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In round 3 of Batman villains vs. Spider-Man villains, I decide it's time to bring in the classics. The Joker, the clown prince of crime who dedicates himself to nothing but chaos and havoc, now faces Wilson Fisk, the kingpin of New York who devotes himself to uniting the criminal world under his iron fist. Both villains are considered as the most iconic of their respective heroes' rogue gallery and yet their motives, powers, and abilities diverge so greatly from each other - and that's the exact reason why this fight is going to be entertaining.

The Joker

One bad day can twist a person into an unspeakable monster, I know that better than anyone.
— The Joker

The Joker....Well, we all know who the Joker is, but nevertheless a brief biography still in need to clarify one or few things.

In short, The Joker is a homicidal maniac and the arch-nemesis of Batman. Though his precise origin is unknown even to him, he is known to have been forced to swim through a vat of chemicals which turned his skin white, his hair green and left his face permanently locked in a rictus grin. The Joker started off as a criminal who mainly operates in Gotham and fights against the Bat Family. During the early years, he comitted crimes that range from harmless pranks such as creating "joker fish" to seriously threatening acts such as paralyzing the Batgirl, beating Jason Todd to death with a crowbar and sending the whole city into chaos by having an all-out war between him and the Riddler. As time progressed, the Joker's crime become more sinister and he eventually learned about Batman's secret identity while obtaining superhuman powers from his accidental exposure to a unique chemical named Dionesium. With his intellect and newfound immortality, he orchestrated several large-scale plots (Death of the Family in which Joker kidnapped and nearly butchered the entire Bat Family, Endgame and Joker War - in both of which Joker infected a huge population with Joker venom and essentially turned Gotham into a war zone filled with laughing zombies and raving maniacs) that not only nearly destroyed Gotham City but also harmed Batman on a personal level.

Apart from activities in Gotham, the Joker is highly active in universal or multiversal events set in DCU. And in these events the Joker usually finds himself allied with Batman, aiding the hero in war against greater evils such as Perpetua and the Batman who Laughs.


  • Joker Venom :Joker Venom is a chemical compound that forces the human body to smile and/or laugh uncontrollably. It takes effect within seconds of exposure and affixes the victim's jaw muscles into a grotesque rictus grin, eventually killing the victim in a short period of time. The Joker sometimes keep the chemical inside gadgets installed on his costume, however he usually stores them in grenade-like or toy-like canisters, either throwing them at the enemy or hiding them somewhere and remotely activating them when enemy approaches.
  • Joker Teeth: The teeth are wind-up prank teeth that giggle and hop around in a small radius where they are left. The launch themselves onto enemies to deal biting damage, which is usually enhanced by liquid Joker venom or acid rubbed on the teeth. They are also explosive, behaving like grenades when forced into heavy impact.
  • Acid Flower: A flower decoration pinned on the Joker's chest that shoots out acid at nearby enemies. The Joker controls it with great speed and accuracy.
  • Knives : The Joker is usually armed with many small daggers and blades. He hides them all around his costume. He is a proficient knife user.
  • Various Improvised Weapons, Circus-themed, Joke-themed and Toy-themed Weapons : The Joker is a master of using improvised weapons such as wires, dining tools and other random objects he can find in the environment. He also likes using weapons themed after circus, jokes or toys, probably due to his name. For the purpose of this battle his men and him will all be provided with explosive toys, lethal joy buzzers and other typical "joker stuff" you can imagine.
  • Firearms : Joker himself isn't a big fan of firearms, although he usually carries around a pistol which he uses with questionable accuracy. However, his men are always armed, with many of them carrying typical comic book gangster weapons such as Tommy guns, Uzis, AK rifles, rocket launchers, sleeping gas, flame throwers and so on.
  • Joker's thugs : Despite the fact that the Joker is an unstable maniac who at times kills his own men for fun, for some reasons the Joker always can gather a large group of followers that are willing to do the dirty work. They consist of petty criminals of all sort, and their loyalty, quality and logistics vary greatly from one member to another due to the overall motley crew nature of the Joker's subordinates. Actually, to be more precise, although the Joker himself is the most iconic Batman villain, his goons are pretty garbage usually, when compared to others such as the Penguin or the Black Mask, who arm and treat their men at least properly. During the Joker War, a small squad of Penguin's men easily fended off a large army of Joker's thugs. Other villains and heroes also tend to easily put down many Joker's thugs on most occasions.

