" for danger and terrain. Following the rise of the Vek, Camila put these skills to use as a mech pilot, anticipating Vek webs and traps and easily avoiding them during combat. Camila was one of the earliest pilots to volunteer in her original timeline, both as a way of avenging her adopted mother and to deal with her lifelong hatred of insects.

Pilot Ability: Evasion. Mechs piloted by Camila are unaffected by being caught by webbing and smoke, enabling them to move and attack freely regardless of terrain.


The Artillery Mech is the Rift Walker's solution for long-range combat, lacking much in the way of close-range options, meaning keeping it far away from the action is a must. It makes up for it's close-range weakness with it's cannon, which can hit enemies from across the map and push them away from high-value targets.


  • Artemis Artillery: The Artillery Mech's primary weapon is the Artemis Artillery cannon, which can launch projectiles at enemies from across the map. At fully upgraded power, it deals more damage and also no longer harms grid buildings, meaning it can safely fire in high risk areas.
  • Rock Accelerator: For when artillery shells just aren't enough, the Artillery Mech can also fire a mountain-sized rock at similar ranges, blocking enemy paths and potentially outright killing enemies unfortunate enough to be standing in it's landing zone.

Pilot: Isaac Jones

S-s-same islands as before - and the s-s-same war. Isn't it madness to keep r-r-repeating one's actions?
— Isaac Jones

An unlikely pilot recruited largely for his intelligence as an offset to his pessimistic nature and general anxiety, Isaac Jones is a survivor of one lost timeline too many, leaving him with a tendency to focus too much on how things go wrong. This has left him feeling ill-suited to be his soldier, an attitude shared by several other pilots, though his scientific knowledge makes him too valuable to leave by the wayside. Isaac is a renowned expert in several subjects, from aeronautics to gravitation theory to physics, with the only real limit on his intelligence being his own self-doubt.

Pilot Ability: Temporal Reset. Isaac gives the team an extra Reset Turn, a short-range weaponization of time-travel that enables the team to go back a few minutes and attempt a new course of action, potentially saving objectives, civilians, and pilots. With Isaac on the team, this gives the Rift Walkers two resets per battle.


Godzilla is woken up from his slumber by the Vek's uprising and, after dealing with their attack on him, mistakenly assumes that humanity's power grid is what's agitating the threat and sets out to shut them down. This brings him to Museum Island, where researchers are hard at work attempting to develop a centralized power source. Drawn to the power, Godzilla launches an assault on the research center, and the Rift Walkers are sent in to delay his advance until the facility can shut down the research and evacuate.

  • Win
    • Godzilla: Destroy the research facility before the project can be moved off-site.
    • Rift Walkers: Hold off Godzilla for 30 minutes.
  • Loss
    • Godzilla: Fail to reach the facility before it's shut down.
    • Rift Walkers: Fail to stop Godzilla from reaching the facility.
  • Optional
    • Godzilla: Destroy the Rift Walkers.
    • Rift Walkers: Kill Godzilla

The battle will be set in one of the seaside regions of Museum Island, a rural, mountainous area which houses the research facility on one end of it. Godzilla will emerge from the sea fifteen miles away from the facility, while the Rift Walkers will be deployed between him and the facility in an attempt to stop him.


  • Voting ends May 16th.
  • This will be set after the events of Godzilla vs Kong and shortly before the final battle at the Vek hive in Into the Breach.
  • The pilots will be aware of Godzilla due to his reputation, but due to the creature's elusive nature, won't be aware of any possible weaknesses going into the battle.