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Ladies and gentlemen, warriors and warrioressess... welcome to the first fictional battle written by me, BattleGames1!

Miyo Takano, the mad scientist who terrorised an entire Japanese village with a deadly viral disease...


Max Payne, the brutal DEA agent who went on a mass killing spree to avenge those who done him wrong...

Who... is... DEADLIEST


Miyo Takano


Miyo Takano was an orphan adopted by a Japanese scientist who was working on a virus local to the village of Hinamizawa. Miyo's father was criticized for his work, which stated that the Hinamizawa Syndrome's effects, namely violent behavior could be triggered by the death of a "queen carrier". After her father died, Takano continued his work, determined to prove him correct. Takano planned to do this by killing the "queen carrier" and causing the entire village to go insane. In order to gain access to the village, Takano joined a conspiracy of politician born before the Second World War, who intended to weaponize the Hinamizawa Syndrome and use it to restore Japan's position as a major military power. Takano was given control of a force of troops, the Yamainu, who she used to eliminate any threats to her plans, thought Takano herself was quite willing to commit murder and did so on a number of occasions. Takano lived in the village of Hinamizawa while preparing her plans, posing as a nurse in a local clinic. In addition to proving her father right, Takano also believes that by killing off the village of Hinamizawa in a mysterious accident believed to be the result the curse of Oyashiro, a local god, Takano will herself become a god, at least in metaphorical sense. Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni covers multiple parallel universes. In most of them, Takano succeeds in killing the "queen carrier", a girl named Rika Furude, plunging the village into madness, and then killing off the inhabitants with poison gas. However, in the final arc of Higurashi, Takano is defeated by the combined efforts of Furude and her friends Keiichi Maebara, Rena Ryuguu, Mion and Shion Sonozaki, Satoko Houjou, and several others.

Max Payne


Max Payne is the main character in the Max Payne video game series and film. He is an officer for the New York Police Department. After discovering the dead bodies of his wife and daughter, Payne becomes distraught. He soon transfers to the DEA and goes after his family's murderers. He ends up slaughtering the key leaders in the mafia that organized Payne's family's death. He is arrested for his recklessness but is released after being pardoned by a senator. Two years later, Payne is again a detective for the NYPD. He goes after a group of hired guns and ends up taking them down along with a Russian Mob member.Max is an antihero as he himself says "I was not one of them, I was no hero." On the other hand, he is not a morally ambiguous protagonist - he does not kill the cornered Vinnie Gognitti, and tries to get information from the Finito brothers by "playing it Bogart" and not bursting through the door with guns in hand. Max is trying to claim only one thing that is right in his eyes - to avenge his loved ones. However, he has not nullified his feelings - he is taken with the contract killer Mona Sax first they meet, and befriends Vladimir Lem - a criminal without friends. Max is shown to be quite aware of his shortcomings and flaws, stating to his friend Raul Passos, "I'm not slipping. I'm slipped. I'm a bad joke."

For this battle, I will be using the Max Payne post-Max Payne 3.


Miyo and her Yamainu troops arm themselves with...

Melee Weapon 1 - Nightstick


The Nightstick was type of baton with a short side handle at a right angle to the shaft, about six inches from one end. The main shaft is typically 61 centimetres (24 in) in length. They are derived from the tonfa, an Okinawan kobudō weapon, and are used with a similar technique (although Tonfas are usually used in pairs, whereas side-handle batons are not). The advantages of a side-handle baton over a straight baton are numerous, but there are disadvantages too.

Melee Weapon 2 - Syringe

Disposable Safety Syringe 3ml 5ml.jpg

The syringe is more or less an improvised weapon but in this battle, the syringe that Miyo will use is filled with the Hinamizawa virus (in fact, she may have more than one). Weapon-wise, the hypodermic needle part of the syringe has a thickness that ranges between 7 and 33 gauge (ie between 4mm and 0.21mm). For the purposes of this battle, the syringe will have a needle of 16 gauge (the minimum length required for blood transfusion or injection).

Short Range 1 - Colt M1911


The M1911 is a semi-automatic pistol that fires the .45 ACP. The weapon is single-action and is recoil-operated. It is also semi automatic handgun with an 7-round magazine. The weapon has an effective range of 50 meters.

Short Range 2 - Browning Hi-Power


The Browning Hi-Power is a 9mm handgun with a 13-round magazine and an effective range of about 50 meters.

