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And now, the next battle in BattleGames1's deadliest warrior first season...

Revy, the sadistic pirate who runs all the hands-on operations of the Lagoon Company in South-East Asia...


Niko Bellic, Liberty City's most dangerous gangster having turned everything upside down...

Who... is... DEADLIEST?

Let's Meet the Combatants



Revy is a merciless and sadistic killer, without a conscience, who will kill anyone at the slightest provocation, even unarmed civilians. She is very competitive, strong, stubborn, impatient, and extremely ill-tempered. Unlike Rock (her companion in the Company), she is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. In contrast to this, she is revealed to be highly ticklish. She is also a heavy smoker and drinker. Of all the characters in the series, Revy is recognized as the most foul-mouthed. Revy is one of the deadliest fighters in the series, whose skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets is almost superhuman and unparalleled. There are only a few other characters, such as Roberta and Ginji, that can hold their ground against her in combat. Constantly living on the edge of life combined with the tragedies of her past, Revy has developed a rather bleak, almost nihilistic outlook on life, relying only on her own power, skills, and money. She does not believe in God nor emotional attachment, especially the concept of "love". However, she seems to respect and trust her companions.

Short Range Dual Beretta 92FS
Medium Range 1 PM 63
Explosives M79 Grenade Launcher
Melee Pistol Whip

Niko Bellic


Niko Bellic is a Serbian war veteran who grew up with his cousin Roman Bellic. His father was abusive and was an alcoholic, but Niko had a loving mother who constantly worries about his son. During the Yugoslav Wars, Niko served as a child soldier and was a part of a 15-man squad who were later killed save for Darko Brevic, Florian Cravic (Bernie Crane), and Niko himself. After the war, Niko struggled to find a job. He got involved in the European criminal underworld and worked with Ray Bulgarin in human trafficking. After an accident on the seas, Bulgarin believed that Niko tried to steal Ray's money, leading Niko to escape to America hoping he will live the American dream with his cousin. It soon becomes apparent, however, that Roman lives in squalor, he runs a failing taxi business and has mounting debts to various criminals from Liberty City's underworld, who have put a price on his head. Although his primary mission is to seek closure and kill Darko Brevic, Niko has engaged in various activities (mostly lethal) with other crime families in the region e.g. the Russian Mafia and the Irish Mob.

Short Range Glock 22
Medium Range H&K MP5
Explosives M26A1 Grenades
Melee Baseball Bat

Let's Now Analyze the Weapons

Short Range

Dual Beretta 92FS

Beretta 92FS.jpg

The standard issue pistol for the U.S. armed forces, the Beretta Model 92, military designation M9, is a 9mm semi-automatic handgun with a 15-round magazine. It also has a muzzle velocity of 390 m/s and an effective range of 50m.

Glock 22


This pistol is the full-size .40 S&W variant of the original Glock 17. It features a 4.5-inch barrel and a standard magazine capacity of 15 rounds. It has a muzzle velocity of 300m/s and an effective range of 50m like any other Glock handgun.

BG1's Edge

This one goes to Revy's Beretta 92FS's since there will be two of those pistols packing the same powerful punch that overpowers the Glock.

Medium Range/SMGs

PM 63

Submachine gun wz63.jpg

The PM-63 is a Polish submachine gun somewhat similar in appearance to the Uzi. The weapon fires a 9mm round at a rate of fire of 650 rounds per minute, with a maximum range of about 175 meters and a muzzle velocity of 320m/s. The weapon is fed through a 15 or 25-round magazine.

H&K MP5/10


The MP5/10 (incorrectly referred to as the S&W MP-10) is a German-made submachine gun firing 9mm ammunition from a 30 round magazine. The weapon has a rate of fire of 800 rounds per minute when firing in full auto, a range of 100 meters and a muzzle velocity of 425m/s.

BG1's Edge

Despite the heaviness of this weapon, I am going to have to give this to the H&K MP5/10 for its superior muzzle velocity, rate of fire and range against the PM-63.

Explosive Weapons

M79 Grenade Launcher

M79 grenade launcher.jpg

The M79, commonly known as the Thumper is a single-shot, break action grenade launcher. It is easy to operate and can fire a variety of 40mm grenades (although for this battle, she will only use the standard explosive ones). It fires 6 grenades per minute, has a muzzle velocity of 76m/s and an effective range of 350m.

M26A1 Grenades


The M26 is a fragmentation hand grenade made by the United States. The A1 variation Niko is using has fragmentation serrations against the explosive filling. It weighs 454g, has an explosive filling of Composition B that weighs 164g (as part of the grenade's total weight) and it has a timed fuse of 5 seconds.

