Tonight on Deadliest Fiction, we tackle DFederal's seemingly endless homeless problem by pitting two powerful women, used as weapons and forged by trauma, in an all-out deathmatch! It'll be a vicious fight as Wanda Maximoff, the Sokovian dissident turned Avenger who harnessed powerful Chaos Magic, battles Jack, the powerful biotic and dangerous criminal raised as a killing machine by Cerberus! As these two do battle, we'll test their powers, skills, and abilities all to answer the ultimate question...



Wanda Maximoff

I can't control their fear, only my own.
— Wanda Maximoff

As natives of the war-torn country of Sokovia, the lives of Wanda Maximoff and her brother Pietro were changed forever when a Stark Industries bomb tore through her home, killing her parents, but sparing her and her brother, who survived due to Wanda unknowingly using her ability of harnessing Chaos Magic. The incident radicalized the twins, who grew up vengeful of the United States and Tony Stark in particular, joining HYDRA in hopes of driving Western powers out of their home. HYDRA recognized the potential in both Wanda's magic and Pietro's speed and experimented on them, enhancing their powersets to use them as weapons, but the fall of the organization led to them escaping and allying with the genocidal schemes of Ultron.

Realizing Ultron was a threat to the world, the twins worked with the Avengers to stop him, though Pietro was killed, sacrificing himself to save Hawkeye during the final battle. A grieving Wanda joined the Avengers, becoming a faithful member of the team until an incident in Lagos left countless civilians dead and the international community convinced that superheroes needed to be reigned in. Opposed to the new Sokovian Accords, Wanda allied herself with Captain America, aiding him in his escape from Iron Man before being captured and sent to the Raft, though she was ultimately freed by Cap.

On the run as part of a secret Avengers team, Wanda eventually fell in love with her former teammate, Vision, and they are attacked by minions of Thanos, an intergalactic conqueror hoping to use the Mind Stone as part of a plot to wipe out half of all life.Hoping to protect the wounded Vision, Wanda took part in the battle of Wakanda, even tearfully killing him in a last-ditch effort to destroy the Stone, but was ultimately unable to stop Thanos and was one of countless people wiped out in the Snap. She would return five years later and take part in the final battle with Thanos's forces, nearly killing the Mad Titan on her own.

Left by herself following the disbandment of the Avengers, Wanda went mad with grief, using her powers to recreate Vision and trap the town of Westview in an idealized world based off of her childhood love of sitcoms, even going as far as to create two sons, Billy and Tommy. Unbeknownst to her, a witch named Agatha Harkness attempted to manipulate Wanda in an effort to harness her magic, but Wanda ultimately defeated her and the forces of SWORD before reluctantly dispelling the new reality and retreating into isolation, hoping to expand her newfound understanding of her abilities.


Turns out, mess with someone's head enough and you can turn a scared kid into an all-powerful bitch.
— Jack

Jack was born the result of accidental element zero exposure in the womb, gifting her with immense biotic potential. Unfortunately, this brought her to the attention of the human supremacist group Cerberus, who kidnapped her from her parents and made her the subject of horrific tests in the hope of expanding biotic potential among humans. Forcibly equipped with countless enhancements and pitted against lesser children for her own survival, Jack (deemed Subject Zero by the facility staff) was raised isolated and taught to associate killing with pleasure, ultimately slaughtering everyone in her path when a riot enabled her to escape.

Free and left on her own, Jack became a ruthless criminal, embarking on numerous escapades including piracy, crashing a moon into a space station, and even falling in love with a fellow criminal who ended up sacrificing himself for her, deeply confusing her and leaving her with intense survivor's guilt. This crime spree ended when she was captured and imprisoned in the Purgatory prison ship, where the Warden kept her in cryostasis until Commander Shepard, working for Cerberus to recruit a team for a suicide mission into a Collector Base, came to buy her freedom. Hoping to profit off of this opportunity, the Warden of Purgatory attempted to capture Shepard and his team, but they managed to fight their way out of the trap, freeing Jack in the process. Slaughtering her way out of the prison, Jack reluctantly agrees to work with Shepard in return for access to Cerberus files, to which he agrees, glad at any chance to spite Cerberus.

Jack's distaste for authority and hatred of Cerberus leads to her often clashing with other members of the team, but she eventually begins to trust Shepard, who frequently surprises her with his empathy and kindness before agreeing to help her destroy the Cerberus facility from her childhood. This respect blossoms into a full-blown romantic relationship, with them consummating it on the eve of their attack on the Collector ship, and Jack ultimately survives the attack and comes away a softer, more mature person.