Medium Range - MP5SD


The MP5SD is an MP5 submachine gun equipped with an integral suppressor. The weapon fires 9mm ammunition from a 30-round magazine at 700 rounds per minute with a range of about 100 meters. The bullet leaves the muzzle at subsonic velocity, so it does not generate a sonic shock wave in flight. As a result of reducing the barrel’s length and venting propellant gases into the suppressor, the bullet’s muzzle velocity was lowered anywhere from 16% to 26% (depending on the ammunition used) while maintaining the weapon’s automation and reliability. The weapon was designed to be used with standard supersonic ammunition with the suppressor on at all times.

Long Range - Howa Type 64

Type 64 Rifle.jpg

The Type 64 is a gas operated, selective fire weapon, chambered for the standard NATO 7.62 x 51 mm ammunition. At that time it was the newest US creation. However the Type 64 fires Japanese cartridges with reduced powder loading and with a lighter bullet, as the original NATO round was too powerful for Japanese soldiers. It reduced excessive recoil and muzzle climb. This weapon can also uses the standard NATO ammunition. This weapon has an effective range of 400 m. The Howa Type 64 was tested alongside the US M14 for comparison. The Japanese rifle was found to be superior in terms of accuracy. However, the Type 64 has a reputation for low reliability.

Special Weapon - Hydrogen Sulfide Grenade

Hydrogen Sulfide is a gas containing hydrogen and sulfur (obviously) and is known for its rotten egg-like odor. In concentrations of over 1000 parts per million, the gas can kill quickly, and as little as 50 ppm can cause eye damage, with death becoming possible at 320 ppm. The gas was chosen by Takano as it is also sometimes released in volcanic events, for plausible deniability of her atrocities in Hinamizawa. From what can be seen in Higurashi, the poison gas the Yamainu used to kill off the townspeople may have been this gas - shown to take a short period of time before the gas reaches lethal levels.

Explosive Weapon - RPG-7


The RPG-7 Rocket Launcher is a widely used, portable, shoulder-launched rocket propelled grenade weapon system. The launcher is based around a simple tube, 40 mm (1.57 inch) in diameter, 95.3 cm (37.4 inches) in length, and weighing 7 kg (15 lbs). The middle of the tube is wood wrapped to protect the user from heat, and the end is flared to assist in blast shielding and recoil reduction. The warhead of the RPG rocket is about 85mm.

Max, accompanied by 4 DEA officers, return fire with...

Melee Weapon 1 - Baseball Bat


The baseball bat is a club-like "tool" used in the sport of baseball. The MLB regulations for a baseball bat are 2.75 inch diameter and a length of 42 inches or smaller. Many are not corked or hollowed out, because it reduces its weight and increases speed. In high school leagues and Little Leagues, bats are made of aluminum or other metals because of the lethality of a broken bat flying at a player or the audience. The bat is intended to be used in baseball and not as a weapon. However, the baseball bat has become a staple weapon for mobsters and rioters. It is a simple bludgeoning weapon that can inflict pain, shatter bones, and kill. For the purposes of this battle, Max will wield a wooden baseball bat (as can be seen in the game).

Melee Weapon 2 - Lead Pipe

The lead pipe is a rather short piece of metal, used as an improvised combat instrument. It deals relatively little damage, but is swung fast. It requires the user to approach the intended target to a very close distance, this way dangerously exposing the bearer to any incoming attacks. The armament is weaker than the baseball bat, as it has a shorter reach and deals less damage. It is only used as a last resort weapon whenever someone runs out of guns.

Short Range 1 - Taurus PT92

Taurus PT92SS17.jpg

The PT92 is a semi-automatic handgun that shoots 9x19mm parabellum rounds. As a result, it causes moderate to small amounts of damage, depending on the range of its target. This gun is Max Payne's standard handgun in Max Payne 3, replacing his 9mm pistol.

The PT92 is a licensed reproduction of the Beretta 92 series by a Brazilian arms manufacturing company, Taurus. The Taurus is distinguished from the Beretta by its frame-mounted safety, which it retains from the original Beretta 92, whereas the 92FS has its safety mounted on the slide. Even from a distance, this makes the two guns easy to tell apart.