BG1's Edge

Hmmm... tricky choice here. In the end, despite the portability/light weight of the M26A1 grenades, they lack the range and explosive capabilities of the M79 plus the M79 will be carrying more (unless Niko manages to have a handful of them at the ready but I digress). Therefore edge goes to the M79 Grenade Launcher.

Melee Weapons

Pistol Whip

OK, I know this might actually be a technique rather than a weapon in itself but at least it does utilise a weapon - in this case, Revy's dual (or single if she wishes) pistols. Due to the modern design of pistols, pistol-whipping is now mainly performed by hitting a person with the base of the grip while still holding it normally, striking in a downwards motion, adding the weight of the gun to the force of the blow and uses the metal frame (rather than the barrel) as the point of impact.

Baseball Bat


The baseball bat is a club-like "tool" used in the sport of baseball. The MLB regulations for a baseball bat are 2.75 inch diameter and a length of 42 inches or smaller. Many are not corked or hollowed out, because it reduces its weight and increases speed. The bat is intended to be used in baseball and not as a weapon. However, the baseball bat has become a staple weapon for mobsters and rioters. It is a simple bludgeoning weapon that can inflict pain, shatter bones, and kill. For the purposes of this match, Niko will wield a common American wooden bat.

BG1's Edge

The pistol whip needs to very precise but it packs a lot of power, and since Revy might want to use her two pistols, that could be a recipe for a kill. However, Niko's baseball bat has the range advantage. For this reason, I call this Even.


Things to Consider

Much like before, since I'm no good at X-Factors, I will leave it up to you to decide the ratings for this battle. Some things to look at when formulating the factors include:

  • Brutality: Speaks for itself - Who between the two is more brutal at killing?
  • Combat Experience: Both these warriors have been on the run and fighting enemies non-stop, but who has the better experience?
  • Killer Instinct: Who is the meaner killing machine and thus more determined to take out the opponent?
  • Physical Strength: Again, speaks for itself - who is the physically stronger person?
  • Psychological Health: Which of these two is less likely to go insane or miss a beat in combat?
  • Agility: This X-Factor is a complement to physical strength since sooner or later, the battle will boil down to H2H combat - so who's more capable of being nimble and quick on their feet?

Now Onto The Battle

Prologue - 2008, Liberty City

"Hey, darlin'. Swing me another swig of that shit!" Roman yelled at the top of his lungs. The Comrades Bar in Broker was always a lively place to be in - and for Roman, the night couldn't get any wilder than it is. The bartender slid a glass of Jack Daniels across the counter, which Roman neatly caught between his fingers. "Hey how you doin' tonight, ladies?" he spoke to the ladies surrounding him. The women giggled and chatted away, some of going insofar as to stroke him. One girl in particular was really interested in him and wanted to chat him up.

Roman took notice of the lady sitting next to him. She had auburn coloured hair wrapped in a ponytail, deep hazel eyes and a skimpy yet simple outfit that was dressed to kill. "Nice to meet you, Mr Roman. My name is Rebecca" she seductively whispers. "Ah, Rebecca. That's a sweet name..." Roman replied as he downed his glass. "Matches that pretty young face too"

"Why thank you, Romeo" Revy replied as she downed a glass of beer "Say, would you like me to get you something special?"

Oh ho, Roman. She winked at ya! Now's your chance to get with her Roman thought. Just then, Niko, dressed in his usual thuggish outfit, walked past. "Yo, Roman! We gotta leave now. Torres is expecting us back in the apartment"

"What now? Not when I'm talking to this beautiful lady over here!" Roman retorted in surprise.

"Time's up, Chink! Leave my brother alone" Niko grunted at Revy, who simply replied by offering him a cocktail.

"C'mon, hotshot. How about a seat?" Revy tried her seductive voice again.

Niko simply responded by giving her the cold shoulder. "Thirty minutes, cousin. Or else I'll drag you out the bar by myself" he sternly said to Roman before storming out the door.

Despite the apparent situation that occurred, Roman and Revy were back to conversing as if nothing happened.

"Pardon my brother. He gets a bit impatient sometimes. Hey lady, can I get a drink on the house?"

"Me too, but without the ice" Revy cryptically noted.

Roman looked puzzled at this order but shrugged it off as if nothing happened.

Outside the bar, Niko was standing on the pavement. He stared up into the full moon, looking at it as if it was a symbol of hope that his life in 'the land of the free' would be made better soon.

