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Bloodborne and Plants vs. Zombies...Two of my favorite games of all time that are entirely different in contents & style and probably intended for different groups of people. Regardless,this does not mean that the family-friendly zombies from PopCap's proudest creation that got ruined you might have already expected, EA, will not triumph over Lovecraftian beings from a horror-themed Miyazaki game,or does it ? 

Kins (Bloodborne)

Freakish slugs.
— Valtr, the Leader of the League on Kins

Kin refers to a type of enemies in Bloodborne. Their presence adds Lovecraftian elements to the game. They used to be humans. But after sacrificing almost all life in them and establishing links with the Great One, they lost humanity and become kin.

They are often identified by their alien, often slimy and/or blobby or slug-like appearance. They are often of blue and/or pale blue colors and can even glow. However, there are indeed Kin who have achieved such a bizarre and extreme physical aspect that some might wonder if they aren't Kin, such as Winter Lanterns or Fluorescent Flowers.

Celestial Minions are small humanoid creatures with blue skin and a large bulbous cranium. They appear malnourished and frail with exposed ribs and disjointed limbs,therefore it is fairly easy for the player to kill them (usually one or two attacks with most weapons will be adequate to terminate one).They are seemingly the victims of the failed experiments to create the Celestial Emmissary conducted by The Choir, most notably the Imposter Iosefka.They attack by grabbing/hitting their enemies with their hands rapidly.They also desmontrated tendency to attack in groups in order to overwhelm a single enemy.

Celestial Minion №5.png
Tentacled Celestial Minions are celestial minions that sprout a mass of tentacles from their blob-like heads.They can use the tentacles to fire powerful energy blasts.They are considerably more dangerous as they are capable of firing rapid energy blasts from a great distance,which can wipe out most of the player's health or even kill the player when the player gets hit by a series of such attacks.However,a tentacled minion's luck will run out once a player manages to get close to it,for it is completely defenseless at close range.

Born out of Rom, the Vacuous Spider, Child of Rom are spider-like kins.Their heads and bodies are doubtlessly similar to their parent (Rom), but both are smaller and with a much less pronounced proportion between one another, while their legs are quite large, allowing from quick movement and attacks, often jumping around to reposition themselves in order to properly surround players. Even their spinner will shoot webs at their foes, like a proper spider.They utilize simple, slow but powerful attacks such as thrashing others with their legs/biting.Although the game never shows it,it can be inferred that these kins can climb on walls and cling to ceilings like spiders in real life.


Winter Lanterns are grotesque nightmarish creatures with bulbous heads seemingly formed from the remains of Messengers. Under the mass of flesh, eyes, and maws that compose the Winter Lantern's head, it's possible to see a rather humanoid body with two arms and two legs: this body is dressed with a torn, bloodied version of the Doll Set with a long skirt and sleeves. They also have very similar hands to The Doll, thus suggesting that the Winter Lanterns are related to her in some sense or another. Their gaze causes rapid Frenzy build-up (in other words : reduces the enemy's speed and overall performance ) and they are capable of using the tentacles dangling from their heads to grab enemies nearby and inflict a painful bite.Once an enemy is grabbed,it is near-impossible for it to break free,leaving its fate under Winter Lantern's control.

They can be detected by their eerie singing and will glow orange, illuminating the surrounding area when she detects any signs of a players presence, whether by players getting within line of sight or by making noises.They are also considerably tougher than other kins (in fact, they are one of the toughest common enemies in the game,alongside the miniboss),making them even more dangerous.However,they travel slowly.

Bloodborne™ 20151014083917.jpg

The Brainsucker is a humanoid creature dressed in shabby robes, wearing an amulet, and with a pale-blueish appearance with a slender figure, elongated limbs, and a mass of tentacles emerging from its face. Despite its frail appearance, it can run surprisingly fast and attacks with vicious swipes and punches. It is often unstaggerable.