Short Range 2 - Glock 22

The standard pistol carried by agents of the DEA. The Glock 22 is a .40 S&W version of the full-size Glock 17 introduced in 1990. The pistol uses a modified slide, frame, and barrel to account for the differences in size and power of the .40 S&W cartridge. The standard magazine capacity is 15 rounds.

Medium Range - UMP40

UMP .45 ACP.jpg

Although Max Payne's main guns are his MAC-10s, for this battle, he is 'forced' into using the standard-issued DEA SMG, the UMP40. The UMP is a blowback operated, magazine-fed submachine gun firing from a closed bolt. As originally designed, the UMP is chambered for larger cartridges than other submachine guns like the MP5, to provide more stopping power against unarmored targets (with slightly lower effectiveness at longer range) than the 9x19mm MP5 provides. A larger cartridge produces more recoil, and makes control more difficult in fully automatic firing. To mitigate this, the cyclic rate of fire was reduced to 650 rounds/min (600 rounds/min for the UMP45), which makes it one of the slower firing submachine guns on the market.

Long Range - LWRC M6A2 D-DEA

The M6A2 rifle is a standard carbine available in various barrel lengths and in either 5.56mm NATO or 6.8mm SPC. The M6A2 rifle is ideal for those who utilize optical sights as it employs a low- profile gas block. The special DEA configuration M6A2 has all of the standard features of the M6A2 plus some added features. The carbine weighs 7.3lbs, fires, is almost 35.5 inches long and fires off 5.56 NATO ammunition at a rate of 700rpm.

Special Weapon - Molotov Cocktail


A Molotov cocktail, also known as a petrol bomb, incendiary bottle etc, is a homemade incendiary grenade made from a glass bottle filled with gasoline or other flammable liquid, and a rag or other flammable object, such as a roll of paper, as a crude fuse.

Explosive Weapon - M79 Grenade Launcher

300px-M79 afmil.jpg

The M79, commonly known as the Thumper is a single-shot, break action grenade launcher first adopted in 1960. The launcher was designed to give infantry squads greater firepower, and was intended to fire a grenade further than it could be thrown by hand, with more accuracy than older rifle grenades. The weapon thus intended as a sort of middle-ground between a hand grenade and a mortar.

Personal Edges

Melee 1: The baseball bat has been used in riots and mobs by the aggressors while the nightstick was used by the riot police, who whooped the aggressors back. Same logic applies in this battle - even though Max is the one holding the bat.

EDGE: Miyo Takano

Melee 2: The syringe is a deadly weapon in the hands of Miyo but IF AND ONLY IF she can get up close to Max. Out of the last resort weapons, the lead pipe has a greater reach despite not being as deadly as the syringe (or the virus inside).

EDGE: Max Payne

Short Range 1: Although the M1911 is a very popular weapon because of its recoil design meaning faster deliver and the pistol has the larger calibre bullets, the Taurus PT92 is lighter, more compact and has a larger magazine.

EDGE: Max Payne

Short Range 2: Both guns are equally deadly in the hands of their users but the Browning Hi-Power isn't as powerful, nor does it have the bigger magazine, as the Glock 22.

EDGE: Max Payne

Medium Range: Both guns are essentially the same in almost every aspect. The only difference between the two that is the UMP40 fires the bigger bullets but the MP5SD fires its bullets much faster

EDGE: Even

Long Range: The Howa is a good weapon to use, but the M6A2 is that more modern and sophisticated than the Type 64, also more reliable.

EDGE: Max Payne

Special Weapons: Both these grenade-like weapons prove themselves deadly, but with the gas grenade, the lethality is much higher and more widespread than the Molotov (mind you though, if the gas came into contact with fire, the gas would ignite).

EDGE: Miyo Takano

Explosives: Although the RPG is heavier than the M79, it does carry a much deadlier payload and is more accurate since the rocket is aimed at and will zipline to the intended target