He looked back inside the bar. Revy and Roman look like they are having a great time, drinking, chatting and every now and again getting off their asses to go dance or stuff like.

30 minutes passed. "C'mon Roman. We're about to become behind schedule..." Niko muttered to himself. Suddenly the door to the bar opened. Niko was about to smile and then go on a rant but something seemed amiss. A drunken woman came out, blood staining her dress and hands, hands clasped to her face in despair.

"Where's my cousin?" Niko hastily asked the woman.

In a drunken stupor, the lady pointed inside to the dance floor. Niko's eyes widened as he saw the body of his cousin lay still.

"Roman!" Niko yelled out as he dashed inside. Getting past the crowd that was about to gather, he was able to reach the body in time.

"Oh, Roman!" Niko sobbed as he held Roman's warm body close to his "If you are still OK, tell me who did this to you"

Roman, barely holding out his breath, struggled to raise his hand. "OK, if you can't speak. At least point it out to me..."

Roman gasped and groaned in pain as he pointed to an open door on his left, which was still swinging.

"I'll be right back" Niko whispered to Roman. "Someone call 911!" he yelled at the crowd in front of him.

Running through the door, Niko stared down the long alley as a black figure sprinted onto the street. Giving chase, Niko tried to catch up to the villain. Revy and Niko were bolting down the dark street like they were running a race, but eventually, Revy changed direction. Going past some trash cans, Revy furiously knocks them over. Before he knew it, Niko found himself tumbling and twisting onto the pavement. Revy meanwhile just continues bolting down the line, never to be seen again.

That face... it looked familiar... Niko struggled to think. In the blink of an eye, everything for Niko went black.

I knew it... it was that bitch Roman was talking to back at the club. Oh, she's going down for this.

Main Battle - Roanpur, Thailand, 2012

"Alright guys, let's get this payload onto the ship and outta here!" Revy barked out, a hint of sarcasm underlying the voice.

All day long, the Black Lagoon Company have been stacking up and packaging bags of cocaine. Now they just had to load the crates onto the PT boat and then their troubles would be over.

Grunting from the boys indicated to Revy that all seemed to be working fine... Ah, great. These dipshits think they've got all the time in the world...

"We haven't got all day you know!" she screamed at Benny and Dutch.

"Revy... they are just taking their time... take it easy..." Rock cautiously spoke from a distance.

"How would you know, Rock!" Revy continued tirading "You're just standing there with a pen and clipboard in your hand"

Dutch and Benny continue standing put, the big brown box resting on their arms like an elephant. Sweat was dripping down from their faces in torrents under the blazing sun. Even with their strong muscles, the two couldn't seem to do their job without support.

"Hey, if you could stop whining Revy," Dutch yelled through the gnashing of his teeth "Can you... at least... give me and Benny... a hand?"

"Hmph. Fine!" Revy pouted as she ambled over to the crate.

Rock meanwhile, watching the spectacle of Revy 'helping' her comrades, was tallying up the money total.

"OK, so... since we are getting this amount of money per bag and as we move along this happens..." he muttered to himself as the three strongmen hoisted their cargo onto the boat.

Suddenly, Rock could hear a faint screech on the floor. He stopped in his tracks trying to find out where the sound was coming from. "Hello?" Rock called out.

The dockyard cargo area was filled with silence. Rock, anxious to see what was lurking in amongst the boxes, slowly took a couple of steps forward. Before he knew, a burly brown figure was towering over him, wielding something large over his shoulder.

From what Rock could see, this man was not one of the Lagoon's clientele. Sharp blue eyes, a fair complexion, face muzzled with a 5 o'clock shadow... this was someone Rock never saw coming.

"This is... the Black Lagoon, right?" the strange man asked in a thick accent.

Tears of fear were about to form on Rock's eyes. With a menacing figure leaning over him ready to strike, Rock couldn't turn him away.

"Uh..." he stuttered "Y- y- yes... this is the Black Lagoon." Trying to be diplomatic he tried to treat him as if he was a prospective client "How- how- how may I help you sir? Do you need to see someone?"

Niko was stunned and yet disgusted by what he was up against. A shakingly scared business boy? I bet he doesn't have any balls to take me on Niko chuckled to himself. "Do tell me..." Niko sounded more formally menacing "Is there a girl here that goes by the name of Rebecca around here?"

By now, Rock was shaking in his boots like a jackhammer. If the guy means business... Rock shuddered then... he means business

"Uhh... w- w- why do you want to know?" Rock squirmed. His legs now seemed frozen solid.