Powers & Abilities

  • Peak Human Physical Condition : Joker, like the Batman, is a peak human. He can survive falling from great height and has high pain tolerance. He is also exceptionally durable, capable of fighting heroes for extremely long period of time without resting. He can tank a significant more amount of damage - impacts and weapons that normally will end up killing a human will only disorient or severely injure him.
  • Toxic Immunity : The Joker is immune to sleeping gas and other chemicals , including his own Joker Venom and Scarecrow's fear gas.
  • Regeneration : Joker's spine contains the chemical compound Dionesium within it. This allows Joker to recover from injuries at an accelerated rate. He was able to regenerate his face after it was cut off, and instantly heal from a lethal gunshot. However, he is not immortal, for severe damage still takes time to heal and damage that is harsh enough is still able to kill him or put him down.
  • Indomitable Will : The Joker's will is indomitable due to his insanity. He is immune to psychic attacks from Psycho Pirate, who is one of the most powerful telepaths in DCU.
  • Super Stealth : The Joker is an expert when it comes to stalking and infiltration. During Endgame, he successfully sneaked up to every member of Justice League ( Superman, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash , Cyborg, Green Lantern) and infected them with Joker venom to make them work for him against Batman. And during Justice League Vol 4 he sneaks into a vessel without being noticed by Martian Manhunter and Hawkgirl, ambushing the latter with a chainsaw. During Batman's wedding arc, he sneaked into Ra's Al Ghul's base and murdered a dozens of his men. He also sneaked into Batman Who Laughs 's base and ambushed the multiversal threat during Dark Knight : Metal , saving the Batman from the one who laughs.
  • Questionable Combatant : The Joker is an expert in hand-to-hand combat, but his unstable mental condition sometimes hampers himself from fighting efficiently. He fought the Batman evenly on many occasions and at times bested the Caped Crusader in combat. He even easily took down dozens of Ra's Al Ghul's highly trained assassins. However, on other occasions he gets easily defeated by Batman, a Robin or normal police officers. He even got his ass kicked in a brawl by the Riddler, out of all people, during the Wars of Jokes and Riddles.
  • Genius Level Intellect : The Joker, despite his insanity, is an extroardinary genius. He rivals the Riddler, Batman and Lex Luthor in terms of raw intellect, and he is also insanely creative in making plans, designing weapons and psychological warfare, capable of fooling Batman, other heroes, other villains and even cosmic beings like Darkseid, Batman who Laughs and Mister Mxyzptlk.
  • Master Strategist and Tactician : The Joker, without a doubt, is a master when it comes to tactical analysis. This section doesn't really require elaboration, since a cursory glance through his entire history can tell you this point.

The Kingpin

The Kingpin. On paper he was a shadow. A businessman. He was careful not to leave a trail... He was meticulous enough to avoid the heat. Manipulative enough to have others do his bidding. He had an underground empire... which an army of rats did his dirty work. He was the man behind the curtain. He was a problem solver. This is just another simple problem. It is nothing I can't fix... ...with my hands. Nothing I can't fix.
— The Kingpin

Wilson Fisk is one of the mainstays of New York's criminal underworld. Unanimously recognized as The Kingpin, Fisk controls nearly all organized crime families on the East Coast that are not Maggia-affiliated. As such, Fisk has run afoul of the majority of heroes in that region. In his early appearences, he usually fights the Spider-Man, later he also comes into conflict with other New York-based heroes such as Punisher, Daredevil and Jessica Jones. When the situation requires, he offer service to Stark-Fujikawa Corporate, Hydra and the Hand. With brutal efficiency and clever manipulation, he also managed to obtain the Assassins Guild, leading to many of its martial artists and ninjas serving his criminal empire. When Hydra took over America and kept most of NYC under a dome, Kingpin offered food and other support to people in need when the heroes fail to do so. With this done, he ran for mayor after Hydra was defeated and got elected through rigging the ballot. As of now, he is the most powerful crimelord in NYC thanks ot his position, which basically hands the control of the police force partially to him. With the newfound powers and resources, he seeks to end the activities of heroes such as Daredevil and Spider-Man once and for all.


  • Walking Stick :The Kingpin sometimes carries a walking stick which contains a concealed laser beam weapon that fires a short pulse of 300 watts, enough energy to vaporize a handgun. The walking stick can also be used to fire a concentrated spray of sleeping gas. The Kingpin's diamond stickpin also contains a small, highly compressed container of sleeping gas which is effective when fired directly into an opponent's face at close range. The Kingpin uses the stickpin gas as a last resort.
  • Firearms : Kingpin rarely carries firearms by himself, but his goons certainly carry them. They carry firearms that are similar to firearms carried by the Joker's men for the purpose of this battle, because both groups carry typical gangster weapons.
  • Kingpin's thugs : Kingpin is usually aided by large groups of thugs as well. Kingpin has the wealth and resources required to hire high-quality thugs to do his bidding. Many of his thugs are either sharpshooters or martial artists. However, some of his thugs are still just petty criminals.