EDGE: Miyo Takano


X-Factor Miyo Takano Max Payne
Training 83 79
Combat Experience 50 70
Killer Instinct 92 86
Agility 72 90
Physical Strength 67 89
Psychological Health 45 50
  • For training, Takano gains a higher score than Payne because her troops - the Yamainu - are basically a 'counter-intelligence force'-like group of soldiers trained to cover up anything related to the 'Tokyo Conspiracy'; the DEA act as the opposite end, as part of a law enforcement agency designed to expose drug operations which means that they would have to go through a lot of training to achieve that end, although not as much as the Yamainu
  • For combat experience, Payne scored higher than Takano for the sole reason that Takano was only involved with the incidents at Hinamizawa killing civilians; Payne, as a DEA officer and bodyguard, has battled against the Russian Mafia and Brazilian militia
  • Agility and physical strength go hand-in-hand in this instance because Takano was not exactly a well-built woman for her age but she's still fit; just not as fit as Payne, who also takes agility for all the amazing stunts he can do in a firefight
  • For killer instinct, Takano ranks very high since she would be willing to murder an entire village to achieve her goals; Max also scores high but not by much because he is a vigilante cop but he will only go on a killing spree if the crime committed was something that affects his family and/or helps makes his job a better experience (to put it mildly)
  • Psychological health for both characters was easy and hard: easy for Takano since she is under the delusion that by proving her father's research right through these acts of violence will make her a metaphorical god; hard for Payne because I don't know where to draw the line between insanity or being majorly psychologically ill which I presume Max (post-MP3) is since he is hooked on and abusing alcohol, painkillers and cigarettes (a recipe for mental instability if you ask me)



Port of Kanazawa, 12 hours after the Great Hinamizawa disaster

"Help me carry this thing..." a Yamainu soldier grunts as he and another man carry a small crate towards a gangplank. On it stood Takano and she was overseeing her men load 50 so crates containing dozens of syringes carrying the Hinamizawa virus on board a cargo tanker. Helping the men set the last of the crates down, Takano heads out onto the pier. Looking up at the moon, Takano smirks as she realises that her plan is about to come into fruition - now that her theory about the Hinamizawa syndrome is about to make headlines, she reckons that to really make the disease really spread virally (both in the media sense and the literal sense) would be to release the virus in a densely populated area; and since she would not be able to do in Tokyo (because that is where her co-conspirators are doing their thing with the virus), she reckoned that the best place to do this would be in America.

"Takano," one of the Yamainu bodyguards of hers walks up and asks "Where are we exactly going?"

After letting out a little chuckle, she said "We are going to the USA. We will start our next reign of terror there"

Walking towards the boardwalk leading to the deck, Takano goes into further detail. "I've decided that the city we'll be heading to will be New York," Takano walks up to the ships cabin and unfurls a map, laying it out onto the controls, "From what intel Okonogi has supplied to me, once word gets out about me, the US will send their Coast guard units to Los Angeles in anticipation for my 'arrival', but they are foolish," she traces a path going up the coast of Siberia and heading towards the North Pole "This ship will be able to pass through the Arctic ocean covertly. Those dumb Canadians will mistake our ship for a fishing trawler and let us through their shipping waters easily.""So how are we going to end up in New York safely? Surely the Americans will realise they've been bluffed after a few days" the Yamainu soldier by her side asks.

"Don't worry." Takano assures her companion with a little rustle of the Yamainu's cap, "My people in Tokyo have gotten that taken care of..."

Takano is then interrupted by another Yamainu soldier who walks in "Madam, the Yamainu have packed their stuff onto the crew cabins and are ready to pull away"

"Good" Takano exclaimed in a sinister voice as she puts away her map "Set course for New York City following my path". Looking at the two Yamainu soldier's standing there, she yells "Well, don't just stand there. Get the ship started!"

Amid a few cries of "Yes, maam", the Yamainu soldiers rush out of the captains control deck and out onto the deck. Miyo meanwhile stares into the horizon, a look of determination forming on her face. With a bit of luck, she may be able to reach the city, drug and infect the hundred thousand or so citizens and throw everything into chaos. It'll be a conquering of the USA, one city at a time.

Tokyo City, 2-and-a-half weeks later

Detective Ooishi was in his office, rummaging through various photos he has of Takano, the damn bitch who poisoned all those innocent villagers back at Hinamizawa. He is trying to formulate some idea where Takano is heading. The JSDF have traced Takano's trail to Kanazawa but when the troops arrived, the place was bare. Not a single trace of Takano and the Yamainu, just a few empty cargo trucks and a missing ship. The JSDF have been patrolling the sea looking for her, but it seems as if they are slipping under the radar. "Man I could really use some sleep, I've been up all night just trying to think of something" he silently said to himself. With a flick of a switch, a whip off the coat stand and the push of a button, Ooishi was making his way to the ground floor. As he walked past the concierge, he noticed that the receptionist was looking at a news report of Takano's escape. To Ooishi, his news about her gas attack in Hinamizawa was spreading like wildfire, people from Paris, Sydney and even closer to home like Beijing were holding special vigils for the departed. As the receptionist changed channels looking for something to else to watch, something caught Ooishi's attention. The next channel the receptionist changed to was FOX News also reporting the same thing. This was enough for Ooishi to realise something.