The Brainsucker is capable of a dangerous grab attack that damages the player and drains two of their Insight; a tentacle will emerge from its head, which it will use to impale the Hunter's skull, in which it will literally begin imbibing the player's brain and draining their knowledge.

They are also capable of using magic attacks that temporarily paralyze targetted enemies and leave them vulnerable to a grab.They are much stronger than fodders and can tank a lot more blunt damage,but they are weak to physical attacks that trust into or pierce their bodies.

Bloodborne™ 20150515184258.png
Slime Scholars are the remains of the Byrgenwerth scholars trapped in the Lecture Building. They still wear parts of their former uniforms, but their bodies were morphed into a slimy pulp by the excessively high comprehension of the Great Ones: they became closer to the Kin species, developing mollusk-like bodies that bleed gray fluid.They attack by grabbing,crashing or jumping at enemies.Their attacks can penetrate walls and other props.They also tend to ambush others by hanging on ceilings or walls. However,they are slow in their movements once they hit the ground.They can tank a lot of physical damage due to their slug-like body, but they are weak to magical attacks or elemental attacks (fire,ice,etc).


With an alien and insect-like appearance, the garden of eyes are some of the most frightening in Bloodborne.

They resemble the mix between man, spider, and fly, with their large bulbous head with a tremendous amount of eyes, and what seems to be tube-like tendrils on what would be their mouths. They also have small insect wings on their backs, resembling those of butterflies with sickly pale green color. There also are, what can only be assumed to be, spider legs protruding from their backs, and they have a very large tail. They appear to wear a white, tattered, soiled tunic.They attack by suddenly dashing at and grabbing their enemies.Their grabs are likely poisonous, judging from the fact that the grab sends the player into frenzy.

However,they are completely deaf.They will only react and strike back when they see their enemies or when they are attacked.When there are no enemies nearby,they tend to stay fixed at one place.They are also relatively weak,demonstrating endurance akin to mid-tier or low-tier fodders.


The Living Failures resemble a Celestial Minion, although their heads have melted into their bodies and they lack any facial features.They are failed results of celestial emissary experiemnts.

Despite looking the same, the Failures have two variants, the Arcane and the Brute. The Arcane will simply act as a ranged combatant, casting slow traveling Arcane orbs, either multiple but small homing orbs, or a large explosive one. The Brute variant merely follows the player and tries to attack them by flailing its arms or hitting with their heads.

Once their health is reduced to below 50%.all Living Failures will from time to time stop moving suddenly and raise their hands to the sky which begins to darken (they can be backstabbed during this period). A barrage of magical meteors will rain down onto the arena causing severe damage if struck.The meteors will be tracking targetted enemies at a relatively medium rate,making it possible for fast-moving enemies to dodge.Once the meteors hit the ground, they will damage impacted area and area nearby.

They are slightly stronger than Celestial Emissary,despite them being failed attempts at creating the latter.

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 4.35.38 PM.0.0.jpg
The Celestial Emissary appears as a giant celestial minion.It is considerably stronger than most common enemies such as Brainscukers,Winter Lanterns and Slime Scholars,but it is slightly weaker than the strongest bunch of common enemies such as Headless Giants,making it the weakest boss in Bloodborne.It attacks by grabbing,headbutting,kicking,sending energy blasts and summoning celestial minions.It can also disguise itself as a normal celestial minion by reducing its size.It will continue to summon celestial minions at a steady pace when it is not destroyed.

Bloodborne™ 20150514001852 - 1.png

Fluorescent Flowers are large centipede-like predators, armed with numerous chitinous limbs and an enormous vertical maw filled with teeth. Its head has multiple bioluminescent tendrils and on the top sports a fluorescent flower-like nodule like that of an anglerfish, possibly a sensory organ. Its body is filled not with red blood, but with a gray fluid like the Crawlers, hinting that this creature hails from another dimension. Also, some of them don't disappear when they die, but instead implode into a small dimensional vortex.