Following Shepard's arrest and the dissolution of the team, Jack took a job at Grissom Academy, teaching fellow biotic children how to harness their powers and eventually becoming something of a surrogate mother to them, finding the family she was never able to have. When Cerberus attacks the Academy in an attempt to kidnap students, Jack defends the children and reunites with her old lover when he arrives to help repel the attack. Grateful, Jack commits herself and the kids to the ongoing war effort against the Reapers, with her successfully lobbying Shepard to keep them as support, and she eventually mourns his apparent loss after he uses the Crucible to defeat the Reapers.

Weapons, Powers, and Abilities

Wanda Maximoff

You guys know I can move things with my mind, right?
— Wanda Maximoff

Powers and Abilities:

  • Psionic Abilities: As a result of her Mind Stone-based experimentation at the hands of HYDRA, Wanda has access to a wide variety of psionic abilities, which manifest as a red mist from her body in a similar fashion to her natural Chaos Magic abilities. Wanda's abilities are initially shown to be unfocused but extremely powerful, with the only limits often being her own mindset, though with practice she was eventually able to become an incredibly dangerous combatant in her own right. Despite her powerset's versatility, she can be temporarily stopped from using them if an opponent is smart enough to break her focus. These abilities include:
    • Energy Manipulation: Wanda can create and project energy blasts, streams, and bolts to hit or knock away enemies. These bolts have enough force on their own to tear through the armored shell of an Ultron robot, and she can also enhance her attacks using her telekinesis to deal more damage, such as when she forced Vision down through several floors of the Avengers Mansion. At her strongest, this energy could completely disintegrate a horde of Ultron's forces or even toss around Thanos, though these feats required her to be in a very specific mental state.
    • Telekinesis: Wanda can move objects with her mind, to the level where she can toss aside fully grown adults like Captain America or Black Widow with ease and pick up and throw cars as weapons. According to HYDRA's own research, this telekinesis comes from affecting things on a molecular level, which allows her to do impossible feats like tearing through Ultron's vibranium armor and ripping out his central processor or reducing the kinetic energy of a suicide vest and keeping it contained within a small field.
    • Telepathy: Wanda can read the minds and emotions of others, enabling her to often play off of those fears and thoughts to her own advantage, such as when she made Tony Stark live out his worst fear of being able to protect the Earth.
    • Force Field Generation: Wanda can create highly durable barriers that she can shape and reform to her liking. The barriers are strong enough to repel gunfire and strong blows, and with proper training, Wanda could eventually learn to specifically protect herself with the barriers, allowing her to walk off falls from great heights and hits from superhumanly strong enemies with minimal difficulty, such as when Proxima Midnight sent her and Vision falling through a glass roof.
    • Flight: Wanda can use her telekinesis to move through the air. Basically, she uses one hand to propel herself, then uses another to control her momentum, making it closer to a controlled fall, though with practice and concentration she can levitate herself for a certain amount of time.
    • Mental Manipulation: Wanda can use her powers to force others to hypnotize others and make them experience illusions, leaving them in a trancelike state as they either experience their own traumatic memories or follow along with her commands. She was able to use this ability so effectively she nearly crippled the Avengers, trapping each in their own minds, until Hawkeye was able to resist and incapacitate her. The mind abilities are so strong that they can reverse the effects of the Mind Stone on others and even brainwash large crowds of people. While these abilities are powerful, Wanda tended to avoid using them after joining the Avengers, and only returned to them in her creation of the Hex.


I will destroy you!
— Jack

Weapons and Equipment:

  • M-6 Carnifex: The M-6 Carnifex is a powerful semi-automatic heavy pistol, effective against armored enemies but weak against shields and biotic barriers. It has 6 rounds per clip and 18 rounds overall.
  • M-22 Eviscerator: The M-22 Eviscerator is a shotgun designed for armored foes, thanks to it's rounds being designed as serrated metal edges rather than traditional chips or pellets. It has 3 rounds per clip and 12 rounds overall.
  • Warp Ammo: Jack can create Warp Ammo, basically enhancing her standard ammo with mass effect fields to tear apart foes, especially those currently affected by biotics, apart on a molecular level.
  • Kinetic Barriers: Kinetic Barriers are shielding designed to stop small particles moving at high velocity, protecting the user from gunfire and explosive shrapnel, but are less effective against energy-based attacks or things like blades or blunt-force trauma. Since Jack wears basically nothing, her kinetic barriers are her biggest source of protection.