"Of course, how can I be so stupid?" Ooishi angrily muttered to himself. The muttering was loud enough to make the receptionist at the desk turn; but before she could say anything, Ooishi was bolting out the door.

"She's going to New York. That's why the US Coast Guard in California weren't seeing her..." Ooishi thought to himself as he puffed and panted his way to the nearest telephone booth. On the dark street, he looked like a bolt of darkness blitzing from lamp-post to lamp-post - one second he's there, the next he's disappeared. Finally, Ooishi reached a booth. After a few seconds of frantic dialling, he yelled at the operator to connect him to the DEA. Somewhere from a dist 

ance, a shadowy female figure (note: this is Homura) stood, watching the foolish detective alert the US about their stupidity. "Well, I guess it's time before this turns messy" she thought in a sinister manner. Taking a tiny step forward, she unsheathed her dagger.

New York City, 12 hours later

Max awoke to the sound of Sonny and Cher playing I Got You Babe on the clock radio. "Ah not this shit again..." Max said as he struggled to get out of bed. His head pounded very heavily like it was about to break out of his cage, his voice didn't sound too good either but it was just one of those early morning croaks that he could get over. "God what I do last night?" Max gloomily thought to himself.

Wash wash, scrub scrub and into the kitchen he went. Minutes later, the smell of egg and bacon sizzled in the air, as was the rich aroma of a cappuccino. Maybe this would be enough to remove that awful stench that lingered in his palate. To Max, this may not feel like a hearty breakfast back in Sao Paolo but at least it was good to be home. After consuming his daily meal, he turned on the television.

Gay show... gay show... Superbowl ad I don't fucking care about... and the next thing he sees is the news report from FOX News."This is a special news bulletin from FOX News. News from our good friends in Japan. Ōishi Kuraudo, one of the detectives responsible in the investigation of the Great Hinamizawa Disaster, has mysteriously disappeared after placing a call from a phone booth some time after leaving his office in Tokyo. Police are currently combing the scene for clues as to who has taken him but so far nothing has been found..."

  • click* "Heh, good luck to them." Max said as he began to sip his coffee. Just as he finished and set the cup down, the doorbell rings. For a few seconds it resonates throughout the apartment. "Who the fuck could that be?" Max said to himself before coming to open it.

Outside stood two tall men, dressed in white shirts, black jeans, polished shoes, dark glasses... and a vest that read DEA in big bold white writing.

The black man spoke first "I'm Agent Smith and this is Agent Jones," he gestured to the tall white figure, "as you can tell, we're from the DEA..."

"Go fuck yourself!" Max angrily muttered as he shut the door. Midway, Smith stopped <ax in his tracks. After re-opening the door in defeat, the conversation ran like this:

"I'm told you were the best agent the DEA had some time ago..."

"Yeah... until I lost my family andall..."

"Of course you got nuts after all. If I was in your position, man I'd be pissed off too"

"What do you want?"

Agent Jones stepped forward and handed Max a dossier. "You heard about what happened to Detective Ooishi, right?" he sternly asked.

"He's the guy that disappeared right?" Max said as he scratched his head. "What the fuck do the DEA have to do with this?" he thought.

"Well, head office in Arlington received a call from him about Takano. Apparently she is on her way to New York."

Finally voicing his thought, Max said "What the fuck doe the DEA have to do with this?"

Before Jones could say something, Smith jumped in "The call from Ooishi was a tip for us. Apparently according to him, Takano has been making and harbouring an illegal substance and is perhaps taking a load of them with her to New York. Before he could tell us any more, the line got cut."

Staring at the woman in the photo a lot of thoughts raced through his mind. If his family were still alive at this moment, then they would be in serious danger. But it wasn't just his family, it was the entire New York city at stake. And after reading through the death tool and photos of those dead, a sense of patriotism and revenge ran through his mind - or was it the rush of coffee getting to his head? Either way, he wasn't going to let this crime go unanswered.

Handing back the dossier, Max asked "What's in it for me?"