Not only do they have a strong exoskeleton that protects them from both physical damage and energy attacks, but they also can project Arcane fireballs, spit acid and simply shred their prey with teeth and claws. They may seem primitive lifeforms but are indeed Kin, so they were once humans, but their bodies have lost all human features and show a mixture of arthropodal and plant/fungal characteristics just like Rom, the Vacuous Spider, hinting that they ascended in a similar way or maybe they were just used as guinea pigs to perfect the ascension of Rom.

They attack with its head and body when in melee range. From a distance, it will cast Arcane fireballs which explode when in contact with surfaces. It can also spit a poisonous substance from its mouth, which is located on the main body.They will sometimes hide beneath the ground to surprise the player. They can still be spotted as their flowers will always stay above ground.

Although their body armors are very strong,they have weak spots on their heads.Attacks aimed at weak spots will deal severe damage.They also react slowly to attacks from their flank,like their counterparts in real life.

BB Thumb42-1430242877896 1280w.jpg

One of the eldritch Great Ones, Ebrietas is a monstrous creature that resembles a slug with squid-like tentacles emerging from her back. Her face appears split in half and is covered in strange growths that resemble fungus that surround her vulnerable head (only red flesh is seen, so it is possible that she has no real mouth) but, despite being a Kin (most of them have bulging and globular yellow eyes), she has only two oval shaped green eyes. Ebrietas also possesses a set of skeletal wings that grant her limited flight.

She attacks by slamming her gigantic head at enemies,slamming/whipping enemies with her arms & tentacles,spitting & coughing out a cloud of poisonous blood,suddenly firing 3 rounds of Magic Missiles/laser beams or swallowing smaller beings.

Due to being imprisoned and tortured by the church for their evil purposes,her wings are in poor condition,resulting in her power of flight being very limited (she is only able to ascend for a short height before crashing down).She is also passive-aggressive,only launching attacks at others when she is under attack.

Zombies (PvZ)

This zombie loves brains. Can't get enough. Brains, brains, brains, day in and night out. Old and stinky brains? Rotten brains? Brains clearly past their prime? Doesn't matter. Regular zombie wants 'em.
— Description of a Zombie (PvZ)

Zombies serve as the main antagonist for the mobile game Plants vs. Zombies, a horde of the undead focused solely on invading the home of the player character and eating their brains. Little is known of their origin, however they were created by Dr. Zomboss to take over the entire planet. As the game progresses, Zomboss sends in onslaught after onslaught of the undead into the garden through day and night, even attacking from the roof, until Zomboss himself leads a coordinated attack against the player while summoning a wide variety of different undead. This ultimately fails, however, and Zomboss is defeated, yet the Zombies return for more in other games, even taking the protagonist role in I, Zombie.

To combat the super-powered plants that defend the main household from them in the front lawn, the zombies come with a variety of different weapons and abilities, anywhere between dancing zombies that can summon a host of backup dancers to attack from all angles, or gigantuars that easily trample over even the strongest Cherry Bombs. However, they are weak in that they are mindless and lack coordination.

80's basic zombies.png

The Regular Zombie makes up the bulk of Zomboss's army. They are pretty much the classic zombie, slow moving and deadly in a group. The Regular Zombies main form of attack is to grab onto and munch on an opponent, in an attempt to get to the juicy brains stored inside. He can also attack with his arms, punching or pulling at an opponent.

Some of the regular zombies gain access to helmets that come in the forms of normal roadcones or steel buckets,which won't really provide much protection in realistic situations since they can be easily removed.

HDplus screendoor.png
PVZ2 AE Pharaoh Zombie 2 60447.1434585819.500.750.jpg

Hardened Zombies refers to regular zombies that somehow gain access to armors and shields that can actually protect them in realistic situations.Their health generally equal to that of 7 to 9 basic zombies.