"I need to do some..." Niko was trying to find the right words to calm the pipsqueak down " with her"

Oh good, this guy must be another client... Rock soon began to calm his nerves, knowing he may be making the right calls here and not scaring away another potential customer. Pointing his finger at the three Lagoon members getting off the PT Boat having loaded the crate of coke on board, Rock said "Uh... she's right there. I'm sorry but we-"

At the drop of a hat, Niko swung his bat and knocked Rock to the floor.

"Thanks" the Serb replied. Putting away the bat against a box, Niko unsheathed his MP5.

"Come on Rock! Let's go!" Revy screamed from inside the PT Boat.

Inside, the smell of nicotine fills the room as Dutch lit himself another cigarette to help him "cool off".

"Gah, and this is why I am the only proper smoker around here..." Revy muttered to herself as she clenched her fist around the hooter.

Giving it one final tug, Revy yelled "Rock! Get the fuck over here and-"

Her cries were cut short when Niko fired his MP5 at the boat. Bullets ricocheted off the exterior just as Revy ducked back in.

"What the fuck was that noise?" Benny yelled as he clambered into the control room.

"Urgh, probably some angry customer..." Dutch exclaimed.

Before they knew it, Revy unsheathed her PM-63 out. "So you wanna play rough eh?"

"OK you bastard. Let's see what you made of!" Revy yelled at the oncoming gunman. Hopping out of the boat like a gazelle, she sprinted across the deck towards the warehouse.

"There you are you little bitch!" Niko yelled as Revy bounced her way past the shots. As Revy fired her gun, Niko too showed a little spring in his step, going out of his way when the bullets seemed to barely miss him.

Ducking behind the wall of the warehouse, Niko loaded himself another magazine into the SMG.

OK, so what do you think that bitch will plan next? Niko tried to formulate a good tactic There's a door right next me, she might be expecting me to go through that...

Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration. She wants him to make the next fatal mistake, so why not turn the tables?

Inside, Revy had her index curling snugly around the trigger. The shadow of Niko suddenly fluttered by the door. At the same time, it opened.

"Ha! Got you now!" Revy smirked as she fired her PM-63. All she was hitting however, was air.

Confused, Revy walked out onto the open deck. PM-63 still clutched to her hands, she looked in both directions, wondering where her supposed target went.

Honk! Honk! "Revy, when can we go?" Benny called out from the PT Boat.

Cautioning herself forward towards where she can see the boat, Revy called out "Just go on ahead, I'll probably join up later"

Suddenly, Benny yells "Revy! Behind You!"

As Revy turned around, a large wooden bat struck her on the face, sending her flying onto the ground.

At that instant, Dutch revved up the engine. Over the loud roar of the engine, Niko grunted as he continued to swing his bat at the evasive Revy.

The boat continued to speed ahead as Revy got back on her feet. Niko tried to swing at Revy again but the bat misses. In a split-second, whack! Revy gave a whirling kick to the head. Niko managed to stay standing to keep his sense in check but his vision blurred as Revy prepared to deliver a knockout punch. With all his might, Niko swung the bat again, blocking the punch.

Angered by the persistence of her victim, Revy whipped out her PM-63 but not before another swing of the bat knocked it out of her hands. Visibly annoyed, Revy was about to grab her Cutlass pistols just when Niko chops her in the chest and neck. Next thing she knows, she is again on the ground, her arms being stretched and locked behind her back.

The screech of Revy being slowly trodden on by him was enough to make Niko satisfied. Whipping out his MP5, he chuckled "You know, for a beautiful lady, you're not such a bad assassin, trying to kill my brother like that!"

With a stern smile on her face Revy replied "And for a war veteran who knows systema, you're not a bad dancer!" before she kicked Niko in the groin, causing him to stagger back. Rather than continue fighting the bitch in the open, Niko opted to tire her out. Bolting for it, he dropped his MP5 and bat near one of the many used crates.

"Now where did that son of a bitch go?" she muttered to herself, wiping the blood gashing out of her lip.

Looking straight ahead at the mass of crates in front of her, a smirk appeared on Revy's face. "He may be a skilled war veteran, but hell he is stupid" she muttered to herself. She also noticed the discarded MP5 and baseball bat. "Make that really stupid" she added on.

Atop the nearest small box sat Revy's own grenade launcher. Knowing that the weapon might finish off her target quick and clean (with enough time for her to catch her crew), she happily grasped it - not before tucking away her Berettas of course.

Deep in the labyrinth, Niko cautiously sneaked his way down the paths, hoping to find an exit from which he can escape. Glock clutched firmly in his hand, Niko firmly hugged the corner of a yellow crate. At the sight of a dead end upon looking to the left, he mumbled "Ah fuck!"

