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So... Hi. It's me again. BattleGames1.

I know 3-4 years doesn't sound like a long time between being last on the site and now but to me, it certainly has felt that way. I mean in between university work being completed, having a casual job running afterschool activity programs at a local school, doing other creative things on YouTube... and now having to care for elderly family at home and caring for myself which has never been easy though I am taking up exercising, I've always thought about come back to this site but never felt confident enough to do so.

After a little talking to Appel on Discord, I've decided that I'm gonna try my hand at making a comeback here. Starting with a fresh clean blank slate. And so to you, I outline my steps as follows:

  • All my old battles will still exist and be linked
  • All original future planned battles will be erased.
  • A realistic set of future battles/ideas will be made and put up in their place (and updated as soon I feel confident with an idea).
  • Realistically, don't hold your breath for me finishing the sims for the old battles any time soon. The creative juices need to be really flowing.
  • The sandboxes will remain intact in case I need any ideas.
  • And I will do my absolute best to commit to making at least one vote a day. I have the time now at least.

Hopefully the road back to you will be a smooth one no matter what bumps may come my way.

And apologies for getting all sentimental and doe-eyed with my writing here but I think given what's happening now with COVID and my own awareness of my mental health, maybe coming back to this will be a form of therapy. And a boost to my self-confidence and self-esteem too.