Powers and Abilities:

  • Biotic Mastery: Years of experimentation off of her natural powers have made Jack one of, if not the most, powerful biotics in the galaxy. She's able to effortlessly tear apart YMIR mechs and punch giant holes through metal walls and toss people with enough force to kill them instantly and form cracks in reinforced glass. It was this skill that made her a high-level recruitment target for Cerberus, and during the Suicide Mission, she put these powers to good use in creating an enormous biotic barrier strong enough to hold back Collector Seeker Swarms while also protecting three other squadmates. Her various, more specific usages of Biotics include:
    • Shockwave: Jack unleashes a string of explosive mass effect fields in a straight path, ignoring any obstacles and knocking any enemies caught in the path aside and potentially into the air.
    • Pull: Jack creates a mass effect field that lifts an enemy into the air, leaving them open to attacks and more vulnerable to certain biotic abilities.
    • Warp: Jack projects a mass effect field that tears enemies apart on a molecular level while also disabling any regeneration abilities and weakening armor.
    • Biotic Barriers: On top of the aforementioned feat, Jack is able to create smaller biotic barriers to protect herself and her allies. These barriers are strong enough to withstand a barrage of gunfire and hold back cannon blasts from an Atlas mech, and she's able to unleash these barriers to knock back anyone too close.


Wanda Maximoff X-Factors Jack
70 Experience 90
45 Training 40
70 Mental Health 70
75 Creativity 70
75 Brutality 90


  • Wanda is a prominent member of the Avengers, fighting against both Ultron and her own teammates in the Civil War, but those, alongside her field missions with the New Avengers, were limited engagements over a short-term period, and it's still very clear that she's the team kid in a lot of ways. In contrast, Jack has been fighting basically her entire life. From other children at the Cerberus facility to numerous criminals and law enforcement encountered on her crime spree to the Collectors to Cerberus and the forces of the Reapers, the battles have never really stopped from her, and it shows in her violent, headstrong demeanor.
  • Neither has any real traditional training outside of their time as experiments, and while Jack's was more physically and mentally demanding, it didn't really give her a chance to expand her powerset beyond seeing it as a killing tool. Wanda had a similar, if less traumatic, background with HYDRA, but she gets a small edge due to her time with the Avengers, where she's shown becoming a more effective hero under the tutelage of her teammates.
  • Forged by their traumas, Wanda and Jack are both emotional and at times erratic, which makes them dangerous when it affects their abilities, but they've both managed to mellow somewhat thanks to finding a new family and people they can trust, with Wanda having the Avengers and her relationship with Vision to keep her stable while Jack has Shepard and her students.
  • Jack is something of a blunt tool when it comes to her powers, rarely feeling the need to massively push them when she can simply crush anyone in her way, and what limited adaptations of her biotics she has done tend to come from pre-existing ideas (like her biotic attacks or barriers). It's clear Wanda is just at the tip of the iceberg with her abilities, and she frequently pushes herself into finding new ways to utilize them, even if she does tend to stick with telekinetic attacks and energy bursts as her main focus.
  • Wanda generally tries to go non-lethal when dealing with other people, but when sufficiently enraged she's shown to have something of a sadistic side, willing to do things like tearing out Ultron's core and making him watch it's destruction or crushing Thanos inside his own armor. While brutal, these moments are, ultimately, rare and require a traumatic loss to motivate her. Jack, on the other hand, is merciless, deriving a pleasure from killing and fighting that often leads to her charging headfirst into a fight, and the amount of times she's shown a foe mercy are excessively rare.


  • Voting ends June 11th.
  • The match will be set in an abandoned, rundown city, while Jack will be as she was in Mass Effect 3, while Wanda will be between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War, so she will not have access to her abilities from WandaVision.
  • Scenario: Acting off a tip that it's frequented by Users, Jack begins partaking in an underground fighting ring in an effort to acquire a home, and quickly proves to be a crowd favorite. Meanwhile, the Avengers, suspicious of the ring's mysterious owner and the rumors that it utilizes Battledome technology, go undercover to investigate, with Wanda agreeing to fight Jack as a distraction while her teammates search for answers.
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