Hearing footsteps, Niko dashed off to his right, hopefully thinking that he might ambush Revy. Revy meanwhile walked into view. Seeing a glimpse of Niko's sole, Revy knew exactly what to do next. "There you are you little fuck!" she yelled as she fired a grenade. The explosion was enough to make Niko lose his balance, but not enough to actually make him trip. Staggering along towards another junction in the maze, Niko turned around just as another flash of yellow and red blaster out. Taking out a M67 grenade from his pocket, he lobbed it up and over a tall set of covered boxes.

As Revy made her way through the maze, she saw a small green object land by her feet. Instantly recognising it as a grenade, Revy made a rather ambitious leap and clinged onto the top of a blue crate. WIth seconds ticking away, Revy hoisted herself onto the top but the blast from the grenade was enough to make Revy stumble and fall. "Ouch!" Revy silently yelled.

"Ah, there you are!" Niko chuckled as he took the pin out of another grenade. Instead of lobbing it though, he decides it's best to cook the grenade so as to give Revy a nasty surprise.

Revy, in all her might, struggled to stand tall. Again trying to discern Niko's location, she scanned her surroundings.

Hmmm... you are one tough act to follow. And your brother was easy pickins Revy mused to herself before seeing another grenade being tossed into the air. Revy sprinted in the other direction as fast as she could, ultimately revealing herself to Niko's point of view. Niko fired off shots from his Glock in Revy's direction but missed. Revy turned about face and unsheathed her Cutlasses. With a fury releasing itself within her, Revy simultaneously fired the Berettas. Oh shit Niko gaped in awe. He turned around to try to get away but was too slow on the ball - Revy's bullets hit Niko in both feet.

Niko stumbled to the ground groaning in extreme pain, hand pressed against the crates for support. Within moments, however, Niko reached yet another dead end. Angered by this showy business, Niko turned back to find Revy ready to fire her Beretta. "Oh you think you're so tough now, huh?" Niko grunted; and with that, he charged as fast as he could into Revy, fist clenched very tightly. Without time to shoot, Revy sidestepped and dodged the attack. Niko then swung his fists round this time to deliver an uppercut. Revy this time is hit and knocked to the ground, dropping one of her pistols, but before she could be bashed by another one of Niko's punches... smack! In an instant, Revy rolled out of the way, unsheathed her remaining pistol and bashed Niko to the ground with it.

Now the tables have turned and Niko lays on the ground, face now scarred thanks to the whipping.

"Hmph. I guess you too are easy pickings." Revy spoke coolly. Looking at her fingernails, she continued "You know, the loansharks did give me a nice pay for murdering your brother discreetly. I suppose they won't mind if they have your head too. Pegorino is really mad..."

"Shut up!" Niko screamed at the top of his voice "Just shut up! You selfish bastard, you only did it for money and yet you don't give a fuck!"

Revy continued to look indifferent towards Niko. This guy's started to sound like an arrogant prick

"Go to hell, you bitch!" Niko yelled again.

"Whatever..." Revy muttered before pulling the trigger and ending the gangster's life.

When all the smoke clears, Revy looks at the mangled body and chuckles "Well, you first, my man" and with that, she walked down the path she came to head out of the maze.

Winner: Revy

Expert Opinion

In a landslide of votes, Revy won this match for a very good reason - although Niko had the better SMG and melee weapon as well as combat experience, these weren't enough to cancel out Revy's unparalled skill in dodging bullets and handling her guns almost with beauty and precision (in other words, her ambidextrousness) as well as the X-Factors in agility and brutality. If you find this match unfair in any way, shape or form, you can go ahead a do a rematch.

Battle Notes

Unlike the other battles where it was team vs team, this one is a solo fight between the two warriors. The story for this battle is as follows (and this may involve a bit of retconning since Black Lagoon presumably takes place in the 1990s whereas GTA IV is 2008): In early 2008, pre-Lagoon, Revy is contracted by the Loansharks to kill Roman. The operation fails leaving Roman in a critical but otherwise alive state. In 2012, after the events of Black Lagoon, Niko travels to Roanpur to exact his revenge on Revy (thanks to Las for the idea since my previous one was stupid and I am getting rid of the endings because they don't necessarily fit in with the story. Also I am dropping the script format of the thing for the same reason).

Votes will be done through commenting and it will end... whenever I feel like it. Edges or a descriptive paragraph count as 1 full vote. Any short sentences or severely lame votes will not count.

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