"Maybe if you get changed and come with us back to the base, we'll explain everything. All we know is, you and 5 other agents - including us - are going to intercept this terrorist as she arrives in the city."

With a feeling of satisfaction running across his face, Max grinned and said "Be with you in 5 minutes..."

5 hours later..."

Main Battle

Max Payne: Green.png Green.png Green.png Green.png Green.png Green.png

Miyo Takano: Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png Red.png

It is almost 5pm and silence is all around - except for the sounds of Miyo and her small attache of Yamainu soldiers busy unloading their crates of the Hinamizawa Syndrome. "Be careful with that!" Miyo ordered her men as they place the crates inside stolen ambulances "Do you know how much of the virus is in that crate? Enough to render the city helpless and cut-off. By the time they take a swig of this both in the hospitals and in their sewage systems, they will be out of their minds before help can be given!" Takano starts to maniacally giggle at the thought running through her head "Once the virus spreads across the country, those foolish scientists back home and abroad will now that my father's research is of utmost importance... AND THEN I WILL HAVE BECOME OYASHIRO-SAMA!" the Yamainu soldiers around her tried their best to ignore the uproarious maniacal laughter that bellowed out of Takano and echoed throughout the walls. Suddenly, almost once she has calmed down, a police car wailed in the distance. Looking concerned, Miyo and her troops stop what they are doing. "The police are here!" a Yamainu soldier exclaims "Weapons ready!"

"Wait," Miyo commands "We'll let them walk into an ambush..." she eerily comments

Outside the harbour, a DEA van pulls up close to the warehouse where it is believed Takano and her cargo stash are located. All agents within step out of the vehicle - Payne, Smith, Jones, White, Brown and Green - and prepare themselves for what is going to be a fierce firefight. Max walks his way towards the boot of the van and opens it, revealing a huge arsenal of weapons to use. Payne grabs his Taurus pistol and M79 grenade launcher while the agents grab their M6A2s, Glocks and UMPs.

"Remember," Max briefs the other agents, "the target is Miyo Takano and she will have a small attache with her. Our orders are kill on sight. Got that?"

"Yes sir" the others replied in unison, and with that, they move out heading towards the warehouse entrance. Inside, they see the medium sized carrier boat Takano must have used to transport the illegal substance to the country. Over to the right are several ambulances with open doors and several of them are filled with crates. Brown stealthily walks towards the empty ambulance, thinking that one of Takano's 'attache' is hiding. "No sign of Takano here, sir" he reports. Suddenly Smith hears a *zip* and yells "ROCKET!" but before Brown can react, the ambulance he is standing explodes - from this, Brown is consumed in the blast Green.png. The remaining agents and Payne look up to see where the blast had come from and sees... nothing in the upper room. Suspicious, everyone aims their guns at the office expecting someone to come out. A Yamainu soldier kicks the door down and fires his Howa at the agents downstairs. The agents fire their rifles at the soldier who is also given covering fire by his fellow Yamainu soldiers. Neither side scores a hit, but on the Yamainu side, the RPG wielder from before pops out of hiding and taking aim with it. Smith fires his M6A2 at him and manages to kill him before the rocket could be fired Red.png. The lead Yamainu soldier from before notices Max load his M79 and orders his men to find another hiding place. He then ducks behind cover and pulls the pin on a Gas Grenade. Chucking it out of the window, he and the other troops place their gas masks on before heading out of the office. "Smoke grenade!" Jones yells out before he and his men stop firing, save Max who fires a grenade from his launcher at the office, sending one Yamainu flying through the window Red.png. Max hastily realises something is wrong and yells for everyone to move back to the van to get the masks. Before long though, White begins to stoop and chokingly cough - its as if he is being poisoned. The others look back to see him but it is too late to do anything Green.png. "Shit, it's a poison gas grenade get everyone out of the area..." Green begins to say before he is grazed in the shoulder by enemy fire from the Howa. The agents look forward to see a Yamainu soldier in a gas mask fire away. He quickly retreats to join his companions but unfortunately, Jones fires his UMP and kills the soldier in a hail of gunfire Red.png. When the soldier drops dead, the agents notice that the gas is still spreading but it is slowly dissipating. They turn back to where the Yamainu soldier was going to run to and it looks like another empty warehouse. "Smith and Jones, follow me. Green, you stay put. I'll come back to help you as soon as I can." Max stated