Powers & Abilities

  • Peak Human Strength : Fisk is composed almost entirely of muscle that has been developed to enormous size, much like a sumo wrestler, and he possesses peak human strength with only the bare 9 pounds actually being fat. His vast bulk shields him from many forms of injury, either providing padding or causing penetration wounds to only strike him relatively superficially. He possesses the level of peak human strength with intensive exercise. As Olympic weightlifter, he can lift (press) approximately 650 pounds. However, he is virtually as strong as it is possible for a man to be without being strictly classified as superhuman. Fisk has demonstrated his strength sufficient enough to crush Spider-Man's web shooter without intent,casually fling open his large vault door with one arm; when others such as Daredevil have struggled to open it with two arms, lift and use his heavy oak desk and a large sofa as weapons, and crush people's skulls without effort. Furthermore, his strength is nearly superhuman because during the fight with Spider-Man, he use the weight of 1,500 lbs barbell as a weapon.
  • Master Martial Artist : Fisk has extraordinary skill in hand-to-hand combat, specializing in a number of martial arts, including sumo wrestling, judo, and hapkido. His fighting skills and unusual agility for a man of his size compensate for a great difference between his human level of strength and that of Spider-Man when the two engage in unarmed combat (Spider-Man also has severe inhibitions about using his strength against an opponent without superhuman powers for fear of killing him or her.) The Kingpin was also capable of defeating 8 men from the finest martial arts schools in 17 seconds.
  • Keen Intellect : Fisk is not as smart as other Spider-Man villains such as Doctor Octopus and Norman Osborn. However, he is certainly not stupid. He is adept at organizing and leading profitable criminal activities at all scales. He is also good at manipulating others into doing work for him.

X- Factors


The Joker is one of the most experienced villains in DCU. Not only does he fight Batman and other Gotham-based characters on a daily basis, but also he is very active in universal events, during which he fought at the front against Batman Who Laughs, Parademons and invaders from the Dark Multiverse. He has also fought other heroes such as Hawkgirl, Green Arrow and even the entire justice league successfully.

The Kingpin is not very experienced in universal events. He normally only operates in New York City and fights against New York-based vigilantes and villains. He has been mostly sitting behind desks plotting instead of pushing himself into the field recently due to his position as the mayor.


Kingpin is well-trained in many forms of martial arts such as judo, karate, wrestling and Kung Fu. He has taken down or fought evenly with people such as Daredevil and Spider-Man in combat.

The Joker hasn't received any formal training, but he is a deadly combatant that has taken down well-trained people like Batman, Red Hood, Batgirl, Orphan and many members of League of Assassins. However the Joker's actual level of skill is highly questionable since he at times gets beaten up by individuals with normal or even poor combat skills like the Riddler, likely due to his unstable mental condition.

Creativity & Intellect

The Joker is an extroardinary genius and insanely creative, capable of behaving in manners that are unpredictable even for other individuals with high intellect and even advanced artificial intelligence.

Kingpin is also a very intelligent individual. He is adept at running his criminal empire, but other than that his feat of intellect is limited.

Troop Quality & Logistics

The Joker's troop consist of petty criminals of all sort and due to his bad habit of killing his own men only the true desperate or genuinely insane ones are actualy fiercely loyal to him. However, after the Joker War, Joker managed to stole a large portion of Bruce Wayne's money and essentially turned himself into a billionaire, meaning that fund itself is not a problem.

Kingpin also has a number of petty thugs under his command, but many of his men are selected because of their skills, and they are in general of above average or high quality. Kingpin is also a millionaire and has recently become the mayor of New York City, which grants him access to more resources, equipment and funds.


Situation : The Joker has made his way to NYC and got himself familiar with the city. Heroes and other villains of NYC are at the moment distracted by other events, leaving the Kingpin alone against the clown prince of crime. The Kingpin sees the Joker as a disruption to order in the underworld, while the Joker sees Kingpin as a barricade to chaos. Naturally both want to kill each other and a gang war ensues. Both men start out with a roughly equal number of men. The fight ends in the death of Kingpin or the Joker.

Note: The Kingpin is now the mayor of New York and the Joker has fund stolen from Batman. Both can hire new thugs or threat people into working for them, expanding their troop during the fight.