Shadow trooper.jpg



Short Range: Shotgun                        
Mid Range: M6C/SOCOM
Long Range:  Sniper Rifle

Rocket Launcher

Shadow Troopers
Short Range: Blaster RIfle
Mid Range: Thermal Detinator
Long Range:

The scope on the blaster rifle

Special: Active Camo


Shadow Troopers:

Elite stormtroopers are well know for ambushing enemies using their active camo. They are armed with basic weapons but, when ever they fire there active camo turns off so they usually fire then disappear again and fire again from another locaion. They are also more accurate than there fellow stormtroopers.


Elite obital drop shock troopers that land through pods from above. ODST are very skilled and experienced troopers and have been proven more effective than most elites.

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