"Are you crazy, man? You know that ciggie shit must've got to your brain..." Jones protested. Payne was about to explode in anger about being confronted like this, but after a while, calmed down and simply said "Trust me, I know what I'm doing"

Unsure but not wanting to let the criminals get away, Smith and Jones followed Max as he sprinted, Taurus in hand, towards the empty warehouse, leaving Green by the side of the car. Clutching his shoulder in pain, Green made his way to the back of the car, hoping to find a medical kit. What Max and his men didn't realise in all their rushing about, is that Miyo has carefully hidden herself amongst the crates - when the gas erupted, she put on her gas mask and waited until Smith, Payne and Jones left. Now, she got herself an easy kill. Taking out her M1911, she held it at gunpoint at Green's head.

"What does that man and your agency know about me?" she angrily breathed close to his ear as she twirled the barrel close to the nape.

"Who, Payne?" Green retorted "He got all the motherfuckin' info he needs to know". Turning Green and holding the M1911 close to his temple, Miyo (by this time really pissed off and almost reaching her breaking point) muttered "Everything?"

In between his heavy breathing, Green proudly exclaimed "Everything. You goin' down bitch!".

"Good..." Takano calmly stated before pulling the trigger. Blood spattered all over the interior of the SUV as Green's body fell into the boot Green.png. Fluttering her cape, she stuffed the M1911 into her belt holster and took out her MP5, cocking it before rushing to join her fellow Yamainu soldiers.

Smith, Jones and Payne slowly walk into the warehouse and into darkness. After surveying all there is to see, Max pulls out a Molotov cocktail and a lighter. "What the--" Jones exclaimed before he is interrupted by Max "Don't ask. Now what this place here needs is a little light." A little chuckle resounded throughout the empty area before Max threw the flaming bottle. It exploded near some empty wooden crates and a forklift. The fire resulting from it (using whatever materials it could burn through, illuminated the place like a bright torch. The shadows of the Yamainu soldiers are blurry but not impossible to make out. Smith aimed his UMP and Jones aimed his M6A2 at where they see one shadow, silently daring the man to move. The Yamainu soldier, from behind the flames, randomly fires his Howa which doesn't seem to hit anyone at first because from the first bullet fired, the agents dispersed immediately. Max hides inside a metal crate in the corner while Smith and Jones ducked into the office. The fire was almost getting to the 2 Yamainu soldiers but they were able to keep their cool and calm when they saw Smith and Jones running into the office. Taking the risk, the soldiers dart through the wall of flames (at the thinnest point they can find) and duck underneath a window in front of the office. Inside, Smith and Jones look out the exit. "The two soldiers must be out there. I'll go first and investigate" Smith ordered.

"OK, but be careful. They could strike out from anywhere..." Jones warned as Smith walked out.

Slinking their way inside, one Yamainu soldier draws his Browning out of his holster. Getting up close inside, seeing Jones by the doorway, the Yamainu soldier aims his pistol and fires at Jones - killing him with a clean headshot Green.png. Smith hears the fire and sees the Yamainu soldier preparing to fire his pistol at him. Dropping his rifle, Smith draws his Glock quicker and aims at the soldier, killing him through the window Red.png. The remaining Yamainu soldier fires his Howa at Smith but Max, peering through the door of the metal crate fires his Taurus at the soldier and kills him Red.png.

"You OK?" Payne yells "Yeah I'm fine!" Smith replies from behind the flames. Walking through the safe spot on the dying wall of fire, Smith makes his way to Max saying "C'mon. Jones is dead. Let's get out before--" but he couldn't complete his sentence as he is shot in the head by Miyo wielding her MP5 Green.png. Cringing at the sight of the fallen agent, Max cowers inside the metal crate as silently as he could, but as he does, his hand touches something wooden - and perfect for Max to use. Miyo continues to fire her MP5 hoping to get Max's attention. "You know you can't hide from me, Payne!" Miyo hauntingly exclaimed. "You can't stop me from unleashing hell on Earth!" As she walked further inside towards the body of Smith, she let out a small chuckle "I have killed off your men, Mr Payne. And now, it's time for you to die!"