Some are encased in football gear; Helmet, Shoulder Pads, Gloves etc. and this gives them extra protection against attack although if his helmet falls off his health restores to that of a regular zombie.Their form of attack is the same as the regular zombie but he is considerably faster and tougher.They travel and attack considerably faster than regular zombies.

Some others gain access to screen doors that act like a powerful shield that is able to tank attacks that will kill three regular zombies (three Wall-Nut bowling balls).However,they can be ambushed from above (they are basic zombies when unprotected by the shields),below or behind.They also travel slowly.

Some stay inside sarcophagus that provide the same level of protection as football gears but are harder to remove.However,they travel slowly and make use of simple methods of attack such as grabbing,punching and pulling.


Jurassic Rockpunchers are bulky zombies that use the rocks tied to their hands to crush enemies.They are nearly two times tougher than football zombies, and they travel slightly faster than regular zombies.

His smashing attacks are more powerful than real life smashing attacks, for his attacks cause the impacted area to become temporarily scortched.

Zombie con cajita jack in the box zombie by adriana4ever d7upi6e-fullview.jpg

The Jack in the Box Zombie is a zombie in a straight jacket carrying an explosive Jack in the Box which he wind up as he walks towards an enemy. Once he gets close enough the jack will pop out and blow up all surrounding foes including the Zombie himself and any of his teammates in close enough proximity.However, if he is killed before his Box can detonate then the explosive will be deactivated.

If the box is somehow removed from him prior to explosion,he becomes a regular zombie whose endurance and speed are slightly higher than basic zombies.

HD Hunter for Hunter.png
Hunter Zombie is a zombie that throws chilling snowballs at enemies, slowing them down and comletely freezing them after three hits, with the exception of enemies with high body heat or fire-related abilities,which will destroy the ice immediately. After shooting, he will continue moving forward, and then repeat the process randomly again and again if there is any enemy in front of him.He also travels considerably faster than regular zombies and is immune to ice-related attacks.His health equals to 3 and a half basic zombies.He also carries around a bone stick with one of its end sharpened,but he never used it to attack plants in PvZ.

PVZ2 BWB Octopus Zombie 33181.1435609661.500.750.jpg

Octo Zombies throw octopi (zombie octopus) at enemies to disable them. The octopi,when thrown properly, can completely disable a target from moving or attacking.Other enemies can try to destroy the octopi,but it will take a while.

Octo zombies themselves are slightly tougher than hunter zombies and travel at a smiliar speed.But their attack methods outside throwing octopus are pretty basic - punching,biting,pulling,etc.


Newspaper Zombies are zombies that carry normal newspapers (which provide weak protection) and behave like basic zombies when they still have their newspaper.However,once the newspaper is removed,they will go berserk,displaying above-average endurance (the health of 2 and a half basic zombies),high speed and extremely deadly physical attacks (pulling and mauling enemies with brute force at high speed) that are powerful enough to destroy most plants,including defensive plants like Wall-Nuts,in one or two single strikes.Another sign that showcases the power of their berserk mode is that hypnotized newspaper zombies can destroy several football zombies (or all-star zombies in PVZ 2),despite their lower health,thanks to the high speed and great power of their attacks.

However,like other zombies that carry shields,they can be ambushed from above,behind or below.

Wizard Zombie.png
Kf qigong.png

The Wizard Zombie is the only Zombie that makes no attempt to eat the player's plants. He instead uses his rod to fire a beam which turns any opponent struck into a sheep which will then just stand passive, unable to attack or contribute to the rest of the battle. He can do this an unlimited number of times until he is killed and his durability is above that of a regular zombie. His beam does have a recharge time of a few seconds during which he is vulnerable to attack.His health equals to two and a half basic zombies.

The Qigong Zombie is the Chinese counterpart of wizard zombie that uses his mastery over Qi to levitate enemies,making room for his allies to march forward or sending the enemies crashing to death.Like wizard zombie,he can only focus on one or two targets at a time.His health equals to three basic zombies.