"Not if I kill you first, bitch!" Payne yelled as he leapt out from the crate wielding a baseball bat.Thinking quickly, Miyo unsheathes her nightstick but unfortunately she isn't quick enough as she is tackled to the ground. Max holds the bat high into the air but Miyo kicks him out of the way. She then swings her baton at Max, managing to strike him in a few areas but otherwise, Max dodges the attacks. He himself tries to swing at Miyo with the bat but his blows are blocked by Miyo's swing of the nightstick. The duo duel and dodge and hit each other for a while, but eventually, both warriors tires out (but Miyo tires out first). Max takes one swing of the bat and knocks Miyo to the ground close to a water drain. Miyo struggles to hold her will, but eventually rolls away before the bat smashes into the pipe and both pipe and bat break. Before Max could react, Miyo jumps right behind him and swings her baton, knocking Max to the floor near the burst pipe (a complete role reversal! Ha!). As Max struggles to get up, Miyo towers above him wiping the blood from her nightstick "Well, it looks like I've won..." she smirked. "You know what, Mr Payne..." she began to lecture (while Max silently grabs the pipe and tries to wrest it free) "You were quite a force to be dealt with. I don't know much about you, but what I know is this..." she raises the baton, handle on the same trajectory as Max's face, "You are never going to stop me!

"Says you, fucker!" Max retorts and with all his might, detaches the pipe and swings it, hitting Takano square on the temple and causing her to collapse to the floor and bleed out. Satisfied yet out of breath, Max slowly gets up and walks around the body of his fallen opponent. He took out his Taurus and aimed it for her face. Looking up at the barrel, Miyo whispered in a sinister but weak voice "You cannot stop me, I have the power of Oyashiro-Sama. I AM OYASHIRO-SAMA AND I WILL MAKE YOU PAY!"

"Whatever, bitch!" Max spat before he pulled the trigger Red.png. For a second, Max looked down on his opponent's corpse. He had finally done it - taken down a wanted terrorist. Avenging all those lost souls in Hinamizawa has given him the closure he needs. Now all he must do is report his success.

Walking out of the warehouse, Max opened up his cellphone and dialled the DEA. "Yes, Mr Payne" the operator on the line asked "Get me Director Carver! Tell him to have additional men come and collect me at the dockside. Takano is down and eliminated" he stopped to look at the fallen bodies "but my men were killed in the process. Also, have him send a drug testing kit, the illegal substance she was trying to import is secure. I repeat package is secure." Flicking off his cellphone, he looks to the ambulance and inspects the contents. "Oh my god..." Max muttered as he surveyed the layout of syringes in front of him. Unknown to him, one syringe of the Hinamizawa syndrome was shot and the inner liquid leaked out from behind the crate and into the water below. Takano thought she needed a whole supply, but maybe one sample of the virus is all she needs... (Chun, chun, chun!)

Winner: Max Payne

Expert's Opinion

This was a very close battle but in the end, the result came down to this. Miyo and her Yamainu troops had the better training, melee weapon, explosive weapon and special weapon but these edges weren't enough to cancel out Max's superior strength and agility (and mentality) and the DEA's better short, medium and long range firearms (and Max's Taurus pistol too). If you feel like this battle is unfair in any way, shape or form, by all means go ahead and do a rematch.

Battle Notes

This battle will take place on a dockyard in New York City and will have Miyo and her Yamainu troops (I know she has a small attache with her but I can assume that help will be on the way if she manages to succeed) unloading some cargo (syringes of the Hinamizawa syndrome) and preparing to deliver them to hospitals around the city. The prologue will have Miyo and her troops back in Japan immediately before they leave for New York, Detective Ooshi tipping off the DEA before being silenced by a Yamainu soldier (changed it to Homura since she would be in Tokyo as one of the big honchos running things BtS), and Max being hauled up before the DEA asked by the DEA to help them after his adventures in Sao Paulo (yes I know the two events occur in completely different periods of time but don't blame me, I love this battle match-up).

The ending to this battle will be decided by your votes as to who wins.

  • If Miyo wins, then Max will have Miyo restrained and then as he struggles to hold the pain, is 'mistakenly' told that the 'drugs' she is carrying are painkillers which means he takes it and succumbs to the Hinamizawa syndrome.
  • If Max wins, he kills Takano and drives away with inspects the truck full of syringes
  • If its a draw, the ending is same as if Miyo wins but this time, Max will kill Miyo after he mistakenly tells her

Voting will be done through commenting as usual and the battle will be written up by the 5th of February as well as the briefing for the next battle.

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