Arcade zombie pushes around an arcade machine that protect him from attacks from one direction.The zombie itself is only as strong as a wizzard zombie,but the arcade machine is very tough (6 basic zombies).

The arcade machine has two functions - firstly,it can be used to crush enemies.Secondly,it can summon 8-bit zombies (8-bit version of regular zombies that share the same health as their basic zombies,roadcone zombies and buckethead zombies - their helmets can't be removed due to them being constructed out of 8-bit squares) at a steady pace as long as it is not destroyed completely.

Robo-Cone Zombie.png

The Robo-Cone Zombie is a zombie inside of a large cone shaped machine. This machine comes with a pair of grabber arms and a pair of metal jaws which the Zombie inside uses to do damage to an opponent. The jaws do significantly more damage than a regular zombie's bite and the machine itself is also much more durable.

Robot 3.png
Mecha-Football Zombie is a mechanized walker maneuvered by a Future Zombie that appears in Far Future in Plants vs. Zombies 2. He packs one of the highest amounts of toughness.It attacks by pushing,pulling,crushing and thrusting enemies with his mecha-suit and drills on his suit.

Gargantuar Prime.png
Gargantuar Prime is a mechanized variant of Gargantuar.It moves slower than regular zombies but at this slight cost, it has additional abilities. The eyes can fire lasers, which burns enemies and allies caught within it's area of effect. It smashes each plant twice in a row, twice as fast as a regular gargantuar. It also absorbs a little more damage than a regular gargantuar, making it extremely tough.


  • Low-tier Fodders:200.
  • High-tier Fodders:6 kins against 2 footballs,2 screen doors, 2 pharaohs.
  • Pushers:4.
  • Melody:6.
  • Ranged:8.
  • Sticky:6.
  • Berserkers:8.
  • Magicians:4 failures against two wizzards and two kung fu masters.
  • Summoners:2.
  • Mini-boss:2.(2 kins against one Robo-cone and one Mecha-football).
  • Boss:Ebrietas against 3 gargantuar primes. 



The kins are completely bestial and disorganized,attacking anyone or anything that approaches their turf. While some of them at times display signs of intelligence by setting up traps or ambushing others, most of them behave in animalistic ways. Even Ebiretas who used to be a somewhat docile cosmic entity, has gone completely insane and animalistic, thanks to long period of being tortured and tormented by the church. 

The zombies,while stubborn and simple-minded, displayed greater intelligence, for most of them make use of tools effectively and some even create their own tools. They are also actually able to work together as a team.


Kin warriors of each category share similar size with their zombie counterparts, with a few  exceptions - Slime scholars (human-sized) are smaller than Octo Zombies (almost double the size of an average human),Winter Lanterns (1.5 average human) are slightly larger than Jack-in-the-box (average human), arcade zombies (tall humans) are shorter than celestial emissary (nearly three times the height of an average human), kin minibosses are longer (obviously) but shorter (obviously) than zombie minibosses, Ebiretas is a gigantic monster whose size equals to that of 1.5 - 2 gargantuars. 


Normally kins are faster than zombies due to them being animalistic. This gap in speed is very obvious in most low-tier fodders, while in high-tier fodders and other special classes the gap still exists but is not as obvious, while some zombies even surpass their kin counterparts (in the case of sticky devils and berserkers). However, it's safe to say that at average, kins surpass zombies in speed. 


Fodder-class zombies are generally stronger than fodder-class kins. The kin boss is a lot stronger than a single zombie boss. Winter Lanterns are stronger than jack-in-the-box zombies. Celestial Emissaries are stronger than arcade zombies. As for the rest of the classes, their HPs will be roughly the same. 


PvZ zombies storm an area occupied by kins,similar to Wass's PvZ zombies vs the Infected. Ebiretas is located in a dungeon at the center of the area and she will only strike when she is attacked directly.